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— ruslan malakhov / " rus " / cisgender male / he , him pronouns
— twenty six years old / born jan 15 / capricorn / ages realistically
— member of los santos
. ❜ loyal to himself & those he trusts

— bisexual / not actively looking? / single
. ❜ doesn't fall at first sight , definitely needs trust and a connection to form a romantic interest .
— ivan malakhov x alla malakhov
. ❜ middle child of seven
— trusts : none / friends : none / enemies : none

— 6'2" and 190 pounds , has an athletic and muscular build . he has developed biceps and shoulder muscles , and has defined abdominals . he has fair skin and dark brown eyes . he has short , light brown hair .
. ❜ CLOTHING: semi-casual . jackets , hoodies , and sweaters . designer shoes , boots . tends to dress nicely .

— true neutral . he wouldn't consider himself a " do-gooder " , nor would he consider himself chaotic evil . he is morally gray , though his actions tend to favor him being a rebel .
— reserved and introverted . has no issue making conversation with others , though he gets drained around large crowds for a long amount of time and often escapes into his own world to recharge . prefers to be alone ; a " lone wolf " .
— diplomatic and professional , doesn't play around when tasked with a job . he is hardworking and determined to be successful .
— good at keeping his cool and normally does not instigate , but if provoked , his fuse will run short and he will lash out . doesn't like to be over-emotional because he loses control . listens to his head over his heart , even at the expense of others' feelings .
— a bit of a control freak , likes to get his own way and believes he's right 100% of the time .
— loyal as hell , and his friendship is one to be cherished . he will fight for you until his very last breath . he is a great confidant and listening ear once you get past his stony exterior .
— does bad things , but not for the sake of selfishness or pure evil . his intentions are always in favor of survival . because of his upbringing , he is comfortable around violent situations and committing violent acts .

— strength: 9; perception: 8; endurance: 8; charisma: 6; intelligence: 9; agility: 8; luck: 6.5
. ❜ trained in self-defense and combat . prefers to fight with weapons .
. ❜ wields brass knuckles and a switchblade .
. ❜ will kill . may show mercy . doesn't usually start fights , but will if necessary . will end fights .
— 80/100 physical defense / 92/100 psychological defense / 65/100 short-term recovery
. ❜  nonviolent or peaceful actions may be powerplayed , but reactions will differ .

— born and raised in a gang , he and his siblings were trained to be thugs . family drama led to him leaving .
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hello all, back at it again with the character gallery. none of these characters are up for adoption, but some are open for plotting!! if you see anyone you might be interested in working with, just shoot me a pm and we can work smthn out ;o

p.s, bbs are listed in alphabetical order

5.29.2020 update the characters listed here are going to be the only ones for a while, until i can get them built up to where i want them to be. once they are complete, i'll look into further creation!!


briarkit (stone) is a member of thunderclan. she is currently awaiting her apprenticeship ceremony, where she will become more active in the clan's day to day activities. [created 3.20.2020]
melchior, gloriana is a giant wip created 5.28.2020
moir, quinn is a WREN, enlisted in the military during WWII. she defies all odds and follows her heart, which leads her to the life of her dreams. [created 2.19.2020]
zheng, rayas is a refugee who found a foreign love. he puts all he was taught as a child aside to pursue a new life. [created 2.9.2020]
Welcome Board / Re: I’m back??
« Last post by cygnus on Yesterday at 03:54:52 PM »
hell yes, i dabble around in humans a bit, but there isn't a whole lot of activity there rn. i'd love to plot smthn out!
Flintlock Lodge / Re: SEE THE LIGHT // OPEN
« Last post by richard on Yesterday at 12:10:32 PM »

sipping at his coffee, his eyes raised from the cup to look towards a man pulling into the village with a horse and wagon. eyes watched curiously as the man slowed the horse to stop. the man pointed his finger towards richard. he simply raised his brows to show that he was listening to the grumbling newcomer. “you got the right idea, ‘ey? a nice warm cuppa on a day like this.” this guy didn’t seem like the worst company to have. he pushed himself off of the wall, taking a few steps closer. he was about ready to open his mouth and say something-- though he barely had the time to open his mouth before the man kept rambling on.

