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Bluestem Prairie / Re: MAKE A DEAL WITH GOD / o.
« Last post by ANNIE C. on Today at 05:42:38 PM »
She had grown up surrounded by people, knew each one of their faces and names. It was a small community, but it was tight-knight, a fondness shared between each and every person. Except for a few. She feared that she had become one of those rare exceptions, a lost girl that got tangled up with the wrong people during a difficult time of her life.

Thanks to circumstance, she found herself a wanderer, alone after yet another bad decision. She wasn't used to having no company besides her own regret. Having others to help watch her back had always been the norm for her, and suddenly, that was no more. Luckily it hadn't taken her long to find the group she found herself in now.

While it felt nice to finally settle down, to not have to be on the move constantly, it was also somewhat hard to adjust to. She hadn't been a nomad for long, a month or two at least, but it had so quickly become a big part of her life. Having a real shelter, a roof over her head, was a long lost relief.

Taking a stroll through town was a common past-time for her nowadays. When there was nothing else to do, she would roam about their home, walking with no destination. Usually she would find something interesting along her way. It would seem that today was no different.

Annie stops in her steps when she spots Roman and Brock speaking to an unnamed boy, a face she didn't recognize. Curiosity getting the better of her, she wandered over and stood a foot behind the men, silently studying this newcomer. At least he hadn't shown up with a broken nose like she had. Even now her nose still ached from time to time.
There was a big secret deep inside the teenage boy, and it was something that Ahsoka was quite willing to keep a secret. His family (prior to his weird adoption/apprenticeship/kidnapping-but-not) had never really celebrated Halloween. Ahsoka himself had no clue as to what was going on. Being on the road meant there wasn't a whole lot of time meant for celebration, and anyways - his mentor had never been much of a celebratory man aside from birthdays and important achievements Ahsoka had made in the fencing department. So, he'd heard about the decorating, and he figured that maybe he'd be able to find a thing or two out about it.

So, Ahsoka was definitely confused about the haunted house thing. He couldn't quite figure out if this whole thing was considered even legal (at least, in his eyes). It just seemed like a heart attack waiting to happen. Still.. there was a bunch of plastic bags labelled "spider webs" that Ahsoka just couldn't stop wondering about. Were spider webs a big thing? Probably, considering that everyone around him seemed to want to make the house look dirtier than it once was. Popping open a bag, the boy's eyes widened as he realized it was just.. cotton. Not actual spider webbing.

He probably should've seen that coming, but he grabbed a wad anyways, stretching it experimentally as he found the nearest bush. It would clump, and sometimes it would just not stick to the bush, but Ahsoka was determined, dammit. This was his decor, and he would definitely be able to get it figured out. "What kind of stuff do you want people doing at the house, Cat?" Ahsoka asked, peeling bits of fluff off his fingers and peering at the surrounding area, trying to figure out the best places to accent with spiderweb.
The Badlands / Re: I'LL FAKE YOU OUT [weekly task 10/15]
« Last post by AHSOKA on Today at 04:21:38 AM »
Ahsoka was more than familiar with laundry. Traveling in a group of three, with yourself being the youngest.. well, it was just bound to happen. The teenager didn't love it, but it sure was more relaxing than other chores, he supposed. There was something satisfying about wearing clothes that you'd taken care of yourself. Also, Ahsoka would always much rather have to do everyone's laundry than smell like feet for a week straight. That was the weird thing about teenage years, was that no matter what Ahsoka did, after a while he'd always end up with eau de feet gracing his surroundings.

But, it was a little funny to see the leader do laundry. It was such a strangely intimate thing for a person to walk in upon, and as he saw the other person (Addy, right?), Ahsoka felt a little.. odd. "Is this the best place to clean clothes?" He asked, pulling his hair out of his eyes and looking at the area. He'd only been here a short while, and it was still a lot of getting used to. "So that our pants don't stand up by themselves?" Salt water really sucked.
Curiosity lead the boy into the library, the smell of old books and strange rustling leading him closer and closer in. As he found the source, he was first caught aback by the mess that was surrounding the woman. As he peered at the books, he realized that she had to be organizing. Well, someone was bored.

Damien contemplated switching one of the books on the shelf (maybe a D for an S), but then stopped in the middle of his uninspired endeavor to stare at the books again. "There's too many books." Damien said decidedly to Maddy, crossing his arms and staring at the shelves. Damien could read, but he sure wasn't a read-er. He had neither the patience or the sitting still capacity to read anything aside from short, energetic books that hopefully had cool drawings in it.

