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General OOC / Re: An actual important message. Please read.
« Last post by cygnus on Today at 10:45:47 AM »
tim!! please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all! i'm always here for you, but i can be most easily reached on discord. i'll be thinking about you <3
General OOC / Re: An actual important message. Please read.
« Last post by trick-or-truce. on Today at 10:42:32 AM »
oh shit tim, i'm so sorry to hear things haven't gone well at home :c ofc i am always here for you if you need someone to talk to, and i really hope your situation improves for your sake <33
General OOC / An actual important message. Please read.
« Last post by timothy on Today at 10:34:54 AM »

Well the long battle at home has been lost. I will not specify on-site but I will in DMs either here or on discord. My activity will tank completely and if it comes to it I may have to give up my positions here on TNW.
Advanced Roleplay / Re: fitter, happier, more productive — elysian .
« Last post by elysian. on Today at 10:16:18 AM »

rowan closed his eyes tightly as the radio continued to play, grimacing subtly with distaste. everyone was pushing for this new company’s promise; they promised a new horizon for humanity; they promised happiness… at times, rowan couldn’t help but wonder what for. what was in it for them, yeah? he tapped his foot against the dining room linoleum, gaze only lifting up at the gentle clink of a plate being set down in front of him. “you’re making that face, again.” careful eyes turned up to stare at ashton. the eldest pursed his lips tightly together, lost for words as he found his seat. the youngest brother picked up his fork, starting to pick at his food. he couldn’t bring himself to eat with the sick taste that plagued his mouth.

“you know…” rowan’s fork stilled. he always dreaded the moments his brother tried to talk to him about this. this company was still so new, yet it felt like his brother had argued about this very same thing for ages already. “like i said, what they’re trying to do is good. they’re going to change everything for us. i don’t understand why you-”
“because you don’t know that. ash, you can’t say that they-”
“imagine how we’d be now if this had happened earlier. if they had come back when mom and dad were still around.” ash huffed in stunned awe, gesturing around the empty room absently. “imagine how different life would’ve been for us, rowan. imagine!”

his throat felt tight. leaning forward, he acted preoccupied with his food. the brothers never talked about their parents, anymore. it was a taboo, a subject the brothers both silently agreed to never talk about. a cut that still bled. it felt painful that ashton was bringing them up as some sort of leverage to his point. swallowing hard, then clearing his throat, he shifted in his seat before quietly uttering, “nothing they can do can bring mom and dad back.”
 “but-” his brother had rowan right where he wanted him. he leaned forward with interest, pointing a finger at rowan. the wonder in his eyes at this new prospect left an upset in his stomach. ”they can help us not hurt anymore.” he paused, let the words settle in. “after all we’ve been through… we’re not happy anymore, rowan. either of us. and it’s- it’s been so long since we’ve been happy. i... can’t even remember what it feels like to-” he paused, searching for words. with another awed huff, he shrugged, “to live without a care in the world. do you, rowan?”

silence. rowan’s head was spinning. on one hand, nothing about it sat completely right with him. something inside him pleaded with him that bliss wasn’t the best answer. on the other hand - slowly, he shook his head in response to ashton’s question. on the other side, his brother was right. his brother laughed jubilantly, impressed with himself he was sure. “it’s right there on the pill! bliss. don’t you want that? don’t you want that for us?” sliding his arm across the table, ash held out his hand. rowan met ash’s sincere gaze as earnest lips softly asked, voice just barely louder than a whisper;

“don’t you want to be happy?”

his gaze wandered to his brother’s outreached hand. sitting in aching silence, nothing but the radio softly playing in the background yet another better living jingle. don’t you want to be happy? the voice echoed woefully in his head. slowly lifting his hand, he reached out towards his brothers hand as if to take, trembling fingers outstretched --

he slammed his hand down on the table. pushing himself up swiftly, he sniffled quietly to himself as he hurriedly uttered, “i have to go.” pushing his untouched food towards ash, he uttered, ”thanks for breakfast.” as he turned to leave, his brother called desperately after him. fearful. fearful that his brother would make the wrong choice. fearful that rowan would choose the road of rebellion rather than the road of better living. conflicting feelings sat tight in his throat as he walked, unsure of where he was going and what he would do once he got there.

it felt like a blur and an invisible downward spiral once he found himself in benedict’s presence, unsure of what brought him to carry his feet all the way there in the first place. he looked composed yet shaken, gnawing on his thumb nail being his only visible sign of the complete turmoil he felt inside.

