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welcome, all, to my profile ! i'm most commonly known as marsy, but you can also call me zeke. i'm a sixteen-going-on-seventeen year-old trans bi guy, leo sun, dumbass rising, angry moon. i'm lowkey highkey opinionated but also open-minded ?? tbh i feel like all of my personality traits conflict with one or two others, and that's probably why i am in a constant state of crisis (existential and otherwise). i get irritated very easily, but i try my best to be as open and friendly on here as possible !

i really love to help people, it's one of my favorite things to do, and quiet possibly my all-time favorite thing to do, but my anxiety kind of prevents me from acting out on this in real life, so instead i try to help as many people on here as i can. if you ever need to talk, or even need help with some coding or want some feedback on your writing, i'm always open to private messages. i also have a skype (marsybutt), a snapchat (aamamus), and a tumblr (, as well as a discord (zeke ; #3074), so feel free to hit me up on any of those, too ! <3

i'm easily overwhelmed and often get sidetracked because i have the attention span of a gold fish, and tend to multi-task a helluva lot and get lost, i guess you could say, so i might not respond right away to messages. sometimes it might even take me a day or two, sometimes more, to respond, but trust me; it's never because of the message itself. i also tend to forget messages i've received, so if i haven't responded in, let's say, about a week, definitely bump the message (if you haven't already consulted someone else, or still want or need more consultation).

on to some more facts about me: i love books but rarely read, i will watch literally any movie other than the american poltergeist (it was just way too bad, and you KNOW a movie is bad when even i can't watch it), i have an old soul that hopes one day they can help turn the world around for the better, am very interest in everything criminal and psychology related, i really love mythology of all sorts, and i was diagnosed with generalized and social anxiety when i was about thirteen (13) years old but am working hard to control it. i also really love fries and pasta, and i live off of energy drinks and apple cider, and have a helluva lot of love in my heart for someone so constantly furious at everything and everyone.

and my writing is either a) pretentious as all hell or b) just super terrible. don't even get me started on the trash pile called my characters lmao.

note: this is bound to change at any given moment, but probably won't be because i am Lazy. (:

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