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this was going to be a story she would share with her kids, and her kids' kids. assuming she had more than one child.. ( the idea of being a future mother made her anxious ) anyway, this was a pretty iconic situation that she had found herself in. the woman had simply been enjoying the little time she had on ground, the surroundings seemingly tropical in appearance. she was sat with her knees to her chest on the ground, snacking on a bag of trailmix, enjoying the fresh breeze running its fingers through her brunette locks of hair. that is when a little creature caught her eye. the creature was small and fast, scurrying past and climbing in the aircraft and above her. he stared down at her and through the dark shadows harley was able to make out what exactly this creature was...

a monkey!

aw, love, how'd you get to this crumby place? aren't trees better than a big flying lump of metal? ❞ now that she said that out loud, maybe a big flying lump of metal wasn't so bad. it was very cool how something so heavy still managed to defy gravity..

okay, okay. now wasn't the time to go off about the specifics of flying. there was a monkey climbing down and heading towards her and she didn't know what to do. harley's first reaction was to get a handful of trailmix and held her hand out for her newfound buddy to munch on. her hand shook, nervous that he would try to attack.. instead, he was gentle and just as nervous as her. as they both came to the realization that the other wouldn't hurt them, they were more relaxed. harley stood up slowly and kept her hand outstretched. the monkey, in turn, took told of her arm and used it as leverage so that he could climb up onto her shoulders.

oh how she wanted to show off her new friend. and she knew the exact person to show him off to. harley handed the monkey another hand full of trailmix as she speed walked her way in the direction of the place she knew caillen would be. ❝ caillen? lookie who i found! a friend! ❞ she called as she entered the room, immediately brightening up the scene. ❝ i think with a bit of training we could have him help around!

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