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* little lion man. / gabriel griffin.
« on: October 30, 2018, 12:12:53 AM »
ii. informationfound my heart & broke it here
iii. timelinemade friends & lost them through the years
iv. development — and i've not seen the roaring fields in so long
v. au informationi know i've grown
vi. graphicsand i can't wait to go home
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Re: ` ✦ ° ┊ TAGS
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and i miss the way you make me feel .
I was younger then, take me back to when I Found my heart and broke it here, Made friends and lost them through the years. And I've not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I've grown. But I can't wait to go home. I'm on my way, Driving at ninety down those country lanes, Singing to "Tiny Dancer", And I miss the way you make me feel, and it's real. We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.
NAME & NICKNAMES: gabriel xander griffin / "gabe"
AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 16 years old, born 03/20. pisces.

CURRENT RANK & MEMBERSHIP: grunt of the badlands / former officer [shp]

SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIP STATUS: heterosexual; single. (2) crushes
PARENTS & GENERATION: jack griffin, kathryn griffin. generation 0.

PHYSICAL & MENTAL DIFFICULTY: physically medium; mentally easy-medium
LEVEL OF TRAINING & STYLE: somewhat trained under catalyst. uses fists and will hardly ever use weapons.
ENGAGEMENT: no capture/maim/kill without permission. peaceful powerplay is allowed. attack in underline.
TROPES: like father, unlike son; nice guy; living emotional crutch; pretty boy
FULL PERSONALITY: literally the goodest boy. he's trying his best!! he's a shining example of a good child: smart, friendly, kind, and so much more. gabriel is extremely good-hearted and sweet if you gain his trust. even to strangers, he's eager to please. he is helpful and generous to mostly everyone, whether he offers you a place to stay or if he offers you some of his own belongings. no matter if he's confused or nervous or feeling doubtful, he always tries to remain nice. he absolutely wants the best for his friends and wants to see them succeed; he's a very loyal person to have on your side. he's an extroverted introvert, or perhaps an ambivert, depending on who he's with.

gabe is cautious and often doubtful of his own abilities, but in dire situations, he learns to shut down his anxiety and rush forward foolishly if it means he can save himself or, more importantly, save others. also, can be naive at times depending on what he's faced with. of course he would like to change little things about himself and has insecurities like any other person, but not to the point where he's cripplingly anxious about himself and the world around him. if you didn't know better, you would probably say that he's a beacon of confidence and positivity.

gabriel is stubborn when frustrated, and sometimes even passive-aggressive, but he will rarely use violence against others. he is more of a peace-maker and a reasonable boy rather than a confrontational one.

FULL DESCRIPTION: gabriel is a shorter-than-average sixteen year old, standing at around 5'7" and weighing in at 130 pounds. he has a skinny build with not a lot of muscle. he has pale/fair skin and short brown hair that is usually combed over or tousled. he has brilliant, deep blue eyes and a long scar running across his elbow. he usually wears tees, jackets, sneakers, and jeans. sometimes boots as well as hoodies. irish, english, german, and miscellaneous northern european.
current injuries: none
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Re: ` ✦ ° ┊ TIMELINE
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joining the badlands

oneshot about his parents

bullied for the first time
— "toxic masculinity" arc begins
first real act of defense

defending against thug
finding bobcat kitten
learning about his father
sade's death

catalyst and gabriel visit flintlock lodge
— general downward spiral into a state of mourning and repressed emotions
character arc finale
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Re: ◜ little lion man : gabriel ◞
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★★★ // basics
Spoiler:  20 questions • show
what’s your character’s full name? gabriel xander griffin

do they like their name? yep!

if given the opportunity, would they change their name? To what? he likes his name, but what if he had a badass name? jason, ryder, ace...

do they have any nicknames? What are they? definitely gabe! (also mr. potato head via michael and pretty boy via lake)

how did they get them? gabe is short for gabriel and, frankly, it's easier to say. michael was drunk when he came up with mr. potato head, so who knows. and pretty boy? it was used as a sarcastic insult but /shrug/

do they like the nicknames? he only likes gabe since it's a shortened version of his actual name

what’s their designated at birth gender? male

what pronouns do they go by now? he/him

how old are they? Do they look their age? gabe's fifteen and yeah, i suppose he looks his age.

how old are they mentally? he's wise beyond his years in some aspects, but he's also naive. he's about his age, mentally.

