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—  I was afraid because it'd been so many months since I'd last heard from you and still it felt so strange that whenever I'd speak of your name, it would sear my lips and burn at my tongue. Your name became poison to me, the chemical burn within me that made me able to still taste you on my tongue. You were my brother who lead my heart into a nightmare; my brother who had tainted my blood, life and soul; my brother who had undeniably made me feeble and vulnerable, tearing me apart like a hurricane. And now all of me was damned, and my wretched fate was merely a lamentable solitude.

My heart, weathered and torn, was nearly fluent in death; unaware of my demise, I was swiftly headed down a road of silence, cold winds and decay, stale waters and static skies, dark woods and an unsightly unison with the dying earth below as my body was to perish and mortify by the autumn time.

You were once so beautiful to me, your heart and soul brimming with a sort of light that I'd never seen before. You were the light that guided me through the unknown. I followed you blindly into a dark abyss, my doe-eyes fixated on your every movement. And yet, no matter how long I walked alongside you, you were untouched and unreachable like that of a spirit and then in a blink of an eye you were gone. You were nothing but a ghost in my life, still untouched and unreachable.

And now that you were gone and there was no way for me to reach you, you still hovered over me like a dark shadow in the daytime. You'd always be here with me in spirit and you'd always own a place in my heart. I could only hope that someday, when I died, that I could survive in yours, like you had in mine.

Silas Overton was the man that her Messiah was after. Silas Overton, a devout sinner and nightmare so beautiful and unholy. But, despite Kai's beliefs, Ruby knew that Silas need not suffer any consequences for his fear of the devil itself, Kai. Of course, Silas was by no means an angel; Ruby could list all the heinous things that her brother had done in his lifetime and undoubtedly still would have left other sins out. But, despite all of the sin that surrounded the man, he didn't deserve to die for them.

Ruby knew what things Kai would do to Silas if he were to ever capture her foolish brother. The anguish he'd inflict on him would be unbearable to even imagine let alone watch in front of her very own intense gaze, the way Kai would make sure Silas would pay for every single ounce of inconvenience he'd ever burdened Kai with, so cruel and merciless.

Breathe. In, and out. In, and out.

She couldn't allow Silas to go through such a hideous death. He had escaped Kai before; he was a lucky one. This made Ruby envious in ways she could not describe because for almost a decade her entire being revolved around her adherence to the love of Abaddon and only in this moment did she realize she should've escaped with Silas when he left. This was no place for a cursed Overton.

And so, she set off through the plains, clutching onto the tiny, fragile hand of her four-year-old nephew, Riley James Overton, as they began their venture in search of his father. The very father who'd brought about the said curse, tainting the flesh of every human who had Overton blood. Ruby was ill-fated and nothing more than an burden to Kai now, her cursed soul probably seeping into the cult like a disease. She was the plague, Riley was the plague...

In fact, Riley was the Antichrist.

Their travels appeared to last for days according to the many sunsets and sunrises they'd gone through together to reach the south-east coast in the hopes of finding any sign of Silas, but this was all to no avail. Tightening the ribbon in her hair to keep her ponytail held high, she stood beside Riley as they rested on the shores, the sun at the highest point in the sky.

"Why are we walking so far?" Riley whined as he hunched over, small hand playing curiously in the sand. He'd never seen the sea before and had never felt the gritty texture of sand in his short lifetime. Ruby pressed her lips in the firm line, her gentle brown eyes skimming across the sea, gentle waves scattering the dazzling sun like sequins twinkling. "We're trying to look for your daddy, Lee baby."

And then, she slowly folded his arms across her chest, her stare wide and unfaltering yet afraid. They'd have to continue walking soon as she did not want to waste another day when Riley's life was in jeopardy. If she couldn't find her brother, it'd be safe to say that Riley would probably not make it passed his fifth birthday.

"Lets get going now, baby - I have a feeling we are not too far off now."