he was the kind of person richard could only stare at as he rattled on, lips parted in subtle disbelief. “i wonder if this was what capitalism felt like…” richard blinked, watching the man look around the village. ”huh.” this man was something else. he felt floored, uncertain what to say - or if he was even supposed to say anything at all. “yeah,” he hummed in agreement(?). his gaze swiveled around the village street. “you must’ve lived up here a while.” he didn’t know what other observation to make. people often made small conversation easy to reply to, something he could politely nod along to and agree with. this man seemed like he could carry a conversation with himself. at least that was- respectable, to say the least.

the man asked his name, at least seeming to remember it was richard something or other. he took the second pause to quickly insert, “banner, yeah.” he watched the man and listened attentively. “i’m tommy. eddie’s brother. people say they can see the resemblance but - eh - i ain’t too sure, honestly.” no kidding? how could two opposites be so closely related? rich didn’t think he’d ever see the similarities between them if he tried. clearing his throat, he brought the cup close to his mouth. “i wouldn’t have guessed.” perhaps more because of the personalities, rather than the resemblance. he took a few steps closer, investigating the items on the wagon.

“what do you do around here, tommy? transport?” as odd as this tommy character seemed, there was something about him that was gravitational. perhaps it was rich’s own curiosity about a man who was quite unlike most characters he’d ran into. richard knew to keep his own distance from others - he didn't plan to stick around for too long; having people to say goodbye to never made things easier - but he couldn't keep his curiosity and sanity at bay without occasional conversation. 

Flintlock Lodge / Re: GET USED TO IT // OPEN
« Last post by freddie on Yesterday at 11:11:15 AM »

freddie knew very little about the man he had just pelted with a snowball. the two barely crossed paths if really at all, save for when the man came and joined with ellie and harrison (and proceeded to continuously forget the poor guy’s name). whether it was a friend, stranger, or enemy, it seemed like freddie didn’t seem to care who got tangled up in this mess. colton surely handled it a lot better than others, he had to admit.

he watched the man lean down, cupping snow in his hands as he responded, ”sure, but not as good as my throws.” freddie raised a brow in pleasant surprise. oh, so this guy was a bit competitive, too? he grinned, holding his hands out at his sides confidently. “hit me with your best shot.” even with that remark, he still turned to the side to try and avoid most of the hit. to be fair, it was a pretty good shot. he huffed a breath of laughter, briefly shaking off the snow. “not bad,” he said, the closest to a compliment anyone could get.

he formed a snowball with the cup of snow in his hands. oh, it’s on, colton. “but mine’s still better.” he took the opportunity to launch a snowball back at the man as he said it- and, really, it was almost sad just how amused freddie was in that moment. guess it didn’t hurt to try and have some fun every once in a while, yeah? (he said, after never taking a moment seriously in his life).
Welcome Board / Re: I’m back??
« Last post by wolfias ★ on Yesterday at 08:46:00 AM »
hey there!!!

I do just about everything ^^
animals, humans, slice of life, fantasy, apocalyptic- I’m down for it all c:
Welcome Board / Re: I’m back??
« Last post by cygnus on Yesterday at 01:36:04 AM »
hey hey, am cygnus, but everyone calls me cyg!!

what kinda genres/topics do you usually rp? bc a 1x1 sounds splendid right about now
Flintlock Lodge / Re: ANOTHER DAY // BAR OPENING
« Last post by penny on Yesterday at 12:36:25 AM »
  "Well if you ever need help assembling or building one, let me know. I'm pretty good at making shit n' things of that nature." She offered with a shrug of her shoulder, she enjoyed painting and things of the art nature. Though her colored hair definitely played into a stereotype of some sort, didn't it? It probably did. She looked to Freddie and smiled sweetly "Can you be so sweet and get me a drink?" she asked hopefully, her tone was even sweet.

She looked around the bar then, at all the people who had walked inside before looking towards those who had chosen to play darts. A small but amused smirk appearing on the peach-haired girl's face "Why not go show 'em how to get a bullseye, Freddie?" she suggested with a raised eyebrow "Or you, Eddie. Someone should show them how so maybe they'll stop before their ego costs you a wall" she mused, the very thought of them giving up upon not getting a bullseye was enough to entertain Penny's mind.

Welcome Board / Re: I’m back??
« Last post by wolfias ★ on May 28, 2020, 08:41:16 PM »
Hey both of you!! c:

It has been a while so I don’t expect anyone to remember me lol

And I might join in on tnw!! I haven’t decided yet, but it’ll most likely happen if there’s no interest in the last of us thread I posted :’^)
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