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"I will find them,"
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"I have to, it's my fault."
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full name. Holly Alison Westfall
nicknames. Holls by her siblings. Alison if she feels she needs an alias.

sex. Female
gender. Female

physical age. 24
mental age. 28

group. Flintlock Lodge
rank. Resident
titles. N/A

species. Human
appearance. A sharp and narrow faced young woman with a wild mess of fiery hair. Holly is quite pale and prone to an easy blush. She also has a splattering of light freckles across her face. She's got grey eyes and a motherly frame that is usually obscured by a long, old brown trench-coat tattered by weather and ripped jeans and a black turtleneck. She also has rather old sneakers, the soles nearly worn out from walking. Holly is well known for keeping her backpack on her at most times and a pocket knife always. She also owns a small pair of circular reading glasses.
modifications, scars, permanent injuries, etc. Currently the only problems Holly has physically are bad knee joints. It causes her pain to walk long distances without some kind of brace.

discovered powers. N/A
mastered powers. N/A
future powers. N/A

deep inside.
positive traits. Careful, Determined, Caring
neutral traits. Roving, Street Smart
negative traits. Skeptical, Self-blaming, Worry-wart
personality description. Holly can be described as a 'family person' or a 'motherly type'. She's prone to nitpicking and doting on people she cares about as well as being very, very anxious when they become hurt or get in harm's way. She's fairly intelligent, but best on her feet. Holly is a bit self-deprecating when it comes to things she considers 'clearly her fault'.

quirks. When upset, Holly has been known to take long walks that can span up to half a day or longer. She prefers to be alone to think things through.

goals/dreams. Find her sisters. (MAIN)
fears. Never being able to find her sisters, getting seriously injured, spiders, the dark.

history. Holly was born in 2015 to a loving couple who believed the world was going to be a beautiful place for their young baby girl... She was 2 when the power started going out and 3 a year later when her parents had her first younger sibling. The family held onto the belief that things would get better... they had to, right? But things weren't showing to be better even by the time her third younger sibling was born when she was 8. Holly was 16 when the all the power ran out. Her parents had kept them and the family on the move for as long as they could. Her mother got sick and passed when she was 17 and her father was killed by a stranger for his stuff when she was just 19, leaving herself to be the only caretaker for her sisters. Holly was fiercely protective of them and continued keeping the small family moving as best as she could, believing that the only safety was far away from the past. But during a recent nasty winter storm the three got separated. Holly, left stranded in the forest alone, became frantic and tried to find them most of the week before stumbling upon the Flintlock Lodge, tired and cold. She's decided it's best for her to stay until she can recover and gain enough supplies to head back out and look for her sisters... after all, it's her fault. If she had just... kept a closer eye on them... Holly is determined to find them or die trying.

parents. Holly got along well with her mother and father before they passed. She was always concerned about her mother as she always seemed fearful for the future. Her father was her favorite, though. He taught her how to use her pocket knife, a gift from him, and how to read. When he passed she would have grieved for weeks if she hadn't been occupied with caring for her sisters.
siblings. Her sisters... god, Holly loves her sisters. They're the only family she has left and she lost them. She blames herself sorely for the separation and is desperate to find them.

romantic orientation. Biromantic
sexual orientation. Demisexual
crushes. N/A
love interests. N/A

romantic partner. N/A
children. N/A
best friend. N/A
mentor. N/A
apprentice. N/A
enemies. N/A

Looking for Holly's biography? It's here, on her account profile!

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