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« on: January 06, 2018, 05:29:03 AM »
A place for all my dumb projects and stuff I write up in various styles.

NONE OF THIS IS REAL. Stuff like "The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy" are all things I made up and are not real, nor do I wish they are real.

DO NOT TRACK, DO NOT POST. You may view, and PM me if you have concerns.

Be prepared for cringe!
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 05:29:18 AM »
A thing I've been working on for some made-up show, I dunno


Spoiler: show
"Odd Squad's an organization run by kids. We fight oddness where it lurks in every nook, cranny, and the occasional tail. Though our names don't start with an O, I'm loyal to this place and the kids that run it. These...are our adventures."

--Mandy's opening monologue

The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy is a Cartoon Network series created by Alpha Kratt, a pseudonym for Amanda B., who voices the titular Mandy and is the creator of the YouTube channels Alpha Kratt, Alpha Kratt's Life, Alpha's Reviews, and Alpha Kraken. Tim McKeon is a writer for the show.

A spin-off of PBS Kids's show Odd Squad, and a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the series follows one of Odd Squad's agents, a human-hybrid creature named Agent Mandy, and her American cousin Peaches, who is a catgirl. Together, the two fight odd creatures and odd villains, while keeping it together inside Headquarters. With the former show, The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy is set in Season 2, but Mandy and Peaches travel to Olive and Otto's Headquarters from time to time, and the two chat with Olive and Otto often.

The series is notable for including Salison's style of animation. In addition, Salison is the animation and art director for the show, along with Kerry C.

Amanda B. remains as showrunner on the show, and states that the show was a way for her to "get into Odd Squad, but with my own little tweaks." All actors who played characters on Odd Squad also reprise their roles here as voice actors, with Peaches being voiced by Grey DeLisle. The theme song is "Valise", a Sparta Base created by YouTubers Alex, Phantom RMW, and Zozey1231.

A movie, In Odd We Trust, has been slated for 2019.

Could use some Recap love.
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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 05:09:33 PM »
List of moves and evolutions for an Odd Squad Pokemon-esque game


Spoiler: Key • show
Y = Young; or Agent-in-training.
MS. or MR. = Director.
A = Agent.

Spoiler: Types • show

Spoiler: list of moves • show
--Bringdown: The user attacks the opponent by tackling them. It may lower their ATTACK.
--Gadget Blast: A random gadget is blasted at the opponent. What happens is chosen by the Hammerspace move.
--Hammerspace: User reaches behind back and pulls out a gadget. Used in conjunction with Gadget Blast.
--Hard Punch: The opponent is punched with such intensity it causes them to reel back. Lowers DEFENSE and may make them confused.
--Sing: Puts the opponent to sleep by singing a lullaby.
--Hyper Trill: User sings in a very loud voice enough to cause damage.
--Antler Ram: Rams the opponent with antlers.
--Headbutt: The user rams the opponent with their head.
--Gadget Hurl: Unlike Gadget Blast, a gadget is hurled at the opponent.
--Trip Kick: A foot strikes out and trips the opponent. May make them confused.
--Invisibility: Turns the user invisible for 3 turns. All attacks that cause damage are evaded.
--Pyromania: Shoots fire from a gadget that causes a burn.
--Tiny Note: A small but ear-grating screech emanates from the user, lowering the foe's DEFENSE harshly.

--Addinator: The user makes a copy of itself that is used as an ally in battle.
--Bear-Trap-inator: Traps the opponent for 5 turns.
--Black-Hole-inator: A black hole appears, sucking away items that are being held, including that of the user's. Strong winds push against both user and opponent, lowering DEFENSE.
--Day-inator: If it's nighttime, the weather will shift to the daytime, heating up all types' moves.
--Dig-inator: The user digs under the ground and strikes the opponent.
--Flying-Book-inator: Flying books are sent out by the user and strike the opponent, reducing their damage by half.
--Freeze-Ray-inator: A beam shoots at the foe and makes them frozen solid.
--Grow-Back-inator: If an item is used in battle, the user creates a copy of the item to replace it.
--Half-inator: Deals half of the foe's current HP level to the foe.
--Handcuff-inator: Binds the foe's hands together, disabling all punch moves.
--Make-You-Older-inator, Mr. O-inator, Ms. O-inator: All three gadgets enable an Oddmon in your party to evolve. The Mr. O and Ms. O-inator can be used on ASTRO OTTO and ASTRO OLIVE only, respectively.
--Olive Zapper: Zaps the foe in battle with a large beam. Can only be used on Y OLIVE, and its subsequent evolutions.
--Reveal-inator: Reveals an invisible Oddmon.
--Scratch-inator: Scratches the foe.
--Shrink-inator: The user shrinks rapidly to boost accuracy.
--Snow-Go-Away-inator: If the weather is snowy, when the user activates this gadget, the weather changes to sunny.
--Sticky-String-inator: Binds the foe in string for 3 turns, rendering them unable to use moves.
--Stretch-inator: The user fires this gadget at themselves; they stretch their body to increase ATTACK and DEFENSE.
--Truth-Sniff-inator: Detects what move the foe will use next.
--Weather-inator: Changes the current weather to that of the user's choosing.
--Zap-inator: Zaps a red beam at the foe.

Spoiler: Olive • show
Evolutions: NORM OLIVE (Normal Wear), Y OLIVE, A OLIVE, KITCH OLIVE (Kitchen Worker), KOOKY, BB OLIVE (Burly Bears), SNDCHK OLIVE (Soundcheck), SANTA OLIVE, ASTRO OLIVE (Space), MS. OLIVE

Moveset, Y OLIVE:

--Bringdown (basic move similar to Tackle; may lower Attack)
--Hair Flip (similar to Tail Whip, may lower Defense)

Moves: Hammerspace (lv. 19), Gadget Blast (lv. 30), Hyper Trill (lv. 45),

Spoiler: Ms. O • show
Evolutions: NORM OPRAH (Normal Wear), Y OPRAH, A OPRAH, MS. OPRAH, SCH OPRAH (Schmumbers Juice Factory), D OPRAH (Diseased), FTHR OPRAH (Featherite), GAME OPRAH (O Games), JUDGE OPRAH (Judge), BIG OPRAH (Big O)

Spoiler: Otto • show
Evolutions: NORM OTTO (Normal Wear), Y OTTO, A OTTO, GRIN OTTO (Grinaldi), SNDCHK OTTO (Soundcheck), ASTRO OTTO (Space), MR. OTTO

Spoiler: Oscar • show
Evolutions: NORM OSCAR (Normal Wear), Y OSCAR, A OSCAR, TUBE OSCAR (Tube Operator), SEC OSCAR (Security) , LIFE OSCAR (Lifeguard), KITCH OSCAR (Kitchen Assistant), GREETER OSCAR (Greeter), ASSISTANT OSCAR (Ms. O's Assistant)

Spoiler: Olympia • show
Evolutions: NORM OLYMPIA (Normal Wear), Y OLYMPIA, A OLYMPIA, SCOUT OLYMPIA (Cub Scout parody), PARTY OLYMPIA (Party Outfit), 80s OLYMPIA, DEPOS OLYMPIA (Outfit worn in "The Deposit Slip-up"), BIOHZRD OLYMPIA (Biohazard)

Spoiler: Otis • show
Evolutions: NORM OTIS (Normal Wear), Y OTIS (also commonly known as DUCK OTIS), A OTIS, NINJA OTIS, 80s OTIS, BIOHZRD OTIS (Biohazard)

Spoiler: Oona • show
NORM OONA (Normal Wear), Y OONA, A OONA, 80s OONA, MECHA OONA (Mecha Suit)

Spoiler: OBeth • show

Spoiler: ODonahue • show
A O'DON, FISH O'DON (Fishing Outfit)

Spoiler: OFur • show

Spoiler: Obfusco • show

Spoiler: Ocean • show

Spoiler: Octavia • show

Spoiler: Ogg • show

Spoiler: Odie • show
Y ODIE, A ODIE, ELEC ODIE (Electric Hair)

Spoiler: Ohio • show

Spoiler: Ohlm • show

Spoiler: Olaf • show
Y OLAF, A OLAF, WEREWOLF OLAF (Werewolf), FLY OLAF (Flight, with wings, as werewolf)

Spoiler: Olly • show
Y OLLY, DR. OLLY (Doctor), KITCH OLLY (Kitchen Worker, also known as A OLLY)

Spoiler: Olo • show
Y OLO, A OLO, DUST OLO (Dust Ball)

Spoiler: Olsen • show

Spoiler: Oksana • show

Spoiler: Carol • show
WEST CAROL (Old West), 80s CAROL, CAROL (Normal)

Spoiler: Owen • show

Spoiler: Coach O • show

Spoiler: Polly Graph • show

Spoiler: Orson • show
Y ORSON, A OPA (Disguise)

Spoiler: Olga • show
Y OLGA, A OLGA, VENDOR OLGA (Fruit Stand Vendor)

Spoiler: Oro • show
Y ORO, MNTNENCE ORO (Maintenance), DOCTOR ORO (Doctor)

Spoiler: Orville • show

Spoiler: Olympia 2 • show

Spoiler: Ozric • show

Spoiler: Odelia • show

Spoiler: Oriele • show

Spoiler: Obbs • show

Spoiler: Oren • show
Y OREN, A OREN, POTATO OREN (Potato Sack), GAME OREN (O Games), MS. OREN (Director; portrayed by a lady)

Spoiler: Ori • show
Y ORI, AIT ORI (Agent-in-Training), A ORI

Spoiler: Orielle • show

Spoiler: Orbot • show
ORBOT (Ghost)

Spoiler: Orchid • show

Spoiler: Orzac/Orrzack • show

Spoiler: Opie • show

Spoiler: Dr. O • show
Y OPAL, DR. OPAL (Doctor), GAME OPAL (O Games)

