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Character Creation / 『 icons. ♕ 』
« on: Yesterday at 10:23:14 PM »
ICONS - updated 6/19. & i didn't make these.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: GENERATION WHY — joining
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:04:01 PM »
—-  & sometimes she didn't think before she spoke, or rather, if she should speak or not. the girl would just spew words, whether they be beneficial to the conversation or not. this was fine example of the fact that her words did not benefit anyone in this conversation. she looked a bit embarrassed by it, too. she almost opened her mouth once more to utter out an apology but she held her tongue before a word left her mouth. she had to get used to this.

a hand flew up to scratch at the back of her neck, a nervous smile coming across her face as she read the pad again. she breathes in sharply, excitement starting to build up inside of her. he wanted to stay - though his duration was not explicitly stated, she hoped he wanted to make bluestem his new home. she nods her head quickly, any awkwardness she may have felt completely dissipating and her bright smile returning to her face. she claps her hands together before reaching for the pad.  of course, i can show you. it's not an inconvenience at all, we'd be happy to have you. she rocked back and forth on her heels when she handed it back to him.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: GENERATION WHY — joining
« on: June 14, 2019, 05:41:40 PM »
—-  & she turned to glance at silas, her smile faltering some seeing the look on his face and sticking her tongue out at him. she was childish in the way she would insult him, she couldn’t help it. made life more fun. dylan then turned her attention back to the boy and the horse with what she hoped was another friendly smile. she didn’t want to scare him off, he seemed like he would be nice enough. she watched as he hopped off his steed and dug around for a pad and pen, her head tilting to the side as he wrote something down.

then her eyes read the words on the sheet and realization hit her.  ❝ oh! oh, okay, i get it! ❞ not once in her life had she come across a deaf person before, he was a first. she hesitantly reached for the pad, assuming that’s what he wanted her to do so he could understand her, and looked rather embarrassed. of course she couldn’t know he was deaf by looking at her, but she couldn’t help but feel guilty about it either. she takes hold of the pen and bites on her bottom lip as she wrote. finally she handed back the paper which said: this is bluestem prairie. i’m dylan. what’s your name and what can we do for you?

Bluestem Prairie / Re: GENERATION WHY — joining
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:27:02 AM »
—-  & the girl understood what it was like to have such a close connection with than animal that a simple touch could bring you down from a panic. the way they feel your energy, happy or sad, and share your feelings so easily.. it fascinated her. she had only had her dog, ollie, for four years now but she wasn't sure what she'd do without him. he was small, but he had character and he was feisty. he gave off the impression that he believed he was bigger and stronger than he really was. when she was down, the little grey shih tzu was running to her side with leash in his little jaws, running in circles just waiting for a little walk with his favorite human. the small canine helped dylan in her time of need and was there for her when nobody else was, or when she was too afraid to go to someone. she talked and he listened ( which may come off crazy, but who doesn't talk to their dog? ). to put it simply, ollie was the definition of a girl's best friend; not even diamonds could compare when it came to what dylan loved more. her dog always won over her heart.

speaking of the good boy, he had raised his nose into the air to sniff. a new smell had hit his nose, alerting him to someone - or something - new. something stranger. dylan didn't have time to react before he had already ran out away from her in a fit of small yips and yaps in a random direction. she ran, trying to go after him, calling helplessly into the wind for him to get back to her. up ahead the blonde spotted a boy, who looked around her age, sat atop his steed. her running came to a speedy walk as she drew near and ollie kept barking at the large horse in front of them. out of breath, she bent forward with hands resting on her knees. she raised her index finger in the air, signaling for the stranger to give her a few seconds to regain her breath. at last, she was back again and she flashed that friendly, welcoming smile of hers.  ❝ well.. hey there, ❞ she breathed, leaning forward to pick up ollie.  ❝ what can i do for you?