"How can anyone read these in one lifetime?" He tapped the spine of a book, wrinkling his nose. A whole life spent just.. reading. That was ridiculous. There was so much to be done, so much to do, and Damien couldn't even imagine sitting next to a fire reading a book while the whole world was progressively cooling and cooling.
Flintlock Lodge / Re: NOW YOU'RE BLUE » open
« Last post by DAMIEN. on Today at 02:46:10 AM »
Surprisingly enough, Damien had never quite considered Halloween until now. There'd been no real reason for him to celebrate - any day with his family was far spookier than anything he could've dreamt up. His mother hadn't really bothered anyways, she gave Damien something sweet (when sweets were particularly scarce), told him an interesting story about ghosts and zombies and all sorts of spooky things that made Damien's hairs tingle. Nowadays, Damien was probably on the older side of things. Twenty was age of adulthood, he'd been old for ages now. But regardless, here he was, sitting thoughtfully by a trunk filled with tulle and glitter. "You know, maybe you can just dress them all up as each other for Halloween." Damien suggested to Hayley, sticking out his tongue in disgust as his hand came away drenched in glitter from a skirt he'd been eyeballing.

Not like Damien would know the difference between the kids. Then again, Damien couldn't tell the difference between unrelated children around here, and what good would that do to him? "What'cha making Gracie be?" Narrowing his eyes as he started to pull out a costume, Damien's eyes narrowed. What in the hell was this? It was a long, red tube, with two brown slabs on the side. And red and yellow... stripes? (Damien was one of the growing few blessed with the gift of never knowing what a hot dog looked like) Whatever it was, he liked it.
Creative Center / Re: 「 REGARDLESS ︱ ACCOUNTS ; V.V. 」
« Last post by Disciple on Today at 01:37:31 AM »
Northstar District / Re: [ now i'm haunted - ghost-hunting ]
« Last post by jazz on Yesterday at 10:15:22 PM »

jazz was aware that green didn’t have exactly the same beliefs as he did when it came to ghosts. however, when he had seen that green was going with them to go ghost hunting, he couldn’t help but smile the slightest bit. he wasn’t hoping to change green’s mind at all - if anything, he simply silently told himself that maybe green believed after all. that was all just wishful thinking, jazz was sure, but even he couldn’t help but silently hope to have a companion in his ghost hunting antics. he couldn’t help but softly huff a breath at green’s words, as if any true expert knew how obvious the answer was.

“the net would go through them,” he pointed out, though after a moment simply pointed over to green absently as he added, “but you should bring one, though. it’d be fun.” he didn’t believe the net would catch a ghost, not by a long shot, but he figured if a net gave anyone an extra sense of security, that would be alright. with that he looked at everyone there before turning and heading further on along. there was a certain uneasiness, nerves getting to him like they always did. with everyone else around, though, he felt a lot less scared.

« Last post by hayley on Yesterday at 09:18:27 PM »
she was growing numb to it, to all of it. the blood, the gore, the death, the grief. she'd lost enough people that at some point, it just stopped hurting. at some point, she found herself in black, standing in front of a grave, features flat and tired. tired of the loss, of the bloodshed, tired of it all. she and dominik hadn't been particularly close, but she liked the eldest (at least, for the majority of the time she'd known them) member of the family. he had a brooding sort of charm that was easy to digest, less straightforward and youthful then his brothers. losing him, losing anyone these days, it took a toll on the brunette. left her tired and empty feeling, like a glass that had been dumped out.

she didn't speak, she couldn't think of much to say anyways, comfort had never been her strong suit. she stood near the middle, but midway through the service made her way to the front to put her hand on alfie's shoulder in a silent sort of i'm here for you before standing quietly near him. she didn't know how to fix this, how to help the man she'd grown to care about over the last few months, but she hoped she could offer some sort of solace by way of presence.
Flintlock Lodge / Re: they told me the point was to get it [INVITE]
« Last post by hayley on Yesterday at 08:59:56 PM »
hayley was beginning to get used to just sort of wandering into people at the border at this point. eleven months, and she could swear she hadn't been on a single patrol without running into someone. perhaps it was a bit of an overstatement, but still. thus, she didn't have much of a reaction as she approached the stranger, hands in her pockets, eyes trained on their face. ❝hey, so, you're on the border of the flintlock lodge,❞ she stated, chewing on her bottom lip, ❝you have any business with us?❞
The Badlands / Re: [ frolic ] scrabble
« Last post by capt. salem on Yesterday at 06:26:18 PM »
Wow, russian food must taste like crap normally; Salem hadn't the faintest idea that Olga was making all of it up, mainly because he never paid attention in school and his family wasn't Russian. He was pretty sure he was like- a mix of like, italian and spanish? Probably some other European bloodlines mixed in there too. He should've paid more attention when his mother told him about his ancestors.

"Don't be fucking rude, Addy." Salem said, reaching over to grab the soggy yet somehow burnt banana-esq chip thing. Yeah he had no idea what Olga was going for when she made these, but he happily tossed one in his mouth and immediately wished he hadn't. He coughed with his mouth still sealed shut once, twice, and then swallowed the disgusting mush. Feeling vaguely sick, he gave a thumbs-up to Olga.

"Yeah sure, can you grab me something from the bar?" Salem said, glancing at Jaque. If he wanted to watch and not participate he could at least make himself useful, and frankly Salem needed something to wash the taste of Olga's attempted hospitality down.

He went off the P of Pend and put down an I and E. It was pretty bad, but Salem was still feeling the aftershocks of the banana chip and he'd stick by that story for the rest of the day.
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I sense the ripping of my shame, &
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