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« on: December 02, 2017, 09:35:31 AM »
I fell like once.

Territory is updated slightly! Will add a camp description soon

Meeting is up and a thread for snow because CHRISTMAS GUYS

WNG Archive / meeting ... 12.02.2017
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:06:12 AM »
The snow was becoming more often, however it was shifting back and forth between flakes and icey rain. Bane was glad he held meetings inside. That avoided being splashed. "Meeting," he called out, still wishing he had some sort of large bell to ring so people would know. Weren't there things called churches that did that? The town had a church. He wished he were at the town. "It's snowing. Prey will be less but we should focus hunting efforts on the mountains. It will be dangerous, do not fall." He frowned a little as he remembered staring blurrily at the high up mountain peaks. That was a long way to fall if they did.

"We will be holding a food raid on the rogues soon. Zebulon," he called, ears perked for a moment as he decided to try that...those words, once again. "Little bro," no still awkward, but better maybe. "What do you think of asking Shadowclan for food." He tilted his head, blank eyes wide and staring blankly at nothing. "If it's a good thought, lead a group there."

WNG Archive / snow ... o
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:02:43 AM »
Any other time, perhaps, Bane would be in awe of the white that was falling from the sky. But this wasn't any good for him. Despite it giving his own person an advantage in stealth, seeing as thought he was just as white as the flakes now falling from the sky...the food problem would not be getting much better. He frowned a little, but decided to keep that thought minimal. Perhaps they would have to do some reworking with how they thought through all of this hunting. There was one place that the rogues didn't have, and that was the mountains. Well, and the ocean, Bane supposed, but the jagged cliffs off to the side of the territory that dropped down to it were unpleasant.

No matter that, Bane gently stepped out onto the stone of the front courtyard of the mansion, his ears twitching every time a flake hit him where he didn't expect; usually the nose or face. His paws were already cold, but despite that, he began to gently make his way through it, simply to watch his paw steps appear and slowly be covered up again.

WNG Archive / Re: silver linings ;; open, announcement
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:40:37 PM »
Bane's approach was usual, quiet and tentative with his paw steps. The way that the two before him were together, chatting or at least interacting, had attracted his easily drawn attention. Blind eyes as wide and owlish as ever, he stared at Zebulon, his mind coming up with various questions he'd like to ask about this 'warrior age' he'd become. Was it a clan thing?

Leader, and you know not about much. Irreplaceable to say the least. He thought to himself, looking over to Tin. He was...putting something down. A present? A burden? Bane carefully inhaled. No, not food. A gift then? Tin didn't seem unhappy. So was this warrior thing common enough to require a present? Banes wide ears flattened. He hadn't known that. So he wasn't approaching this situation right. The obvious discomfort and unhappiness of the entire thing was very clear in the slight furrow of his eyes and the purse of his mouth. "I don't understand, but I assume this is good." He nodded, having a need to give input to at least participate.

« on: November 26, 2017, 02:27:42 AM »

I am sorry I was on vacation and the time got away from me but I got Heelies so that's all that matters I can die in style now .

Down a flight of stairs I thought I could heelie on or something

I'm gonna put up a meeting soon and an event for the foods and a fun event because we need one of those god damn it >:U

WNG Archive / Re: stealing prey . o.
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:46:17 AM »
Great, this shit. Bane didn't curse often, not even to himself, but at this point he was so sickly feeling he wasn't really that inclined to care. He respected Riverclan more than he did the Stea, so for them, he stopped, turning slightly to glance back at Floral. He didn't like this situation. Not one bit. Dropping the fish, but keeping it protectively between his paws, he narrowed his eyes at the other. Prideful? Hardly. Coward? Probably. Bane wasn't big on socializing or figuring out how he should react to situations, act in situations, or deal with things like...well this.

So he sat, though it was very clear he was ready to take the fish and bolt if there was danger.

// Poor babs

WNG Archive / Re: stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 11:01:27 PM »
Stupid. Stupid. No, nope. Nope. Bane's eyes flashed silver and the moment and he gave a sudden smile. Nope.

Something in him shifted and his eyes lifted, pointing around twenty feet away, upon a small outcropping he could spot. Near the border at least. He wasn't going to be shown up as weaker than someone, not when he was supposed to be guiding those around him. His prey. Was. For. Him.

And hell if he wasn't going to take it for his own. He might be weak with the need to take the prey, but his body wasn't weak with the need to fucking loose it the moment he got it.

