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« Last post by GRAVES on Today at 04:28:47 AM »
"This is where we get off." Sliding himself off his mount, Graves looked around at the twisting, turning, somehow overwhelmingly large, thick brambles that faced them. A labyrinth, one with twists and turns of every angle - hopefully one that led to what this expedition had led up to. "We'll need to split up... the map seemed to suggest the supplies were hidden throughout the maze." Pulling bundles of twine and string from his saddle pockets, he started passing them out to finders.

"Use the thread to make sure you don't get lost. Meet back here in five hours, with anything you've got."

/Ok, so this is a little something new. Basically, you'll roll the dice (in this case, we will be rolling 2 6-side dice, and be given a prompt based on the number you roll. If you don't have dice in person, we have dice in our discord server (or, you can probably google a dice roll generator). From there, your post will depend on what you find! Or, what adventures you may receive as well. If you roll the same number as another member, you may either join their quest or roll again : ) These rewards may correlate with on-site rewards, and I'll definitely be keeping track of treasures found and all that.
Spoiler: your results based on the die roll! • show
2 - You come across a chest covered in cobwebs. After some careful dusting, you open the container to discover a beautiful bow, with a leather sheath of high-quality arrows. You almost miss the sight of a trip wire between an arrow's fletching..
3 - Dead end. Dead end. After making it through every wrong turn you think is possible, you find yourself at another hedge-blocked pathway. And yet... you think you can squeeze through the hedges to move forwards, and you think you see something shining..
4 - You have a very difficult decision to make as you stand on this perilous, scary-looking bridge. Between you, and what appears to be some kind of high-quality first-aid kid, is a large pit/nest of what appears to be very venomous snakes. Why'd it always have to be snakes..
5 - Perhaps you stepped a little too fast on those stairs. Clutching your rolled ankle as you try and figure out how you got from the top to the bottom of the stairs, you notice that there's a very odd looking brick along those stairs. Pulling it can either result in a very lovely pair of winter gloves, or a very scary trap (or both!).
6 - There's a crown on a dummy's head in front of you. Normally, you would take it and go, but there's something.. odd about how centrally located this dummy's head is. How even the ground is under your feet. And of course, this is a way valuable item! Why is it out in the middle of nowhere? Do you risk trying to take it?
7 - Lucky! You managed to get the treasure of your dreams, and in the most fantastically interesting way possible. Explain what your find is, and how you managed to find it in this maze of hedges.
8 - You somehow found an underground chamber in this maze. As you light your torch, you realize you've stumbled upon a colony of bats. Yet.. there's something shiny hidden above you, almost like rings that each of the bats seem to carry, as if the bats have had these shiny items attached to them..
9 - A leather saddle! And good quality, too! All you have to do is pull it off the wooden horse it's attached to. And yet, you feel like there's something odd happening.. and you can almost hear the hiss of potentially poisonous fog about to kick in..
10 - Nothing interesting greets you in the maze. As you start coming back, kicking rocks, you start to discover that these rocks are far too metallic to be rocks. It's ammo - but where is it coming from? Find the location of the ammo - hopefully before it gets dark.
11 - You found rubber boots in the maze - ones that fit your feet perfectly. As you return relatively quickly, Graves asks you the story of how you found those rubber boots. Enlighten him on your exciting rubber adventure.
12 - How strange, it's what appears to be a small shack, smack dab in the middle of the maze. As you carefully enter, you realize that whoever had once been there was no more. You find writing utensils, journals, canned foods, and some nice bedding relatively quickly. Now, how in the world are you gonna get all the spoils of your bounty back to the beginning of the maze?
Creative Center / Re: FAST FOOD GREASY > dump
« Last post by finny. on Today at 03:49:51 AM »
i should do more here eventually
Loner Lands / Re: YOU & JENNIFER / the finders, [ o, joining ]
« Last post by HANK on Today at 03:05:42 AM »
a new voice had appeared much to his surprised, which hadn't happened for years, so of course he seemed a little bewildered. It'll get dark soon. You have supplies? he reached for his bag, thinking maybe his paranoia may be getting to him, but as he turned to his bag, he spotted the man and he had to do his best to figure out if he was real or not. he looked real enough, and it wasn't common for his hallucinations to just be.. a man. a normal, fully grown man. "i-.. you.. i do have water. and food. i think. right?" he moved to dig through his bag, trying to ignore the voice in his head.

