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Northstar District / Re: BENEATH THE STARS - Main Gala [September Party]
« on: September 23, 2018, 09:13:19 AM »

Kelly wasn't...dressed up. In fact, he'd foregone his bright red (well, as bright a red as anything could be after a few years without a wash) shirt for a brown jacket, in the hopes of not being seen. Of course, in a small group--being the only unfamiliar--or rather, unfriendly face--wasn't easy to disguise, but for once he wasn't looking for trouble. He'd heard them talking about the party, and he wanted in--more importantly, he wanted food. He'd been living on shit humans really shouldn't be eating, and not much of it. It wasn't really stealing if it was at a party, right? Would they throw him out? Could they? It was inside, after all--a big warehouse he'd always avoided even before they'd shown up because of the echoes even your footsteps made in there. It was creepy as fuck, but now-it had been dressed up. And he saw snacks.

Sneaking in, hugging the wall, Kelly kept his head down, hoping to just linger by the table and eat--he just hoped Marine didn't spot him. She'd probably have him out of here in ten seconds flat.

Northstar District / Re: I THINK I CAN SEE THE BEACH [open]
« on: September 14, 2018, 02:08:28 PM »

Towels. Idiots. What were they gonna do, swim? Who the fuck wanted to go jump in a violent lake of shit and risk getting eaten? Well, maybe they would. Then, when they got eaten, he'd have the place to himself again. For now--Kelly just scooted farther away, continuing his project and adding shells to the mosaic, doing his best to ignore them.


Kelly hunched his shoulders as Alexander approached, eyes narrowed as he leaned against the doorway, giving a one-armed shrug. He did, but--Alexander was probably gonna think he was stealing. Or--if not him, then--

The two others approaching the shop made the decision for him, as he ducked in the door, under Alexander's arm, scurrying into the far corner--before hunkering down, glowering balefully at Wesley and Marine a moment before casting his eye around the shop, the various knicknacks and clutter lying around.

Announcements / Re: new admin notice!!
« on: September 06, 2018, 11:53:13 AM »
my blessings and love on u


The singing was what really caught Kelly's attention. He'd been lurking around ever since he caught a glimpse of the brightly-haired guy, recalling his plans to set up shop. Curiosity--and, okay, hunger--were keeping him prowling around, but he wasn't sure where Alexander had gone--until he heard that voice. While he wasn't that familiar with the guy's voice, it stood to reason he was the only one weird enough to just yell like that. Or sing. Whatever.

So he slouched his way up to the door, peering in the windows, clinging cautiously to the wall--not entering, just looking around. There were pictures he could see--of people who looked just as weird as Alexander, and he stared at them for a while before moving on, finding Alexander himself, working as he sang--god, he looked so happy. What the fuck was wrong with him? Kelly rolled his eyes, creeping closer to the door--but still, not entering. He didn't want to leave--he wanted to see if the guy had any food, or really anything else--anything cool. So he sat, slumping against the wall, fidgeting with his fingers while he kept his face pressed to the glass.

Northstar District / Re: I'M A KITCHEN SINK [MEETING — 9/2]
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:53:36 AM »

Kelly had crept out from his alley, when he'd heard others collecting around, chattering and shuffling--they seemed to be all gathering around a home--and Marine was out there. Oh. So that's where she lived. He filed that information away, lingering on the edges--curious beyond belief. Moorland Riders? Badlands? He'd never heard of those places. Luckily, for Marine, he'd missed his own few seconds of recognition. instead, he focused on the mention of a party.

Wesley was that nice one, who--made sure he could stay when Marine was bullying him. He smiled a bit. Maybe there'd be food, maybe he could go--but he'd have to make sure Wesley didn't hate him. Maybe he Ugh.


Kelly flushed, shifting away and glowering at Marine. Fine. He wouldn't help, then. Screw her, she probably thought he was a dirty thief.
Well, look, he needed something--to eat. He had...special dispensation. Or he ought to, anyway.
And then she had the gall to--not only invite this Alexander, but--but introduce him? His scowl only deepened, as he folded his arms--only finding Alexander glancing his way with a question. He hadn't expected that. "Uhh...what's Alexander, huh?" He deflected, clearing his throat--he had no clue where his name was from. It was just a dumb name.

Northstar District / Re: I THINK I CAN SEE THE BEACH [open]
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:18:57 PM »

The beach was scary the closer you got to the water, but up on the sand it felt safe. And hot. He liked it--burying his legs in sand, laying back, baking in the sun. His near-emaciated body enjoyed hours of rest, and the sun made him sleepy enough to be potentially worrying--but for now, the man was doodling in damp sand, clothes dingy but now covered in sand as well, his hair curly from the dampness in the air as he scratched out seagulls in the sand, adding pale white and gray shells to the wings for color--and a nice black rock for an eye.


Speaking of Kelly, who was feeling very ruffian-ish and not at all homeless, in his tiny blanket tent he'd made in a nice NEW alley, where people wouldn't be poking around--he'd caught sight of the biker, and was peeking out at the man--and that godawful Marine--but it was really the biker's cargo that got his attention. Boxes loaded into a wagon could be anything. Food, clothes, hell maybe even drugs. Kelly was only seeing the back of the man with his stupid rainbow hair that would probably wash out and look even stupider, and more importantly--the boxes.

