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the corps | meeting (09/04)
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:30:03 PM »
★★★ Linda was reluctant to host this meeting. The Corps was a dying group, they had been extremely populous and barely needed to scavenge for food and resources when the blackout had occurred, but with the passing years the group had begun to struggle. Was there even anyone to host the meeting for? Hardly, a few NPCs were scattered about, performing there duties, other than them there was barely anyone.

With a small sigh the woman let out a shout. "Members of the Corps! Please gather for your weekly announcements!" The few NPCs near Linda had stopped walking and turned to face her, awaiting the announcements. "Thank you. This meeting shall be brief, for I don't have many things to announce. To start the meeting off, I need to inform you all that our supplies are decreasing drastically. We only have enough food to last us a few more weeks and only a small amount of medical supplies that could be decreased greatly depending on what happens during the upcoming days. In order to maintain supplies we will need to form alliances with the other groups that are scattered throughout the land." Right, she had gotten the only extremely important announcement out of the way, now for the only other announcement she had. "Now, in order to bring more attention to ourselves, we will be inviting these other groups I mentioned to what I call 'The Corps' Sail Extravaganza'. We will be taking these groups on a cruise through the harbor, take them on a tour around our base, and try to form a strong alliance with each of them. Perhaps if we prove ourselves enough, some of the members of each of the groups will join us in a dual alliance.
 I will be going out to each of the groups territory and will be formally inviting them to the event. The main event should be starting in a few days. That is all I have to say right now, you may continue with your duties."
She was finished, finally. It almost felt pointless to host this meeting, but hopefully in the end it would pay off and the party would help boost activity.

"Wow!"   huh!
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Linda always stands straight and never hunches. She usually stands in the typical attention or at ease military positions and never stands in a closed body position. She usually has a bland, almost emotionless expression and always speaks in a direct voice, constantly looking her audience in the eye.
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