theres no food, stop looking. no water, stop looking. you ran out. stop it, stop it.

had he run out? he reached for his canteen, shaking it and hearing the sloshing of the water and pulled out a can of beans, scowling. "i do have supplies."

liar, liar, liar!


all he could do was let out an annoyed groan in the back of his throat before looking back to the man. he was still there, thank go. he hesitated and offered a weak smile. "i'm hank. its been a while since i've seen an actual person.."
The Badlands / Smiley Face - Joining
« Last post by J. K. Howling on Today at 02:58:56 AM »
J. K. Howling
21 Female, 5'2" 107 lbs.

"I made strides, don't call me sweet chaos organizes me."
TW: mentions violence, cursing
I'm a fucking whimsical being. Smiling, blonde halo, horns though short proudly peek from this unkempt mane. Hey, I ain't gotta well made brush, and the wind ruins its purpose, is there a point to it? Nah, not for the past few days. I don't know your bias of the "apocalypse" as it's so called, just that the view of a powerless world is breath taking. Goddamn though, the moment another human being opens their mouth I just want to bypass the entire situation. If I had a super power, it would be non-participation. I don't hate people, I just don't care for them. Why am I rambling about people right now?

Because this overcast, foreboding coast line under my boots is one I've been walking on, having no footprints of any cities or towns, until now. I come up on one, a bunch of square, concreted fingers poking the sky. There are some shacks and houses that dot around it every which way. This means, simply, that there will be people there. I mean a whole city, you really think ti's all been abandoned with no souls left shuffling about the streets. I guess I shouldn't be too annoyed, restocking myself is... important. I could check out this place's markets, if they have any. Or maybe I can live here for a good number of months, in my own hold. It'd be nice to decorate something again. It'd be nice to add to my wardrobe. Or have my shit stolen. Ha, yeah, please come steal my shit, kick your fuck'n teeth into the back of your throat. Ah let's keep my cool, nothings happened yet. I should keep myself pleasant, until someone gives me a reason not to.

My crisp fingers, cold but not numb, go to my scalp, combing away a leaf of frustration, then diving into my bag. Gotta retrieve my handy-dandy camera, the only tool that effectively captures and keep images I'd like to remember. Leaving some of the places I had windows of, I would have longed to wander back to them without a remnant of them. The city isn't so ugly that I would exclude it from sharing the spotlight with the sea, sky, and mountains. I squat down to find a better angle. I'm snagging a few frames, but in some of those are a few friendlies. Better be friendlies.

I rise again, camera still sitting in both my hands, but I relieve one of it's weight to wave. As much as I'd like to not talk to people, it was wiser if I made myself known and not shot at for possibly trespassing. Some people still had guns, and most groups were not very considerate of travelers. I get bored easily, but I'd still like to keep living. I'm sure there's more to do than have to deal with people and have them settle greed and fear driven squabbles. Shit, I have to do that everyday with myself.

The arc of my wave is as big as my smile, and audibly I feel the need to introduce myself, "J. K. Howling here, coming through this city if that's alright. Wouldn't want to step on any toes." I walk closer, steadily, feeling I'm chill to do so, "Well I'm actually not worried about toes, more about the lead and temperaments wielding it." I chuckle, it's supposed to be something funny, I find it mildly humorous, because that's actually something people should worry about. Making light of morbid subjects, its my thing. I'm a weather woman of what could go wrong, and grinning about it as I deliver the possibilities in an unaffected voice. Just do something about it. "You got any rules against immigration?"
Loner Lands / Re: YOU & JENNIFER / the finders, [ o, joining ]
« Last post by GRAVES on Today at 02:48:32 AM »
Sometimes, Graves felt like he could hear his family sometimes. Late at night, or when he was just barely drifting asleep or awake, Graves' mother (a voice he couldn't connect to a face, despite his best efforts) seemed to exist for moments - slight half words or noises. Not like his grandmother's voice, clear and sharp like the winter air hitting his face, or like his grandfather - rumbly and coarse like the river in their canyon.

