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Title: MISS SUGARPINK ? joining
Post by: ANGELICA H. on October 11, 2018, 12:49:31 PM
The word sashay was an appropriate description of the teenager as she took one platformed-heel in front of the other, the softball bat swinging freely in her hand. Angelica Hargensen had a quest in mind, and if she was correct (and she was never wrong), she'd arrived. Her light blue eyes scanned the area with a measure of.. apathy, really. It wasn't home, but at least it wasn't tents... or woods. She'd heard of a group nearby (a new start, perhaps?), but it was hard to get anything out of anyone. She looked down at the bloodstain on her perfectly good red skirt, nose wrinkling at the memory. Beating the truth out of people, that was what she'd come to. "Anyone around?" Her tone was clear, sickly-sweet as she adjusted her position, resting her weight on the bat she now used as a support.
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Title: Re: MISS SUGARPINK ? joining
Post by: A. FARREN on October 11, 2018, 02:11:33 PM
angie farren
//tw for talking about death/killing

If one struggled to find news of the Young Rogues, it's because it didn't travel very easily. People that stood in their way were typically killed, and any children were convinced that joining was in their best interest. And considering what the Rogues often did to the families and homes of those kids, in some ways it was. The best way to learn things about them would likely be to either join them (if you were young enough) or track down an ex Rogue - but even then, their information would very likely be dated, especially if you asked them about their whereabouts. They were like leeches, killing and taking whatever they could until there was nothing left, then moving on to the next place.

If you contrasted the two girls together, it would be hard to find anything in common. One was damn near physically flawless and impossibly clean, no doubt someone who cared a great deal about her appearance. Meanwhile Angie was filthy, her short brown hair wild and her clothes torn. She was a savage, one that had clawed her way to the top, one that had done enough deeds that there were far more important things for people to judge her on. Besides, in the apocalypse, beauty didn't really matter that much, did it? ❝Who wants to know?❞ The girl was around Angie's age, give or take a year. Hmm. A possible recruit, but a risky one.

Spoiler: Info | Updated 7/31/18 • show
General biograhpy (http://linktobio)
▪ Angelica Farren | Angie
▪ Biologically female | Identifies as female | Primarily she/her, any are accepted
▪ Physically 18 | 7/31/20 | Ages realistically
▪ Leader of the Young Rogues

Physical reference (http://linktoref)
♦ HUMAN | Health: 100%
Physically, she is not all that impressive - she is skinny from lack of food and nutrition, and she's probably about 5'5"-5'7" (it's undecided) - but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in presence. Angie has short, incredibly messy brown hair, that she leaves alone pretty much all the time, letting it become tangled and wild. She has olive eyes and a button nose.
minor injuries: n/a
major injuries: n/a

Important Info roleplayer (;u=155)
▪ This whole thing is a massive frigging work in progress
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always completely ic and belong to Angie, they do not reflect her roleplayer's thoughts

Personality personality type (http://linktopersonalitytype)
It is easy to say that Angie was born for leadership - she's driven and ambitious, determined to hold rank and power, and once she has it she doesn't fall apart and actually makes a pretty good leader; she's patient, orderly, resourceful and makes decisions based on what will most benefit the group, though she is not all good. She is desperate to hold on to power and is developing a belief that her people will overthrow her soon (due to her age and the length of her reign), and to combat that she's devised a scheme to act less mature than she truly is, clinging not only to her position but also her youth. There is a great deal she's denied herself in order to maintain her "innocence", and when others do not do the same she can become resentful. While over all Angie is very good to her group and her groupmates, that can change in an instant if they break a rule or are otherwise seen as treacherous, she will be very aggressive and strict with her punishment. Due to recent events, her pride is hurting and she has withdrawn a fair bit and is much less trusting than before. She's also been growing more and more paranoid.
Alert, capable, disciplined, firm, independent, orderly, patient, practical, resourceful, stable,
Ambitious, ascetic, brisk, cerebral, competitive, distant, proud, reserved, serious
Aggressive, calculating, cynical, distrusting, grim, insecure, paranoid, power-hungry

Relationships heartchart (http://linktoheartchart)
▪ Hadrien Farren x Grace Farren | Has a little brother named Russ
▪ Hasn't seen any of her family since she was five
▪ Homosexual | Homoromantic | Monogamous
▪ Single | Crushing on no one | Maybe Crushing on no one
▪ Marngie
▪ Still getting over the betrayal of her ex-girlfriend, trusts people much less easily now
▪ Typically isn't overly kind to people, but she isn't cruel. She's somewhat bitter and guarded, but she does genuinely care about the people around her and often puts their needs above her own

Interaction plotting thread (http://linktoplottingthread)
Physically medium | Mentally hard
Self taught, largely from observing better fighters and through trial and error
In and out quickly for blows quickly, light on her feet, uses opponent's strength against them
No kill/capture/maim without permission
To attack, @A. FARREN & attack in bold underlined
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Title: Re: MISS SUGARPINK ? joining
Post by: Russel S. on October 15, 2018, 08:35:34 PM
Russel had managed to find information about the Rogues, when he'd first joined; funnily enough it'd been a difficult case to crack, and the idea that the Rogues would simply kill him when he arrived was definitely a possibility, but he'd been desperate enough for a fresh start to keep going. Nowadays he was happily settled into the group, despite the silent protests of all those around him. The Rogues, for better or worse, was now where Russel made his home; leeching upon those around him, desperate for attention whether negative or good.

If you looked at Russel, you'd figure he was a rather normal kid; maybe a bit glassy eyed and stoic, but that was normal nowadays. Still, that preconception was easily abolished the second he spoke; words like whips which he used to lash and punish everybody around him. He didn't know it yet, but he seemed to have a bit in common with the strange girl Angie had managed to sniff out, at least in shared values.

She's clean, so obviously not one of us. Russel commented silently as he walked up to Angie's side. He had a broken pipe held loosely in hand, and he examined the new girl with interest. She was around Angie's age, which meant she was probably pretentious as all hell; that's how teenaged girls worked, right? He hadn't met many.
Title: Re: MISS SUGARPINK ? joining
Post by: ANGELICA H. on October 18, 2018, 02:04:57 PM
Were Angelica's interests skewed? Certainly. Her obsession with keeping everything perfectly contained and under her control was.. unrealistic for a place like this. But, Angelica rarely listened to constructive criticism, and she continued on her way. So, she was certainly out of place, and she liked it. The burst of attention, the slight confusion.. Angelica enjoyed it. "Someone interested in joining the party. Unless you're on full capacity..." She said, tapping her lips with a finger as she scanned the area. Certainly, the group was probably exclusive, but.. everyone needed new members. And Angelica was queen of exclusivity.
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Title: Re: MISS SUGARPINK ? joining
Post by: Russel S. on October 18, 2018, 06:12:14 PM
Russel huffed, containing a bark of laughter at the very notion that the Rogues could ever be full on capacity; considering they hemorrhaged older kids like a knife wound to the group's metaphorical stomach.

"Does this someone have a name?" Russel requested, finally speaking up. He tossed his weapon from hand to hand absentmindedly, eager for... Anything, really. He wasn't sure what this new girl's goal was, seeking out a violent, nomadic group like this, but he couldn't really judge her for that.