—-  & atop desert rose, dylan used one hand to hold onto the reigns and her other to keep ollie close to her stomach so he wouldn't slide off. he let out a couple excited yips here and there, but she would have to lean down and calm down the little shih tzu with whispers and little pecks to his head. he was like a child getting excited to go on some field trip or a theme park. she couldn't blame him, really. she wasn't there long and she had already been bored with everything. new place! new memories! a new space to thrive.

desert rose came to a halt, allowing dylan to carefully climb off with ollie cradled in her left arm. she gently set the excited little pup down - who immediately started to sniff around - and gently brushed at her equine's neck. dylan tilted the horse's head down so she could press a quick kiss to the side of her face and then left her to graze.  ❝ ah, look at you! using your brain, picking out a nice ass place, ❞ dylan lightly teased the man, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: used to the darkness || introduction , open .
« on: June 13, 2019, 08:41:12 PM »
—-  & it was the circle of life, dylan was aware of that. and she was smart enough to know that these wolves could've caused harm to their way of life, but she couldn't help her heart aching when she saw them. she wasn't vegetarian or vegan, not at all. she was capable of eating anything you placed in front of her, if she was hungry enough, without a second though. but upon seeing the poor wolves, dead in front of her, she was hurting. she didn't want to eat a dog. feeling especially guilty because they could be related somehow to her little ollie.

dylan turns away from the pile and the men in front of her with her arms crossed and staring at the ground, trying not to make eye contact.  ❝ still sucks to have to kill such pretty creatures, ❞ she mumbles, trying to keep her voice low so as to try to avoid anyone hearing. she didn't want to argue over the value of one creature's life, especially since said creature was capable of killing what they needed most. she lets out a heavy sigh and finally spares brock a look, though kind of sad.  ❝ sorry. but good job, mister. ❞ she gave him a smile, but it was tight-lipped and almost forced, like she was trying to convey she wasn't putting down his good aim or scolding him in any way.

Bluestem Prairie / 『 I MISS YOU┊THOUGHTS. ♕ 』
« on: June 06, 2019, 10:05:58 PM »
—-  &  tw sad bich hours, beware

there was nobody quite like him. he was kind, he was caring, he felt like a home. waking up next to him for the first time in his warm embrace, breathing in and smelling the earth on his skin and finding comfort in it. sinking into his touch like it was quicksand and drowning in him. and she missed it all. as much as she told herself she was done, she was over him... she kept hoping he'd come back. she kept hoping and praying to whatever deity would listen to her that she would wake up and find him waiting for her. she could run back into his arms and feel herself be squeezed tightly to him. there was so much she wanted to tell him and to let him know how near and dear he was to her heart. but now, when she thought about saying those three little words, her mouth burned as if they were forbidden for her. she had her chance to tell him how much she loved him, but she never took it. dylan was begging for one more night with him and to press delicate kisses to the apples of his cheeks and the tip of his nose. she craved the intimacy and tenderness that came with his touch.

he was gentle. his hands would engulf hers when they held hands and she liked it that way - it made her feel safe. the way she'd rub her thumb over his knuckles and lean against him. so much had happened, that she wished she was able to tell him everything like she used to. she missed being inseparable. she missed his little accent and his horse and his little stories. she missed his smile and how it was able to light up her entire world and bring a burst of color to it. she missed him. sebastian. the boy who she pulled into the water on their first meeting, who she fell hard for from the moment he spoke but she never realized.

you meet someone who just manages to stick with you forever. dylan wanted nothing more than to forget about him, though. she was stuck on him and she knew it would absolutely ruin any chance she had at having a normal life. what was the point of lying to yourself and pretending to love someone. she was so sick of pretending to be okay with the fact it was all over. she couldn't just move on like what they had didn't matter and she could get over him with a snap of her fingers. every night she sat up in bed hugging herself, unable to sleep a wink. with sebastian it was like those nightmares never existed and she was safe. he held her so tight that she slept like a baby.

her shaking hand reaches up to cover her mouth as a choked up sob escapes, much to her dismay. she sniffles wiping at her nose and any tears that might have fallen down her cheeks. dylan raises a beer to her lips and tilts her head back as she gulps down the rest and sets the bottle between her feet. on this particular night she missed him most. she wondered what he would say to seeing her in such a state and it only made her cry more. she was drinking; more than she usually did. she lies back on the log and stares up at the sky, a forearm coming to rest over her eyes as she cried into the night.