“i should just do it, you know,” he blurted, anxious conviction making his lips gently tremble. eyes were like saucers as they wandered helplessly towards benedict’s icy blues. he looked at him as if a part of him was begging ben to change his mind.

“i should just take bliss.”

rowan sat alone at an empty table, chewing silently on the last bit of his breakfast. most days he was reminded of just how empty the mornings were without his brother around anymore. nothing ever tasted the same as ashton’s cooking. nothing tasted as sweet as the man’s strawberries and pancakes. he lips downturned, brows furrowing as he pushed the finished plate further away from himself. nothing tasted as bitter as the reminder that he would never cross his brother’s mind in the same way. he most likely never crossed ashton’s mind at all. it was a harsh pill to swallow, but it was an easier pill to swallow than taking bliss itself. he was surrounded with like-minded individuals, with revolutionaries and rebels all alike. this was where he was meant to be.

he felt ashamed that at one point he had thought any different.

pushing himself up from the table, he headed out the door and towards the passionate chants echoing down the worn-down city. he stood among them as the crowd waited in excited anticipation - and then, as benedict appeared, voices were booming so loud that row wondered why the fragile walls of the city hadn’t collapsed by now with each growing number. the crowd continued to chant and yell passionately as benedict climbed the crates; rowan never had the fervor to yell like the others, instead uttering along with the rest of them.

he was one of the long-time rebels, here since the very beginning of this revolution alongside benedict. although he wasn’t the loudest, the most brazen, he still stood as unwavering as he always did. nobody dared question his loyalty to the cause; he had given up everything he had in favor of it. everyone had.

the crowd started to settle down, the energy still buzzing as their revolutionary took his place. benedict surveyed the people. his icy blues looked throughout the crowd with passion so hot it could melt glaciers. there was a reason he was unanimously known as the voice of the people. each word spoken brought on another wave of uproarious cheers. there wasn’t a single other people that managed to loom quite as large as he did. people hollered and shouted feverishly, hanging on to each word.  there wasn’t anyone else that could command a room quite like he did. their eyes met briefly, for perhaps even a moment too long. one side of rowan’s lips threatened to twitch upwards.

the revolution was so close, he could just about taste it. he applauded with the rest of them as benedict jumped off the stack of crates, observing as everyone rushed to greet the man as he passed by. he watched with absent, observant eyes until benedict stood in front of him, addressing him this time. “are you ready for this afternoon?”

eyes gazed into benedict’s before he started to nod, agreeing with a certain, ”of course. everything is falling right into place, yeah?” this plan seemed to be so perfectly hatched that it was almost too good to be true in some ways. rowan’s fingertips tingled with anticipation at the thought of it alone.

ben’s hand on his shoulder, he took the moment to step aside from the rest of the crowd, opting to walk along with ben instead. as often as ben asked a favor of him, rowan often found himself feeling great pride in such an act others would often think nothing of. perhaps that was because others weren’t nearly as aware of benedict’s shattered trust; they weren’t aware to be as grateful as they should be. the fact that benedict trusted in rowan oftentimes left a soft spot inside of him feeling weak. his heart trembled in grateful anticipation most every time. “what do you need?”

rowan tried not to disappoint.
Welcome Board / Re: Back Again (Completely Forgot I Had a Account Here)
« Last post by cygnus on Today at 09:25:56 AM »
of course! have you given any thought to where you might wanna rp?
u rock !


The tips of two fingers twisted the dial sharply to the left, the small off-white radio silenced and making way for booming chatter in the background. That goddamn slogan was so overused that the very words left a bitter taste in Benedict's mouth and a heavy pit in his stomach. Every single time. Gage would tell him countlessly that the radio was a good-for-nothing piece of shit; all of the Better Living slogans and jingles that plagued their ears after every single song or news report. He even tried to point out that all radios from the city had been bugged for the government's prying ears, and that the rebels could so easily be traced by radiolocation and apprehended against their will.

Well, it hadn't yet happened in the three years Better Living were at the helm of the city, so Benedict could only question the validity of Gage's conspiracies.