Lugging the bag of supplies back over her shoulders, she gestured for Riley to continue to stroll by her side as they searched for any sign of civilization. "I'm travelling to the south-east coast. I will stay in there unless I'm forced to leave. You're welcome to try find me - y'know - if things get too difficult..." Silas' words played over in her mind as she tried to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

Her brother had once been the right hand man in the cult, he knew the land like the back of his hand... Now, why would he say that he'd stay by the south-east coast until he was forced to leave? Ruby furrowed her eyebrows together as he walked beside her nephew, Riley humming a tune to a nursery rhyme as he scurried alongside her.

That's it. There must be a town here... Somewhere... Perhaps with enough walking, this settlement would reveal itself to her.

"What is my daddy like?" Queried the excited Riley, peering up inquisitively towards Ruby. Smiling sadly, Ruby refused to glance down at her nephew as she pondered on the thought for a moment before replying, "Honestly, Riley, he is a lot like you."

The two wandered down the shores for several miles, for the most part keeping to themselves as the silence hung over them like a veil. Ruby could tell that it was the mid-afternoon and, in a couple hours, they'd have to settle down for the night. But then, Ruby paused as she spotted, ahead of her, a boathouse. This wooden house was once a beacon of its age, yet now resembled something that has been through a war, the rotting wood paneling and rickety staircase making the platinum blonde woman wary to approach it.

This boathouse was a sign, she thought as she looked out across the calm waters to see islands in the horizon. If Silas wanted to escape from Kai, far away from the main land was the best place to be. "Lets get into that boat." Ruby gestured to a small paddle boat bobbing side to side in the water, attached by a rope to the dock. With delight, Riley trotted over, wobbly legs lowering himself into the vessel as Ruby followed suit behind him. 

The worst case scenario would be that Silas wasn't there and they simply leave, right?

Of course. And so, untying the rope, Ruby lowered the two ores into the water and began to row shakily, asking for Riley to make sure that she was going in the right direction. They seemed to row for ages before they approached the shore, Riley's eyes lighting up with excitement as he squirmed in his seat.

Riley hadn't seen his dad since he was only two years old; in all honesty, Ruby was pretty certain that he couldn't even remember what Silas was like. But, with the knowledge that he was going to find his dad, Riley appeared to be thrilled.

The rowboat came to a grinding halt as it crashed against the sands, Ruby's body jerking backwards very slightly. "Lets pull this boat up onto the shore. If we can't find anyone here, we'll stay the night and then head off in the morning time." Ruby muttered gently as she climbed out the boat, picking up her belongings before helping Riley out.

And then, they began to trek onward again into the woods. The eerie darkness of that night would never escape her memory. Ruby could clearly remember the pitch-black curtain draped over the sky, and the twisted, warped shapes that the stars made against the darkness. She was reminded to always gaze up at the sea of stars that would twinkle above her head and remember that she lived in a vast, beautiful world where, somewhere out there, Silas resided.

She just simply did not expect to figure out his riddle of his whereabouts like this though and, as she saw a campfire in the clearing ahead of her, she expected the worst yet hoped for the best. Crouching down to Riley's level, she whispered, "We've got to be quiet, okay? Can you be good for me and stay quiet?" Riley's eyes widened, a daring glimmer in his eyes as he proved he'd listen by placing his finger against his lips.

Riley was just like Silas.

And so, taking a shuddering breath, Ruby's intense gaze fell onto the light source ahead again as she slowly got back up onto her feet and, as her heart began to race anxiously, she stepped out into the clearing and began to slowly approach behind the people sat there, Riley's hand in hers.

And sat there were two blond men, mumbling between each other as they kept warm in front of the fire. Ruby's gaze widened with joy as she realized who it was and God damn she could recognize that voice from anywhere.

"Silas?" Ruby called out softly, squeezing onto Riley's hand gently as the young boy began grinning, glancing up at Ruby before china blue eyes, much like his grandfather's, flitted back over to stare at his father. Silas whipped his head around, freezing in his spot with his lips gently parted as his eyes scanned his sister and then his son before he quickly shut his mouth, bottom jaw wobbling very subtly. "Go say hi to daddy, Rilo." Ruby mumbled, nudging Riley forward. The young boy hesitated for a moment before darting over to Silas, Silas pulling him into a somewhat awkward hug.