Spoiler: Ozzington • show

Spoiler: OBrady • show

Spoiler: OBrian • show

Spoiler: OCallaghan • show

Spoiler: ODonnell • show

Spoiler: OConnor • show

Spoiler: ODuffey • show

Spoiler: OFlanaranahanahan • show

Spoiler: OFynne • show

Spoiler: OHannigan • show

Spoiler: OGrady • show

Spoiler: OGuire • show

Spoiler: OHara • show

Spoiler: OHigginz • show

Spoiler: OHurley • show

Spoiler: OJameson • show

Spoiler: OLeary • show

Spoiler: OMalley • show

Spoiler: OMara • show

Spoiler: ONeil • show

Spoiler: OQuincy • show

Spoiler: O'Reily • show

Spoiler: O'Scarlett • show

Spoiler: O'Shea • show

Spoiler: O'Toole • show

Spoiler: Obfuscolina • show

Spoiler: Oda • show

Spoiler: Odelis • show

Spoiler: Odelette • show

Spoiler: Odell • show
Y ODELL, NURSE ODELL (Surgeon's Assistant)

Spoiler: Odenbacker • show
Y ODEN, MAIN ODEN (Normal Form)

Spoiler: Odessa • show

Spoiler: Ochenta • show

Spoiler: Ogglethorpe • show

Spoiler: Ong • show

Spoiler: Ophelia • show

Spoiler: Oakley • show

Spoiler: Ova • show
Y OVA, ___ OVA

Spoiler: Oz • show

Spoiler: Professor O • show

Spoiler: The Big O • show
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« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2018, 05:34:30 AM »
Agent Mandy description

Spoiler: thing • show
Agent Mandy

- Voiced by Amanda B./"Alpha Kratt", singing voice by Amanda B./"Alpha Kratt"

Agent Mandy is a human/pony hybrid with a tail, hairstyle, and ears similar to that of her partner, Agent Pinkie Pie. She also has white angel wings than enable her to fly and a medium-sized tan unicorn horn attached to a headband that wraps around her head and is the same color as her skin. She's known to be hyperactive, noisy, and loud, but serious when rough times fall on Odd Squad. She works in the Investigation field as an agent, but also holds side jobs as a gadget "repairagent" for Oona and as the second-in-command of Ms. O. A comedic character who is famous for her fourth-wall-breaking antics, Mandy is defined by her desire to do her job, remain loyal to Odd Squad, and be "the light that shines in everyone's day." She can, however, be deeply affected by sadness, which leads to her balloon-like hair deflating, and tends to sleep a lot, much to the chagrin of others. She is very powerful when it comes to using magic and uses her horn for a variety of things. In the Season 1 finale "O is Not for Over", Agent Mandy is granted a longer horn by Princess Celestia, who also makes her an alicorn, and makes Mandy assume the role of "Princess of Equality", in conjunction with Oscar and Ms. O making Agent Otto Mr. O of the Odd Squad precinct in the next town over.
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« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2018, 05:29:51 PM »
Maybe I'll actually finish my fanfic if I write it here? Eh IDK, this is for "Tales of the Odd Side"


Spoiler: show
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sleepless in toronto fic goes here
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what happens to my OS OC in movie 1

Spoiler: odd squad the movie • show
Mandy is fighting a new enemy: Adrienne. The two have been longtime enemies for years, with Adrienne spreading rumors to the town about Mandy, and her two friends, Nina and Shannon, have been helping her with it all. Mandy's struggle has been hidden from others, but it comes to light when the trio reveal they've been working with Weird Tom.

After Weird Team takes over Odd Squad, Mandy finds herself in despair. Two days after getting kicked out, she is walking along the sidewalk when she is suddenly struck by a car, pinned between the car and the building she was walking past. As a result, Mandy's legs are both broken, and her wings and horn are stripped from her by Adrienne, the driver of the car, rendering her unable to teleport away nor fly. She spends a month in the hospital with her legs in stirrups and casts, and after that, she is discharged in a wheelchair. Having lost the ability to fly and use magic, Mandy spends the next month adjusting to life once more as a normal human being. Her hair and tail deflates and she takes on a bitter, upset, negative personality. She recruits some of her friends, who are more than happy to assist her in her daily activities.

When Ms. O takes Oona, Olympia and Otis to the underground entrance to Odd Squad, they meet up with Olive, Otto, and Oscar, as well as the Mane 6 and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. More than one ex-agent begins to inquire about where Mandy is while heading through the entrance.
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kisu buntai - odd squad japanese?
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« Reply #8 on: September 23, 2018, 01:11:58 PM »
sleep and wakefulness tropes for my oc

Spoiler: le epic cringe • show
Asleep for Days: In one episode, Agent Mandy ends up overworking herself to the point where she falls asleep in the middle of repairing a gadget. When she wakes up, a week has passed.

Mandy: How long have I been asleep for?
Otto: A week. Monday to Monday.
Mandy: SO I MISSED A WEEK OF WORK?! Ugh...lemme head up to Ms. O's office to get my face chewed off again...

Bedmate Reveal: At the beginning of "Dance Like Nobody's Watching", Mandy wakes up to find Pinkie in her bed, wide awake and staring at her. This prompts her to scream and fall out of bed.

Bedtime Brainwashing: The Sand Man attempts to do this to Mandy, and later Fluttershy and Pinkie, by whispering lies about Odd Squad into their ears while they're asleep. Mandy, however, ends up blasting the villain clear out of the Bed Room while asleep.

Catapult Nightmare: Usually happens when Mandy dreams about Ms. O firing her from the Squad.

Comforting Comforter: In "Robert Plant", Olive puts a blanket over Mandy (who had been working overtime and had fallen asleep at her desk) as she guides her to the Bed Room.

Deep Sleep: Mandy tends to sleep through most of the odd happenings in headquarters. She proudly boasts about it often.

Mandy: Ohohoh, and I can sleep through anything! Tornadoes, creature attacks, fire, earthquakes, gadgets gone wrong...even famine and pestilence! But I'm, uh, still working on that...
*Ms. O, Olive, Otto and Peaches stare in wordless shock*

Don't Wake the Sleeper: If someone tries to wake Mandy up, they usually get a heavy beating, mostly when she's asleep. Olive reveals in one episode that a major problem with Mandy getting her horn and wings at first was that she fired laser blasts from her horn in her sleep accidentally. She later helped Mandy control it.

Exhausted Eye Bags: Agent Mandy always has these in the morning no matter how much sleep she gets. Her VA also has noticeable ones.

Forced Sleep: In an unreleased episode, a villain uses a gadget to make agents fall asleep. It ends up being up to Otto, who is the only one not affected, to save the Squad.

Fright-Induced Bunkmate: Happens in "Haunt Squad" while Olympia, Otis and Mandy are being chased by floating objects:

Olympia: Uh Mandy, I have one question!
Mandy: Yeah?

Go-To-Sleep Ending: An alternate, unaired ending of "Hands on the Desk Chair" had Olympia, Mandy, Otis, Owen, Ocean and Orchid all falling asleep due to their exhaustion fighting over Ms. O's chair.

Heavy Sleeper: Mandy to a perfect tee. She even brags about it!

Insomnia Episode: "Mystic Egg Pizza" was one for Mandy. "Flawed Squad" was one for Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Instant Sedation: When scientists from the Odd Squad Academy mistake Agent Mandy for an intruder in "Oscar Strikes Back", they try shooting her with the Tranquilizer-inator. They missed the first few times, but eventually Mandy is shot in the back while flying and, going unconscious, crash-lands. The scientists later apologized for the whole incident, but Mandy's Hair-Trigger Temper caused her to go on a rampage.

Mandy: You know, I repair gadgets for you kiddos, and your "thank you" gift is to shoot me in the back like I'm an animal that's escaped from the Cincinnati Zoo. Some people in this generation seriously need to buy some hecking eyeglasses BECAUSE THEY CAN'T TELL A HUMAN FROM A PONY-HUMAN HYBRID IN AN AGENT SUIT!! *stomps away*

Messy Hair: Mandy's Pinkie-esque brown hair tends to have stray hairs sticking out of it when she wakes up.

Nap-Inducing Speak: While Orson's speech in "The Potato Ultimato" inspired Olaf, Mandy admits it put her to sleep only 5 minutes in.

Never Wake Up a Sleepwalker: Subverted. The Main 4 were too impressed by Mandy's doings while asleep--cooking breakfast for them, doing paperwork, and fixing upwards of 20 gadgets--to wake her up. Eventually, Mandy guided herself back to bed.

Not a Morning Person: In the mornings, Mandy can often be found crashing into walls as she makes her way into the Break Room for breakfast. It isn't until she has her Chocolate Moo-Moo Surprise drink that her energy levels increase.

An Odd Place to Sleep: Mandy has slept on wall tops, in trees, and even on top of a moving car. Like with her Heavy Sleeper tactics, she brags about that as well.

Overworked Sleep: Much like Olympia, Mandy tends to fall asleep at her desk if she works too hard or gets too tired.

Pajama-Clad Hero: Mandy is in her sleepwear for the entirety of "There Might Be Dragons."

Pillow Silencer: In one episode, Mandy whacks Ms. O with a pillow to get her to stop talking. Hilarity Ensues in the form of a chase scene until Mandy gives up the pillow. In another episode, when Agent Pinkie Pie was talking to Fluttershy, Mandy proceeded to put a pillow over her mouth.

Mandy: Shhh! Let the artiste work, filly!

Reveille: Ms. O has played a Reveille on a bugle a few times to get Olympia to wake up.

Rip Van Winkle: In "Two Agents and a Baby", Mandy tells Olympia and Otis the story of Sweet Dreams, a Pegasus pony who slept for 5 decades before she awoke. While Otis doubts the story is true, Olympia is enthralled.

Sleep Cute: "Partner Problems" had Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy sleeping together on Mandy's desk, with the former slumped over the latter.

Sleep Learning: Mandy has recordings of Olive's dreams, and was convinced that Olive was learning how to be an Odd Squad agent from "the time babies could dream."

Sleep Mask: Rarity has one with bows on it, which Mandy criticizes constantly.

Sleeping Dummy: In "Three's Company", Ms. O goes to find Mandy presumably napping in the Bed Room, only to find a wax figure of Mandy instead of the real Mandy, created by Oona. The real Mandy was out on a top-secret case given to her by the Big O, but neglected to tell anyone. She just forgot to clock out...