At the table Benedict sat at also sat his mother, Lisbit. Hair like a dark confiture, if her skin were any lighter then she may have seemed to be likely indisposed. But, like Benedict, her face was sun-kissed from her many days out in the decaying world that she chose to survive in. The city wouldn't maintain the four walls of a traitor, buildings growing more fragile with each passing year. Their front door no longer locked and Benedict would have to pull all of his weight backwards if he wished to shut it from the inside. Lisbit would always point out that the wood had swollen because Benedict's father had never treated it before he left. It was some feeble attempt to do what he thought was right - head to the city and provide for the family. Little did he know that once Better Living had gotten a hold of his mind, he'd no longer remember the love he had at home.

Lisbit was slowly nearing her golden years at the ripe age of fifty seven, but she was not the old woman that one would feel pity towards with her feeble bones and sunken in features. She was the kind who could run an army if given half the chance. It was no surprise to find where Benedict's tenacity came from. Together, the two of them were more similar that they'd ever give each other credit for.

❝ I think they're ready for you. ❞ She pointed out matter-of-factly, Benedict's eyes searching his mother's features before he used two hands to push himself up away from the table. ❝ Come with me. You know they love you. ❞ Benedict held his hand out, brows raised expectantly towards her before Lisbit swatted his hand away. ❝ They're here to see you, not me. Now go - I'll be in the crowd watching. ❞ Slowly, Benedict lowered his hand, a soft smile of affection sat on his lips as he was met with the most loving eyes a mother could muster before he turned and left their makeshift pole tent.

Chatter turned into passionate chants as Benedict climbed assorted crates to reach the scaffolding that allowed for him to see every face in the deficient crowd. The movement was still young, many people still hesitant to fight for change. But, with every meeting like this, and every step they took to prepare for this crusade, the crowd swiftly began to grow. Old faces and new faces, Benedict met the gaze of many as he looked at them. His eyes were like fire within ice as he searched the fervent rebels. The passion in icy blues, in the same way the hottest of fires always burned blue. The crowd of rebels slowly simmered into quiet whispers of anticipation, Benedict wrapping his hand around the scaffolding to keep his balance on rickety placed crates before his voice rang through the air.

❝ The revolution is coming in hot. We can see it in the way the Swine are so frantically trying to reinforce the city. They anticipate our arrival, but they do so with fear in their hearts because they know that what they are doing is wrong. Sickening. ❞ Lip curled with disgust as Benedict slowly shook his head. The crowd agreed with a plethora of shouts of agreement. ❝ There may be more of them than there are of us, but they fear us all the same - as they should. As they fucking should! ❞

Cheers erupted in the rowdy crowd, Benedict looking at the faces of the revolution proudly. Until his eyes landed on Rowan. Like a mouse in a pride of lions, Rowan would continue to stand in the most unassuming of ways. He was a whisper whilst the others were a shout, and it only caught Benedict's eye even more. Eyes lingered on him for a second too long before Benedict continued to scan the crowd. He was a person that Benedict could only wish to trust, but no one deserved that faith one could have in another from Benedict anymore. He'd been betrayed one too many times, his heart shattered and trust misplaced on enough occasions that trusting another meant nothing to him anymore. Rowan was a stable presence ever since the birth of the revolution, but merely a man that Benedict could half-rely on to see him stood among the rest of the rebels.

❝ Next thing on our agenda - seize the Bliss reapers on the New Haven Route 20. Lets burn all of their Bliss pills. Hell, lets film it and get it on every single big screen in the whole fucking city! ❞ With a crinkled up nose and a subversive grin on his face, Benedict watched the excitement of the crowd as they cheered for society's freedom. Without their Bliss, the Droids would eventually snap out of the reverie that they've been living in. Without their Bliss, Better Living would collapse. Drugs were their power, so Benedict would do everything in his power to disarm them. ❝ The next reaping unit arrives this afternoon. The Swine have weapons, but we do too. Lets fucking dust 'em all! ❞

The rebels roared with great vehemence as Benedict jumped down from the stack of crates he stood upon, checking his phone to view once more the text message that Gage had sent him earlier. The dubious agreement to attempt to hack into the city's billboard media streams. Anything to get the word out to the city that the revolution was coming. Gage was far more technologically advanced than Benedict could ever be, but always so goddamn flaky and undependable. He could help Benedict with the revolution for as long as he would refrain from cowering away from the fight.

