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OOC Discussion / bc i'm disorganized as FUCK (Moustin wedding planning)
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:58:45 PM »
ok so I'm disorganized AS FUCK so uhhh
here's this
feel free to ask abt roles for your characters but please understand if there isn't room
this is gonna be like. semi traditional? ish?
but uhh rn here's what I got? I think?
I had smth I was gonna add and I forgot

Officiant Cat
Best Man Gavril @Noccy
Groomsman Silas @truce.
Groomsman Salem @darky
Maid of Honor Paige, probably
Bridesmaid Hayley @van  ? Jordan?
Bridesmaid Jordan or Creed? @finny.
but yeah Flintlock will be invited, Bluestem Prairie will be invited, Northstar will be invited... yeah I think that's where we're at rn

General OOC / happy america day
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:33:54 AM »
happy america day enjoy the loud sky explosions and spoopy summer angst
and/or whatever else you're doing today

Character Adoptions / Badlands HP Tryouts
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:39:00 PM »
Hey so people expressed that they wanted tryouts, so here we goo!

First, a few things to be aware of:
— Promotions will happen ICly, and only after earning the position through activity and other contribution.
— Anyone aiming higher might get promoted to Officer before anything else, but any stand outs might get promoted faster.
— Characters can be promoted to Officer without being initiated, but they'll have until the next meeting to prove themselves to Cat and be initiated, otherwise they will be demoted until such a time that they do.
— There's no limit on how many people can apply for a position, and two people can sign up together for deputy if they want.

— SECOND IN COMMAND is the second highest rank amongst authority; in charge of helping maintain order around The Badlands, the Second in Command will serve as the Boss' right hand and a step-in for when the Boss is not available. They possess almost the same powers as the Boss, with the exception of holding meetings or accepting / denying alliance requests. To differentiate from regular members, the Second in Command wears a striped gray and white bandanna.
— THE COUNCIL will serve as the Boss' head advisers. Thoroughly trusted and the Boss' ear to confide in over political matters, ultimately, they are the group's voice of reason. They will also be in charge of dealing messages between The Badlands and other groups and arranging meetings for the Boss and other group leaders. These select members, without a doubt, possess great potential towards becoming future leader and are held as a prime example of what the Boss expects their soldiers to resemble. To differentiate from regular members, Councilmembers wear a striped purple bandanna.
— OFFICERS are a combination of the previous ranks War Chief, Head Hunter and Chamber, and perform all of the duties of the old ranks, ranging from managing the group's supplies, organizing patrols, training newcomers and assisting with domestic and diplomatic matters. Tasks are given to individuals based on their capabilities to guarantee efficiency. To differentiate from regular members, Officers wear a blue striped bandanna.

Code: (delete the parenthesis) [Select]
[b]Roleplayer's Name:[/b]
[b]Activity Level:[/b]
[b]Character's Name:[/b]
[b]About Character:[/b] (you can write as much or as little here as you like, or about anything related to the character)
[b]Desired Rank:[/b]
[b]Backup Rank:[/b]

General OOC / what characters do you know me by
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:56:42 PM »
yo I'm curious
what characters of mine are you most familiar with? who was I playing when we met?
this is not an attempt to figure out which of my characters is most famous whatsoever
I'll include a lil list of my most notable characters but I've had several others too
Spoiler: show
Diamond, Phantom/Danny, Selfdestruction/Selena, Grayarea/Grayson, Marine, Catalyst

OOC Discussion / gimme those sweet sweet Cat interpretations
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:07:52 PM »
ok so this idea is stolen from Hoot who came up w it w Vix
but basically
gimme at least a paragraph of Cat (~5 sentences)
no writing about the same thing other ppl write about (might be lenient for a ninja or rlly unique drabbles?) and still getting paid. uhh yeah I'm paying 5k per paragraph lads
if you've got any questions about Cat you can dm them to me and I'll answer

Announcements / New CA Search
« on: April 30, 2019, 01:11:15 PM »
Hey y'all! It's been a while since we've done a CA search, and we felt it was definitely time to do it again... First one of 2019! So, if you'd like to apply to be staff, just make an application in the staff application board, or bump a pre-existing app! Before you do, however, keep in mind that being staff can be stressful and take up a fair bit of time. Applications will close on May 7th, and after that we'll be announcing the promotions.