Tears began to prick at her eyes, Ruby smiling to herself as she then chewed down on her lip. Silas appeared shocked, yet very pleasantly surprised, as he began to greet Riley before glancing over the the other blond man and speaking to him. Riley was going to live.

He'd make it out of the cult alive, just like his father did.

I came to you out of the quiet and still hour... Through the darkness, you were my shining light, the light that guided me through the unknown. Once again, I've followed you blindly into a dark abyss, my doe-eyes fixated on your every movement. And, this will be the last that I ever see of you before we share our goodbyes and I will be gone from this life. Fatality is like a ghost in the snow and, as the seasons flutter by, I hope that you will look up at the sky and think of me, for I am the soft stars that shine at night.
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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—  At a point in your life, a star will fall from the sky and land into the feeble palms of your hand. And then, every atom of its being will seep through your pores and into your veins, swimming through your blood and becoming a part of you forever. But then... One day, your shining star must return to the sky and that will be the most painful hurt you could ever possibly feel.

Yet, what it yours is yours. Whether it is twinkling in the sky or safe in the palms of your hand, if she lives miles away from me or lives close to that I can protect her... Ruby would always be an Overton, I'd always love my sister till the end of time. I just wished that I could've protected her better...

"So, basically I've done jack-shit today, as usual." Silas started, curling his lip as he stared into the fire. "I mean, other than getting the wood for this fire, of course... Like I know you're a Crow, right, but shit you gotta help teach me to fish or something just like dad used to... I don't even know how to hold a fuckin' rod."

And, in reality Silas knew Wynter probably wouldn't really know how to fish either, unless he learned from Sierra or something, yet it was always good to ask. Hmmph, and besides, Silas was known to talk about random shit half the time if the conversation was otherwise at a standstill. After all, he loved to hear the sound of his own voice.

Glub, glub. If only he could fuckin' catch those scaly, slimy fuckers with a net or something.

Sitting back on the log, he sighed gently and pressed his chapped lips together to form a thin line. He was not proud as the number one shit-bag of Camp Apocalypse and yet it was simply a title he supposed he had to hold onto - it was better to be a shit-bag than a nobody.

"How've you been gettin' on here, hm?" Silas then mumbled to his little brother, staring as the flames gently licked at the sky. He was usually quite a perceptive man but, with the boys' conversation plus the gentle crackling of the fire, the first he heard from his sister was when she called his name.

"Silas?" His heart leaped out of his chest.

Slowly, very slowly, Silas turned his body around to straddle the log, his jaw hanging open with surprise and his eyes fixated on his son. Holy shit balls; this kid looked like the spitting image of him. He was utterly speechless, eyes flitting between Ruby and Riley before the young child began to hesitantly approach. Silas shook his head slowly, glancing at Wynter briefly before looking back and pulling Riley into a delicate, uncertain hug.

"The fuck's goin' on?" Silas murmured, his eyes lighting up as a smile began to slowly grow on his lips. Ruby seemed dismal as she returned a smile, "I have a lot to tell you, Sy."

"Wai- Wait, first... Roo-loo, look it's Wynnie." Was Silas dreaming? The whole Overton family was here, almost, and he grinned with glee as Ruby covered her mouth with her hands before pacing over to Wynter and crouching down, wrapping her arms tightly around her long-loss brother.

Silas rested his chin on top of Riley's head as he held his son in his arms, his body trembling gently with shock and, as he peered over at his brother and sister hugging, he raised his eyebrows in realization. "You're... You're pregnant, Ruby." Silas gawked, his heart crumbling when he realized what she must've gone through. He felt his breath catch in his throat, heart hurting at the memory of Riley's conception. He didn't want a kid... He didn't want Riley but, now that he was here, he kind of didn't want him to leave.

"Uh... Yeah. Great, isn't it?" Ruby mumbled gently as she pulled away from the hug, smiling softly at Wyn before she took a seat on the log between the two of them. She was quiet for a moment, eyes staring at her shoes, before she said, "It's Kai... He wants me to lure you back to him. I think he wants to kill you."