« on: May 30, 2019, 01:13:01 PM »
—-  &  ❝ alright, alright. cool it, boogerbrains, ❞ dylan mumbled, the light insult directed towards silas. she understood being cautious, but with a tone like that she wouldn't be shocked if someone did want to cause harm to him. she crossed her arms over her chest, giving off the vibe she held no ill intent, her whole body relaxed. she turned her attention on the man in front of them, having the crane her neck to even look at him as she had to do with everyone. she flashed him a smile and nodded her head. ❝ well, abd al-malik, welcome... ❞ her voice sort of trailed off at the 'welcome' as she sent unsure glances up at silas, not sure his thoughts on her already welcoming this dude.  ❝ i'm, uh, dylan.

it had been a while since she had done this whole.. welcoming thing. making new friends and putting on a friendly face, neither of which were very hard for her to do. she was out of practice, was all that it was. and so far, she had yet to make a new acquaintance since her joining bluestem prairie. she knew one face. that was it. not the best face, but it was someone who didn't make her feel completely lost. but she had missed it terribly - to build this familiarity with someone and see whether or not the two of you would become good friends, or simply friends. not too close, not too many memories, but you would trust them enough. or if there would be no friendship and you would be at each other's throats. the third scenario never happened much with dylan, but that was because she thought of herself to be friendly enough so as not to make any enemies. besides, she wasn't in the mood to start any unnecessary drama and just liked to lightly tease all her friends.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: little poor me || meeting [05/26]
« on: May 25, 2019, 10:00:11 PM »
—-  & first meeting since being back in a group. felt weird being back on track with things, but she wouldn't comment on it verbally. she also wouldn't make a snarky comment about silas being the one calling it either, knowing that this wasn't exactly the time and place to start up meaningless bickering between the two of them. and so, dylan practically skipped on over to join the forming group with her mouth shut, curiosity peaked.

Bluestem Prairie / Re: 『 I DON’T EXIST┊JOINING. ♕ 』
« on: May 18, 2019, 08:31:30 AM »
—-  & she scoffs in mock-offense, a hand flying up to her chest and leaning back with her lips slightly parted in a silent gasp.  ❝ you've got a less chance of catching something from me, sir. you spend your days surrounded by shit, you could have pink eye for all i know, ❞ she argues. she can't really see his eyes from how short she is compared to the older man, but that isn't important. dylan puts her hands on her hips, resting all her weight on her left leg, and scans him up and down. it had been a hot minute, obviously, since the last time she had seen him.

the blonde squints her eyes and a big, dumb grin makes its way across her face when she notices his attempt to hide his grin. dylan practically hops closer towards him and starts punching at his chest, playfully, a few times.  ❝ you missed me, you big oaf, ❞ she exclaims followed by a little laugh,  ❝ i knew you didn't hate me completely. ❞ but the thing is, she wouldn't blame him if he did. lately her mind had been working against her, filling her with the belief that her friends' lives were better off without her in them. maybe it was the constant state of loneliness that fed into that belief, nobody else's voice being there to keep her company and make her feel the love she had been deprived of as of recently. the only company she had was her faithful canine companion, ollie, who was sat by her feet wagging his tail. dylan leaned down and picked him up in her arms, holding the small dog close to her chest.

Loner Lands / Camp Apocalypse 『 LIFE IS STRANGE┊VISITING. ♕ 』
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:12:24 PM »
—-  & leaves crunched beneath her feet as she walked up to the canoes that could help her float across to the island holding the bundle of cabins. a wave of different feelings crashed over her making her stomach do acrobatics; excitement, joy, anxiety. she almost even felt regret and wanted to turn around, but it was too late she was already on her way there. there was no turning back now and she knew it.

dylan knew - or rather hoped - that they’d be happy to see her, and vice versa. she missed them, but she didn’t think she could stick around permanently like before. she had already established herself back at bluestem prairie and didn’t have any plans on leaving. she could at least promise to visit every so often when she could. by now jordan must have had the baby and she couldn’t not meet them at least once, so that was one reason she had decided to make her visit to her old home.

soon the girl had arrived on shore and tugged the canoe up onto the earth. she couldn’t hold it in anymore, the excitement took over her and she ran into the heart of the camp with a big smile on her face.  ❝ jordan! evan! hey, look, it’s me! ❞ she called out hopping up and down in her spot and flailing her arms up in the air.  ❝ did you miss me? did you miss me?