Sleepwalking: Mandy has done this twice, getting her paperwork done, breakfast ready, and gadgets repaired, all while fast asleep. However, she also stole Ms. O's special cube while sleep-cleaning her office.

Mandy: *upon waking up in the morning* Wow, I feel like I've accomplished so much!
Mandy: *looks at her nightstand in despair* Uh-oh.

Sleepyhead: Mandy. She can fall asleep anytime and anywhere, and it's almost impossible to wake her up.

Slept Through the Apocalypse: Subverted--Mandy has slept through villain break-ins, creature attacks, and other odd phenomena.

Slumber Party: At the beginning of "Dawn of the Read", Mandy, with pillow, blanket and sleeping bag in tow, announces to the bullpen that she's heading to Agent Rarity's slumber party. She isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

Talking in Your Sleep: Mandy does this all the time, sometimes waking up the other ponies who also sleep in the Bed Room. She'll also move her arms and legs whenever she dreams of running. It's so bizarre that it's led Oscar to perform an experiment to see what she dreams about at night in one episode. Hilarity Ensues.

Wake-Up Fighting: Mandy wakes up punching the air in "Undercover Olive".

Waking Non Sequitur: Mandy tends to do this a lot.

Waking Up Elsewhere: In the movie, the last thing Mandy sees while on a stretcher is a blue sky. When she awakes, she is in the hospital with her legs in stirrups and casts, which causes her to panic.

Water Wake-up: In one episode, Mandy did this to Rarity. Needless to say, she was not pleased.

What Did I Do Last Night?: After an overnight party Mandy had held at her house, inviting the majority of Ponyville, she wakes up the next day on Oona's table surrounded by broken gadgets.
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« Reply #9 on: September 23, 2018, 05:44:27 PM »
dream tropes for my oc


Spoiler: moar cringe • show
Acid Reflux Nightmare: In one episode, Mandy has a dream in which Oksana makes her poisoned food. While she believes Oksana made it to kill her, Oksana really just wanted her to eat healthier.

All Just a Dream: The episode "Do Agents Dream of Odd-Looking Sheep?".

Anxiety Dreams: Mandy's dreams about being fired by Ms. O for no discernible reason. Despite being constantly reassured by her that she won't fire "my most loyal second-in-command", Mandy still has them.

Bad Dreams: "Dream Team" had the Main 4, as well as (most of) the ponies, experience their own personal nightmares.

Blank Book: While searching in the library, Mandy comes across a book that reads "DO NOT OPEN: NOTHINGNESS AHEAD." Turns out, the pages were blank.

Crashing Dreams: Mandy often dreams of events happening currently in headquarters, and oftentimes they are very much real. She just sleeps through them.

Dream Ballet: Agent Apple Bloom has dreamt of this once or twice.

Dream Intro: The episode "Under A Rest" starts out this way, with Olive dreaming about various odd phenomena.

Dream Land: Agent Mandy has her own personal Dream Land. Most of it consists of memories from events in her past life, but it also contains various odd things strewn about, like flying goldfish. Taggles manage the Dream Land.

Dream People: Most of the people Mandy dreams about in her past life.

Dream Sequence: A scene in the special "Time Sheep Turmoil" shows a distraught Ms. O dreaming about what General Pentagon will do with Odd Squad if he gets a hold of it.

Dream Stealer: The Thrimes attempt to do this to Agent Mandy, but she ends up using her magic in her sleep, blasting them out of the Bed Room and destroying the Dream-Thief-inator they were going to use to steal her dreams.

Ponies: Wha...what happened...?
Rainbow Dash: Why is there a huge hole in the Bed Room door? And why are the Thrimes outside?!
Pinkie: Mandy?
Mandy: *snores loudly and moves her arms and legs as though running*

Dreaming of Things to Come: Mandy often dreams about becoming the new Big O.

Dreams of Flying: Since Mandy has wings, this is kind of a given for her.

Fantasy Keepsake: In one episode, Mandy has a dream where she gets to keep an entire plot of land--one big meadow. The only catch is that she has to take care of the owner's 4 cats. Mandy does so with ease. She later has to repeat this in real life, when she wakes up.

Fever Dream Episode: In one episode Mandy has a dream where she infects everyone in Headquarters with her cold.

Flashback Nightmare: Mandy still has dreams about being caught in Odd Todd's pienado incident.

I Was Having Such a Nice Dream: Mandy says these exact words to Ms. O when the latter woke her up after banging two trash can lids together.

Marshmallow Dream: When Agent Mandy was having a dream about being at a fair and eating cotton candy, she woke up chewing on Agent Pinkie's mane. Her partner was fast asleep despite all of this.

Nightmare Sequence: In a deleted scene from the episode "Cat Got Your Tail?", Mandy has a nightmare where she has to take care of an overly aggressive Peaches, in cat form. Subverted, as Headquarters was dealing with said aggressive feline in real life.

Recurring Dreams: Mandy's constant dreams of Ms. O firing her fall under this, as well as her dreams about being caught in the pienado as a baby.

The Sandman: Olympia (no, the other one) and Ozric announce they were gone a whole year fighting him off in "Other Olympia"--subverted, as he was literally a villain made out of sand who didn't put agents to sleep.

Talking in Your Dreams: Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, she can talk to Mandy in her dreams, and vice versa.

Your Worst Nightmare: The name Olympia gives herself in "Rookie Night", to which she asks if that's a bit too much. Otis agrees.

--Odd Todd qualifies as this for Mandy.
--In "Corked", the Shapeshifter teams up with Father Time and plants nightmares into Mandy's head, which affects her ability to solve cases and fix gadgets. Ms. O, Olive and Otto eventually find and beat the Shapeshifter in a fight after they grow concerned, which prompts Mandy to faceplant and fall asleep in the bullpen after the fight.
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Peaches description, WIP

Spoiler: thing • show

- Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Peaches is a catgirl with a black tail, yellow bow with a bell on top, and yellow cat ears, as well as black hair. She wears a yellow strapless dress with a transparent white fabric draped down at the bottom as well as hiking shoes and a yellow band around her arm. She is Mandy's cousin, as revealed in the first episode "Pilot", and was formerly a mistaken rival of Mandy's who once served as a worldwide animal caretaker. Peaches currently resides in Odd Squad Precinct #13579's headquarters, but originally resided in Vallea, a faraway town, before coming to Toronto in order to confront Mandy for crimes she falsely committed. She does not serve as an official agent, but rather gives advice and helps agents work out problems. Peaches has shown the ability to use her tail as a propeller, spinning it like a helicopter rotor in order to remain airborne. She can also shapeshift into a tabby cat at will, like with most members of her species. In contrast to Mandy's hyperactive zany behavior, Peaches is more calm and rational, and acts as a foil to Mandy, keeping her in check while befriending others within Odd Squad. She also tends to sleep a lot, and can often be found napping when not assisting agents. Amanda B. says that Peaches "was designed to be Mandy's opposite half. Whereas Mandy is off-the-walls and tends to go with her gut, Peaches forms a plan first and then puts it into action, keeping a calm and level head. I believed a catgirl would be the perfect creature to fit within the Odd Squad universe."
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Olive description, WIP

Spoiler: desc. • show
Olive/Ms. O

- Voiced by Dalila Bela

Olive is the co-Director of the Odd Squad precinct in Mississauga, the next town over from Toronto, with a purple shirt, a necklace with violet beads, and a navy-colored jacket with lapels in the shape of the Management symbol (a purple octagon) along with navy-colored pants and brunette hair wrapped in a bun, which is typical wear for females in her rank. She is Mandy's adopted mother, who saved her from a pienado caused by Olive's old partner, and ended up raising her along with her partner at the time, Otto. Olive can be brash at times and very overprotective of Mandy, but overall she wants what is best for her. Like with all Directors, she has the ability to fly and glide using wing flaps found on her jacket when activating all three buttons. She is usually calm, brisk, and serious, and comes to Precinct #13579 for visits with Otto on occasion. In "Pilot", the show's first episode, she is shown as having a dislike for Peaches due to her attacking Mandy, and tries to frame her for causing oddness; however, by the end she realizes her ways and befriends Peaches. Often she will attempt to cheer up Mandy with a hug if she's feeling down.

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show tropes yo, wip

Spoiler: show
"Odd Squad's an organization run by kids. We fight oddness where it lurks in every nook, cranny, and the occasional tail. Though our names don't start with an O, I'm loyal to this place and the kids that run it. These...are our adventures."

--Mandy's opening monologue

The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy is a Cartoon Network series created by Alpha Kratt, a pseudonym for Amanda B., who voices the titular Mandy and is the creator of the YouTube channels Alpha Kratt, Alpha Kratt's Life, Alpha's Reviews, and Alpha Kraken. Tim McKeon is a writer for the show.

A spin-off of PBS Kids's show Odd Squad, and a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the series follows one of Odd Squad's agents, a human-hybrid creature named Agent Mandy, and her American cousin Peaches, who is a catgirl. Together, the two fight odd creatures and odd villains, while keeping it together inside Headquarters. With the former show, The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy is set in Season 2, but Mandy and Peaches travel to Olive and Otto's Headquarters from time to time, and the two chat with Olive and Otto often.

The series is notable for including Salison's style of animation. In addition, Salison is the animation and art director for the show, along with Kerry C.

Amanda B. remains as showrunner on the show, and states that the show was a way for her to "get into Odd Squad, but with my own little tweaks." All actors who played characters on Odd Squad also reprise their roles here as voice actors, with Peaches being voiced by Grey DeLisle. The theme song is "Valise", a Sparta Base created by YouTubers Alex, Phantom RMW, and Zozey1231.

A movie, In Odd We Trust, has been slated for 2019.

Could use some Recap love.

Spoiler:  A to M • show
Action Duo: The partners in the show, as well as Mandy and Peaches themselves, can qualify.

Adorkable: Peaches.

Aesop: Believe it or not, this show brings heavy aesops about friendship and family.

Anachronism Stew: Headquarters itself.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: This quote from "Mayor Mandy":

Peaches: She acts like a baby, eats like a glutton, and rides rollercoasters every single Thursday!