And then, that was the moment Silas' heart felt as if it had stopped.

"What?" Silas slowly let go of Riley, eyes wide and suspicious, "You haven't lead him to here, have you?" He uttered, voice wobbling, terrified. "Of course not!", replied Ruby, clicking her tongue and shaking her head as she glanced at the oldest sibling of the three. With tears flooding her eyes, she exhaled deeply before saying, "I need you to keep Riley safe... I'm afraid he will kill him if he can't kill you."

At this point, it was safe to say that Silas was freaking out.

"But what about you?! You gonna go back there to fuckin' die?" He protested, raising his voice very slightly. Ruby sighed, eyebrows knitting together as she reached out to hold onto Wynter's hand before continuing, "I don't know, Sy... I'm pretty sure I'm immune for now anyway - I'm pregnant, he can't touch me... Besides, I need to make sure he will never find you, and I can't do that if I stay here... I'm trying to keep you safe, Sy."

"Fuck safety, Ruby." Silas hissed, narrowing his eyes at his sister, "I'm not letting you die out there... What about my niece or nephew? You want them to be born into a fuckin' cult?"

"It's safe there, Sy... Scout will be well looked after." Ruby assured softly, smiling a sincere, gentle smile. "Please, just trust me... Keep Riley safe here, and I'll figure out the rest." She added before turning to Wynter. "I can't believe it's you... I didn't think I'd see you again."

Silas's face fell, staring at the back of his sister's head dolefully as the conversation ended for now. He wanted to fight for her, but she was just as headstrong as he was... He'd never convince her to stay. He let out a deep breath before glancing over at Riley, "So, uh... You've grown so much since I last saw you?"
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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the blonde leaned back just the slightest bit, careful not to fall off of the log. “i usually didn’t spend time with dad, though.” silas had probably known that much about the younger overton. usually wynter would cling onto sierra with everything he had. either that, or he would be braiding his sisters’ hair. or painting nails with old polish.. that’s as far as his knowledge went, however.

how’s he been getting on here? his eyes slowly lifted from the gentle fire up to the sky, as if in thought. “it feels like home, to me,” he decided to admit. that was all he could get out, though, because there was a disturbance before wynter could care to elaborate. he didn’t move until silas had cared to turn and straddle the log.

and when wynter had eventually turned, he… hadn’t known quite what he was looking at. or more specifically, who he was looking at. 

a kid. oh, that was lovely! wynter adored kids with all of his heart; children made his chest swell with a certain kind of happiness. though, the longer he looked.. the more he realized it was almost like he was looking at a clone of silas, honestly. a younger one, no doubt, but he looked exactly like sy… he didn’t even know what to say as the kid slowly approached and the realization hit him like a brick.

“you have a kid?” he whispered, astonished and uncertain. he’d been so surprised by the news that he hadn’t even paid much attention to the other blonde slowly approaching the group. it took him a few seconds, but by the time he heard the fond nickname “roo-loo” he figured it all out. everything clicked.

“ruby,” he let out in a quick breath of air, wrapping his arms tightly around his sister as soon as she’d crouched down. he held her for as long as he could, thumb gently tracing her back-- though it was all so overwhelming. why was ruby here? and silas was a father? another statement by silas later, and he realized that ruby was pregnant. with-child. oh, if he thought he wasn’t going to cry before, he thought he was going to lose it at that.

for a moment, with one arm still around ruby, he moved the slightest bit to gently rest a hand on ruby’s stomach. there were so many questions he wanted to ask, so much that he needed to know. however, judging by the somber, suddenly thickening mood, he didn’t think now was the time for him to be inquiring about such things.


wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… cult?

by the time ruby had finally turned to him and softly said she’d thought she’d never see him again, his watery (when did his eyes start to water? he’d never know) eyes brightened just the slightest bit. “yeah, i--” he found himself briefly huff out of disbelief, gesturing to ruby and riley. “there’s a lot of catching up we need to do, yeah?”

he wanted to be a bit disappointed in silas for not telling him about his child. however, that would be hypocritical of him, wouldn’t it? even wynter was keeping a secret from silas and, even ruby, now. the last thing he wanted to confess to silas was the death of their older brother. that… that much was a weight that wynter wanted only on his shoulders and his shoulders, only. maybe that was why silas had kept it a secret, as well? he didn’t know. it would take time to figure this all out, he supposed.

