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The Badlands / Re: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ROCK 'N ROLL // joining
« Last post by Clyde . on Today at 10:59:23 PM »
leave this here Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in God above...
The first thing that struck him was how Bea sounded exactly the same.

At her question, he jerked his head up, letting out a gasp before searching the crowd for her face. The only face that mattered to him, really. However, she found him first, and he quickly picked her up into a bear hug--just like he used to do when she was a kid.

He had to stop himself from thinking that she was still a kid. She wasn't, now. His niece was all grown up and living on her own. He was just thankful he could be there to help out.
Bluestem Prairie / Re: you might find your way back home — open.
« Last post by roselynn on Today at 08:47:42 PM »
Rosie had just finished filling the troughs in the pasture and giving the animals plenty of attention when she noticed a small group starting to form. She hadn't met any of these people yet, as she was still new, so she decided to make her way over to say hello. Maybe she could get them to tell her their favorite pastries so that she could make them for them sometime!

"Hello! My name is Roselynn," the cheerful girl told them with a friendly smile. She hoped they would be friendly. She'd come across a couple of members of Bluestem who were quite...grumpy.

She studied each of them closely, tilting her head to the side curiously. Bluestem had been quite an adventure so far, and she hoped to make new friends. When she heard Roman speaking she nodded slowly. "People here are very different than what I'm used to," she said softly.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: MORNING SUN - open, delivering treats!
« Last post by roselynn on Today at 08:32:05 PM »
A new figure approached, someone Rosie had seen in passing but had never actually interacted with. His appearance and demeanor reminded her of one of her best friends growing up, Daniel, who had been very influential during her childhood, and had taught her the importance of kindness. She wondered how her old friend was doing now. Nevermind that, though. There were pastries to pass out!

"Good morning! How are you today?" she chirped, a wide smile appearing on her gentle features. She brought her basket up and gestured for him to grab a bag out of it. "Yes, my name is Roselynn. It's nice to meet you. And what is your name?" she asked softly. "I made lots of goodies! There are lots of different cookies, mini strawberry shortcakes, croissants, and taffy! If these things don't sound appeasing, I can always go make a specialty batch!" she told him with a wide smile.

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thank u c:
Neptune's Ridge / Re: NEPTUNE'S RIDGE GUIDE
« Last post by NEPTUNE. on Today at 08:16:46 PM »
The guide has been updated.

also thank you<333
« Last post by NEPTUNE. on Today at 08:10:45 PM »
thank you for this! will be updating the thread with this
Helping Hub / Re: newbie questions incoming!
« Last post by fleur on Today at 08:00:15 PM »
you can join a group by creating a joining thread, or you could just jump in with an intro thread of your own and start posting on other open threads! most of our groups aren't super fast paced and intimidating, and from my experience, everyone is super welcoming and happy to include newcomers in all of their shenanigans. the community is very friendly and it feels like a big group of buddies playing together (':

we have human roleplay as well as animal roleplay. feel free to join in whichever group you think you'd like! and you can have multiple characters as well. here is a guide to bb that may help clarify some things.

welcome to the site! and if you need any help at all or need a roleplaying buddy, my pms are open and there are so many members of the site who would be happy to help as well! happy rping!
Welcome Board / Re: hey besties
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welcome back! i recently returned as well. if you ever need anything feel free to shoot me a pm!
General OOC / Re: WHISPING WILLOWS - open chat thread c:
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ah, i hope you have a good day!
and me too! i'm so excited for all of the things we have planned
and awesome! i've been a lil busy with school but i'll throw my character in sometime this weekend c:
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