His pale white body, stained with dark shades of black and a red that pulsed from his stomach, faded suddenly out of sight, even the black of it appeared hazy. And then he was gone. Bane managed to teleport a short distance, around teen feet away. Not without damage. The blood on his stomach was prominent, his nose ran red, and he could barely see. Exhaustion pulled at him, but without a second glance, he took the prey he had and made another run for it, kicking dirt disrespectfully behind him at Alice.

She would get the revenge she deserved for causing him trouble. After all, nothing he'd done was morally wrong what so ever, at least in his mind.

// He's not gone yet, he's not that fast XD

WNG Archive / Re: stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:16:34 PM »
God damn his sight. God damn it. God damn it all. He went down hard, but he didn't release the mice. He tensed, his body hitting with a hard thump and his invisibility flickering slightly, showing that she did, indeed, manage to grapple him. That didn't stop him from immediately lashing out with powerful hind legs, attempting to tear through her pelt with the only claws he had. He had to get home. HE had to get back to bloodclan with these. Stupid stea members. IF they didn't stop, he'd have to stop them. And he didn't want to even remotely try to do that. Already his mind was going fuzzy, instinct for survival kicking in. HE needed these mice, and considering the Stea and bloodclan were enemies, he didn't need to ask. Ever.

That and the fact that asking for prey showed weakness, and he'd assumed he could leave without being spotted. This was just bad, at this point. He swore to god if Illumi were here this would be easy.

WNG Archive / Re: MY NOSE IS BURNIN, TOO MUCH COCAINE // open, joining
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:48:33 PM »
Oh, dear, was he being too intimidating? He didn't meant to. His silence and unusual appearance and neutrality was usually given off as unnerving or perhaps even intimidating, yes. He didn't mean for it to be.

"Yes," he answered simply, his forehead furrowing a little as he stood. HE supposed that the dog would want to see wasn't...too large really. He would take him there. As he stood, he began to walk, hearing the dogs, er...well, he supposed he would use the name now. Skov was it? Skov's question. "Yes, it is dangerous to get." There was chemical water in the mansion...salt water by the cliffs. The only lake that wasn't salt was, sadly, in the territory the rogues took. Drinking was even difficult for them, but luckily it wasn't too far into the territory. Bane would take Skov there now.

"Follow for water." He paused, turning and waiting for Skov with hsi blank white eyes. Luckily the lake wasn't far...

WNG Archive / Re: stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:44:59 PM »
Oh dear. Oh jeez. Two of them. His eyes flickered invisibly between them both. Stupid Stea members. His eyes narrowed and with a huff, he bunched up his hind legs. These. Were his. In an instant, Bane decided talking wasn't going to work, and he took that moment of warning to flash out of visibility. Invisible, but with a shimmering image of held up prey in his jaws, he turned and shot off towards the border. This would at least feed two of his members, and at least he could remove himself from the Stea's territory better than fight for what was his on their own.

That being said, Bane's running wasn't normal. He was very rabbit like, bouncing and leaping more than he did run. His front paws, being painful to use, were used as little as possible, making him more agile, but less speedy. Hopefully he could get away.

WNG Archive / Re: MY NOSE IS BURNIN, TOO MUCH COCAINE // open, joining
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:12:20 PM »
Bane's ears flattened slightly. He didn't...well he wasn't totally understanding what was being said at the moment but he didn't like how this guy reacted to his chosen name. Bane wasn't named after anything, it was his last name. His first was something he refused to give out to avoid being controlled should a spirit know it... Whatever, Bane wouldn't tell this skov guy his name, it didn't matter what he felt. "What do you need here," he asked, head tilting the other way with a slight twitch. He obviously wasn't here because he knew what Bloodclan was...

And the talk of a movie, as it was, made him think this dog was surely apart of the human kind at one point. A pet perhaps, like Bane once was.

WNG Archive / Re: MY NOSE IS BURNIN, TOO MUCH COCAINE // open, joining
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:41:21 PM »
Oh. Bane tilted his head to the other side as he watched the dog jump. He didn't appear vicious at all, in fact he- oh he was being sniffed. Fur bristling uncomfortably, he waited, not really doing much to avoid the nosey dog. Of course, the questioned made Bane concerned. So this wasn't a local, clearly. This wasn't vicious, clearly. Would he be of use? Anyone would be of use... Bane furrowed his forehead slightly, ears twitching. He didn't enjoy the slightly louder noises of the dog, though he himself was far quieter than most any creature they had...

