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Loner trying to survive.
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full name. Grail
nicknames. N/A

sex. Male
gender. Male

group. Loner

species. Belgian Shepherd
appearance. A heavily furred but thin bodied black Belgian shepherd dog. Grail has a singular black horn protruding from his forehead and dark brown, almost black, eyes.
modifications, scars, permanent injuries, etc. Under the fur on the one side of his neck is a nasty bite scar he got during a fight when he was younger.

discovered powers. N/A
mastered powers. N/A
future powers. N/A

deep inside.
positive traits. Adaptable, Brave, Assertive
neutral traits. Deceptive, Stoic
negative traits. Irritable, Cold, Disloyal
personality description. Grail is an interesting character. He can come off as abrasive and rude, but he's really just attempting to stay alive. A harsh climate has caused him to be a 'every dog for himself' kind of person and he can't really be described as loyal as he's more inclined to do what will benefit him. That being said, he's not cruel and he wouldn't try to hurt someone intentionally if they haven't provoked him. Grail tries to do what he believes is right, even if he's wrong.

quirks. Grail has to circle an area once or twice before he lays down to rest. It's just a force of habit and it makes him more comfortable.

goals/dreams. survive (main), find a better source of food (helps main)
fears. he won't admit it, but Grail is afraid of dying. it haunts him at night.

history. Grail was born an only child in his mother's litter. He never knew his father and sickness took his mom when he was fairly young. Grail's been alone ever since his mother's passing and he became a worse person for it. He's gotten into fights for territory and won and lost a few as well as picked fights on others who bothered him too much. As he grew he's mellowed out a bit, not as quick to pick fights after a close call which left his neck scarred. Now Grail moves from territory to territory out in the loner lands, trying to find the best spot to find food in the harsh climates of the world.

parents. Never knew his father. Grail knew his mom and loved her dearly before her passing. She was nothing but kind in his memory and always tried her best to provide for him.
siblings. N/A

romantic orientation. heteroromantic
sexual orientation. heterosexual
crushes. N/A
love interests. N/A

romantic partner. N/A
children. N/A
best friend. N/A
mentor. N/A
apprentice. N/A
enemies. N/A

Looking for Grail's biography? It's here, on her account profile!

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