//this is so shit i'm sorry ;-;
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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—  Silas released a heavy breath, all quite bewildered by this sudden appearance. The last thing Silas would ever have expected this dark, hazy night was Ruby and Riley appearing on the island, hand-in-hand. He peered over at Wynter meekly, realizing that the younger brother was probably more than puzzled right now and, seeing the expression riddling his features, Silas was not too far off that guess.

Grimacing gently to himself whilst he ran his fingers through his son's hair, Silas released a dismal sigh before saying, "I should've told you sooner, Wynnie... This is Riley." He chewed down onto his lip anxiously, lowering his gaze to look at his kid. "Hey man, how are - how are you?" He then uttered to Riley, the young blond boy looking over at his dad before sitting down on the grass. "Me and Auntie Ruby sleeped in the woods for like five nights to go to you." He explained, shrugging his shoulders smugly.

Silas wanted to smile at how alike Riley seemed to him, but he couldn't bring himself to, huffing gently in response before glancing back over to his two siblings who were now both in each other's embrace.

He could hear Ruby laughing to herself in disbelief, voice muffled against Wynter's shirt, and Silas pursed his lips as he looked on at them. As Ruby seated herself beside Wyn, Silas chose to scoot closer to the both of them, furrowing his eyebrows with concern as they began speaking about the cult.

Memories arose which Silas wished not to remember. That cult was damned and twisted and it took every fiber of Silas' being to try to forget that cult was ever a nightmare forever resting in his memory. Sometimes ignorance was bliss, but he truly was unable to run away from his past, especially when it chased him with pitchforks and fire torches. Kai wanted Silas dead - he already knew that as clear as day - yet he honestly didn't expect Kai to have such a vendetta against him for almost half a decade.

Then again, you never know what to expect with Kai.

Ruby chewed down on her lip as she glanced over at Wynter, a sad smile playing on her features. "I really didn't think I'd see you again. How are the others? Are they okay?" She said, Silas frowning in thought. She was trying to lighten the conversation, but this was no time for fun and games.

"Wynnie... When Ruby and I lost you, we almost died out there. We were desperate... So we joined a cult, to stay safe." He blurted out, staring into the flames of the campfire to avoid having to look over for his brother's reaction. Silas? Desperate enough to stoop to that level? It seemed unlike Silas, but he was never the most predictable kind of guy.

He cleared his throat, scrunching his nose slightly in saddened, dispirited manner. "Then, I did something incredibly stupid. So I left before I could get killed... I shouldn't have left you behind, Ruby. I shouldn't have left my own kid behind, but I was... I dunno..." He shrugged his shoulders, lips curling downwards in thought.

"I wanted to stay." Ruby responded quietly, squeezing Wynter's hand softly. "Abaddon protects me and, ever since my Messiah provided us with safety, thereafter I forever felt indebted to Abaddon... You would've felt the same if you had not betrayed Him." Her voice grew stern and dark, staring over at Silas intensely.

Silas was silent, staring back at his sister whilst his heart quietly shattered. For a minute there, he'd genuinely thought that the old Ruby was back. But, alas, she was still fixated on that God damned clown of a Savior. "I love you Sy, but you hurt me. I could easily have told Kai your whereabouts, but instead I want you to be safe. I want you to be alive, and I want Riley to not have to suffer the consequences of your wrongdoing." She continued, knitting her eyebrows together.

