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Human Roleplay / Re: The Prince and the Outlaw(Private for Sultan)
« Last post by SULTAN on Today at 02:11:20 AM »
/hey it's been a while, i hope you've been doing well!

of course it'll work! trust me, i've done this before. it wasn't a total lie. and there's no one to tease you here, he stifled a giggle. except me of course.

tadeas put the stuff on, tripping a few times in his haste. wait. one last thing. he dipped his finger in some ink and painted a large moustache on himself and (attempted to) on rowan.

perfect! he grabbed her wrist and waved goodbye to ms. dickens. we won't get caught, i promise. plus..i need to pay you back, right?

for more times than i care to admit.

it'll be worth your time.
TNW Plotting / Re: spare plots sir? spare plots?
« Last post by Noccy on Yesterday at 11:19:27 PM »
I mean seeing as shes from a very violent mafia fam i dont think she’d mind smdndbf
TNW Plotting / Re: spare plots sir? spare plots?
« Last post by darky on Yesterday at 10:18:32 PM »
Sweet, sounds good then! Do you wanna have a thread of them going around LS then?
Salem's a bit Feral at the moment but if Belle's fine with that then an acquaintances-with-benefits kinda thing can definitely happen between them
TNW Plotting / Re: spare plots sir? spare plots?
« Last post by Noccy on Yesterday at 10:07:32 PM »
@LI-SANG. hello! Anyone of my characters, in particular, you wanna plot with?

We've started talking but yes pls

That could definitely work! and yes feel free to hmu about her and salem she flirty
TNW Plotting / Re: spare plots sir? spare plots?
« Last post by darky on Yesterday at 09:57:55 PM »
chucks Bub for plotting w/ Belle Salem's also here if you wanna have him plot w/ any of your other characters

Bub n Belle could lowkey bond over being younger siblings and could highkey bond over wanting attention. Maybe Bub could show Belle around Los Santos and try to engage her w/ some friendly parkour during that? Like showing her the best places to sit and people-watch, or convenient short-cuts around the territory, etc. Both of them think they're babysitting the other.
&& It's common knowledge around LS that Bub is Sel's younger sister so if there's beef/alliances going on between the two families,, she could be Involved but probably not a Lot since she's. a child and doesn't give a shit if Belle's an enemy of the family
Creative Center / PETRICHOR — cafe 2.0
« Last post by SULTAN on Yesterday at 07:24:53 PM »
you keep a piece of me —
word count: 1,365
tw: swearing, violence, mentions of depression, anxiety, suicide

a/n: idk maybe don't read this lol? it's been collecting dust in my drafts for a while it doesnt have a proper beginning or end and i really just pieced together stuff i wrote at completely different times? i don't know who dave is either.

i could keep hearing her saying 'look at me. look at me!' i tried to mask the noise by doing anything - getting my empty cigarette pack out, crumpling up the box, dragging my shoes across the cement, trying to rock in this chair that was attached to the ground, but it wasn't working. i wanted to scream but there were people around. but i could.. i doubt they'd notice.

i took out my matches. i first tried to smoke not too long ago. it was terrible at first, but it got better after a while. i went through a pack a day for a couple of weeks. someone saw me and lectured me but it made a bit of sense. i knew it was a lot, even for me. but i had to do something now and i didn't have any cigarettes.

look at me!


like i thought, no one noticed. except for the person next to me, whom i wasn't aware of.

you good?
do you have a cigarette?

they surveyed me for a couple of seconds before pulling a pack out of their packet. they offered me one but pulled back when i reached for it. i gawked at them, betrayed.

are you okay?

of course not. dumbass.

yeah. can i have the cigarette?

they didn't give it to me, so i grabbed it out of their hand and walked away.


i didn't until they grabbed my wrist.

what are you doing?!
don't you recognize me?
it's dave!

dave? dave from the party last week or from the coffee shop the week before?

dave from the party today! i was like - the first person you met! he looked disappointed. how did he read my mind?

