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 well i guess i should go \\ open, invitation
« on: April 12, 2019, 12:34:33 PM »
truth be told, anton, in all his years in springfield, had never bothered to approach other groups. he'd never popped on over to say hello or introduce himself, but in his defense, none of them had ever done as much for him. no one had bothered to come by and offer some cookies or whatever these groups did to be friendly. but, since they seemed to be multiplying like rabbits these days, anton figured now was better than ever to show up to each one of these groups and invite them to springfield for a party. more importantly, to make it clear to everyone that springfield would be remaining impartial to all of these people and their inevitable conflicts.

so he stood, still and silent, on the beach. he had a few of his members behind him, everyone dressed rather nicely. men in suits, women in pantsuits or skirts or dresses. though it wasn't likely to be anyone's first comparison upon seeing them, they looked like exactly what they were; doctors, suited up for a day of work, only their white coats and stethoscopes missing. they stood silent and waiting, patient as always.
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