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FINALLY —& Marine's Plotting Thread v.1
« on: August 04, 2018, 07:40:41 PM »
Alright, I've only had Marine for almost a year and... now she's got her first proper plotting thread!
If you're not familiar, Marine Beaufort is a very polite and proper young woman who is currently leading Northstar District for the second time. She grew up in the Young Rogues and is highly motivated by survival. She likes kids and tends to be sort of motherly/sisterly towards them, but tends to distrust anyone 40+. She's bisexual with a bit of a rough past as far as her love life goes. Currently she's 18 years old but her birthday is coming up relatively soon. She's pretty stressed right now and could use some good things, but there's always more angst.

— Friendships; these take a long time to develop and there are certain personalities that this isn't really possible with, however Marine desperately needs more people to connect with.
— Enemies; it's not too terribly hard to be someone that Marine dislikes, and she isn't exactly easy to like either. This could vary in degree, from simply not liking each other to wanting to rip each other apart.
— Interactions; as long as these have something happening, I don't mind starting off with this to see where the relationship could go. Possible prompts include Marine wanting to know more about your character's name's origins or stumbling onto the other's territory by accident and having to work through that, or trading, or whatever.
— Short term plots; this is something we'd have to discuss more in-depth in private, likely after Marine and y/c have already met.
— Long-term plots; ^^ I'm super down for these as long as they're fulfilled!
— Anything not listed below; honestly I'm open to most things.

— Love plots; Marine's got some drama going on with one of her exes (Angie) and her other break up was fairly recent, so she's not really looking for love right now. However if they have good chemistry, I might be open to it. (only really open to active characters in Northstar)
— One night stands; More or less the same as with love plots, though a little bit looser.
— Getting pregnant; whatever the reason, it'd have to be seriously discussed before hand.

— Getting killed/captured/maimed/etc; Usual stuff, y'know.

Spoiler: Tags | Updated 7/16/18 • show
General —
▪ Marine Beaufort | Goes by Marine or Ms. Beaufort
▪ Cis female | She/Her
▪ 18 years old | 9/26/19 | Ages real time
▪ Guardian of Northstar District | Former member of The Young Rogues

Physical —
♦ HUMAN | Health: 80%
— Marine is a fairly tall young woman, with the lean, muscular body of someone who spent her entire life training while not getting enough to eat. The scars on her body (the most visible being one on her brow and several on her arms and hands) are souvenirs of a great many fights. The scars on her legs and torso are hidden by her clothes - typically she wears a tank top, combat boots, and fingerless gloves, with no particular favored pants or shorts. When venturing out, she's often seen with a red backpack regardless of what she wears, it's almost guaranteed that there will be a great deal of dirt, as well as different stains, most being blood. Marine is actually filthy everywhere, and her long dark hair is in tangles most of the time, though recently she has shaved the side of her head. She has aquamarine eyes that can in certain lighting appear almost light green.
— minor injuries: n/a
— major injuries: n/a

Important Info —
▪ Largely illiterate.
▪ First priority is her own survival, all else comes secondary. Will prioritize children heavily before adults, and may even distrust and dislike adults, possibly blaming those in their forties or later for the blackout.
▪ Heavily armed with a sniper rifle (no ammo, used for intimidation), a handgun (4 bullets), a compound bow (8 arrows), a swiss army knife, a few other knives and daggers that she's picked up over the years. Uses the bow most for hunting and is most proficient with that, though she is capable with all of her weapons.
▪ Speaks English and French; is more likely to swear in French than English.
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always 100% in character and do not reflect the roleplayer's opinions.

Personality —
— Marine is someone who is often more motivated by her negative traits (such as her selfishness, cynicism and pride) while displaying her more positive ones (such as her diplomacy skills, responsibility and maturity) to the world. First and foremost in her mind is her own survival, followed by the lives of children. She tends to distrust people older than herself (especially 40+) due to her upbringing, but keeps her opinions to herself... mostly. She's a social person and rather friendly (though difficult to befriend), and is usually pretty chill. Marine is a very hard-worker and can actually be somewhat ruthless. She's done a number of bad things in the past but doesn't see herself as a bad person, and though she views regret as a pointless emotion she's turned over a new leaf and is trying to be better.
— Diplomatic, intelligent, maternal, responsible, social
— Cynical, selfish, prideful, ruthless

Relationships —
▪ NPC x NPC | Parents were killed when she was young
▪ Bisexual | Biromantic
▪ Single | Ex ½ Marngie | Ex ½ Menna
▪ Protective of those younger than her, distrustful of those older than her.

Interaction —
— Physically Hard | Mentally Hard | Will start and finish fights
— Lacks formal training
— Still fully capable both with and without weapons
— Guns are for intimidation, bow is for hunting, knives are for fighting
— No kill/capture/maim without permission
— Will kill/capture/maim with permission
— To attack, @Marine Beaufort & attack in bold, italic underline

Links —
▪ Plotting Thread
Heartchart v.2
▪ Ask Thread

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Re: FINALLY —& Marine's Plotting Thread v.1
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