Bluestem Prairie / Re: 『 I DON’T EXIST┊JOINING. ♕ 』
« on: May 07, 2019, 02:52:36 PM »
—-  & for the first time in a while a genuine smile made its way onto her face when he approached. it was like reuniting with a family member you haven't seen in a long time. it was like for once something good was happening to her and she could feel a weight lifting off of her shoulders and she could finally breathe. who would've known that seeing silas would be what made the girl's world feel less bleak. see, they both had pessimistic tendencies so it kind of made her question things. she could admit, though, she'd probably be acting the same way if she was reuniting with any of her other friends. which made her start to think about juliette, and jordan, and her dad. wow, did she miss juliette. she was her best friend, the sister she never had ( even though they did kiss one another, but that ended with two bloody noses and a hangover ).

ah, i could say the same thing. if he made things fair, i probably wouldn't be standing here, ❞ she shot back, motioning with her hands to their surroundings. at his gesture she pulled a face as if she was disgusted by the idea of touching him, but only to tease him. dylan stepped closer and wrapped her arms around him, not realizing how tight she was really hugging him. her smile faltered and her chest felt tight but she didn't want him to notice the sadness behind her eyes. the hug provided her comfort, even if that wasn't his intention behind it. the blonde hadn't realized just how bad off she had become mentally from being alone for those few months. wandering around aimlessly, trying to figure herself out and telling herself that everyone was much better off without her around to bug them.

eventually, she pulled away and shoved her hands back in her pockets and rocked back and forth on her heels.  ❝ what do you do around here? throw cow shit at one another? ❞ a smug grin is on her face now, like a mask, and her head is tilted to the side. she pinches the tip of her nose, scrunching it up, and shakes her head back and forth.  ❝ woo, it sure smells like it! do you still have trouble bathing? am i going to get some kind of disease from hugging you, now?

Bluestem Prairie / 『 I DON’T EXIST┊JOINING. ♕ 』
« on: May 06, 2019, 03:12:23 PM »
—-  & once again, she was alone. relationships just never seemed to stick with her, didn’t they? and at their end, she was always left drained. not by the relationship, but the fact of feeling alone again and having nobody. she had went off with sebastian but things.. had happened, things that she would rather not think about only because it made her feel bittersweet knowing she’d never see him again. nothing bad went down between them, but they had their differing ideas and went their separate ways. and dylan couldn’t bring herself to head back to camp apocalypse to see the faces of the people she had left that she said she loved so dearly. it would make her feel guilty for feeling, and she wasn’t even sure where her father had gone. she was also kind of bored.

but there was that one person she knew she’d never get tired of. day in and day out they always were at one another’s throats and it made things exciting. she wasn’t exactly how happy he would be to even see her, but she herself was really happy to see one familiar face; it would make her feel less alone than was, at least, no matter if he was or wasn’t happy to see her. but dylan wouldn’t blame him if the first thing he did was yell at her or something — she gave him lots of shit for even breathing in her direction.

her and silas always butt heads and everyone saw it. leave the two alone in a room and things would be thrown, voices would be raised; hell’s gates would basically open, unleashing its fiery wrath upon anyone who got between them. and that’s what excited dylan. he was like the older, annoying brother she never had before but she would never admit it to his face. she missed her friends and wanted to see at least one familiar face that could ease her mind.

the dirt beneath her boots crunched with every step and she chewed loudly at the bubblegum in her mouth. she blew a giant bubble which bursted with a loud ’pop!’ she stops dead in her tracks, shoving her hands into her pockets and grinning crookedly. ❝ hey, silas, my dude. your favorite person in the entire existence of the world is here, aka me. ❞ she called out in a way to announce her arrival in the area. ❝ i’ve learned that boys ain’t shit, so here i am.

&& please don’t respond until truce does w/ silas<3

Character Creation / Re: 『 MY ONLY ANGEL. ♕ 』
« on: May 05, 2019, 07:51:56 PM »
- find a new mcfricken group for her but have her at least visit CA

Loner Lands / Re: LIVE WIRE — joiner
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:26:41 PM »
—-  & track for tomorrow when i can properly reply

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