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WNG Archive / meeting ... 12.02.2017
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:06:12 AM »
The snow was becoming more often, however it was shifting back and forth between flakes and icey rain. Bane was glad he held meetings inside. That avoided being splashed. "Meeting," he called out, still wishing he had some sort of large bell to ring so people would know. Weren't there things called churches that did that? The town had a church. He wished he were at the town. "It's snowing. Prey will be less but we should focus hunting efforts on the mountains. It will be dangerous, do not fall." He frowned a little as he remembered staring blurrily at the high up mountain peaks. That was a long way to fall if they did.

"We will be holding a food raid on the rogues soon. Zebulon," he called, ears perked for a moment as he decided to try that...those words, once again. "Little bro," no still awkward, but better maybe. "What do you think of asking Shadowclan for food." He tilted his head, blank eyes wide and staring blankly at nothing. "If it's a good thought, lead a group there."

WNG Archive / snow ... o
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:02:43 AM »
Any other time, perhaps, Bane would be in awe of the white that was falling from the sky. But this wasn't any good for him. Despite it giving his own person an advantage in stealth, seeing as thought he was just as white as the flakes now falling from the sky...the food problem would not be getting much better. He frowned a little, but decided to keep that thought minimal. Perhaps they would have to do some reworking with how they thought through all of this hunting. There was one place that the rogues didn't have, and that was the mountains. Well, and the ocean, Bane supposed, but the jagged cliffs off to the side of the territory that dropped down to it were unpleasant.

No matter that, Bane gently stepped out onto the stone of the front courtyard of the mansion, his ears twitching every time a flake hit him where he didn't expect; usually the nose or face. His paws were already cold, but despite that, he began to gently make his way through it, simply to watch his paw steps appear and slowly be covered up again.

WNG Archive / meeting ... 11.12.17
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:10:31 PM »
This was no good. The Rogues had moved in. Far. His tail lashed and his ears flattened, a frustrated aura about him. Sitting with a huff, he gave his usual call. "Bloodclan, a meeting." Blunt as ever, he waited in silence for everyone to gather before proceeding.

"The rogues have taken over our main hunting ground. Chell is missing still. We are struggling. We are struggling a lot." He frowned and his ears flattened.

"We will be attacking other clans for their prey. It is safer, and our activity may bring in battle hungry rogues and loners. We must get our name out there." He took a moment to breath, the lack of talking within the past many weeks made him struggling to say even the slightest of sentences.

"The rogues have not left. We are going to war with them. We need more people for this." He frowned, his true neutral feelings towards a lot of things making this next thing hard for him. "We must gave more people. Capture people to fight for us, and go fight other clans so they know Bloodclan exists. I will be asking Shadowclan for help soon, and Windclan as well." His throat was becoming notably painful as he spoke, and his voice showed it with a rawness.

"Zebulon, you are second in command now. You have been here before me. You deserve it." And...that was it. Oh. "I will hold a raid on the rogues soon to attempt to push their line back." Ah, yes, now that was all.

A really rushed meeting but Bane is blunt and gets to the point!
- Attack other clans for their prey! Bane wants to show good fighters that Bloodclan is out here and ready for them to join.
- The Rogues have taken over the main hunting grounds. Prey is now SCARCE. Please take this into your consideration when posting.
- We will be asking Shadowclan and Windclan for help soon should we need it with the rogues.
- Capture people to attempt to induct them into Bloodclan. Kits, warriors, or even the rogues themselves work.
- Chell is still missing
- Zebulon is promoted to heir!

WNG Archive / stealing prey . o .
« on: November 12, 2017, 07:04:20 PM »
He'd done it to Riverclan with guilt, if he stole from here, he reasoned, he would have no guilt. The Stea deserved it. Stealing prey from here, however, was not as easy as watching shadows in a marsh and pawing them out of the, this was much harder. The prey could hear, see, smell. He was no longer a white shade that crossed their ripples. Now, he had only caught a couple, rather than a few.

And he was struggling to stay out of sight. He would flick in and out of visibility, stolen prey in his jaws, eyes blank, body still for a moment, before moving again, and vanishing. With little more than a couple mice in his jaws, the leader of Bloodclan began making his way back towards Bloodclan, a paranoid scent bleeding from his pelt as he made a swift escape towards the border.

WNG Archive / stealing prey . o.
« on: November 12, 2017, 06:59:04 PM »
Bloodclan trouble. The majority of their territory was overun by rogues, sure, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the last time that Bane tried to even step out into the territory to hunt some of the various slow moving squirrels, fat on the autumn nuts, he'd been chased off. If anyone could see the current leader of Bloodclan while he was on this territory, it was very clear he was ill. Sickly thin, and obviously desperate, he had managed to catch himself a frog it seemed, devoured it, and then left half of a fish carcass in his wake. He was on his way out, fur reddened and body tense. In his jaws he had what appeared to be a second fish, bringing it back to Bloodclan to feed his clanmates.

