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Linkback Ads / paean: after dawn || a warriors roleplay website
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Time has passed since the tales of Firestar and his kin. Generations have flourished and withered alike, but the four Clans persevere. In constellation after constellation, Starclan is forced to watch the Clans forsake the image of their ancestors-- not this time. Paean's Clans have preserved their original Four, or at least attempted to, as best they could. Blood has been spilt, though, and the traditional allegiances have changed greatly from what is familiar. The valleys our noble Four walk are not well-trodden, though, and new land alters a Clan's bonds-- not its fundamental being.
The original Four will remain the same, as is Starclan's intent: though their traditions and beliefs morph with age, they remember their history, may it always repeat.

Paean’s iteration of world is the same but different in many respects. The Tribe of Rushing Water was left behind long ago, and the four Clans dwell on another set of territories due to incidents better left in the past. The name Skyclan is uttered in about as much secrecy as Bloodclan once was in the age of the Old Forests; few wars have transpired, except the Battle of the Tunnels. Shadowclan regained had their old influence thence, spitting in the face of Leafstar and the rest of her Clan.
Natural disasters hit the Clans as often as they like, Starclan is as fickle as the lights they are named for, but the four Clans continue to sing paeans in their name.

Paean: After Dawn is a semi-literate Warriors roleplaying site, and its canon takes place following River of Fire, bridging the events of the books with a present-day setting. It is the third iteration of Paean, an original AU featuring three tribes, and its concept is approximately two years old, its birthday being on September 2nd. Nearly all High-Position slots are open, aside from Windclan Medicine Cat and Thunderclan Leader.

We at Paean hope to see you join!
Fandom Roleplay / Re: WHEN I NEED MOTIVATION / private
« Last post by Leafwing12 on Today at 04:35:07 AM »
Jack closed his eyes and chuckled quietly at his last sentence. Seems like Reyes is jista big nerd. He glanced over at Gabe. He sighed softly. “...Thank you. He murmured after a moment.
Character Creation / Re: VENI, VIDI, VICI — character storage
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— "when i wear pants, i tend to stab people. so i try not to wear pants."
— "for the record, i think this is a terrible idea."
— "i can get knife happy when i drink."
— "tea? you realize that's just hot leaf water, right? coffee's just hot bean water, too. just drink some water and avoid the caffeine all together."
— "pop a stitch and i'm not fixing it."
— "your bad decisions are no one's but your own."
— "you don't need to keep getting yourself hurt if you just want to come see me." sarcastic. probably.
— "don't lick the fucking honey off your fucking cut. it's an antibiotic, not a snack."
— "i'm not a bigot, i understand the necessity of war. but i also understand that the guilty aren't the only ones hurt in all of this, and i won't stand by and forget about the innocent people who will suffer because of the few."
Loner Lands / Re: [ THE NAME OF LIFE / OPEN ]
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much like ermal, seren had little interaction with birds in her early years. not from a lack of them being around, she's mostly sure there was a normal amount of birds fluttering about in her childhood, but she never paid them any mind. she never appreciated things like birds and sunrises, how pleasant trees smelled or how much a good night's rest was worth. she'd been so hungry for life back then, angry and wanting to do nothing more than throw a few punches and feel blood on her knees. twenty years old, and she felt like she'd lived a lifetime in those years.

alas, she can appreciate things now, before it was too late. the softness of the burgundy dress clinging to her fair frame, the smell of the herbs that filled her pantries and integrated their scents into her hands, and the music sung by the birds of the city.

her posture is straight, formal. the posture of someone raised a proper lady, maybe, but the scars suggest some form of a military beat it into her. there's a softness, a curiosity in her gaze, as she observed the man with the birds and the music from afar. she'd always wanted to learn to play music, but she'd never had patience for it. music, theater, art - they were things she admired, but things that brought her no sense of satisfaction. not like a knife in flesh used to. not like a cleaned wound or neatly done stitches did now. despite her lack of effort in learning, she can still appreciate these things, and the people who are talented enough to make something of them.

her eyes trace the sea for a long moment as she ebbs closer. the birds, in general, don't have much issue with her; she's quiet, gentle moving. people look at her and see something that is, was, dangerous. they see scars and lines, they see haunting in her eyes, but the birds don't see that. they see who she's become. something softer, kinder - or, maybe they just see the woman with the little feeder of seeds on her roof. probably the latter, but she's something of a romantic and likes to believe the prior.

"very lovely song," she said, her tone soft, not wanting to spook the animals, as she gets close enough. the skirt of her burgandy hued dress is gathered in her hand, not wanting to stumble on it, and she offers him a polite incline of her head. most people, she knew, would probably smile. she doesn't smile, though. "have you played for long?" she inquires politely, interest present in her eyes as she nods to the instrument.
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this is kind of a mess because it's two in the morning but i'm Trying
Spoiler: seren genucia • show

seren octavia genucia. twenty years old. allied with the peace faction. trained healer.

outwardly, seren can initially seem cool, composed, and at times, uncomfortable around others. she prides herself in her work, and takes the loss of lives, even strangers, to a personal level. though she may outwardly seem unemotional, she does care - she was simply taught to ignore personal feelings, and addressing them is a battle she's not sure how to navigate. intelligent and intuitive, she tends to be overly critical about people around her, and struggles to trust beyond a superficial level. however, she's sly enough to keep this issue to herself, and she's not above pretending to let people in, in reality putting up a facade.

though she stands for the peace faction, at times it's easy to question if she might be more neutral than anything else, as she understands the need for some degrees of violence and war. however, she doesn't believe it to be the first option, and often it isn't the right option in her eyes. she looks down on murder and killing most predominantly, and does what she can to help whoever she can to the best of her ability.

though she isn't very outgoing, she can be very polite and sociable. with remarkable manners, quick wit, and an easy charm, she's a skilled conversationalist and a natural diplomat. though her immediate instincts always tell her to walk away from people, she does her best to ignore them, resulting in occasional formal interjections into situations. she tends to be very pleasant to be around, as she looks at most things from various points of view, tries to argue things from every perspective, and understands that sometimes she's wrong.

history is publicly unknown, though heavy scarring and fighting abilities suggest that she didn't always argue for pacifism. arrived in new carthage little over two years prior. she works as a healer, often treating people for whatever they can give in return; at times, she treats people for nothing at all.

applying for peace suffet or minister of health.
Creative Center / Re: social climb ⚘ dump
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- find a new fc for teen/older Evangeline
Character Creation / Re: SUPER TROUPER — dump v.3
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it’s ok sne,,,,,,,,, just Remmeber oh sehun r a good man they exist they’re rare but they exist
Character Creation / Re: SUPER TROUPER — dump v.3
« Last post by sultan on Yesterday at 11:55:44 PM »
me: h-
Character Creation / Re: SUPER TROUPER — dump v.3
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sometimes i b acting so straight and i gotta catch myself
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