« on: April 14, 2019, 02:10:45 PM »
Yes yes yes at long last we're having a choice awards. Y'all know how these goes, but we've got some rules

1. Only 2 (three if the third is in a -ship category with another person) votes for yourself or your character are allowed (even if you have more than two characters).
2. A 3 vote maximum for any character, let’s spread the love around you guys!
3. Adhere to all the BB rules please and thank you.
4. Have fun you guys!

edit bc I'm stupid and forgot: this will end on May 11

Code: [Select]
[b]Canon Ship:[/b]
[b]Crack Ship:[/b]

[b][size=14pt]Most Likely To...[/size][/b]
[b]Take over the Badlands:[/b]
[b]Take over accidentally:[/b]
[b]Win the Hunger Games:[/b]
[b]Marry for love:[/b]
[b]Marry for money:[/b]
[b]Become a Starving Artist:[/b]
[b]Drive someone insane:[/b]
[b]Go insane:[/b]
[b]Bitch-slap someone:[/b]
[b]Be bitch-slapped:[/b]
[b]Get slapped by a fish:[/b]
[b]Adopt the entire group:[/b]
[b]Get thrown out by Cat:[/b]

[b]Weird cousin:[/b]
[b]Child in need of protecting:[/b]
[b]Rebellious Teen:[/b]

[b]Most friendly:[/b]
[b]Most museful:[/b]
[b]Most active:[/b]
[b]Most creative:[/b]
[b]Most likely to make you cry:[/b]
[b]Most likely to need a tissue:[/b]
[b]Most likely to be kind to their character:[/b]
[b]Official evil genius:[/b]
[b]Official weirdest:[/b]
[b]Official funniest:[/b][/spoiler]

OOC Discussion / choice awards planning
« on: April 04, 2019, 09:19:32 PM »
so we'll ofc do all your normal categories
but I like having a fuck ton of really random diverse ones
so yeet in your ideas here lads

OOC Discussion / survey update + choice award announcement
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:41:32 PM »
ok so I put up a survey a couple days ago asking three (really just two tbh) questions with an optional comment field. I know I didn't leave it up for very long, but I got ten responses really quickly and I haven't gotten any new additions since the wee hours of yesterday, so I figure I'm good to go. I included the screenshot of the charts in the spoiler, but I'll still break it down in text.

Spoiler: show

All ten people are currently in the Badlands.

Five people felt that the cliques improved a little bit, two people thought there was a great deal of improvement, one person thought that it got worse and two people thought it was about the same.
(My takeaway is that for most things are at least better, but there are still people feeling left out which means there's still work to be done)

Five people thought that there was enough improvement for a CA, two people did not and three people thought that there wasn't enough improvement, but would still like to have one.
(My takeaway is... looks like we're having a choice awards, lads)

Not everyone wrote down any extra thoughts, but most that took it did. To boil down and paraphrase:
— One person didn't really see cliques, though they did note that some people are just doing their own thing
— One person hadn't noticed the issue whatsoever
— One person went into detail about how things had improved and that yeah there are friend groups, but no one that engages with us is excluded. They also noted that someone will always be complaining about cliques, but said they didn't see any here
— One person feels there's people getting ignored and passive aggression, and that some characters are more popular than others
— One person stated that they just don't feel welcome
— One person thought that oocly things are better but icly things are still really bad.

Ok so. First of all, I'd like to invite the last three individuals to talk to me directly so we can talk about where the problems are in more detail and work on solutions. If they don't want to do that, that's totally fine, I just wanted to leave that little note here.
Secondly, I'll put it out there again that I really need more people to respond to this thread. I'm struggling, and I really need feedback on this stuff. When I'm half getting told things are good and things are shit, it's hard to know what to do.
Third, I post in literally every thread. Every. Single. Thread. (both in BL and ND) I've got a bunch of private threads, and I do my best to make repeated posts in as many threads as possible, while also keeping up with my characters in FL (with questionable success). I'm doing my absolute best to be inclusive, but if I single-handedly could make everyone feel as if there were no cliques, we wouldn't be having complaints. Again, I'm doing the best I can here, but I can't do this alone. I can't make people post in threads, I can't make anyone do anything. I want to get those incentives going, I'm gonna work on getting an activity contest up and running, but I still have no idea what will work for prizes and incentives. Ik that people are busy and muse can be rough, but the time I have to devote to BL is about to start going down, and I can't be 60% of the activity anymore.
Fourth, I don't know where I'm going with this because I just ran into a stress wall and I'm lowkey panicking but uhhh yes please tell me how to improve we're gonna have a choice awards and an activity contest and hopefully we'll get that incentives thing figured out and !! a buddy system ??