In awe, Silas chose to stay quiet, lowering his gaze quickly before returning to look into the flames.
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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— all of it seemed too good to be true. he’d always just assumed ruby was out there, safe and away from harm. he would’ve never imagined that one day they’d cross paths again. of course, the overtons were spread out all over, and sure he’d like to think that meeting them again would be amazing.. but this? this was more than he ever could have asked for.

a soft laugh of disbelief passed his lips as ruby let go of him and settled down beside him, instead. he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, as if he didn’t do so, it was like she’d disappear from this moment. his eyes had then settled on riley, though, and for a moment he was still.. shocked, to say the least. “when did this happen? when did you…?” there was a lot going on in wyn’s head, most of it was hard to wrap his head around. seeing a mini-silas was.. hard to imagine. guess all kinds of things had happened to them, when they’d gone their separate ways.

how are the others? the question itself was enough to make his heart ache, even more than it had been ever since their older brother’s untimely demise. it hadn’t been easy to lie to silas about everyone’s well being, but now it was even harder to keep himself together while trying to answer ruby. she didn’t need this on her shoulders, either. silas didn’t need this added weight on him, either. which.. meant wynter was more than willing to keep the burden in his heart; he couldn’t hurt them, not like this..

“they’re all okay,” he murmured, holding onto ruby’s hand the slightest bit tighter, as if for reassurance. although it was a simple phrase, merely three words, it held more weight to it than ruby or silas could ever know. smiling softly to himself, he gazed at the flames as he softly murmured, “they were always wondering how you and sy were doing.” the overtons were spread all throughout the world, like previously said. they could be anywhere, by now..

and, apparently, a cult seemed to be one of the paths taken by the family.

it was hard to imagine two of his siblings being in a cult. the blonde wasn’t even sure how he could respond, his eyes flickering between ruby and silas as if hoping for them to say this was all some kind of joke-- that there wasn’t someone out there who wanted silas dead. that ruby wasn’t still in this cult.

abaddon… messiah… his eyes wandered over ruby’s features as she talked, deciding to stay silent as she berated silas for his previous choices- choices wyn supposed he’d rather not know about. though, the moment he did decide to talk, he ended up blurting something out that he didn’t even think ruby would consider.

“stay here,” he blurted suddenly, staring for a moment. he took both of her hands in his, then, gaze hopeful, blue eyes shining with desperation. “i can’t- i can’t lose you again, ruby.” his brows knitted together anxiously, worrying at his lip. it felt wrong to even speak his mind, to try and say what he wanted to say. so, instead of fighting it anymore, he merely added in, ”and this place… this place is great. you’d love it, here.” judging by the way she spoke of this cult, he already felt like he was fighting a losing battle, but he had to at least try.
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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—  It seemed so sudden that the conversation between the three siblings had gone from a nostalgic and delighted to a dark, bitter atmosphere. Once, it had been pleasant with Wynter discovering that he, in fact, had a nephew and also a niece or nephew on the way and, whilst Silas was petrified of the idea of being a father, it'd taken him four years to understand that he couldn't run away from his past. "It's... It's difficult to explain, in front of him anyways." Silas uttered to Wynter under his breath, eyes dulling and growing somber before briefly flitting his gaze over to his son, gleefully concentrating on pushing sticks into the ground to make a mini house.

"Maybe lets talk about it another time, okay? I just..." Silas released a deep breath, nervous, as he peered back at Wynnie. "Not now."

But then, the conversation took a sharp turn for the worst, leaving a dagger sensation piercing his heart woefully. Ruby's eyes had narrowed and Silas realized that they'd lost her for good. Abaddon was her life now, it had possessed her. The blonde woman was bitter, eyes locking onto Silas' in a malicious glare as she scolded him. And then, Wynter spoke up and, Silas could only assume that it was not the right time to demand for her to stay. There'd never be a right time to try convince her to stay.

"No, Wyn." Ruby asserted sternly, turning her head to frown at him. "Perhaps you should've thought about the consequences before abandoning me and Silas all those years ago." She then mumbled, pulling her hands away from Wynter's grasp, then standing up and brushing her dress down. Silas released a sigh, stressed, before uttering, "Stop talking crap, Ruby. Sit down." This was probably the worst thing to say to a woman as stubborn and independent as their sister. Tilting her head and narrowing her eyes, Ruby looked between her two brothers before stating monotonously, "I love both of you a lot, but I already have a home. You can't try convince me otherwise... Besides, I'm doing this to keep both of you safe; be grateful."