when’s their birthday? february 20th

do they celebrate it? his parents used to bake him things for his birthday

do they believe in any religion? gabe doesn't actively practice a religion or devotion to a higher power, so borderline agnostic ig?? because it's not like he disbelieves in a god, either. religion just wasn't really focused on in his family.

aliens? he's indifferent towards the idea

what holidays do they celebrate? gabe knows of p much all of the famous holidays just because... pop culture. but given the apocalypse, he could only ever celebrate new years, christmas, and maaaybe thanksgiving

what’s their intelligence level like? he's very booksmart but not streetsmart. he's a smart kid, don't get me wrong, but he is still naive

what school subject are they best at? he's good at a lot of things tbh? he's okay in science, he's good at math and english as well

can they read? yes!

what are the languages they are fluent in? english, knows basic-level spanish

what’s their first language? english

★★★ // physical
Spoiler:  92 questions • show
what’s their nationality? american

what’s their hygiene like? he's not,,, dirty? he kept up his hygiene back home so he's trying his best out here even if it's more difficult

do they have smelly feet? as a teenage boy? probably.

what about their teeth? until he runs out of toothpaste and floss, he's gucci

how physically healthy are they right now? he's Fine

mentally? his whole toxic-masculinity thing is confusing him and making him constantly uncomfy in his own skin!!

do they have any permanent injuries? no

do they get uncomfortable when people mention them? only if he feels he's being trash-talked

which is their dominant hand? right

what’s their handwriting like? a tad bit messy

how tall are they? Their weight? 5'7" and 130 lbs

do they like their current height/weight? he wishes he was taller and had more muscle to him

what is the shape of their eyes? Color? kind of thin tbh? they're blue

do their eyes lighten up when excited? yeAh

do they have long eyelashes? Thick eyebrows? his eyebrows are on the thinner side but not nonexistent. as for eyelashes, uh.... i don't think they're long

what color is their hair? brown

have they dyed it before? nope

how hairy are they? i mean he's hairy but not excessively like a grown ass man. it's not like he shaves

do they shave? How often? nope, he doesn't see a point in it (unless it's facial hair bc he doesn't want any)

do they style their hair? he likes to give it a comb-over but it might become slightly tousled or slicked back depending on what happens during the day but it's no big deal

is their hair easy to tame, or unkempt? pretty tame

what is the shape of their face? kinda triangle-shaped tbh

which facial feature is most prominent? eyes!! they always stand out

do they have acne? nope

what about freckles? moles? like,,, barely noticeable freckles across his nose

body feature? again, probably eyes

what are their hands like? Calloused? Soft? soft

is their skin soft or rough? soft

do they have physical handicaps/disabilities? nada

what about mentally? nope

do they wear makeup? no lmfao

do they have tattoos? nooooo

birthmarks? no

what’s their clothing like? casual? tees, jeans, shorts, hoodies, jackets, occasionally boots, sneakers

what do they wear to bed? a plain sleepshirt

what’s their fancy attire like? dunno. he's never really dressed in fancy attire but i'd assumed a collared dress-shirt ( or a suit if the event calls for one )

how do they dress when it’s hot? tank top and shorts

when it’s cold? hoodies, jackets, jeans

do they have any scars? Where and why? nah

how do they feel about their appearance? /shrug/. he wishes he can be taller and more muscular but whelp

how do they feel about socks and sandals? he doesn't hate them but he wouldn't personally wear them

how easily can they bear pain? depends on what happened

how long can your character sit still? a while

do they bite their nails? style them? nope

do they have physical habits they can’t control? text.

do they stutter? no

what does their voice sound like? typical teenage boy, with some voice-cracks here and there

what do they sound like when happy? uhh... happy, ig? voice tends to be higher

mad? he raises his voice, it gets a tiny bit rougher and more biting

sad? he mumbles, his voice tends to be lower and softer

scared? he may stammer and tremble depending on the situation

how do they act when excited? his eyes light up, he smiles, uhhh

how about mad? Sad? he tends to ball up his fists when mad, and frown and storm around and stuff. when he's sad he may isolate himself and go sit somewhere on his own and slouch and avert his gaze.

what does their neutral expression look like? pretty neutral LMAO

do they keep their hands in their pockets? no

at what time do they wake up? mmm, 8-8:30

when do they go to bed? around 11

do they fall asleep easily? yeah

what is their sleeping position? on his side

do they shift around a lot when sleeping? no

do they talk in their sleep? no

how long does it take to get ready in the morning? idk, 5 minutes?