TNW Plotting / Prank War Plotting [FL v BL]
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:48:57 PM »
okay so if you haven't been lurking around in the discords (hell even if you have), you may not have heard about the prank war that's going to be happening with FL and BL

it's gonna start by Dallas pranking BL. She always starts prank wars w her family back home, and she won't miss this year even if she can't do it to the same people. She starts with Catalyst, but will prank anyone else in BL that she gets the chance to
and then it's happening

soo yeah. this is a thread to plot out pranks and stuff! Dallas is happy to prank ppl in FL too btw, Cat's really only in it for revenge (after acting like they're above it) and to the best of their ability, Michael and Molly want to stay out of it (but are still open to be pranked)

General OOC / isn't it weird
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:17:43 PM »
that even tho we have a specific board for private threads and p much all threads in the main boards will be open
we still tag them as open in the titles
even tho it's a given
but like
it'd be so weird if we stopped doing that too

OOC Discussion / Badlands Traditions
« on: February 24, 2019, 08:37:40 PM »
All of the traditions are singing "should I stay or should I go" at us
I need food and sleep

last survey I did the question badly so? here's a new one?
if you've got anything you'd like to say about the traditions, feel free to share your thoughts here or the survey
if you've got a suggestion, again, here or the survey would be A+
if not that's cool too
this is rushed
and bad
but I hope you get what I'm throwing down and that what I'm throwing down is more than possible mania

OOC Discussion / Survey Results and Discussion Thread
« on: February 24, 2019, 08:35:05 PM »
ok so a while back I did a survey and I got 6 replies. I never fully followed up on it, though I always planned to. There was just a lot I needed to sort through in my head, and truth be told there were aspects of the survey that weren't well thought out. But! I don't want anyone to think I forgot about this or didn't care, so here's the results from the survey!

Spoiler: results • show
Q1. Do you roleplay in the Badlands? And if you're comfortable, how deep is your history, if you have one?
Like I said, six people filled this out. At the time, four had been there for a while and two were recent joiners.

Q2. If you're already in the Badlands, could changes (especially to theme) you dislike potentially make you want to leave, or if you liked them would they make you more excited to roleplay there? If you're not in the Badlands, would changes you dislike keep you away, or could changes you do like draw you in?
This question was kind of a mess but the general response was that making changes would have little effect on people, with some reservations here and there.

Q3. What has been your experience (specifically within the last two months) with the OOC community?
—One person thought the whole group was cliquey.
—Five people thought a few individuals were cliquey.
—One person thought that there were only a few people that weren't cliquey.
—Two people thought it was a welcoming environment.
—One person didn't think it seemed cliquey because of different levels of involvement overall.
To me that highlighted that there's an issue, perhaps not one that's as bad as it could be but nearly everyone has felt like there's some problems. I'll be talking about this more a bit later. (For those confused why the numbers seem a little weird, people were allowed to select multiple things and write in)

Q4. What do you think of the action Bryne has been taking to try and address the cliques?
—Two people said it was too soon to tell.
—One person said I was doing well.
—One person said I would have to do more.
—One person said it was a start.
—The last person abstained.
I know that I've been doing little more than calling things out in meetings, but I do have more things I'll be implementing to try and encourage more plots and engagement, and I'll also be taking suggestions.

Q5. Do you think that the Discord has overall been a positive place and beneficial to the group?
—Five people said yes.
—One person said no.

Q6. Is there anything that you think could improve it, or should it just be closed (even temporarily)?
—One person thought it was a little confusing to have some channels be the same as threads on the site (chatting, etc).
—One person thought that the niche category should be removed, or at least unused channels should be deleted after a period of inactivity.
—One person thought it should be permanently closed.
—One person commented on how hard it can be to keep up at times.
—The other two didn't comment.
Ok for the duplicate threads/channels, those are just the basic things you'll get everywhere, and personally I don't think it makes sense to get rid of them. I don't want to make it harder for people to chat and plot on BB, nor strip anyone without discord of the ability to engage with the community in that way. Still, most of us use the discord and most of the chatting and plotting are done there, so it doesn't make sense to remove those channels either. As far as the niche category goes, I'm not all that opposed to moving the "au stuff" to the secondary category and removing the specific au channels. When it comes to closing down the discord, I? Okay. I'm sad and sorry that it's been a negative place for someone, but I think that the overwhelming consensus would be to keep the discord, as it's been a good place for most. Lastly, that's just the nature of discords and hell, I've even been in chat threads that moved that fast, maybe even faster. That was more of a comment on the nature of it (with a note that they're sure they can ask what they missed, which they absolutely can!), so there's not much else for me to say on that.