Babies Make Everything Better: The Cake twins, whom Mandy cares for when the Cake couple are unable to.

Badass Adorable: Peaches, most definitely. She can kick butt both in human and cat form. Mandy and the ponies can also cross over into this line.

Big "NO!": The Big O gives one in "The Boss's Assistant" upon being defeated by Mandy and stripped of his ranking.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: This is done a lot by Mandy specifically. She references everything, from her script, to her VA, to the show Odd Squad itself.

Chekhov's Skill: Peaches's ability to fly is a major plot point in "Pretty Fly for a Hybrid", when it saved Mandy, who had been taught how to do so, but evidently became unsuccessful.

Christmas Episode: While doubling as a Sick Episode, "Season's Sneezings" could count as this, as it takes place during the holidays.

Cloudcuckoolander: More often than not, Mandy, though Pinkie Pie can count as well. Both have The Cloudcuckoolander Was Right moments.

Color-Coded For Your Convenience: Each department is represented by a color: yellow for maintenance, green for science, teal for medical, blue for security, red for investigation, and purple for management.

Comically Missing the Point: Oh plenty of moments, but most particularly from "Odd Squad Intergalactica":

Oscar: You want me to make a cactus for you? Really?
Olive: Mm-hmm! Really.
Oscar: You aren't afraid I'll turn the whole spaceship into a cactus? (nervously laughs)
Fluttershy: (growls and does the pony equivalent of a facepalm)

Continuity Nod: Subverted. As this show is a spin-off of Odd Squad, many events in the series have continuity from it, such as Olive and Otto becoming co-leaders. However, other things are changed and not continued on, like Ms. O becoming the Big O.

Cute and Psycho: Many can be off their rockers at times, like Oona and Mandy. The former's behavior is explained in "Screwloose".

Cute but Cacophonic: The girls can be like this, especially Mandy and Peaches, as well as Olympia.

Enemy Mime: The episode "Third Mime's a Charm" prominently features the villain trio known as The Thrimes, as they attempt to spoil Mandy's sleeping habits.

Evil Counterpart: Peaches claims to have one back in Vallea, but she isn't shown in the show at all and only appears by mention.

Face-Heel Turn: Adrienne, Mandy's primary enemy, was revealed to do this. She was kind to other humans until she saw Mandy who, at the time, was a hybrid. She got jealous, and attempted to concoct numerous ways to steal Mandy's tail, wings, and horn and use them for her own gain.

Fangirl: Like in Odd Squad, Olive loves the Burly Bears. Similarly, Mandy is in love with Bradley Beli, a famous pop star known around the world, and is most prominently shown in "Fickle Love".

Fearsome Critters of American Folklore: The badge of Odd Squad features a jackalope.

Free-Range Children: Albeit an unusual sort--the kids work jobs like adults do.

Friendship Moment: A lot of them.

Gadgeteer Genius: The Scientists, naturally, but Mandy herself falls into this. Despite being an agent, she repairs gadgets in her free time.

Grade-School C.E.O.: Ms. O, Olive, and Otto.

Group Hug: Olive, Otto, Ms. O and Peaches share one with Mandy in "The Edge of the Rainbow."

Hammerspace: Odd Squad employees can access nearly everything they need just by reaching behind their backs. Mandy also has this ability in her hair and her tail.

Happily Adopted: Olive is Mandy's adopted mother, having saved her from the pienado Odd Todd, Olive's old partner, started, and raising her. Mandy has no issues with calling Olive "Mom" and similar endearing terms on occasion, and Olive isn't afraid to show compassion, and even some overprotectiveness, for Mandy.

Heel-Face Turn: Peaches goes through this in the pilot, making up with Mandy when she offers her a deal, ceasing their fighting. They eventually become allies, which sets the show in motion.

Heroic BSoD: Mandy goes through one in "Agents' Crusade" after finding out that Ms. O loves the fillies and prides them more on their work than her.

I Need A Freaking Drink: Ms. O sometimes needs a freaking juice box.

Jerk With a Heart of Gold: Peaches is seen as this. She falls under a Deadpan Snarker, but overall is generally nice to everyone.

Kids Are The Real Monsters:

--"The Boss's Assistant" has the Big O induct Agent Twilight Sparkle into his ranks. However, he refuses to let Twilight go home to Ponyville, and Mandy ends up having to handle him herself, pinning him down to the floor, which prompts a slew of ranting from him that causes him to be stripped of his rank.

Kid Detective: Most of the cast on the show, save the ponies.

Little Miss Badass: Ms. O, and many other female agents, including the ponies, can be seen as this.

The Movie: In Odd We Trust, where Peaches becomes a powerhungry tyrant of another dimension that Mandy happens to open up by accident.

--As well as the made-for-TV movie Time Sheep Turmoil, where General Pentagon attempts to discredit Ms. O and take over Odd Squad using his own methods.

Mysterious Past: Not much is known about Peaches's past, aside from the fact that she used to live in Vallea and was traveling the world rescuing creatures while Mandy was being raised by Olive.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Olive's attempts to get Peaches kicked out of Odd Squad in "Pilot" were foiled by Mandy, who thought that had Olive gone through with her plan, Peaches would revert back on the deal she and Mandy had made before.

Nightmare Fuel: There are many moments throughout the series, but arguably the most infamous is Mandy's "When You Don't Need More Coffee" spiel, in "Coffee Cravings" (one of the shorts that went with Cartoon Network's airing of Time Sheep Turmoil). Mandy takes one sip of coffee and goes off-the-walls, even going so far as to pin Ms. O to the wall with her bare hands and sport a Slasher Smile while doing it.

Non-Sequitur, *Thud*: Mandy will often do this when being knocked out.

Older Than They Look: Ms. O, Olive and Otto have apparently lived a long time, but haven't aged a day. The same applies to O'Donahue.

Oh, Crap!: Pretty much anytime something manages to knock Mandy out of the sky, and/or break her wingbones, leaving her unable to fly while in midair.

--Olive's reaction in "Pilot" to Otto informing her about Mandy and Peaches. The news shocks her so much her drink goes down the wrong tube, causing her to nearly choke.

Once per Episode: As Mandy tends to sleep a lot, every episode usually contains a scene (or a few seconds, depending on time) of her asleep. Sometimes, it's vital to the plot.

One Steve Limit: There's a Dr. O, who shouldn't be confused for Ms. O.

--There's also Mr. O, for male Directors.

Order Versus Chaos: What Odd Squad's primary goal is. Seeking power or stealing stuff is really a secondary goal for most of the villains; they take fun in defying the Squad and causing chaos.

Passionate Sports Girl: Olive, to a tee.

Platonic Boy/Girl Heroes: Every set of partners that are the opposite gender.

Plucky Girl: Many of the female agents.

Punny Name: Many episode titles have this.

Rank Up: In "Pinkie Party", Agent Pinkie Pie gets promoted to "Odd Squad's Official Party Planner", handling every Squad's party-related cases. However, she quickly becomes overloaded.

--In "The Boss's Assistant", the Big O promotes Agent Twilight Sparkle to an assistant of his, forcing her to leave her agent rank behind. By the end of the episode, the Big O is demoted, another assistant named Oriella steps up as Big O, and Twilight gets her agent rank back.

--"Agents' Crusade" focuses on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who get promoted from agents-in-training to full-fledged agents.

Red is Heroic: The Investigation department's color is red.

Rodents of Unusual Size: One episode has the agents fighting off a jackalope that was grown by a villain.

Series Mascot: A bit of a subversion; while the show doesn't focus entirely on Odd Squad, the organization does have a jackalope as its mascot.

Shout-Out: Tons of them throughout the series.

--In "An Odd Squad Gala", Mandy makes a reference to a video where a wife screams at her husband for not taking her to the lake.
--"Pilot" makes a callback to Odd Squad: the Movie:

Mandy: Look...I guess what I'm trying to say is...we have a set villain lineup. I've already fought Adrienne, and because of it, my wings and horn, as well as my walking ability, were sacrificed. I don't want to fight you, too.

--In the same episode, Ms. O recalls Mandy's actions from the movie.

--Olympia imitates Olive's speech from Odd Squad's "Hold the Door" in "Pilot".
--Peaches's line of "Cheaters never win, moron" in "Pilot" is a reference to MePhone's line in the Inanimate Insanity Season 2 episode "Mazed and Confused".
--"The Kir-bees" features the titular creatures, whose designs were based around Kirby.
--Mandy's stomach rumbles causing earthquakes in Headquarters in "Dripping in Fitness" is a reference to Pooh's stomach rumbles causing earthquakes in the Hundred-Acre Wood in The Book of Pooh's "The Spice of Life"--right down to both characters being asleep as it happens.
--Various characters' remarks of "Sorry! Sorry" in various episode serves as a reference to Tigger's line in the aforementioned The Book of Pooh episode.

Speak In Unison: A few times; it varies between characters.

Tastes Like Diabetes: The show itself rarely falls into this at times, moreso relying on the Rule of Funny, but at times Mandy can make facial expressions that fall into utter cuteness.

Theme Naming: With the exceptions of Mandy, Peaches, and the ponies, all Odd Squad agents' names begin with O. Lampshaded by Laura Lovebloom in "Fickle Love":

Laura Lovebloom: Agent...Mandy? But she's an Odd Squad agent, isn't she? Her name doesn't start with an O!

Thing-O-Matic: Most gadgets have names that end in "-inator".

To Create a Playground for Evil: The main goal of most villains; however, some are actually Not-So-Harmless Villains who actively seek to destroy the agents.

Tube Travel: Agents travel by being "squishinated" into balls and then fired through a series of tubes to their destination. Mandy has the ability to ride outside of the balls and the tubes, and still get to her desired destination, using her Flight powers.

Turn In Your Badge: Ms. O has Rarity barred from Odd Squad in "An Odd Squad Gala", and takes her badge.

Villain Team-Up: "Third Mime's a Charm" features the Thrimes working together with the Sandman to disrupt Mandy's sleep.