how alert are they when they wake up? pretty alert ig, if he's well-rested

do they do anything to warm up, like a jog? no

is your character ticklish? If so, where? his armpits and his neck LMAO

is there a sensitive part of the body? n/a

how do they feel about close contact? fine with it if it's a person he trusts

how do they react to getting sick? kinda miserable and isolated skdksk

do they get cold or hot easily? i'd say he gets cold easier

how strong are their basic senses? average ig

if they could have only one sense, what would it be? taste, because what is life without food?

what’s in their diet? pretty much anything, he's not picky

is your character a vegetarian? Why? no

do they like sweets? If so, which ones? again, pretty much anything

how do they feel about trying new food? if it looks questionable then he might be hesitant but i feel like he'd try anything

how often do they eat? everyday, he's a growing boy!

how strong are they? on a scale of 1-10, i'd say a 6.5

are they agile? i guess

do they get distracted easily? no

do they like being held? tbh yea

are they cuddly? y es

is there an item they always carry around? i mean a switchblade ig

do they have any hobbies? What are they? drawing, music, reading

are there any hobbies they have, but hate? no?

is there anything they hate doing? no??

does your character have a "panic room"ť/comfort area? the beach or the forest or anywhere naturistic and peaceful. or his room

is your character clumsy? not really

what is their posture like? okay ig, can be slouch-y at times

how do they walk? iN A sTrAiGhT lInE

is your character acrobatic or flexible? probably not

can they swim? not really? he could probably tread water for a minute before giving in

what energizes them? being around friends, doing something exciting/thrilling

what drains their energy? physical activity, violent/tense situations

★★★ // personality
Spoiler:  100 questions • show
introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? honestly it fluctuates depending on his development. when he first started out he was more introverted but now he's opening up more to people, so maybe an ambivert?

do they prefer to be alone, or with others? with others, he's not used to being alone

how social are they? he's not an extreme extrovert but he's fine with talking to people

are they good at public speaking? he could probably stomach it but would be freaking out internally

are they dominant or submissive? submissive

do they wait for instructions, or go by their own rules? wait for instructions

do they have a tendency to make rash decisions? no

is their heart bigger than their brain? How so? yeah probably. he's a sweetie

are they curious, or cautious? a mix of both skdfk. although when he's curious, he uses caution

would they rather know the truth, or hear what they want to hear? know the truth

is it easy for them to tell others "no"? depends on what it is

are they a pushover? yeah kinda

will they stand up to bullies? yes, even if it's out of his comfort zone. he's more likely to stand up for someone else tho

do they back off if provoked? he'll try to but he might slip up, it depends

if they are wronged, will they demand for apologies? no

are they typically happy or sad? happy

what is their self-esteem like? it's okay. he's not extremely self-deprecating but he's not cocky either

do they insult themselves to compliment others? maybe?

is there any situation that makes them hesitate? dangerous situations. jumping off a cliff? going into a cave? definitely

scared? again ^

how do they act around strangers? depends on who the person is. he won't let his guard down until they're trustworthy, though he's more likely to be withdrawn if the person is intimidating.

acquaintances? he's indifferent, but respects them if he's respected in return

friends? Family? he's a great and loyal friend, def someone to have your back. he's very loving around his family

their partner? never had one before but i'd imagine he'd be loving and compassionate and understanding

what about children? he likes children!

how easy is it to gain their trust? i mean if you're nice and prove yourself worthy of his friendship then he'll trust you

is there a certain type of personality they don’t trust? anyone who seems shady, like reckless and vulgar and dark-humored people

how easy is it to become their friend? i think it would be easy?

are they turbulent or assertive? i'd say more turbulent

prospecting or judging? prospecting

what makes them happy? nature, animals, food, being with friends or family

what makes them sad, or scared? idk, basic things?? KASKDSK like being put in danger or his loved ones dying or whatever's normal i guess he's not that complicated

what makes them mad? being bullied, others being bullied, being treated unfairly

how do they act when insulted? he'll try to keep his head and will refrain from fighting unless a sister SNAPS

are they the type to insult others? no, unless the person really deserves it

what do they do if in danger? he'd probably rather run and stay safe

what happens when they don’t get what they want? depends. i don't think he'd complain?