Regardless of what he heard in his half-imagined state, he definitely didn't speak to anyone out loud (not that Graves tried to speak more than he could). But this man.. he had definitely heard him talk to someone. And yet.. there was nobody there. So, Graves had a very awkward dilemma. Because after all, this was his canyon. And this was a stranger, and this stranger seemed to be talking to nobody in particular.

Certainly, people talked to themselves outloud, right?

Taking a leap of faith and keeping his handgun holstered, Graves purposely dragged his feet, making a louder approaching noise as he neared the man, trying his best to appear as.. as casual as one could be, appearing out of apparently nowhere in front of a stranger. "It'll get dark soon. You have supplies?" Graves seriously doubted the question he asked, but there had to be some way to get this conversation started.
« Last post by HANK on Today at 02:43:01 AM »
how long had it been? maybe a day or two, but then again, his mind had no concept of time, minutes could be hours to him or hours could be minutes, but that was another frustrating corner of his head that he didn't want to explore at the moment. staring ahead in thought, hank tried to figure out how many times he had watched the sun rise and fall, it almost felt like a million, but he knew that wasn't possible. "three." he seemed so sure at first.


"four? no, im definitely sure it was three." are you sure? "well.. maybe it was four. but i think it's three." me thinks four. "i don't think it was four," he tended to have these conversations with himself often, much to the confusion of those who heard these little arguments with his head. he realised that there was another voice, graves' this time, actually speaking to him. he knew this because his mouth was moving. "oh, thanks." he mumbled, giving a tiny nod.

h̸͇̹̙͖̦̓̈̐̒͒ǫ̶̨͚̤̜̈́̃́̐̅w̸̢͖̳͚͌̇͌̒͂͘ ̴͚̺̺̤́̔̀ḵ̷̛̛̤̙̬͎̪̀̏͝ĩ̸̳͓̦͊̀͛n̴͚͚̂ͅd̷͓̩͚͋

"huh?" he breathed adn moved to stand once graves' did, tilting his head. "where're we headed boss?"
Advanced Roleplay / Re: Hogwarts thread anyone? Open
« Last post by Voidwoken on Today at 02:30:48 AM »
Imma quick track this, you already know I'm 100% interested; I just have to dig up some old HP character ideas because all the ones I used to have got turned into different things
« Last post by GRAVES on Today at 02:29:55 AM »
A slight chuckle shook his body as Eli spoke, but quite not enough be distinct between a laugh or a cough. Graves himself didn't consider general maintenance to be the most exciting thing in the world either - but it was a requirement in this world, to make sure that Graves knew he was gonna be able to have each person around the campfire the next day. These tunnel checks, they could save someone's life. Already had, possibly.

"Perhaps you don't mind dishes duty, then?" He asked Eli lightly, raising an eyebrow at the boy before Hank spoke. Narrowing his eyes at Hanks words, Graves moved closer to the other man, dark eyes fixating onto the man as he lowered himself next to Hank. "How many nights has it been?" He asked, his hand lightly brushing against Hank's shoulder in a comforting gesture. "We'll get you some medicine to help you sleep after we finish the patrol, yes?"

Raising to his feet, Graves snorted at Jackal's words. He didn't know where that nickname had come from.. and yet it had stuck. "Trust me, Jackal - grandbabies and I will not be mixing any time soon." Raising his hands to the sky in a stretch, Graves yawned, feeling several distinct pops in his back that indicated that maybe he needed to hunt for a better mattress. "Come on, anyone who's coming. There's two main ones I'm worried about." With that, Graves started for the tunnel entrances, pulling a flashlight out of the box near the entrance and flicking it on.
Character Creation / WARM OR COLD — GRAVES
« Last post by GRAVES on Today at 02:16:01 AM »

graves, please pretend i'm not here

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Character Creation / [ DECLAN HARP ]
« Last post by cosmyn on Today at 01:54:07 AM »
NAME, FULL ; declan harp
ORIGIN, FIRST ; irish, anglicized form of the Irish saint name Declán, meaning " man of prayer " or " full of god "
ORIGIN, LAST ; english + scottish, metonymic occupational name for a harpist



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