Except for Chell. Chell didn't make much noise at all. But this dog rivaled Zebulon's excitement. "Bane," he answered the first question, "I am the leader of Bloodclan." Hopefully that answered hte 'local' question. Bane himself was not from around here, neither were Bloodclan. If anything, the rogues were the locals. His choices of words made Bane wonder, where was this dog from? Bro was very similar to Zebulon's speech, but this one didn't appear an angelic figure at all. Bro was used by Zebulon, who wore human things often... even the vocabulary of 'local' was odd.

Was this dog from a more human populated place? Perhaps a stray dog from a city, though he didn't appear to dress like Zebulon. Perhaps more of a gang dog, one who roamed the loner lands in packs like wolves. "Who are you."

WNG Archive / Re: stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:28:02 PM »
That was not going to happen. Bane froze, his body still for all but the wind gently pushing his feathery fur. He turned, slow, his blank white eyes staring at Alice, though only the slightest glint would show that. He tilted his head to the side, tail twitching with a mild irritation. He would not be dropping these mice. He worked far to long for them to feed his minimal clanmates to be told to put them down. He knew it was wrong to steal, but it was wrong to let his clanmates starve when he was their guide, their guardian, their monarch. He would not. Put them. Down.

Tail lashed, eyes narrowed. He muttered around the mice. "I need them. Leave." This was familiar. Telling another Bastionite to leave had gotten him into trouble before, though it was through misunderstanding. He didn't want them near him. This stupid cat was going to get his sheathed paws to the face. His heart raced, his wideset ears flattened. Perhaps if he explained more they would, as a more crude person would say, screw the hell off. "You have plenty, leave me be. I have only two." He was prepared to make a run for it before he got attacked. He swore to the spirits of the land that if they attempted to stop him from caring for Bloodclan he would take them down a god damned notch.

Gosh he was thinking about a lot of curses. Stress apparently made him rather crude.

WNG Archive / meeting ... 11.12.17
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:10:31 PM »
This was no good. The Rogues had moved in. Far. His tail lashed and his ears flattened, a frustrated aura about him. Sitting with a huff, he gave his usual call. "Bloodclan, a meeting." Blunt as ever, he waited in silence for everyone to gather before proceeding.

"The rogues have taken over our main hunting ground. Chell is missing still. We are struggling. We are struggling a lot." He frowned and his ears flattened.

"We will be attacking other clans for their prey. It is safer, and our activity may bring in battle hungry rogues and loners. We must get our name out there." He took a moment to breath, the lack of talking within the past many weeks made him struggling to say even the slightest of sentences.

"The rogues have not left. We are going to war with them. We need more people for this." He frowned, his true neutral feelings towards a lot of things making this next thing hard for him. "We must gave more people. Capture people to fight for us, and go fight other clans so they know Bloodclan exists. I will be asking Shadowclan for help soon, and Windclan as well." His throat was becoming notably painful as he spoke, and his voice showed it with a rawness.

"Zebulon, you are second in command now. You have been here before me. You deserve it." And...that was it. Oh. "I will hold a raid on the rogues soon to attempt to push their line back." Ah, yes, now that was all.

A really rushed meeting but Bane is blunt and gets to the point!
- Attack other clans for their prey! Bane wants to show good fighters that Bloodclan is out here and ready for them to join.
- The Rogues have taken over the main hunting grounds. Prey is now SCARCE. Please take this into your consideration when posting.
- We will be asking Shadowclan and Windclan for help soon should we need it with the rogues.
- Capture people to attempt to induct them into Bloodclan. Kits, warriors, or even the rogues themselves work.
- Chell is still missing
- Zebulon is promoted to heir!

WNG Archive / stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:04:20 PM »
He'd done it to Riverclan with guilt, if he stole from here, he reasoned, he would have no guilt. The Stea deserved it. Stealing prey from here, however, was not as easy as watching shadows in a marsh and pawing them out of the, this was much harder. The prey could hear, see, smell. He was no longer a white shade that crossed their ripples. Now, he had only caught a couple, rather than a few.

And he was struggling to stay out of sight. He would flick in and out of visibility, stolen prey in his jaws, eyes blank, body still for a moment, before moving again, and vanishing. With little more than a couple mice in his jaws, the leader of Bloodclan began making his way back towards Bloodclan, a paranoid scent bleeding from his pelt as he made a swift escape towards the border.

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