are they selfish? Greedy? nah

do they lie? hardly

what’s the biggest lie they ever told? hmm

do they have secrets? How many? not a lot but a few, i suppose

are they good at keeping others’ secrets? yeah

is there something that "is a secret"ť, but they tell everyone it anyways? nope

what’s their biggest secret? Have they told anyone? i'd say his biggest secret is that his parents were former badlands leaders, although he's only told one person

what one of the seven sins are they most likely to commit? wrath?

is it possible for them to turn evil (or good if bad)? if manipulated and emotionally damaged enough, then he could to some degree

what’s their soft spot? kids?

what do they absolutely hate? anyone who thinks they have the liberty to bully or assault another person

are they annoyed easily? kinda KSKSK

do they express affection/is comfortable with it? he's p emotional

how do they handle affection? he's perfectly fine w it

how do they give it? through words, through actions, in a lot of ways

who or what influenced their personality? his parents, maybe moreso his mother

are there traits they picked up from others? his mother, a little bit of his dad, and also the people around him

do they brag? How often? he doesn't rlly brag

what’s their biggest strength? his heart

what’s their biggest flaw? how soft he is, how much of a pushover he is, his naivety

are they aware of their flaws? yep

what part of their personality would they change? Why? again, how much of a pushover he is

what makes them anxious? intense situations, violence

are they easily frightened? kinda yeah

are they a daydreamer? ig??

pig of love or pig of hate? pig of LOVE

are they a bookworm? How often do they read? he reads a lot, he always finds time for it

are they artsy? Do they draw or do pottery? he draws!

can they knit? no

are they good at fixing their mistakes? i'd say so. it's not like he'd feel comfortable ignoring them.

how much effort do they put into tasks? he gives his all!

do they have any short-term goals? learn how to defend himself

long-term? eventually see his family again, learn how to help take care of them, etc

are they determined to accomplish them? definitely

are they afraid of growing old? not really?

how do they act when embarrassed? he might stammer, lose his train of thought, get red-faced

is your character naive or experienced? naive, considering he's been sheltered

can they be considered wise? in some aspects

are they a role-model to younger children? sure yeah

are they optimistic, pessimistic, or a realist? idk?? a mix between optimist and realist?

what is their sense of humor like? prob makes a corny joke here and there, he likes teasing people lightheartedly

what makes them laugh out loud? maybe when people fall for harmless pranks

what words or phrases do they overuse? can't think of any

do they have a catchphrase? no

how do they see themselves? a kid who's constantly learning and growing as a person

how do they want to be seen by others? someone they can trust, depend on, look to for friendship

how do they react to praise? he's humble but feels prideful internally

to criticism? he accepts it with a straight face though may take it personally depending on what's said

are they competitive? he can handle friendly competition but he's not really competitive in nature

Do they make quick judgements or take time to consider? he considers things

what will they stand up for? justice, freedom, those who can't stand up for themselves

how long does it take to back down in an argument? if he feels that he's losing or can't budge the other person then he'll back down

who do they look up to? his parents, potential role models?

who do they quote? no one?

how do they decipher who is better/worse than them? idk, he has a basic understanding of who's good and kind and generous and who's bad and a criminal and who's cruel

how do they treat those who are better than them? with respect ofc

worse? indifferent, may be a tad PA if sassed.

what sense do they rely most on? sight?

what do they value most in a friend? mutual respect and trust

what do they consider an overrated virtue? obedience. you should only obey people you respect, and in his case, his parents and role models, but it's not necessary to obey everything at the expense of logic

what is their obsession? doesn't really have one? i'd say the closest thing is music

what are their pet peeves? invasions of personal space, people who constantly complain/are ungrateful/never satisfied

what are their idiosyncrasies? can't think of any rn?

