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currently crashing at a friend's in tokyo lol
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About Me

T he Language of Flowers — ⚜

“Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them.”
― Beverley Nichols, Merry Hall.

LEMON SCENTED GERANIUM [Pelargonium crispum; unexpected meetings]
I'm not good at these introduction things, but congratulations ― you've found my profile. My name is Arielle, and that is my real name. My other name ― though not used so often in the west ― is 채연 (Chaeyeon; this is the one you'd find on my passport, as I'm a citizen of the Republic of Korea). I have two names, because my parents wanted me to have names from their respective cultures (I'm French-Korean; French on my mother's side, Korean on my father's). I've been roleplaying since I was around eleven years old, and initially it had just been to improve my English (since I am a non-native speaker), but I've since grown attached to it. Since my English has drastically improved, I now naturally treat it as more of a leisure activity.

“She walks among the loveliness she made, between the apple-blossom and the water. . .”
― Vita Sackville-West.

APPLE BLOSSOMS [Malus pumila; likes and/or preferences; interests]
I'm into K-pop, J-pop, C-pop (which I've sometimes heard is referred to as 'Mandopop'?). I have also tried German rap, wasn't to my taste. I used to listen to a lot of French pop, but not as much these days. K-dramas, anime, and C-dramas eat up much of my free time when I'm not writing, and if anyone wants recommendations, feel free to contact me. (I'll likely expand more on this later.)

“In the beginning we start with roses. The king’s flower right? Only they wilt in less than a day, especially when exposed to the elements. But carnations? Oh, what a beautiful flower. They come in every color. True, some are painted, but that doesn't mean they are less beautiful, and they never wilt..”
― Ruth McLeod-Kearns, Carnations Never Wilt.

LIGHT RED & DARK RED CARNATIONS [Dianthus caryophyllus; admiration and adoration & deep love and affection]
If it weren't already obvious, I'm an avid EXO fan...of six years now (technically seven; I've loved them ever since the teasers came out - the first of which released back in 2011). They are my muse, and one of my greatest inspirations; I'm well aware of how lucky I've been to have attended as many concerts and fansigns as I have... and I'm even more grateful for their music, their talents, and the advice they gave me when I first met them in person. In my opinion, it's no exaggeration to say that they helped immensely in getting me to where I am now. They're such lovely, genuine people; I'll cherish every moment of my life as an EXO stan, haha. (Oh, and my bias is Kai/Kim Jongin, but that's pretty obvious as well, isn't it?). I'd say at least eighty-five percent of everything I write is about or centered around them.

I love other groups as well, but EXO will forever be my number one...including the former members; Kris, Luhan, and Tao. (Although I must admit I'm very much less than satisfied with some of the choices one of them has been making, I still love them all very, very much... I just hope he learns from his mistakes going forward. Because I love them, I want them to be good people and to make good decisions. I'll always be harshest on those I love the most.)

While on the topic of those I love the most ― I love @Mayumi...a.k.a. the best flatmate one could ever ask for (and also my rival, my beloved partner-in-crime, my one and only black pearl/platonic soulmate), Jinhong/Seliane, Hayato, and Natsuki/Natalya ― the cutest dongsaengs ever ― and also Annika, Kohaku and Keito... the cleverest kids I've ever met, for sure. I've known you all for at least five years ― some of you for even twice that long ― but my point is I've known you all for long enough to be certain you'll succeed in life, and I adore you all very, very much. You guys can come to me for absolutely anything at all. ♡♡♡

“But, like ivy, we grow where there is room for us.”
― Miranda July.

ENGLISH IVY [Hedera helix; blossoming friendship; continuity]
I don't know too many other people here yet, but if you'd like to plot or chat or anything really, feel free to send me a pm; I promise I don't bite!


Time to ask: did you get a grip on the truth? We are here to bring change to our world. Take a side, make it right—or get out of our way right now; you cannot stop us!

How many times did you look away when someone cried for help?—acting like you didn't know. We won't accept excuses without sincere actions; unmasking all you traitors!

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February 20, 2020, 11:23:20 AM

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