you're literally talking out loud.
sorry. i..sorry. thanks for the cigarette. i tried to walk away again but his grip on my wrist was steadfast. can you please let me go?
where are you going?
i know you're not.
yes i am! what are you talking about?! my patience was running thin. if only my nails were long enough to dig into his skin. i cut them yesterday.
give me back the cigarette. we need to talk.
no we don't!
if you're going home, i'm walking you there.

i kicked his nuts and wriggled my hand out of his grasp.

god, i don't fucking know you! again, the look of heartbreak. or physical pain. a mix of both? i'm sorry. i felt like i had to. i wasn't sure what i was on. it was hardly his fault, i guessed. maybe some other time.


i was passed out face flat on my mattress with my hands hanging off the sides.

you've been drinking all night. it's hopeless. you're barely twenty-one. you have potential that you know you can't do anything with. you're slipping away.

i rubbed my eyes. what?

you can work hard for a bit and once you get a job you can just die. you can't keep doing this. i can't see myself grow old. i will die before then. i'm not even suicidal i don't think..! i just have no interest in living. maybe thats the same thing. i'm only biding my time. i'm only waiting to die.


i have an apartment, which is nice. sometimes i spend days in it at a time just watching tv, or cooking. i don't feel sorry for myself anymore but i do wish i had done something earlier. it does get tiring after a while, all this jumping around.

i looked at her instagram. the last post was her pinching my cheeks and the caption said 'happy birthday meri rani'

a friend's last post was a video of her singing without knowing she was being recorded. there was a very very long caption attached.

'i wish i could have loved you more please forgive me i love you so much i am so sorry i am so so so sorry i am making your favorite food today and im giving it to everyone except you i wish you were here i wish you were here so bad please forgive me ill kill whoever did this to you i swear i swear'

and more.

i fell back against my pillow and squeezed my eyes shut. i felt her hand snake over my waist.

'i don't know what i'd do without you.'

she ran her hand through my hair and twisted some of it around her finger. your soft. but my greasy.

it's then when i groaned and she started cackling.

it feels so pathetic when you have no one. i wish someone was here, anyone..even dave from the party would do.


"why do you destroy yourself like this?" he asked me.

it's because i enjoy the attention. i enjoy looking like this knowing people are watching with lust dripping from their eyes. it's better when they ask for me after it's over and someone having to tell them that i've already left. sometimes they don't buy it and i have to take care of it myself. i love it. i love all of it.

but that's not what i told him. 

"i'm just biding my time, really, until something happens."

he nodded and smiled and that was when i gave in.

there was that way his eyes twinkled that made me think he understood. he reached for my hand and i took it. i knew then the mind was separate from the body. i knew this was idiotic, but i never thought this would happen to me, despite everyone who would knock on my door after it was over. so when he looked into my eyes, i couldn't help it.

"let's have a good time before then, hm?"

god, he wasn't shit. i gave him a coy smile and pretended to turn away to leave, but he grabbed my wrist and tugged me back.

"hey, don't go."

fuck. "okay."


you're just a slut! that's all you are.

i hadn't been feeling anything for a while but at that point i grabbed something next to me and started screaming and beating him up with it mercilessly.

yes, that is all i am, you fucking-

i'm going to kill you. he said while managing taking a hold of my collar and bringing his face obnoxiously close to mine. i don't ever want to see you in here again, okay?

a part of me was nodding. yes sir. i'll never come in here again. but instead, what came out was 'i'll do what i want, dave!'

the next thing i knew i was somewhere. i didn't actually get to leave.

i have to get out i have to get out i have to get out i have to get out i have to leave please let me go where is my older brother when i need him he would protect me but no one's here. where is she? where is dave? why does everyone leave?

i'm sitting in this white room completely still and alone. i tried to leave but someone caught me. i can hear the low lull of something and it's been going on for so long it seemed like i've been hearing it my entire life why did they get me? what did i do. i was screaming for a bit i think thats all i did but i don't know really.