What Happened to the Mouse?: "The Kir-bees" introduces a new creature species going by the titular name. However, they haven't been seen since the episode aired.
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jontron parody thing i guess? wip

Spoiler: show
"If it ain't root beer, don't drink it."
— One of many opening statements

Alpha Kratt, also known as "Mandy", is a reviewer of movies, TV shows, and various other media. She is also the face behind Alpha's Reviews, a show dedicated to hosting such reviews. With a zany, energetic, off-the-wall outlook, and plenty of cutaway gags and visuals, she discusses TV shows, movies, video games, and Internet media, some of which she has a strong opinion on. Her sidekick is Snuggles, her pet cat, who speaks in a robotic voice and constantly demands that Alpha stop reacting to things and feed her. Her areas of expertise are, specifically, kids' TV shows, kids' movies, and PSAs/PIFs, and thus, most of her videos center around reacting to one of these three. She is also the founder of Fluffy Peach Productions, her own production company, who backs the show.

Originally, the channel hosted Odd Squad reactions, but after receiving copyright strikes, Alpha slowly drifted away from the show and focused on more broader content. However, despite this mishap, Odd Squad continues to be her flagship, and it isn't surprising to find it shoehorned into nearly every video. In addition, she will often make a reference to some of her extreme, over-the-top Odd Squad reactions (like her spinning on the floor, sobbing, during the music montage in Training Day).

Many of her reactions have become memes in their own right, and she claims to have been inspired by JonTron, adopting his style into her own videos with her own special touch.

In addition to Alpha's Reviews, she also runs a gaming channel called Alpha's Gaming Adventures, where she plays various video games and reacts to them, sometimes with friends, but mostly alone.

Spoiler: list of "episodes" • show

1. Why PBS Kids is Downright Insane
2. Various PSAs
3. Various PIFs

Spoiler: tropes i guess • show
Achievements in Ignorance: Oftentimes, Mandy has "duh" moments, especially when playing video games. One of the most famous examples is with Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness:

Mandy: ...You know, it bugs me that I have to Google "pokemon types" for every fucking Pokemon I meet, like how the FUCK can you fans remember them all?! Do I- do I have like a fucking pea brain or some shit?
(a few moments later)
Mandy: Oh wait, Electric is weak with Electric, Flaaffy won't work here, MANDY YOU DUMB BITCH!

Adorkable: Mandy has an odd sense of humor, loves cats, and adores nostalgic music.

Ambiguously Bi: Subverted. Mandy is openly asexual and aromantic, but never refuses to pass up the chance to make jabs at shipping especially in her Ocean and Oona: Just Friends video.

(on the TV)
Ocean: "I like you."
Oona: "I like me too."
Mandy: (appears inside the TV) Oh my God, just HAVE THAT CONTROVERSIAL RELATIONSHIP ALREADY! Oh wait, they can't, Linda Simensky has a gun to their heads. *Michael Jackson hee-hee*

And I Must Scream: Many, many moments in Mandy's reviews of PSAs and PIFs.

Angrish: Expect her to fall into this in nearly every video where PBS Kids is involved.


Ascended Fangirl: Mandy is highly praised within the Odd Squad fandom as being the crew's favorite adult fan. She often recounts stories of talking with Joshua Kilimnik, and plugs his videos at times.

Aside Glance: Many moments within the show, but one iconic moment comes from her I Am Autism review:

"'I work faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined.'"
"I- I can't even say anything about that because holy shit, autism took over my brain faster than diabeetus ever will to my entire body. Holy fucking shit."

Awesome, But Impractical: When pointing out that there are glitches used to get into various stages characters can't get to in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, Mandy points out that it's pointless because there isn't action stage for that character and that location, and thus, no missions.

Badass Boast: "Aww, PBS Kids is too lazy to search for every single fan's videos. Except for that BusterArthurBFFL dude. Senpai ahoy, bitch."

Berserk Button: Mandy avoids any content that sees animals get beaten up, or injured in general. It's why she was, at first, hesitant to cover animal abuse PSAs and PIFs in her Community Ads From Now and Before video, until she eventually decided to do it by fan request.

"I have seen some shit, okay? Just- animal abusers, go to fucking hell, you sick pieces of shit."

Big Eater: She has an adoration for McDonald's Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps in particular.

Mandy: Goddamnit, Sophia, it's "Crispy Ranch Chicken Snack Wraps"! Exact wording!
Sophia: Why exact wording? They're wraps.
Mandy: I don't give a single dead skin cell. Otherwise they give me grilled and you know how I feel about grilled chicken!

Big Fun: To infectious levels.

Big "NO!!!": Mandy has one during her Xavier Riddle review.

Big "OMG!":

--Mandy's reaction to Odd Squad getting a third season.
--Her reaction to the video of the Easter eggs hidden throughout Season 2 of Odd Squad that pointed out Otis was a duck villain.
--She one-ups Otto in her Recipe for Disaster review:

Otto: *while laughing* Oh my God!
Mandy: *laughs hysterically while pounding table* OH, MY GOD! Holy- Holy God, God, Mrs. Mac, your face is astounding, son of a- I CAN'T BREATHE! PARA- PARA- 911, MY SPLEEN HAS SPLIT LIKE PROGRESSIVE COMMERCIAL MAN!

Big "WHAT?!": More like Big U Wot M8, which is Mandy's replacement for "what?"

--Upon hearing that the PBS Annual Meeting didn't discuss Odd Squad.
--Her reaction to finding out what tentpoles were in regards to television.

Bloody Hilarious:

"Olive stab dat boi and da boi bleeds. She go 'you kill my mother and you kill my father so have a nice fucking life in hell bith" and then she leave and Otto all "whot" and she say: 'No. Bad Otto. I smite you if you say a word, son.' And that's the fanfic, the end, mic dropped, let's wrap this thing up!"

Brief Accent Imitation: Mandy has imitated a few accents before.

--When imitating Applejack in her MLP: The Perfect Pear review, she delves into a Southern accent.
--She also imitates an Australian during Crackin' a Cold One With the Roos:

Mandy: Oi! Mate! There's a couple of tourists over there! Y'think they'll ever realize we have big bugs in the desert?
Mandy (imitating another Australian): No way, Harry, they seem pretty worldly. They'll figure it out on their own, mate.

--Semi-lampshaded in The Good Old Days of Geico:

Mandy: So a lot of people have asked me if the Gecko's British, or Australian. And to that I say... (in Australian accent) IT'S AUSTRALIAN, MATES! HE SAYS 'MATE' WHICH IS NOT A BRITISH TERM! CASE SOLVED!

Bunny-Ears Lawyer: In addition to reviewing media, Mandy can also sing quite well, and when with friends, makes jabs at their singing...and one-ups them in spectacular fashion.

The Cameo: JonTron himself collaborated with Mandy in "Alpha's Home Invasion". In addition, Mandy voices herself in The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy, and has done more discreet voiceover work.

Canada, Eh?: As Odd Squad is filmed in Toronto, Mandy makes a ton of cracks at Canada during her Odd Squad reviews.

Captain Obvious:

--Jessica at the start of the Training Day review.

Mandy: Hey everyone, Alpha Kratt here, and today we will be looking at one of the darkest Odd Squad episodes on television. One with death, betrayal, and-
Jessica: It's a kids' show.
Mandy: Yes, smartass, I'm well aware. One question: who gives one miniscule shit?

Cloudcuckoolander: Definitely Mandy, to a tee.

Comically Missing the Point: In her PBS Kids reviews, Mandy blamed Paula Kerger (the head of PBS) for everything bad they did to the network. Then she watched a video of Linda Simensky (the senior director of children's programming) discussing the process of shows going on PBS Kids, and has since shifted blame to her...despite having no clue what those jobs entail.

Mandy: Wow, Linda. You- you have a fucking Simpsons thing on your desk yet you take helm at PBS Kids? Y- did they ask you to burn that shit in the fireplace when you moved in? And shit, folks, she's been at this since 2003. 15 years and she's stuck in the 2000s. Wake up sheeple! It's 2019! Get jiggy wit' it!

Comical Overreacting: Pretty much all of Mandy's reactions to everything fall under this.

Crossover: In animated segments, Mandy will either appear as herself but dressed in the outfit of a "Ms. O" (an Odd Squad employee in the Management position), or she'll use her MLP OC, Peach Blossom (when talking about MLP-related works).

Cutaway Gag: Plenty.

Dance Party Ending: At the end of Swamps n' Gators: Odd Squad's Milton-Bradley, Mandy teleports herself to Mrs. Kansas's living room and joins Olive, Otto, and the others dancing at the end of the episode.

Mandy: Didn't think fat people could dance, did ya? Well suck it, haters!

Darker and Edgier: Her "Odds and Ends" and "Training Day" reviews are quite grim.

Deadpan Snarker: Mandy's friends, Jessica and Sophia, hold this position.

Mandy: Eww, what? Wh- rope? first I thought she said somethin' else, like ah dunno, maybe, uh, "wope" or something.
Jessica: Glad to see your dirty mind hasn't changed a bit since I got back from vacation.

Didn't Think This Through: Mandy decided to pre-order the Pokemon Let's Go games despite her not owning a Nintendo Switch.

Driven to Suicide:

"This show gets fucked up by Linda, throw me off a cliff."

Drugs Are Bad: Mandy lectures the viewers about how drugs can ruin someone's life in the Community Ads from Now and Before: LOS DROGOS EDITION review.

Everything's Better With Dinosaurs: She points out Sinking Ship's "obsession" with dinosaur-related material in one video.

Mandy: So we have Dino Dana- no, I'm sorry, that's the spinoff. Uhh, Dino Dan, yeah, that's the original. Umm...and then we have Annedroids which I have not watched but I am 100 percent sure there is a dino. And then we have this fucking masterpiece which employs some of the most gorgeous CGI that could rival Jurassic Park. Fucking- I didn't even know they used CGI. Thanks, Internet.


Food Porn: After reacting to a Devour commercial, she proceeds to heat up some Stouffer's mac and cheese, and eat it while moaning.

