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like a goldfish, swimming in a bowl | PRIVATE
« on: October 14, 2018, 10:52:09 PM »
Christopher could feel the eyes all burning into him as soon as he walked in. The previous day had been met with mockery, scorn, and generally after being humiliated for simply existing, he was excluded by the rest of the students - he was probably lucky to be free of bruises, lucky they didn't want to dirty their pretty clothes and get in trouble. The bounce in his step was something in the past, and he secured the aviator goggles over his head a little tighter.

He looked like a buffoon, and he realized he should've just left the goggles at home, and he should put on a mask - he still looked like a twelve year old, and the break out on his face suddenly became a lot more easy to remember. He should've saved up for a nice suit instead of buying food. Adjusting his raggedy brown jacket, he glanced down to avoid their eyes as he took a seat, and he felt his small breakfast stir anxiously in his stomach. He had just wanted to have some sort of - nice thing. A nice place to go to school. He should've known he didn't get nice things. Sinking into his seat weakly, the surprisingly small teenager stared blankly ahead.
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