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Marine Beaufort
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— Her name is Marine Beaufort, and she'll thank you not to call her anything else, as she detests nicknames and her name is very important to her, being one of the last things she has left of her family. The only nicknames she's ever been semi-ok with are "Mamabird Marine" and "Ms. Marine".

— Marine was designated female at birth, and that is also how she identifies, preferring the feminine pronouns she/her. She's never questioned her identity, and feels comfortable with it.

— She was born in 2019, on month day, making her zodiac (and birthday) undecided. She is currently eighteen years old and she ages realistically.

— She was created on 10/26/17 by Pyre, who is her current writer.

— Before they were killed, Marine lived with her parents. After that she joined the Young Rogues, where she spent most of her life before being exiled.

— She now resides in Northstar District, where she is the Guardian/Leader.

— At the end of the day, she is loyal to herself.

— Marine is bisexual, biromantic.

— She's only had one (previous) significant romantic relationship in her life, dating Angie Farren for several years before the other found out about her cheating.

— Marine is currently dating Enna.

— She has no children, biological or adopted.

— Her NPC parents were killed when she was six.

— [Note that certain aspects of her physical appearance are still being decided, hence vague language or lack of detail] Marine is a fairly tall young woman, with the lean, muscular body of someone who spent her entire life training while not getting enough to eat. The scars on her body (the most visible being one on her brow and several on her arms and hands) are souvenirs of a great many fights. The scars on her legs and torso are hidden by her clothes - typically she wears skinny jeans, a leather jacket, a tank top, combat boots, and fingerless gloves - all in edgy black. The monochrome is broken up, however, by a great deal of dirt, as well as different stains, most being blood, and by her red backpack. Marine is actually filthy everywhere, and her long dark hair is in tangles most of the time.

— Fluent in English and French, but illiterate in both languages (she's slowly learning English).

— Cynical, diplomatic, hard working, intelligent, maternal, prideful, responsible, ruthless, selfish, social.

— More will likely be added/changed at a later time.


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