Freeze-Frame Bonus:

--Many reviews Mandy does include various Vines, and can be sprinkled throughout in reference to something seen in the piece she is reviewing, or following up on something she said. However, as they are only 6 seconds long, they go fast.
--In the "Recipe for Disaster" review, after Otto says "Oh my God" the first time around, text appears and disappears after a second: "GET OUT OF THE WAY, THE LORD IS COMIN'!"
--At the beginning of "Odd Squad Had Commercials?!", a shot of various cards can be seen on a table. According to Mandy, these cards were all sent by her grandmother, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and can speak Spanish. The Odd Squad episodes Mandy is reviewing in the video are in Spanish.

Funny Background Event: During Mandy's "An Odd Squad Christmas" review, Sophia can be seen buying weight-loss gummies from Jessica.

Fun with Subtitles: A good portion of Mandy's humor derives in how she subtitles gags, episodes, and other unintelligible speak in her reviews.

Genius Ditz: Despite her off-the-wall persona, Mandy carries a good knowledge of Odd Squad and PBS Kids, and will oftentimes explain how the latter can affect the former. She also is willing to give new shows a chance and lists the positives of them, despite stating the opposite at times.

Genre Shift: Mandy will sometimes shift from childrens' media to talk about pieces of adult media. This also can apply to PSAs and PIFs she reacts to, especially if they are more suited for adults than children.

Glasses Pull: Done in the "An Odd Squad Christmas" review:

Mandy: The fuck you think you tryna fool?! Sendin' presents to your fam-bams is sweet and all but Davis? Kyer?! Hell no, not buyin' it. God, be discreet, Mr. Writer!

Go Mad From the Revelation: Her reaction to Odd Squad being announced for a Season 3 by Sinking Ship, but not by PBS Kids.

Groin Attack: In her "Too Many Pinkie Pies" MLP review, she attempts to get comfortable on the arm of the couch, only to have the couch laugh at her pain.

Mandy: (strained) Right in the baby exit.

Grossout Show: Mandy's episode collection of PSAs and PIFs, called Community Ads from Now and Before. It contains a lot of gruesome stuff, and is lampshaded by the warning card Agent Olive gives at the beginning of the video.

"Hey guys, Olive here. A fair warning that you might want to stop eating, or just don't eat at all. In fact, leave your stomach totally empty. Because what you're about to see is disgusting. Get a bag, get a trash can, get something to puke in. This will make your stomach turn more than egg salad pizza."

Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Mandy takes issue with Leo during her Let's Go Luna review:

"Hey, Leo, can you maybe, uh...not wear something that looks like a diaper? Or a purple censor bar? I dunno, add some legs like Andy over there, that'd be great."

Heroic BSOD: Many, many moments throughout the series, the most notable being her re-enactment of her original reaction to Odd Squad: Training Day...complete with spinning on the floor remixed to the Engine Room theme from Mario Party. Because she noticed that the employees were unmoving and presumed dead.

Hope Spot: During her "Ready Jet Go: Back to Bortron 7" review, Mandy remarks how Dalila Bela has left the show for other ventures like Anne and Adventure Club, and expresses hope for the new voice actress of Sydney (whom Bela originally voiced). Upon finding out it's Vienna Leacock, she proceeds to look her up on IMDB...and needless to say, she is more than disappointed.

"This is like a movie production company getting off the ground with their first movie,'s just horrific to watch."

Hypocritical Humor:

--Many of the times Mandy eats McDonald's Snack wraps.

"I'll work it out at the pool extra hard tomorrow. What, me, fat? Pffffffft. Look at me in photos, yeah, but in real life? Baby, I'm thin as a twig!"

--In her "Let's Go Luna" review, she remarks, "I said I'd never watch this. I said this was a burden to everything I ever loved." She then proceeds to burn her eyes out at the TV among viewing the theme song.

--"20-year-olds can't watch kids' shows! HA! What fuckery is that?!"

I Ate WHAT?!: Mandy is surprised to learn that she had been eating Ellio's pizza wrong all her life.

Idiot Ball: Many times when reacting to/playing video games.

I Need a Freaking Drink: She will often take to poking fun at Ms. O's G-rated alcohol addiction by screaming to someone offscreen to get her a juice box. Other times, she slugs root beer.

Bartender: We don't serve middle schoolers.
Mandy: 20, asshole. Get me a Mug, caffeine-full, stat.

Inherently Funny Words: A main component of her humor.

It Won't Turn Off: At one point, Mandy struggles with the radiator, which clicks while she is recording.

Joisey: Mandy herself hails from here, and will often make jabs at the state and her lack of memories regarding living there.

Keet: Mandy, to a tee.

Kill 'Em All: In her gameplay of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Mandy often sports this trope when battling opponents.

"Nooooo, I gotta kill him! Aww fuck, I'm fucking down to Flareon and I have to kill all of this guy's Pokemon. Shit."

Large Ham: Mandy herself.

Laugh Track: While used in one Odd Squad episode she reviews, she inserts this into other episodes, but more for experimental reasons than as a joke.

Lethal Chef: Mandy isn't a good chef, but has one recipe she keeps secret: mac and cheese with chicken. She hands this recipe to Sophia, and she soon returns to Mandy's house with the dish, looking less than delicious in every way.

"Note to self: Never let anyone touch your recipe or God so help you."

Lovely Assistant: Snuggles. Though for Odd Squad reviews, Agent Olive and/or Ms. O serve as this.

Malaproper: Another major component of her humor.

Manchild: Referenced in videos, where Mandy takes it in stride.

Mic Drop: See Bloody Hilarious for the most famous example of this trope.

Mondegreen: Mandy watches most things with captions, so these aren't used so much. However, at times there is a line that she can't understand, and it will often contain this.

Mood Whiplash: Happens quite a bit within the series.

Most Wonderful Sound: When reacting to Emergency Alert System activations, Mandy attempts to replicate them to a hilarious degree--right down to the voices.

--In "Friends of Odd Squad", the sound of the fax machine that Hopkins dodges, as well as the copy machines' Pokemon Speak.


Musical Nod:

--Mandy's ringtone is set to a portion of the Odd Squad '80s Theme.
--The Odd Squad theme can be heard at various other points during her reviews.

Spoiler: tropes n-z i guess • show
Negative Continuity: The series doesn't have any real continuity. Viewers can pick a video and dive in.

No Ending: Many of Mandy's videos don't really have an ending to them, but when they do, it's usually a Gainax Ending.

No Indoor Voice: Hoo boy, definitely Mandy.

Non-Human Sidekick: Mandy has Snuggles, who speaks in meows and constantly tells Mandy to stop whatever she's reviewing so she can feed her.

Non-Sequitur, *Thud*: In her "Oscar and the Oscarbots" review, she opens the door to her home and staggers into the living room find Jessica and Sophia sitting on the couch. However, injured from her fight with Ms. O, she says "You're miscarrying...itsa David Guetta" before collapsing from fatigue.

"Not Making This Up" Disclaimer:

--In her "Odd Squad Pilot" review, throughout the scene with Baby Genius, Mandy keeps remarking about Rivka decapitating a stuffed bear, showing just how dangerous she is. Then she hears a sound that resembles a heartbeat in the BGM, and text appears at the bottom of the screen: "REMINDER: THIS WAS A PILOT FOR A KIDS' SHOW."
--Many moments in the aforementioned review as well, as Mandy keeps reminding the audience that this was an original, unaired pilot.

Mandy: O-oh. My God. And this was a real pilot, made by McKeon and Peltzman themselves, for PBS Kids. Fucking...dark-ass aesthetic here compared to Zero Effect, holy shit.

--Plenty of moments during Community Ads From Now and Before.

Precision F-Strike:

--The Mathroom in the original Odd Squad pilot brought out disbelief in Mandy, who starts swearing like a sailor.


Product Placement:

--In her Odd Squad episode reviews, Mandy is quick to point out the abundance of Apple products used in the show. In "IT Is a PITA", she caps it off with:

Mandy: Maybe if the crew didn't use so much Apple stuff, they could save a lil' money, heeh? I mean, look at my HP computer, $300, and meanwhile friends have paid over $1000 for Apple. God, what a world.

Pun: "Olive my job, sports, and getting drunk at Club 21!"

Put on a Bus:

--In "O the INFO You Need to Know", Mandy discusses Olive and Otto leaving after the first season, and how it has an impact on the show's popularity.
--She later discusses the unofficial departures of Olympia, Otis, and Oona (and subsequently, their actors) in her Odds and Ends review.

Rage Breaking Point: While reviewing Super Monkey Ball 2's Master level, she gets stuck on the last stage, Nintendo. After losing the rest of her lives (69), she promptly gives up, goes outside, and screams at Jessica to hit her with their car.

Rapid-Fire Comedy: A staple of the series.

Rapid-Fire Typing: Will do this whenever something new about Odd Squad is discovered.

A Rare Sentence: While ranting about the X's in Xs and Os (Fuck You Elle King):

Mandy: Now look, you all know Fred Rogers is more of a magic man than that man who touched that hot fire that one time. But never will you hear me say "look at those fuckin' disgusting assholes" unless it's referring to these two exclusively. Uh-uh.

Ridiculously Cute Critter: Mandy's MLP OC, Peach Blossom.

Rule of Funny: The series basically runs on this, with wacky subtitles, distorted clips, remixes, etc. being done for the humor of it.

Running Gag:

--Mandy tends to shoehorn at least one Odd Squad joke per episode, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not.
--She also tends to shove Vines in reviews, often to highlight her own reactions.
--She'll often add her own special spins to titles as Ms. O reads them aloud:

"Disorder in the Co- CLAM!"
"Donna. The Read. Well, she is book-smart, I guess."

Sanity Slippage: Her reviews to new shows often contain this.

Scenery Porn: Her opening.

Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:

--When playing Super Monkey Ball 2, she gets stuck on the last level of the Master level, Nintendo. Upon losing the rest of her lives, she gives up, goes outside and yells at Jessica to hit her with her car.
--"I can't play this anymore...goddamn it, it's burning my retinas out!"

Self-Deprecation: Many a comment is made about Mandy's weight, and it's often brought up in reviews and reactions.


