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hello, this isn't very aesthetic but, my name is parker. i am mostly known as ‘bee’, a nickname given to me since it’s similar to my birth name[nobody irl knows i’d rather go by parker]. i am a stressed as hell high schooler who needs to get their shit together. i was born female but i identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns. i'm bisexual panromantic and hella gay oh my gosh. i've been roleplaying/writing for about 4+ years now and have significantly improved. i'm one of the biggest music nerds. while i haven't learned an instrument yet, i adore singing with a passion and hope to be able to make music when i'm older(or perform in musicals as acting is also something i'm into!). i have major anxiety and paranoia so if i seem off the first few times we talk it's 'cause i'm afraid to say something stupid and chase you off. but once i'm warmed up to you i'm more open but also more clingy and annoyed -- though, people say that isn't true. i'm also really loyal i'm no snake you can trust my ass with anything. i'm a VERY huge harry styles and shawn mendes fan, and i really enjoy bands like LANY, PVRIS, and p!atd and the like. the musicals i enjoy are deh, hamilton, and heathers. october 23rd, 2017 i met two musical role models of mine, jack and jack.

thank you to the many amazing people i have met through this site and feralfront(before it changed). there's too many people to name but you know who you are. i love you!!

i've got thick skin and an elastic heart.
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