★★★ // friends and family
Spoiler:  34 questions • show
what’s their ideal friend like? someone he can trust and hang out with ig? doesn't take a lot

how about best friend?  someone around his age or possibly a bit older who he can trust and look to for anything. they do everything together and have each other's backs. ideally a boy so they can be Boys

who is their best friend? probably willow

what’s their favorite thing about their best friend? he gravitates towards her for some reason. she obviously has something hiding beneath the surface, and she's not as shallow as she may seem to be. she's just interesting to be around when you get to talk with her.

who are their other friends? What are they like? lake, maybe? they're kind of frenemies. she teaches him things but also teases him a lot, but he's learning not to take it seriously

do they have any enemies? What are they like? his bullies, the people who don't believe in him or talk trash about him

who are their allies? his friends, i suppose? and his peers

how big is their family? not very big at all. just his parents and his sister

do they get along well with their family? he gets along very well with his mother and sister, and he loves his dad but he can clash personality-wise with him sometimes

what is their perception of family? whoever loves you and whoever you love, whether it's blood or not

are their parents still alive? yes

what about their siblings, if they have any? yes

do they fight with their siblings? he used to when he was younger but he learned to be more mature about things

do they have a weird uncle/aunt? no

how are the cousins? he's never met them

what are their grandparents like? never met them

how much of the family tree do they know? just his immediate family. his parents lost contact with everybody after the apocalypse

are their parents strict? in a sense, where they're just overprotective

what’s the family motto? none?

is the family abusive, or loving? loving

who is your character closest to? probably his mom

what is the origin of the family? text.

is there a quirky trait to the family name? no? i suppose "griffin" can be associated with a gryphon

does the family come from a long line of a certain type of occupation? his mother's family had a tailoring business back in the day and his father's family comes from a long line of military

is the family rich or poor? considering the apocalypse? average. they're not impoverished and make do with what they have

are there any family friends? their neighbors? there were a few trusted people that lived next to the griffins and they would rely on each other for resources

is your character fond of pets? he's never really had one, but sure

what pets do they currently have? none

do they have any deceased pets? nope

do they want children when older? he's never really given thought to it but he would want a daughter

do they have any children now? he /is/ a child

do they have a spouse? no

what was the worst thing they said to a loved one? "i don't even know who you are", after he found out he was lied to

who do they rely on the most? himself, for now

★★★ // romance
Spoiler:  26 questions • show
what is your character’s sexuality? het because that’s all he’s really ever known? has never had the opportunity to explore it

do they believe in love at first sight? i wouldn't say so

are there things they look for in a partner? again he hasn't really considered it but i think he subconsciously would want someone who's willing to show a mutual respect, understanding, tenderness. someone who's his best friend.

things they try to avoid? anyone who is not a decent human being

how do they feel about romance right now? confused. naive. uncertain.

do they have a partner? Are they engaged? noooooope

what’s their past love life like? nonexistent

their current? uhhhh. idk man but Something's goin on

how do they behave in a relationship? we'll have to see. i'd imagine normal, but amplified(tm) and more affectionate

how would they describe their partner? n/a

is there anything they don’t like about their partner? n/a

is there anything they absolutely adore? n/a

do they often say "i love you"ť? n/a

what was their first kiss like? nonexistent

their first date? n/a

what kind of gifts do they tend to give? idk yet

are they a light or passionate kisser? i'd. imagine light?

how does it feel when they kiss? idk he's a teenage boy with no experience whatsoever we'll SEE

do they hug or cuddle often with their partner? n/a

how and where did they first meet their partner? n/a

which one asked the other out? How was the moment? n/a

where do they want to be with their partner in five years? n/a

what does your character desperately want to say, but can’t find the words? n/a

have they gotten into any arguments? n/a

how do they usually end? n/a

are there any traits that clash? n/a

are there things that may be scary about the partner? n/a

have they ever had their heart broken? no

★★★ // past, present, and future
Spoiler:  36 questions • show
how many homes has your character lived in? two

what was their first home like? a suburban two-story home nestled in a cul de sac in a mostly abandoned town. the front and backyard was vast and green, and the backyard led into a small forested area.

what is their current home like now? a small, dingy apartment that's barren and empty with only a bed and dresser.

do they like it? it suffices

what’s their dream home? idk, a mansion?

who was the most occurring person in their life? both his parents

do they still help your character now? not physically but sometimes he considers their advice

what was your character like as a baby? he was very small, around 2-3 pounds, could probably be held in one hand. barely survived being born premature, and eventually his development started normalizing. he was very smiley and happy, and was rarely loud.

as a child? soft-spoken and sweet, yet still playful and eager to learn about new things

did they have an imaginary friend? no, he had his sister

if so, what was it like? How long did it last? n/a

did your character grow up on fairytales? yes

what were they like? What was their favorite? they were just classic stuff, like beauty and the beast and jack and the beanstalk (his favorite because his dad's name is jack and they'd always pretend that he was the main character)

what was their biggest fear as a child? the "bad people" who sought to "hurt" them

do they still have that fear today? considering he lives with the bad people, not really

what event changed their life completely? learning the truth about his parents

are they worried about the future? he's... uncertain ig

what was the best thing that’s ever happened? coming to the badlands maybe, as contradictory as it sounds. it's like he's started a whole new life there

the worst? running away from his family

is there anything they regret from the past? not telling his parents where he went, not saying goodbye to his sister