Could he grab them, even just one, without Marine noticing? She was looking at the guy but he would be in plain sight--and he had a feeling she didn't trust him. Maybe he could trick this guy, though. Offer to bring boxes somewhere and run off once she was out of sight...

"OI--" He shouted, swaggering out from the alley, one hand raised, trying desperately not to shoot Marine a glare. "How's it goin', y'all? Need some help, guy?" He had a wry grin on his face. "Those boxes look heavy." Not that he looked like he was in great shape to carry. Gaunt, bony, everything about him looked malnourished.


Protection. His lip curled in a distrustful sneer, backing up another pace in those worn sneakers. Protection meant prison. It meant... "Fake, lying, you're fucking--creeps--" He spat, thankfully nowhere near the other two as he wrapped one arm around his chest, hazel eyes darting between the two. "Want me to--trust you, fucking--idiots--" He scoffed, laughing heartlessly as he glanced over his shoulder, back to the alley. He'd have to move. They knew where he slept. He could find a safer one, one where no one wanted to go. They wouldn't find him. And he'd be safe.
"Don't--try to--I'm not going anywhere, not--not with you--" He swallowed. "You-leave me alone, g-got it? Or--I'll--" He licked his lips, trying to ignore the pang in his stomach. He couldn't risk it. "I'll kill you, if--if anyone--tries--anything shitty--"


Company? He needed company? Who did this guy think he was? What the fuck did he think Kelly did with his time? Maybe he wasn't the most productive--or alive--right now, but he didn't need more people--people were dangerous, liars, traitors. He stepped back, bug eyed stare clearly apprehensive as his knuckles turned white around the hilt of the knife. "Food?" He echoed helplessly, eyes flicking downward to his own torso--though it was masked by the baggy, dirty shirt he wore, his stomach thin and empty, ribs far too accentuated to be comfortable. Still--often enough, offers of food became blackmail, or threats, or poison--and his brief look of hunger was gone, replaced with dark suspicion.

"I don't--I don't need to clean up anything, got that? I--" He cut off, though about to go off on a tirade, he spied someone out of the corner of his eye; and immediately recoiled, stumbling back, glaring fiercely even as it seemed his hand was shaking. "N-nothing, I--don't--don't--come near me, I know--I know what you people are--are like--this is my place and you stole it--I'm not paranoid, don't--don't try to--lie to me, you fucking shitbags--"


Kelly wasn't in great shape to be threatening--though he looked desperate enough to use the knife clenched tight in his fist, his grip on the taller man's arm was easily wrenched free, and he stood there, stumbling back a pace as he swallowed hard--the look of brief fear evaporating as the man stammered, and his sneer returned, teeth bared as he scoffed, spitting harshly on the ground. "You--you can't just come in here and--and kick me out, I--I was here first, Northstar District, stupid fucking name, pissrag--what, some fucking kiddy club?" The concept of the civilizations rebuilding, coalescing, was fairly alien to the man--he'd been born into a small group of thieves and thugs, one that broke apart and reformed constantly, moving and never home to more than five or six at a time, considering how quickly someone managed to piss everyone else off--and get killed or run off. He'd been the latter, seven or...eight years ago.
"Well--well you can't. This--this is mine." He tried his best to muster up some scrap of confidence--despite doing everything he could to not meet his eyes.

Northstar District / stars are magic, life is tragic || open, joining...
« on: August 20, 2018, 11:34:14 PM »

Sleep was never comfortable anymore. Hallucinations plagued him, melting into nightmares melting into paralysis and panic upon wakening. He didn't sleep until his body gave out, but these days, it wasn't long before that collapse came, often with only enough warning for his drug-numbed senses to let him drop safely to his knees and find a corner. The city had been empty for months, now, and even before then, it only had been the occasional traveler, scavenger, or whatever. No, he'd met more wild dogs--and run from them--than humans.

So when the scrawny vagabond woke, from the alley he felt most comfortable--houses themselves made him fear intruders and the open streets made him fear wanderers--to hear voices, footsteps, and all manner of human life, he didn't believe it was real, not at first. It wasn't the first time he'd heard voices, and worried for nothing. But it was when he peeked, hiding himself behind a thick drain pipe and blearily rubbing his bloodshot eyes--seeing...people, adults, talking, moving about...clear as day..that his confusion turned to dread, a shiver running through him as he backed into the shadows, breathing fast.
There's no one here. You're a crazy fucker.

But you've never seen people before. Just spiders. Heard things, sure. But those are real fucking people and you know it.

"I do not." He muttered petulantly, rubbing his nose and stuffing his hands in his pockets, trying to think as he glanced back to the small pile of blankets and pillows he'd been sleeping on. His knife was in there. He could--what? He couldn't take on one of these invaders, let alone everyone.

God, he just wanted to be left alone. Maybe he could hide. Maybe no one would notice him.

You know that's not true, piss-pants.

Fine. So he'd--what? Run? Fuck that noise. He was--this was his place. He needed to be here, if only because he'd die before he managed to get anywhere else.

The sandy-haired, dingy and half-starved looking figure looked a sight; dirty, ragged, and brandishing a knife in shaking hands, he'd darted from his alley, seeking out the first person who didn't look like they could kill him with one smack, and grabbed at their arm. "All right, fucking bitch, you're gonna tell me what the fuck you creeps are doing here--this is--this is my place, shit-bags, and--and you can't just--take it, got that?" He waved the knife for good measure--and hey.

You sure have the desperate homeless man down pat.

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