She froze for a moment, eyes landing onto Riley for a moment before looking back at her brothers. "Hopefully I'll see the both of you again soon... When I'm next able to, I'll be coming back to visit Riley." She pointed out before walking passed the both of them and crouching beside Riley. "Hey. I'll see you soon, okay? Whilst I'm away, remember what I said about the fireflies, 'kay?" She whispered, intense gaze watching her nephew as he nodded enthusiastically. "Good." She then said before standing up and looking back over at Silas and Wynter. "Kai will be waiting for me. I should go." And then, with that, she was on her way again, disappearing into the dark.

Silas chose not to say a word. He knew fighting his sister would only cause her to push him away even more. She'd be back soon enough though, he could feel it... And so, Silas glanced over at Wynter sadly, pressing his lips into a thin line. "She's not who she used to be... Fuckin' cult brainwashed her. She'll be back here before you know it, especially now that she knows you're here."

Then, Silas turned around to have a look at his son. Riley Overton. He watched as his child played quietly by himself for a moment before questioning, "What was that about fireflies?" Riley glanced up, eyes large and innocent, as he politely responded, "Uh... Aunt Ruby and me would look for the fireflies - there were so many in the fields. She telled me that they disappear in the autumn but they always be back next year, kinda like Aunt Ruby now, maybe." He shrugged before returning to his game. "I see." Silas hummed quietly, frowning before looking back at Wynter.

Ruby was by no means a firefly, but to Silas she'd always shine bright like one even whilst plagued with so much darkness.
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Re: ・゚✧ antichrist — riley's arrival, open.
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— ah. wynter should have figured that it’d be difficult for silas to explain, especially in front of his own child, of all things. his blue eyes wandered towards the child, watching as he was occupied with everything except for the conversation at hand. so this was his nephew… it was still a hard idea to face; that he was already an uncle to one child, and would be an uncle to yet another one in time. he decided in that moment, though, as he stared at riley’s adorable face, and small hands picking up sticks, that he was going to love that kid more than anything. his knowledge of children was limited, but damn it, he was going to try his best for his nephew.

the moment of adoring his nephew could only last for so long before it all came crashing down. it fell like a crumbling weight onto his shoulders as ruby spoke again. “perhaps you should’ve thought about the consequences before abandoning me and silas all those years ago.” abandon…? it hadn’t seemed like that had been what happened, though. wynter hadn’t held a grudge against them, just like how nobody held a grudge against him when he finally left the group to be with jace -- and oh god, jace and-- and he needed to take a moment to breathe. take a moment to think… what happened that he wasn’t aware of?

everything was moving too fast for him to keep up. this person in front of him wasn’t ruby, anymore. sure, she looked like ruby.. but she wasn’t ruby. it left a sour taste in his mouth, even as he sat there, struggling to formulate words, syllables, anything. his eyes watered the slightest bit as he struggled, mouth slightly agape, nothing but strangled air passing his lips. she was gone all too fast, and all that left in her presence was a soft, broken, “ru-by…”

he thought he’d already experienced enough kinds of loss; the loss of who someone once was, though, was a new experience to the blond.

for a moment he sat there, silent, and drowning out all of the noise. it wasn’t until riley started politely speaking about the meaning of fireflies.. it was then that he slowly stood up and made his way to the small child. “riley,” he softly uttered, crouching down to almost get to his level. “i’m your uncle wyn. let’s go and get you all settled in, okay?” it had been so long since he’d even seen a child; he didn’t quite know how to react to one, nowadays. merely, as he stood, he held his hand out for riley before starting to make his way back to camp with silas.

after a long moment, though, he hesitated before softly murmuring, “is she right?” he waited another moment before trying to clarify. “do you think i abandoned you? i don’t-- i don’t know what she meant, sy, i-” it was a guilt he didn’t think he could handle putting on his shoulders. there was so much dwelling there, already; he couldn’t take any more than what was already present. his eyes fell to the ground as they walked, taking in a deep breath. “why didn’t-- you become like her, sy?”

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