What is the most offensive thing they ever said? "you look like crap"? idk he doesn't say anything mean

was the character alive when the blackout first started? What was it like for them? he was born around 5 years after, so no

are they used to it now? n/a

was your character bullied when younger? not when he was younger but nowadays, yeah

what was their first pet? Is it still alive? he had an earthworm named jimbo when he was 7 but it died in like a day

what is their favorite memory? maybe the family picnics in the meadow, those were always fun

their least favorite? again, probably learning that he was lied to by his parents and running away from home bc that was definitely scary

is there a part of their past they refuse to tell? he hasn't really talked about his past at all, specifically who his parents were

is there a part they want everyone to know of? not really

what was their greatest achievement? being promoted, i suppose. going from a sheltered boy who lived in a small suburban town to a distinguished rank in a group of thugs in under five months is p impressive

what are their current ambitions? better himself, learn how to fight, prove himself worthy to everyone

what advice would they give to younger self? listen to dad's advice

current self? don't try to be someone else, just be the best version of yourself

future self? text.

what smells/sounds/sights remind them of their childhood? rosemary, classic piano, falling snow

when was the last time they were heavily disappointed? again, when his parents told him that they weren't what he thought they were. that was a big gamechanger for him

★★★ // combat
Spoiler:  35 questions • show
does your character rely more on endurance, strength, or speed? endurance?

do they use flexibility to their advantage? no?

are they "flashy"/acrobatic when they fight? not at all LMAO

are they trained? How much? he has a bit of training under his belt

are they currently training anyone? nah he's being trained

what was their training like? long, grueling sessions of 1x1 combat training

did they have an instructor, or were they self-taught? he's had multiple instructors

is there any specific martial arts/fighting style? not really

are they a defensive or offensive fighter? i'd say more defensive

how focused are they when fighting? he tries to focus as hard as he can

brains or brawn? uhh brawn

do they block often, or try to dodge? dodge

do they rely more on kicks or punches? punches

do they have a "signature move"ť? nah

what move are they currently trying to learn? the directe visage attack method, in which he aims a kick at the ribs while swinging a punch at his opponent's face as to confuse them

do they use any weapons? not normally

are there any weapons they refuse to use? no

how do they use their weapon? i'd assume just blind stabbing

will they ever kill? he probably would if ordered to

have they killed anyone before? no

what’s their biggest fear for fights? getting killed himself

are they a threat in fights? no

who can they take down easily? uhhh a leaf probably

what types of fighting styles do they struggle against? just about anything

is there anyone they refuse to fight? prob willow

what do they first do in a fight? throw punches

what happens if they’re cornered? he'd Die

if they’re pinned to the ground? he'd attempt to roll them over

are they a dirty fighter? nah

how many fights have they won? Lost? he's lost most of them, only won like once bc his trainer let him

do they ever let themselves lose? prob if he knows he can't win, but only in spars

how far will they go to win? /shrug/

do they limit themselves in terms of ruthlessness? oh yeah definitely bc he's not a dirty fighter

is there any partner they fight alongside? not specifically

how do they balance each other’s strengths? n/a

★★★ // favorites and least favorites
Spoiler:  36 questions • show
favorite animal? dog

least favorite animal? uhh bear? coyote? anything predatory

favorite color? blue

least favorite color? neon pink

favorite place? home

least favorite place? probably the woods at night

favorite food? his mom's rosemary chicken

least favorite food? idk maybe raw meat (excluding fish)

favorite book? "where the wild things are"

least favorite book? doesn't have one

favorite day of the week? idk if it matters

least favorite day of the week? ^

favorite month? maybe may or june when it's warm

least favorite month? january because it's COLD

favorite season? spring

least favorite season? winter

favorite toy? maybe just action figures idk

least favorite toy? doesn't have one

favorite type of weather? sunny and clear

least favorite type of weather? thunderstorm/snowstorm

favorite time of day? sunset

least favorite time of day? uhhh dawn? early morning hours?