WNG Archive / tunnel search ... rogue campain P.2
« on: October 29, 2017, 01:00:30 PM »
Bane frowned quietly out at the territory, at what once was Bloodclan's territory. This wasn't working. They had so few people and these rogues were screwing it up. The thought made Bane frown, feeling rather upset by the whole thing, if he had to be honest about it. Times like this made him think back to his old friend, a red fox he used to know for a short period of time after he'd escaped his house. His name had been Kane, and all Bane remembered about him was how incredibly intelligent he was at planning things, and making them work. Sadly, once Bane had made home for a moment with the rogues, Kane had to leave to help a weasel he knew. Bane almost regreted not taking that path instead of the one he had now; not that much would change, only perhaps Kane would be here to help.

Not that it mattered. He sighed and shook his head. He would just have to try and think like that. If Chell was missing, which she was, she was missing because of the loners, that much was clear. How would they get to her? There was blood in the side halls, after she'd explored them...

Bane frowned and lashed his tail. Where was she then? She could be anywhere in the mansion. She could be anywhere in the territory. She could be dead. No, if she were dead he would sense a spirit, perhaps one who felt betrayal or fear. He could not feel a spirit who reminded him of Chell. Surely such a horrid death wouldn't allow her to cross over so easy.

"Bloodclan," he huffed, his blind eyes raising to stare around the open first floor. After being so crowded in their own mansion, fearful for leaving with the closing Rogue borders, he assumed many would still remain here, close enough to hear his call. "We are exploring the tunnels," he stated simply, ears twitching. Tunnels that Illumi had found, the Rogues must be down there. Perhaps the tunnels lead to Chell, or to the city where they could find her...

WNG Archive / meeting ... 10.23.17
« on: October 23, 2017, 02:14:13 PM »
Bane wasn't exactly...well, he wasn't an active leader, to say the last. Not this past couple weeks, and he felt bad. He felt like the curse was taking hold of him, that curse of Bloodclan leaders; the last three at least. He would not be the leader. He was going to try to... be different. Different than he felt he was inside. That felt fake, like he was trying to push off all of his inability to be social.

He could already feel the headache starting. Sighing, he sat up on the first step of the mansion, staring out the front doors and wishing he could help himself let alone everyone here. Enough of that, he decided. Depressive thoughts brought on sooner deaths. "Meeting." It was simple, but a louder tone coming out of someone like him.

"First. Chell appears to be missing. Find her. Find her immediately." His ears twitched, "Look through the entire mansion. Find her."

He turned and stared out of the window on the east side of the main floor, out past the few cliff faces and mountains into the foggy distance, where the main city remained. "Second. The loner cats have taken over the city part of our territory. Assimilate, chase out, or kill them. Capturing them is the first step. Capture as many as you can, and bring them here to determine what option they would like. Remaining in our territory is not an option." And that was all, his blank white eyes blindly staring across the red carpet that rolled up the stairs. Hopefully they could find Chell soon.

WNG OOC Archive / Slight Inactivity Boop owo
« on: October 07, 2017, 07:47:03 AM »
I'm vry busy this weekend and I'm trying to keep up with this and school and stuff but both at once refuses to let me get aNYTHING done XD

I guess there's a little more detail in the link in my signature but that Territory will get done I SWEAR IT okok I've gotta run off to work ahhh

« on: October 02, 2017, 02:03:09 PM »
Okay so usually I ask Demesne for help on OOC stuff because I'm bad at it, or rather...I ask her to do it. But, this time I'll try it, ahhh!

Basically, sign up to give your character some kids, siblings, or family members otherwise! Some regular NPCs will also be put up regarding the current Alley Cat plot, so there will be something up to start!

Code: (Form) [Select]
[b]Parent/Related Character Name(s)[/b]:
[b]Ranks of Relation(s)[/b]:
[b]Type of Adoption[/b]: (kids or otherwise?)
[b]Name Preferences[/b]: (Will they carry a certain name or last name?)
[b]Starting Age[/b]: (will they start at a certain age?)
[b]Rules or Guidelines[/b]: (are there any rules they should follow?)

Please let me know if I need to add anything, I'm not too good at these :D

WNG Archive / stolen territory -- ROGUE CAMPAIGN P.1
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:56:19 AM »
The reek of rogues was the first thing that hit him when he crossed over into the city portion of the territory. It was like the claws of a thousand tiny demons were clawing down his fur. The monarch's eyes narrowed at the stench, blinded eyes staring across the bridge that went into the city. It was like they'd coated the entire thing with their markers; telling Bloodclanners very clearly that this was not for them. This city was a Rogue's city.

He winced as he heard a growling from ahead of him, and with a quick instant of panic, he flickered out of visibility. Ahead of him, three rogues sat in the gutters of the nearest buildings, their eyes glittering angrily. This was their territory. The message was clear.

