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just a few facts about myself:

✦. my real name is ariana mei (yes, my first name has two parts since it's modeled after traditional chinese names), but ofc when people use it they just call me 'ariana' (don't... even think about comparing me to ariana grande... pls i don't want to be associated with her... it's a pet peeve of mine). but tbh, most of the people i know irl don't use my english name lmao. my chinese name is 金紅 (romanization/pinyin: jīnhóng); my japanese name is 明依 [kanji] / めい [hiragana] (romanization: mei), and my korean name is 진홍 (romanization: jinhong [yes, the pronunciation is the same as my chinese name - minus the tones - so it makes things simple]). i won't put my family names/surnames for obvious reasons. all of these names were given to me at birth. the one most of my friends use is jīnhóng or jinhong...i won't get into nicknames because then this one bullet point is already too long.
✦. thx to my parents being anime fanatics and kpop stans, i turned out to be the same thing lmao.
✦. east asian (mostly chinese but korean and japanese and filipino blood are mixed in there too... family's pretty much scattered all across east n south-east asia but idk how i ended up in america tbh).
✦. tired college student, very busy these days (when i'm here i'm probably procrastinating oops).
✦. was born in florida, moved to alabama, and moved up to massachusetts and i like it up here more than i did down there tbvh). my parents planned to move to shanghai so i could be born and raised there, but...yeah, they didn't follow their original plan.
✦. i grew up with people speaking maybe three or four languages in my house plus a few dialects. my first language was mandarin, followed by tagalog and english, then german and japanese. i learned german in preschool (it was an odd place) but lost it when i moved up to new england... oh well. atm i can read, write, and speak in mandarin chinese, english, and tagalog, and i can speak japanese (but i've learned all the hiragana and katakana - the rest is just learning all the different kanji, most of which is similar to chinese, so i suspect i'll be able to read books soon). as for dialects, i know fukien, shanghainese, standard beijing dialect, kansai-ben, osaka-ben, tokyo-ben, and bicolano (dialects usually aren't too difficult if you know the main language though). i'm SLOWLY learning korean... thankfully the language structure is pretty much identical to modern japanese and around sixty percent of the korean lexicon is derived from mandarin, so i'm hoping it won't be long until i can actually use it in conversations with friends and when i visit relatives and friends in sk. i also tried my hand at spanish and french, but it proved to be... very difficult so i put those on hold for now. my bff has also attempted to teach me russian, but i haven't gotten very far with that either hh. there isn't a single person in my family who isn't at least trilingual, which i'm sure we're proud of. we plan to keep it this way for as long as we can make it last. :>
✦. i'm an east asian studies major... i haven't decided if i want to minor in anything. definitely not business though.. i may discuss the impacts of business decisions of various companies and agencies with my friends and relatives (and even enjoy it to some extent) but that doesn't at all mean i want to make a career out of it.
✦. i have a samoyed named haruko, and she's a lovely girl. i'm more of a dog than a cat person, though i think cats are cute too. sadly, my mother and father don't agree with me on that. i also have a grey mare named lorelei, a mustang, who's under the care of one of my cousins since she's a breeder. there's no space for her where i currently live, unfortunately... the city's really no place for a horse. i love lorelei too though - she loves the sea just as much as i do, so rides are always fun.
✦. i'm not much for sports, though i have done swimming in the past, and took ballet classes and ballroom dancing classes for nine years. i currently play tennis (not often, just every now and then), and i've figure skated and skied (i do downhill, not cross-country because that'd really take all of my energy and i'd be left dead in the snow because i don't have enough stamina for it lol) since i was six. i also did equestrian for a bit, but i've only ever been in one competition... which i don't remember too well. i still like horseback-riding though, and i go on hikes or trails when the opportunity arises because i still remember the basics and all.
✦. music theory is a hobby/interest of mine. i'm a classical musician (violin), and since i've studied music for a little over thirteen or fourteen years now, i'm very accustomed to critiquing everything i hear... my friends are probably annoyed that they have to repeat songs over and over because i keep giving my commentary over it, but they don't say anything, so i guess they're just that polite. :/ but anyway, i'm pretty picky about what goes on my personal playlist because i have a list of criteria that songs need to be meet for me to download them (it does help to save storage though).
✦. i've traveled a lot; i've been to all of the states on the eastern half of the united states, most of the states on the western side, hawaii, canada, the dominican republic, france, england, germany, spain, italy, and all over east and southeast asia. i'd like to try visiting brazil, russia, and maybe dubai at least once. i've got a whole list of places i want to travel to though... i'll really never get enough of traveling. i love talking about traveling with other people and hearing about where they've been to as well - there's a lot to be learned, and other people have done some pretty cool things. experiencing other cultures is pretty neat, and i think everyone deserves a chance to. it really does broaden your horizons. the only aspect of traveling that i hate discussing is the cost lmao... airfare alone can be pretty atrocious, especially during the holiday season and during summer. if there's one thing i've learned, it's to always purchase tickets early, if you can.
✦. i'm a hot pot fanatic. i will eat hot pot any time, on any day, during any season. hot pot is great and i won't let anyone convince me otherwise. i don't even care what kind of hot pot it is - chinese hot pot, shabu shabu, korean hot pot - they're all delicious.
✦. studio ghibli was my childhood and i will never outgrow it. also the soundtracks of all the movies are absolutely fantastic and everyone should give them a listen.
✦. pokemon is also great. i adore the pokemon series... one of my aunts works for the company so i'm jealous. i wish, but i don't think i possess the qualifications.
✦. for kpop fans, my bias group is exo and my bias (and ult bias) is byun baekhyun. however, i'm very multifandom - i also love bts, seventeen, got7, red velvet, mamamoo, dreamcatcher, monsta x, vixx, shinhwa, shinee, snsd, blackpink, 2ne1, brown-eyed girls, and many, many others... far too many to name, and i think i'll leave it at that for now.
✦. for animanga fans, my favourite series is either durarara!! or baccano!. i like a lot though... i've watched more than i can count. bungou stray dogs is also high up on my lists, along with yuri!!! on ice and magi. as far as voice actors/seiyuus go, i know numakura manami, mikami shiori, and nakajima megumi... which only makes sense since they're relatives lol. i have met kaji yuki as well - he's a nice guy - and i would someday like to meet miyano mamoru. i've been told he has an excellent sense of humour.
✦. if it weren't already obvious, annika, kohaku, and keito are my irl siblings and i love them all to death so don't mess with them please. i don't really want to have to hunt anyone down but if i catch anyone cyberbullying them i'm not just gonna sit here. not that anyone here would do such a thing, but there's never any harm in leaving a friendly warning.
✦. overall, i think i'm a pretty laid-back and relaxed person (it's always hard for people to judge themselves though, so... idk). i'm actually pretty timid and quiet irl (unless i'm with my friends... but i think this applies to a lot of people?), and i don't like conflict. i don't bite either, so if anyone wants to talk, feel free to msg me or something. :^)

contact information:

✦. skype: seliane52
✦. twitter: @seliane22 (i don't use this very often)
✦. tumblr:
✦. email: [email protected]
✦. cell phone: i only give this out to people i've known for a good while, so please message me if you would like this one

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