Q7. Is there anything else that needs addressing?
—One person said the ic community.
—Three people said not enough replies/replies come too slowly.
—Two people said more external conflict with other groups.
—Three people said more internal conflict within the Badlands.
—One person said HP activity.
—One person said territory.
—One person was worn out on the number of aus at the time.
—One person felt they were too new to have a good sense of what needed addressing.
Okay so! All of these are things that I've been trying to work on (minus territory), you guys can expect to see some more external stuff happening real soon, and some internal stuff as well. Also, we've just lost both of our HPs so that's. A thing ig. Yeah. I'll be addressing all that stuff later in this post or in different places.

Q8. What do you like about the Badlands/feel doesn't need improvement?
—Two people said the ooc community.
—Two people said the ic community.
—Two people said the number of threads.
—Two people said external conflict.
—Three people said internal conflict.
—Three people said HP activity.
—Three people said writing/muse.
—Two people said the territory.
—One person appreciates the surveys and threads meant to address the issues here.
wow I feel like I dropped the ball on that last thing, but hey, glad you guys are enjoying those aspects of BL, still gonna try and make everything as good as it can be!

Q.9 Regarding the old traditions of the Badlands, which would you like to see KEPT and potentially even incorporated more?
—Four people said the services.
—Three people said the initiation.
—Two people said seasonal tournaments.
—Three people said Summer Tide.
—Four people said traditional holidays.
Okay without a counter of "what do you want to see removed" this doesn't really help me that much but hindsight is 20/20, right? So there's gonna be another separate thread discussing what to keep and remove as well as possibly add, as well as a new dedicated survey.

OK SO because there is so much to get through, here are my main talking points for this thread. Answer as many as you can but if you can only comment on some of them, that's totally fine too.

1. Cliques, exclusion and activity
I'm hoping that people have had a better experience with the ooc community, but I fear that's not the case. Threads largely get ignored unless people have plotted together. This is something that's rampant on the board, and happens to me too. Unfortunately, there's little I can do about this as I can't force people to have muse or time to post, nor can I force anyone to devote what free time they have to their characters. All I can do is post in as many threads as I possibly can and try to incentive people to plot and post. Honestly, y'all, I'm taking suggestions on this bc idk how to make people plot and post. I know that the creator of the thread keeping up with it helps keep the thread alive, but sometimes people just bail after one post, if they bother with that much at all.

2. My incentive plans
I'm going to be making a plot buddy thing, I was actually going to do it tonight BUT I wanted the rewards to be part of a larger reward sort of thing? Which I. have a lose jumbling of concepts for but I don't actually know what would be best for incentives. Will you guys write for memes? Bones? items? Ic stuff? Art? oh god I'd fall through on making art so fucking fast it's terrible ooc things about your character? Help me out y'all I wanna do something that'll work

3. Niche Category
I just kind of added it impulsively? and honestly it hardly ever gets used so I wouldn't mind moving the "au stuff" channel to the secondary category and moving the specific aus to the graveyard. tbh I feel like we should either use it more or get rid of it.

4. Conflict
As far as internal conflict goes, I don't want to spoil all of my plots but stuff is coming and I'm totally on board for more stuff happening, so if you've got ideas hmu. Also, for external stuff, there might be something with ND coming up. Keep an eye out for that. (Again, if anyone wants to do some external conflict hmu).

5. HPs and titles
ok y'all here's the deal. I've not really promoted anyone because I've been trying to see who responds to threads a lot, regardless of what the thread's about or who made it, as well as generally consistent and good activity. I want someone who's around, and I haven't seen that too much? But that's what I look for in HPs, I really want to promote some people soon and uhh yes titles. bandannas initiation all that. again, it's stuff that needs to happen ic; it can be plotted out really easily it just needs to happen. That's what the mass training/testing thread is for, Cat hasn't given anyone a red bandanna since they started the tradition with the exception of their mother, and I really want to start giving these out more. Same with titles! Like, Cat just needs to see Mord in action and he'll have the Medic title, but it hasn't really... happened. ig this is more for transparency's sake than anything else idk if there's anything anyone can add but if you've got smth throw it at me.

6. Other?
I'm making a second thread for discussions about traditions which will be up soon (edit: oh wow a link). Uh. I feel like I'm missing smth but as y'all can see I've got a lot I'm trying to get through and I'm a gd mess so. yeah this is why it took so long but anyway. uh. if you've got anything else you'd like to talk about, please feel free to? I feel like I'm missing a lot but ahhh

Helping Hub / who gave me the ability to think
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:40:59 PM »
yeet your personal thoughts in here
and yes I also want to know why my brain wonders these things

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