Rebels looked up to Benedict in awe as he walked by the crowd, the revolutionary giving a couple of them a simple greeting or pat on the shoulder as he passed. Until his gaze landed on Rowan once more, this time stood right in front of him. ❝ Are you ready for this afternoon? ❞ Benedict questioned earnestly, brows raising as he searched Rowan's features. He then raised a hand, grabbing Rowan's shoulder before he added, ❝ You know... I actually need you to do something for me. ❞
Thanks for the welcome cygnus!
TNW Plotting / Re: so... who's up for tnw halloween events?
« Last post by timothy on Yesterday at 10:50:17 PM »

I love that Noccs! Especially with what is going on. Everything else is a-okay!
Flintlock Lodge / Re: ❝ empty hands — meeting [10/17] . ❞
« Last post by EDMUND. on Yesterday at 08:34:03 PM »
❝ Right. ❞ Eddie cleared his throat as he listened to the way the group settled down swiftly. Eyes landed briefly on William at the sound of a frustrated groan from him, brows twitched together slightly as William tried to feebly adjust his daughter around in his arms. It was quite the sorry sight, but nothing that Eddie didn’t expect. Flitting his gaze away to search the crowd, Edmund finally began the meeting. ❝ I’ve finally returned from my trip. I’d like to thank Blake for watching over the group in my absence. ❞ Even despite the clear tension which lingered between Blake and Eddie - even to this day - he still owed her his gratitude for being able to take on the group whilst he so swiftly left on his trip.

❝ During this time, we have welcomed two newcomers to our group. Everyone, please welcome Darsy and Naomi. If you ever have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask. ❞ He attempted to twitch the corner of his lip in an amiable way towards the newcomers, though eyes lacked warmth as usual. ❝ Halloween celebrations are due to begin in the next few days. I’d like for people to start decorating the village. It won’t be long until the first snowfall of winter, so lets make it count. On Halloween, we will have a trick or treating event with all of the youngsters. ❞ His children would certainly enjoy that, as well as many of the other children of Flintlock Lodge.

❝ Other than that, you’re free to go for dinner time. ❞

// sorry for the short meeting. also, this was supposed to be up on saturday, so i will include the rising tensions between flintlock and bluestem in the next meeting!

Spoiler: tags ― updated 08/08. • show
&. ❝ edmund theodore stirling ❞ | ed, eddie | male [he/him] .
&. 25 years old . | seventh august ; leo .
&. currently the captain and official loyalist of flintlock lodge .
&. currently the boss of the stirling's notorious irish crime family .

&.  ambitious . brave . calm . disciplined . honorable . intelligent . leading . logical . patient . reliable . skillful . trustworthy . wise . aloof . cynical . detached . flirtatious . harsh . jealous . lustful . pessimistic . quiet . ruthless . secretive . stubborn .

&.  five foot eight & one hundred and seventy one pounds ; reference .
↳ dirty blond hair kept very short and neat .
↳ stocky and well-built frame , lightly freckled skin .
↳ muted blue vacant eyes , unreadable , somewhat frowning expression .

&. alfred stirling x leonora moray | both deceased .
&. four older siblings and two younger half-siblings .
↳ dominik stirling , 32 , shot and killed by alfred .
↳ thomas stirling , 32 , caretaker in flintlock .
↳ alfonso stirling , 28 , enforcer in flintlock
↳ franklin darrow , 25 , estranged in bluestem .
↳ henry stirling , 11 , resident in flintlock
↳ ida stirling , 9 , resident in flintlock
&. also lives with four cousins and his aunt .
&. father to thomas , charlotte , kieron and louis .

&. bisexual, biromantic ; mongamous | tends to have a wandering eye .
&. ex-husband to blake kegan
↳ marriage fell apart after he cheated on her .
&. ex-lover to mickey serge
↳ he learned about his bisexuality with him .
&. lover to maxine van doren
↳ a rekindled flame where their relationship is kept a secret .

&.  [ 9/10 ] physically  |  [ 7/10 ] psychologically .
↳ difficulty w/ guns [ very difficult ] | difficulty w/ melees [ difficult ] | difficulty w/ hand-to-hand [ difficult ]
&. @truce. | dm for any major plots .
&. friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .
TNW Plotting / Re: so... who's up for tnw halloween events?
« Last post by the noccult on Yesterday at 08:05:20 PM »
Though just an idea cause of the...tea going on in tnw:
Setting the events in an au? whether it’s simple like “everything is ok”
Or like...modern au?
Like still have the events set with those groups
But just so like...for enjoyment sake I guess?
Modern au would probably also help costume wise but
Idk just an idea!! I hope it makes sense too I’m not...good at words
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