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Hey, everyone! My name is Pyre, and I've gone by several variations in the past (BurningPyre, Burnie and Pyrecrastination). I'm a girl and I use feminine (she/her) pronouns. I'm a pretty friendly and extroverted person, and my main thing is promoting positivity and helping people out. I've been here p much since bb got started, and I know the site pretty well, as well as template coding (not site coding), and I'm part of the team running the Bearbones Pinterest. I'm always open for pms, whether you have questions, want someone to chat with or need to vent to someone.

I've been roleplaying for several years now, and my most prominent characters have been Diamond, Phantom, Selfdestruction/Selena, Grayarea/Grayson and Marine. I've had more, but those are too numerous and obscure to list. (Note that characters in italics are casual and bold are active.) Currently I'm on a bit of a roleplaying hiatus.

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