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Yo! Guess I have to give an introduction. I'm horrible at introductions. My name is Azrael Burns, though I go by several others that you're fully welcome to call me by, such as, Theresa, Jay, Demented, and Glow. I'm a non-binary person, mostly going with Agender but sometimes I feel more masculine or feminine than others. My appearance tends to go more towards femme-like standards, though that's probably because doing anything else in the town I live in would get me killed. I always go by they/them, but my boyfriend has special permission to call me his girlfriend or datefriend. <3 I'm demisexual panromantic, which I've just recently discovered for myself, though I'm monogamous and taken by the best person in the world, Toby (clicky!). I have a profile on Feralfront as well, though it's been long abandoned because of personal issues with the staff and site. No hard feelings tho, don't give them hell about it, 'kay? I live in the United States, deep in the Bible Belt of Oklahoma.

You can find my cosplay Instagram here (clicky!). c": I also attend Tokyo-In-Tulsa yearly, so if you see me, feel free to say hi!

My faith is Christianity, though I'm one that doesn't exactly follow the flow of some that would consider themselves so. I'm extremely LGBTQ+ positive, and have been since I was a small child and before I discovered myself. I support all faiths as long as you do not harm others, as I believe everyone is entitled to that right. I dislike crude negativity.

I'm a Senior in High School with a 4.0 GPA and a 31 on the ACT that I'm drastically trying to improve. I don't want to graduate either because I'm terrified of being a complete financial wreck haha. Might go to Prom because an inside source I have on StuCo and the Cheerleaders says that Prom might be Yule Ball themed. Also I put a lot of my time into writing my books, which can be found here (clicky!).

My friends are people I couldn't live without, to be honest. The closest ones I have in real life are Amanda, Skylar, Dani, and Emmalee, if you ever hear me talk about them. My list of closest online friends goes into Spud, Dewy, Zanzi, Stray, Dragon, Toby, Desolate and Rose. I'm also dating Toby, and our anniversary is Feb. 16, 2017. Go ahead. c; Send him millions of anniversary messages on the day, he deserves all the love, seriously. <3

If you'd like to roleplay with me, or even start writing a novel with me, I'd absolutely love to! Simply PM me and we can get to work. My favorite themes are Dark, Urban, Fantasy, and Supernatural. Also any mix of those. If you want someone to talk to, also feel free to hit me up! I try my best to be as friendly as I can. Despite this, I'm really skittish and I scare/worry easily. Please be nice. If you respect me and be nice to me, I'll be nice to you! c": I'm also a dangerously extreme scatterbrain. If I screw something up, just politely alert me and I'll get it fixed to the best of my ability. I have a habit of overthinking things. So, if I happen to misunderstand something, please just calmly explain to me what happened/what it was really, and I assure you I will be 100% better. c:


My one and only boy is the only one I'll ever need.

♠ They/Them ♠ Panromantic Demisexual ♠ My Wattpad

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