i got up and knocked on the door and then started banging as hard as i could. PLEASE letme go what did i do to you in particular i was just getting the people i needed to please letmego

i took my chair and swung it at the door. nothing was working on that metal piece of sheeeet they locked me in here without my consent as if i was a psycho? i'm not crazy lock up real criminals not people with traffic tickets

bang bang bang bang it was either my fist or the chair until i would collapse from exhaustion.

dave please let me go.

do you want a cigarette?


can i walk you home?

no. please just let me go
Creative Center / Re: SPACE IS UNDER THE SEA —✦ dump
« Last post by Hootowls on March 29, 2020, 10:13:51 PM »
A decent aesthetic
WindClan / crown -- meeting 03/29
« Last post by SCORCHSTAR on March 29, 2020, 07:07:06 AM »
Business as usual, he supposed. Of course, it wasn't every day that you were having to announce to the remains of your home that your impromptu and rather visionary leader had croaked, along with a dozen or so of your warrior friends. Friends; he used the word lightly. In truth, he hadn't made much in the way of a connection with the majority of them at all. It still stung a bit, though, to see Windclan's numbers depleted... less forced social interaction, but at what cost?

He had to chuckle when he considered this. How morbid. Perhaps the other clans were right about him? No matter. The curses of an enemy were of no concern to the accursed.

Bounding up to the top of the stones overlooking camp, the fiery feline swept a chilled glance over the indeed diminished happenings of the day. The journey to the fabled Moonstone had already been completed; his extra lives already tacked onto him by a number of familiar faces. One of them, he recalled, was bravery; the shockwave of feeling he'd had while receiving it was not so easily forgotten, but was still a source of some humour. The fact that his predecessors had felt that quality was one he needed so badly spoke volumes.

Not that it wasn't... untrue. Standing here before the gradually increasing number of upward gazes inspired classic doubt and anxiety. "Ah, well. Hello there, all. You've noticed," he began, clearing his throat to make way for the - hopefully - more impactful words to follow. Wouldn't want them to get caught in his teeth. "I'm sure you've all noticed the bout of greencough that just came through here. Bit hard to miss. And, apparently, bit hard to recover from. We've lost half our clan."

Scorchfur- no, Scorchstar, turned his cloudy glance skyward for a moment. Did he sound insensitive? Maybe. But it was better to be blunt with them, he reasoned, than to sugarcoat. It was death. Death demanded at least that much from him. "Our leader is dead- well. Our previous one. I say previous, because she's, well, dead, and because I've already been chosen by Starclan to carry on her work," the newly-proclaimed leader carried on, settling into what was, hopefully, a more refined and in-control stance. "She had no deputy, so I guess it really could've been any of us. But they chose me. And I'll do my best for you. It's what we all deserve after this-"

He had to stop, even if just for a moment, or the words would've gotten lodged in his throat. Oh dear. Now was not a good time for this. In front of the clan! Well, really, they'd probably all seen it before; he wasn't new around here. But it was a meeting of gravity! Scorchstar screwed his pale eyes shut, clenching his jaw shut in a vague attempt at subtlety. No, no, no, after the big important announcement of his self-appointment (well, Starclan-appointment; there was no lie in that, but the choice was thoroughly accepted). That was his time. Whispers arrived at his ears in bits and pieces, as if from a much further distance than just the few feet between him and the base of the stones. The darkness shrouding his vision continued to swim impossibly behind his closed lids. If he stayed here, he could see himself taking a nasty and very unceremonious tumble, so he announced, rather loudly, "I have not picked a deputy or medicine cat, but I will soon! You are all dismissed!" and disappear behind the shroud of lichen, a silent demand for immediate solitude.

/heyo! new leader here new phone who dis. basically, the explanation for wc dying for a bit was a bad greencough outbreak that devastated the clan. tryouts for the noted positions are open and will be announced in the next meeting. ^^
so, um—hi. i finally got around to making a storage for things i’m going to write. it has been a few months since the last time i wrote something, so i warn you that my writing might be a little rusty. be gentle with criticism p l e a s e. feel free to track or post.
Character Creation / * ﹙♡﹚ STRAY  »
« Last post by STRAY. on March 28, 2020, 10:16:56 PM »
STRAY             (      )           .
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