favorite thing about themselves? his hair ;^)

least favorite thing about themselves? how much of a pushover he is

favorite thing about their current home? it's small and simple

least favorite thing about their current home? it's kinda dirty

favorite holiday? christmas

least favorite holiday? /shrug/

favorite shirt? uhhhh

least favorite shirt? uhhhh

favorite activity? IDK MAN. exploring?

least favorite activity? idk

favorite word? uhhh

least favorite word? uhhhh

favorite smell? rosemary

least favorite smell? rotting food

★★★ // this or that
Spoiler:  27 questions • show
dog or cat? he likes both

ice cream or snow cone? ice cream

muffin or donut? muffin

toast or eggs? both

meat or vegetables? meat

cardio or weights? cardio

form or function? ?

swimming or sunbathing? sunbathing bc this boi cant swim

rain or snow? rain

indoors or outdoors? uhh both

tornado or hurricane? nONE???

hot or cold? hot

pop or indie? honestly a mix of both, maybe more towards indie

big party or small gathering? small gathering

rich friend or loyal friend? loyal friend

work hard or play hard? work hard

sneakers or sandals? sneakers

knife or sword? knife bc he can actually hold it

hands or gun? hands

pen or pencil? pencil

blinds or curtains? blinds

save or spend? save

fight or flight? flight

ocean or mountains? ocean

winter or summer? summer

sweater or hoodie? hoodie

ninjas or pirates? ninjas

★★★ // miscellaneous
Spoiler:  20 questions • show
what is their archetype? the innocent?

would they dress up for halloween? As what? spiderman!! or a superhero

what would they do if they won the lottery? give half to charity and save the rest

if they had a superpower, what would it be? What would they do with it? can't see him with any. he reminds me more of a boy wonder, but he'd still try to save people

what would they ask a fortune teller? idk lmfao

If your character could travel through time, where would they go? maybe to the 1950s

can your character use chopsticks? yeah

what do they do when they can’t sleep? stare at the ceiling?

what would they impulse buy at a store? tea LMFAO and way too many sweets

what kind of coffee would they order? can't see him as a coffee person. maybe a frappuccino of sorts

what apps would they have on their phone? instagram, snapchat, youtube, uhhhh

what kind of tv shows would they watch? stranger things, a series of unfortunate events, brooklyn nine-nine

what’s their hogwarts house? hufflepuff

their patronus? saint bernard

who is their Greek patron god/goddess? apollo?

do they have a set Pokémon team? What is it? pikachu, bulbasaur, vulpix, latios, riolu, oshawott

who’s their Disney face-claim? oOf. bambi?

their dreamworks face-claim? hiccup!!

who’s their superhero face-claim? robin?? lmfao. or spiderman

who’s their voice-claim? levi miller, like "better watch out" era tho

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— gabriel xander griffin
— lives in san francisco, california ( tentative )
— two-story home overlooking the city

— wears jeans, hoodies, tees, converses, and a lot of casual clothing
— doesn't wear a lot of hats except for beanies on occasion
— keeps his hair short. usually combs it over. hair was a bit curly up until he first turned fifteen or so, and now it's straightened out.

family & relationships
— mother, kathryn griffin, is a former school teacher who pursued nursing
— father, jack griffin, is former military who was involved in the criminal underground when he was younger. he's now working for a high-end construction corporation
— has a little sister, abby griffin
— has a few close friends, a large amount of people generally know who he is
— tends to be close with his team, especially the basketball team
— has had a handful of crushes, minor or major
— formerly dated katelyn freshman year, though it was nothing serious

— sophomore
— technically in the popular crowd although he doesn't fit the stereotypes of a jock. he's really smart and kind to everyone, and is really only known because of his status on the sports teams
— nominated to homecoming court at least once in his high school career; he has no idea how it happened
— has had a few admirers ( that he knows of, anyways ) but has never pursued that because literally What
— was?? generally bullied up until middle school. he used to be meek and kind of "nerdy" and teased because of his height

— athletic. has been on the track team before. has made it to plenty of statewide tournaments. currently plays soccer and baseball during the school year, and most of all basketball. it's his biggest passion; currently on the junior varsity team but will upgrade to varsity next year as a junior.
— enjoys music, both listening and playing. started out playing classical piano. plays the guitar as well. enjoys bands such as the beatles, queen, elton john, red hot chili peppers, and weezer.
— likes animals but has never really owned a pet.
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