And Bane didn't fucking like it. Tail lashing and kicked up dust, he faded into visibility again, eyes staring up at the rogues. "Get. Out," he snapped, but the first one just laughed.

"This is our territory now, kitty cat. It is and always has been. Your fancy clan shit doesn't belong here," rumbled the most talkative of the three, tail lashing as he jumped down from the roof. He was much, much bigger than Bane. Bane, being a mix of a few breeds and rather small to begin with, was nothing but a child compared to the size of what must have been a wild cat mix; at least to Bane, he must have been. In all honestly, it was probably just a strong cat. All the same, Bane backed up, ears flattened.

"Now git," snapped the cat, making Bane flinched back. "We've got more than twice your numbers here in rogues and loners all under one lead. This is our territory, and our prey. We'll be taking your hunting lands, your borders, and whatever else we want, even that fucking mansion of yours. So get the hell out or die."

And with that, Bane turned and vanished again, not wanting a claw down his spine for the trouble. The rogues however, were visibly patrolling now, covering the majority of the city, and ready to attack any who came in.

WNG Archive / visiting ... o
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:16:53 AM »
Bane was back again, this time asking for aid. He had no qualms about it, as Shadowclan had always gifted them much before; not that Bloodclan had ever given back. Bane would change that. Bane was always the kind to return selfless acts with lavish jewelry and other luxuries, whether a creature or a group would expect it of him or not. Sitting, the ghostly white feline waited.

WNG Archive / visiting ... o
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:14:32 AM »
Bane's ghostly white form faded into existence at the border, his ears flattening slightly as he squinted a bit. Did he get the right place? He'd heard that Windclan had moved, was this the correct place? Concidering his sight being so damning, he couldn't be positive, so he sat and waited, as patient as a statue.

WNG Archive / traveling ... o
« on: September 30, 2017, 08:12:38 AM »
Bane was on his way out of the territory, something he hadn't done since he'd become leader. He missed the constant travel; perhaps he would pick it up again. Those in Bloodclan had done fine without constant scrutiny from a leader through his entire time here. He didn't expect them to need him to baby sit them. He paused and in a calm, almost too quiet voice, called back to anyone who might here. "I'm going to visit Windclan and Shadowclan, I will be back," he hummed, before turning once more, and vanishing into invisibility as he started off.

WNG Archive / suck .... again. .... o
« on: September 27, 2017, 04:05:11 PM »
He was stuck. Again. But in his defense, this wasn't a gutter this time. This time he was stuck fore an entirely different reason, and in a different way. He was still able to walk around and move but...

Bane grunted as he bumped into an invisible wall, the tea-kettle that was stuck on his head making a soft tunk noise against the stone brick. Grumbling to himself, he proceeded to back up, trying and hoping that the kettle would get stuck on something and pop off of his head. Unluckily, Bane was just backing up, butt first, around the entryway of the Mansion, his tail lashing unhappily and head tossing this way and that.

WNG Archive / meeting ... 09.27.17
« on: September 27, 2017, 12:54:48 PM »
Bane sat up on his steps, staring at the poor, now dented candelabra he'd knocked over twice now...perhaps instead, he would try to call out? Speaking loudly left him with headaches in general; but it was time for his third meeting, since more changes were being made. Maybe soon they would balance out and be on a specific day instead, but for now, he had things to say. "I am calling a meeting," he called, not quite loudly but louder than he usually was.

He waited, a little longer this time for word to spread and people to gather. Once a good amount had approached, he began. "We have rogues and alley cats within the territory. I want them chased out, assimilated, or killed. They are eating our prey, and putting us in danger." He frowned, appearing quite upset at that. He was once apart of an alleycat group, for a small time. "We must discover their camps, and provide them reason to leave."

"I have a poll up. Vote there if you want a say." He tilted his head, going onto the next note. "I will be exploring and expanding our territory." That meant he'd have someone write up a map or a description at some point probably... "Tinpaw is training us. Participate to get better." If they didn't learn what others knew they could never exceed. "Marianne is demoted. She has not done her job. Tin and Chell, good job with the rogues. Spartan is dropped down a rank. The dragon is dropped down a rank. Ranks could be edited soon. Tin and Chell expect a promotion, keep doing your jobs."

And...that would be that, probably.


There will be a sort of Campaign Event going on with the Alley Cats and Rogues! Keep a look out!
Orders are to either chase out, assimilate (recruit) or kill rogues who are in the territory!
There's a POLL THREAD right here! Please try to track and vote if you care to.
A new Territory will be put up, with a new description. Once it is up, I'd like your feedback!
There's a training thing going on here!

Promotions and Demotions
Ranks may be updated slightly.
Marianne is demoted all the way.
Kabitsu is demoted down a rank. (Count to Knight)
Spartan is demoted down a rank. (Mark to Count)
Chell and Tin have been doing very good, and if they keep up the work, will get a promotion!

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