--Frequently makes references to Pokemon, Digimon, and various other PBS Kids works.
--Mandy also inserts various Vines into her reviews and reactions, as well as memes, making shoutouts to Dolan Dark, Grandayy, kmlkmljkl and Nihonium among others.

Smash Cut:

--After viewing a PSA regarding marijuana and employment in Community Ads from Now and Before:

Mandy: Heeh?! What in the actual FUCK is THAT supposed to me-

--After finding out that Story Mode stages aren't accessible in Challenge Mode in SMB 2 Review (Next Week):

Mandy: Aw, that's just great. So I can't play the incredibly-easy Invisible, or the dizzying Revolution, or- or Postmodern? Y'know, with the wheeeeeee stairs you gotta go up with your baaaaaall? (beat) WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FREES-

So Bad, It's Good:

--Her general opinion on the Clifford the Big Red Dog reboot. She explains how she grew up with the original series and its spinoff, and that having Clifford be able to speak to the humans wasn't going to work...but hey, animals. This led many people to get hyped for it.

--Mandy pins Out of Jimmy's Head as a cheap way for Cartoon Network to try and dig out of the hole it buried itself in. Using Saberspark's review of the show as an example, she noted how the show was made by Tim McKeon, and explains how he's grown in talent since then. The comments section pretty much sums up the hype for the show.

Something Completely Different: Subverted. Mandy switches it up--in any given week, she could upload a gaming video, a review on Internet media, or a reaction video. She has explained that it's really a game of chance, which keeps viewers interested.

Special Edition Title: For holiday specials, the intro and ending will be animated accordingly.

Squick: When reacting to various PSAs and PIFs from Community Ads from Now and Before, she notes that she has cringed on the inside for some gruesome ones--but other, more gory ones she visibly squirms at, and sometimes even looks away.

Stock Scream: At one point, Mandy put in the clip of Odd Squad: the Movie where people are fleeing Odd Squad, but edited in Wilhelm Screams instead to emphasize how better the movie would be with them, instead of the Stock Scream the show uses: that of a random woman.

--Mandy's "official" Stock Scream is Agent Olive, screaming at pie.

Stylistic Suck: In addition to being a good singer, Mandy is also a good dancer, and when she dances badly, it's usually because she's tired or she's faking it.

Surprise Creepy: The ending of the Odd Squad: the Movie review had Mandy suddenly popping up dressed like Kooky Clown and saying, "I'm not afraid of clowns, and you shouldn't be either! Suck it!"

Take That!:

--Mandy makes a lot of jabs at Linda Simensky, the Senior Director for children's programming on PBS Kids, for "ruining" Odd Squad and other shows.
--She also will take jabs at crew members, but unlike her jabs at Simensky, notes that it's all in good fun, because "I don't wanna be on their bad side, oh no."
--In her Community Ads from Now and Before review, she delivers one of these to Partnership for a Drug-Free America (as it was called back then), saying that their combat on the War on Drugs didn't work like it intended.
--In Numberjacks 6 (an arc dedicated to the Numberjacks series), she makes a ton of cracks at the show, the designs...basically everything. All while citing how Odd Squad did it better. You have got to see it for yourself.

Mandy: So you get a little bit of goo on you and it makes you the exact opposite? Fuck, that's the shittiest plot I've seen! Like, Odd Squad had "Ms. O Uh-Oh" and "O is for Opposite" and that didn't involve shitty villains and fucking goo! My God, get me a root beer...

They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Discusses this in Clifford the Big Red Review, in regards to, well, Clifford the Big Red Dog, its spinoff, and its reboot.

This is For Emphasis, Bitch!: When reacting and reviewing Odd Squad's Odds and Ends:


This is Gonna Suck:

--Playing Super Monkey Ball 2, and realizing only half of the original 99 lives remain:

Mandy: Well kick me in the baby exit...

Title Drop: Does this in the introduction to every episode.

Unusual Euphemism:

--"Calm your goddamn tits and giblets!"
--When reviewing Training Day:

Mandy: See, the world is like a pie. Rich. Wholesome. Torturing Dalila Bela's character at every fucking turn. Yeah. Thassa pie. Mi amore.

--"This chick's just fucking admiring herself in the mirror like fucking Regina George! What the fuck?!"
--"Ohp, nope, gotta go back, gotta go back, it's Rewind Time!"
--Has the tendency to say "bitchoo" whenever one of her friends sneezes and the camera catches it.

Visual Pun: Usually done in the form of images superimposed over the footage.

Welcome to Corneria: In her review of Oscar of All Trades:

"See, but this is where you wonder about Oscar's actual job. Like, it's a workplace, did they need a greeter? He just says "Yeah, hi, welcome to work, have fun" like all the time. Hell, he's even dressed suspiciously similar to a Walmart greeter, but I'll be damned, this is a fucking hotel they're shooting in, not a Walmart. No wonder he flopped."
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this is sorta a copy from the last post i made in my other dump thread; modified to fit the fanmade show lmaooooo

Spoiler: show
"Well, Olive, if you didn't spend so much time yim-yammer-yappering like a tiny Dachshund, you could get your job done faster. Just a suggestion."

Debut: Pilot

Voiced by: Amanda B.

The adopted daughter of Agent Olive, and the Princess of Equality. Agent Mandy is a hyperactive, but serious, and chubby 11-year-old girl that always brings cheer to Odd Squad wherever she goes while also delivering hard facts. She's surprisingly flexible for someone her age and weight, and has the ability to change into a pony (in the art style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) to go through the portal that leads to Equestria. She is depicted with angel wings that grant her the ability to fly, a white long unicorn horn with a tan headband that blends with her skin color, and Pinkie Pie-esque hair, pony ears, and a tail similar to that of one of her partners, Agent Pinkie Pie. She can be cute and sweet, but don't let her innocent demeanor fool you--she can get angry when she wants to, and she wields both gadgets and a large hammer for her personal use.

Her two partners are Agent Pinkie Pie and Agent Fluttershy, the first partner trio in the agency's history.

Spoiler: Characterization and Background • show
Adorably Precocious Child: Mandy is only 11 years old, but works hard and is dedicated to her work.

Adorkable: Often. Her appearance doesn't help matters.

Attention Deficit...Ooh, Shiny!: She isn't usually distracted, but at times, something will catch her eye (mainly, food) that will draw her attention away from the task at hand.

Attention Whore: Unintentionally. Oftentimes agents look to her rather than to Ms. O for advice--being that she is Ms. O's second-in-command.

Becoming the Costume: Mandy often mimics characters, whether for humor, or for mockery. She dresses up as the character (or in the case of agents, only changes her hairstyle and her badge; she keeps the suit). Frequent victims of this are Ms. O and Olive, much to their chagrins.

Berserk Button:

- Hurting anyone close to her.
- Depriving her of her Chocolate Moo-Moo Surprise.

Beware the Nice Ones: Mandy is usually nice to those around her, but when she gets angry or serious, it's not a pretty sight to behold.

Big Eater: So much so, she matches both Otto and Pinkie Pie in sheer appetite.

Break the Cutie: Mandy is usually quite upbeat, but anything that makes her sad sometimes advances to crippling sadness right quick.

- In "Pilot", she broke down upon learning that Olive was trying to exploit Peaches and her supposedly odd behavior.
- Upon learning that there is no surprise at the end of the rainbow in "The Edge of the Rainbow", she stumbles back into Headquarters in utter despair, causing concerned reactions from those around her.
- She hits her limit in "Cat Got Your Tail?" when reminiscing about meeting with Peaches some time in the past in an attempt to turn her back to normal.

Broken Bird: Her hair and tail sometimes deflate when she is sad.

Character Development: Word of God states that Mandy was originally conceived to be a Genki Girl, not taking anything seriously and bringing joy to those around her, unable to be mad or sad. While she still retains some humor and wit, she is geared more towards being The Pollyanna, and she is capable of taking things seriously, often in the vein of her mother, Olive.

Cuckoo Snarker: Quite often, such as in "The Boss's Assistant".

Mandy: Huh? AAH! (falls out of her chair) Gah, geezaloo, Ms. O, maybe don’t stand over me?
Ms. O: coming.
Mandy: Oh, the pronoun game, huh? Okay, I’m up. Who is this “he” you speak of? There are a million “he’s” around here.
Ms. O: White suit. Small. Has glasses.
Mandy: The Big O? Huh. (chuckles) I’m surprised you aren’t running around screaming like you usually do.
Ms. O: I had a lot of juice today.
Mandy: Uh-huh.

Cute and Psycho: She will have moments of insanity at times.

Cute but Cacophonic: She is a very loud person, and when she screams, it echoes throughout nearly the entire headquarters.

The Cutie: When in pony form mostly, but hybrid Mandy has her moments as well.

Determinator: She is very dedicated to her work, and will often go the mile to stop villains, no matter what it takes.

The Ditz: At times.

Drop the Hammer: In addition to her magic and her wings, Mandy also wields a hammer that can be used as a weapon, or just for showing off. However, nobody knows where it came from, or how Mandy got it in the first place.

Everyone Has Standards: Despite her joking nature, Mandy knows the line between joking around, and being insensitive.

Expressive Ears: Mandy's pony ears (in both hybrid and pony form) fold downward when she is sad or mad; they sometimes also flap when she is excited, which allows her to hover for a few seconds. She also folds them downward when sleeping.

Expressive Hair: Her hair and tail deflates when she is sad, though this doesn't happen all the time. Certain things, like listening to loud music, will cause her hair to stick straight up, and sometimes it will stay that way.

Extreme Omnivore: While she does have limits, she will eat most anything and everything.

Fun Personified: She is a very upbeat person, and as shown in "Mandy's Class Act", agents-in-training adore her humorous, cheerful nature.

Funny Schizophrenia: The short "Coffee Cravings" has Mandy taking one sip of Ms. O's coffee. She begins to lose her grip on reality, diving into demonic laughter, attempting to hurt Olympia and Otis, and near the end, pinning Ms. O to the wall while sporting a Slasher Smile.

Genki Girl: As shown in "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid", she can slip into this at times.

Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Slightly subverted. In "Agents' Crusade", after being tucked into bed by Olive and Otto, she asks the former for Fluffy, her spotted leopard stuffed animal, albeit in her sleep. Mandy hasn't slept with Fluffy since, but it sits in one of her desk drawers.

Girly Bruiser: Mandy won't hesitate to jump into the fray of battle, oftentimes beating villains singlehandedly.

Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: She lampshades how the agents wear suits instead of "typical female work clothes."

Good is Not Dumb: She's actually been noted as quite intelligent.

Happily Adopted: She was rescued from Todd's pienado as a toddler by a then-Agent Olive, who raised her over the course of 11 years after the event. Mandy often calls Olive "Mom", and Olive has no qualms with going to extra lengths to protect Mandy at times.

The Heart: Ms. O has noted Mandy as "the glue that keeps the Squad together."

Hidden Depths: The series is littered with moments that show Mandy isn't all fun and games. Some episodes expand on her life, or her personality facets, and others show a side of her the audience never sees coming.

- "Pilot" shows that she will attempt to stop a meaningless fight in one way or another.
- "The Edge of the Rainbow" implies that curiosity can sometimes overtake her, causing her to rush off without telling Ms. O or anyone else.
- Both "The Missing Dreams" and "The Boss's Assistant" shows that when Mandy is tasked to solve a case or an issue, she often stumbles and is clueless as to how she is supposed to solve it. The latter episode highlights this further by having Mandy explain that she wouldn't have the skills nor the know-how to become the Big O; she is much happier being an agent and being Ms. O's Number Two.
- "Cat Got Your Tail?" shows that Mandy cares deeply about those she loves, to the point where she will do anything to fix them if they are ill, and protect them if they are in danger.
- In "Agents' Crusade", it's shown that Mandy will get upset if someone looks down on her and underappreciates the work she has done, and even more so if her concerns are brushed off.

Innocently Insensitive: Mandy usually isn't mean to anyone unless they're a villain, but sometimes she can go a little over the edge with her antics.

Jabba Table Manners: When she's really hungry, she will plunge her face right into food and eat to her heart's delight.

Kid-Appeal Character: So much so, that arguably, Mandy gets the most screentime between her and Peaches.

Large Ham: Oh so much.

Life of the Party: Mandy usually steals the show one way or another. If it isn't her attitude, it's usually her outfits.

Loon With a Heart of Gold: She's loopy and weird, but goes to bigger lengths for those she holds close.

Loss of Identity: At one point, it's revealed that after she was turned into a pony-human hybrid and gained her wings, tail, horn and a new hairstyle, she struggled with connecting with the townspeople, as they would ostracize her for being different from other humans (despite looking more humanoid than equine). This led her to question herself and why she became a hybrid in the first place, and it was something she struggled with for months.

Love Hungry: She is this to Bradley Beli, a famous world-traveling pop star, almost to the point of creepy obsessiveness.

The Mad Hatter: Mandy knows just how loony she is, and loves every minute of it.

Motor Mouth: She launches into this whenever she's upset and explaining what happened to make her such.

The Music Meister: Mandy leads most songs sung in the show, and on top of that, is shown to play numerous instruments.

My God, What Have I Done?:

- In "The Kir-bees", she fears that Fluttershy (in particular, between the two Creature Room Directors) will give her a verbal beating, as Mandy struggled with caring for the eponymous creature.

Nice Girl: Most of the time, unless you push her Berserk Button.

No Sense of Personal Space: Oh so much. She emerges from holes in desks, can appear in agents' jackets to the point where she's nose-to-nose with them, and gets in people's faces quite a bit.

*popping sound as Mandy pokes her head out from inside Olive's jacket*
Olive: WAH! Holy-
Mandy: Hi, Momma! I filed those Flapperflorp papers like you asked me to!
Olive: Mandy, haven't you heard of personal space?!
Mandy: Yeah, but you're the exception!

Not Good With Rejection: Highlighted in "Agents' Crusade", where she becomes increasingly upset after realizing Ms. O was devoting her attention to the Cutie Mark Crusaders rather than her other agents, to the point where she's nearly a blubbering mess by the end.

O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In "Pilot", she explains to Olive and Ms. O how a mother's love can sometimes cross over into overprotectiveness, which can cloud said mother's judgement and vision. Oona remarks on it:

Oona: Was Mandy always this deep?
Olympia and Otis: Oh yeah.

Only Sane Man: Mandy takes up this role more often than not, especially when others around her are panicking or freaking out about a situation, or being unreasonable.

Perpetual Smiler: When the girl smiles, boy does she smile.

Personality Powers: She believes in equality for all kids, which is Odd Squad's main motto. She is named the Princess of Equality by Princess Celestia herself because of this, and she makes sure it stays that way. In addition, she usually uses her magic for good, unless she is in combat.

The Pollyanna: While some stuff can set her back, including serious situations, Mandy is regarded as an upbeat hybrid agent most of the time, assisting people when needed and even helping agents-in-training as shown in "Mandy's Class Act". She's a delight to be around and most everyone who enjoys her presence knows it. Even if she has habits that rub people the wrong way, they still like her despite it. And in return, Mandy gives out humor and pleasant wisdom in large doses.

Sad Clown: Prominently shown in "Agents' Crusade" — she gets to a point where she's so upset, Olive is the only one who is able to calm her down, so much so that she falls asleep.

Sanity Slippage: Has moments of this.

Serious Business: Most of the time, Mandy treats serious situations as...well, serious. She knows when there's a time for play and a time for work, and often adheres to it.

Simple-Minded Wisdom: Peaches usually plays to this trope, but Mandy has her moments as well.

Mandy: He remembers. The world remembers.
Fluttershy: Really?
Mandy: Pfft, nah! Honestly, Fluttershy, you shouldn’t care so much about what others think. It can really weigh you down.

Stalker With a Crush: Subverted. While she doesn't stalk him, she has a huge crush on Bradley Beli, likening it to Otto's love for the band Soundcheck.

Stepford Smiler: Mandy falls into the Depressed type in a few episodes.

- In one episode, she is shown playing an arcade game, wearing one of these on her face. However, zoom in to her internal organs: her heart is beating fast, her lungs are taking and pushing out air quickly, and her smile quickly fades when she loses the game, smacking her head on the control panel and collapsing on the floor in fatigue.

Man: Uhh, can I play the game now?

Sweet Tooth: She has a big thing for sweets, particularly chocolate.

That Reminds Me Of a Song:

- Mandy has the tendency to underscore dialogue with a Reveille played on a trumpet. It's also become a running gag--her badge phone ringtone is her playing the theme song on the trumpet.

- She will also burst into song at random times whenever she pleases.

Thinking Out Loud: Does this often, especially when alone.

Womanchild: Downplayed. While Mandy is 11, she carries responsibilities that most adults have, as all Odd Squad employees do. However, she can act like a hyperactive little child at times. It's become the subject of mockery for agents like Orchid, but Mandy doesn't seem to care.

Work Hard, Play Hard: As mentioned above, Mandy knows the line between work and play. While she does insert humor and wit into her work, she knows when to be serious.

Spoiler: Appearance • show
Expository Hairstyle Change: Some time before the series, Mandy fought off a Hydraclops, which caused her hair to become poofy similar to her partner's. She also sprouts a tail similar to her partner's as well.

Expressive Hair: Both her hair and tail can poof up and deflate at will.

Hair Decorations: In some episodes, she is seen wearing a bow or a star in her hair. It glows rainbow-colored when she is in her Super Mode.

Innocent Blue Eyes: She's into fun and happiness and so considerate too!

Nice Hat: Is seen wearing one in "Snailed It".

Overly Long Tongue: As seen in "Dripping in Fitness", per the usual Rule of Funny.

Quirky Curls: Her usual hairstyle. It can straighten when she's depressed, though.

Ridiculously Cute Critter: Has this more in pony form, but her hybrid/human form also displays this. And Mandy isn't afraid to call it out.

Silly Walk: Mandy usually walks normally, like humans, but at times she will move along by bouncing up and down, like her partner, Pinkie Pie. The name for this gait is "pronking", and there cannot be a better word for how Mandy travels.

Turns Red: Does this whenever she gets extremely angry. Sometimes her hair even goes on fire.

Wingding Eyes: Can flip-flop between spirals and having her eyeballs spin around in their sockets when she's dizzy.

Winged Humanoid: Mandy has medium-sized angel wings that she uses for flight, and can fold in when needed.

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face: At times, someone will say something which causes Mandy's mouth to go slowly from a smile to a frown.

Spoiler: Abilities • show
Ace Pilot: Mandy has her own Cool Plane that she pilots in some episodes. Word of God states that her plane, named Serendipity, is a more compact, simplified version of the plane she built during Odd Squad: The Movie, when the human Main 7 were going up into space.

Awesomeness by Analysis: While Mandy tends to go with her gut a lot of times when making a plan, other times she acts more in the vein of Peaches, crafting out a plan, analyzing possible outcomes, and then carrying it out, making modifications as needed.

Badass Adorable: In both pony and hybrid form. When she gets going, almost nothing can stop her.

Balloonacy: Mandy will use balloons for comedic effects at times. Combined with her Hammerspace, she can produce them out of nowhere to send villains flying.

Beyond the Impossible: She has shown skills such as being able to stretch long distances and squeezing her chubby body through tight spaces.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: This is a staple of her in-show comedy. Mandy makes comments about the scripts and the writer of the episode that are often rude or disparaging, while other times she goes into full-on Camera Abuse when upset.

Chekhov's Skill: In "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid", Peaches (and later Pinkie) trains Mandy how to fly using her tail as a propeller, a skill Peaches is known for. It later saves Mandy in the same episode when her wingbones cramp up, leaving her unable to fly.

The Cat Came Back: In the vein of Ms. O, Oona, and Dr. O, Mandy also can appear out of nowhere, surprising others.

Confusion Fu: While Ohlm takes this trope by default, Mandy is also sometimes unpredictable in battle. Many villains expect her to use magic, only to be beaten by her hands and feet (or the occasional gadget) instead.

Crazy-Prepared: Most agents are this due to their ability to use Hammerspace, but Mandy is perhaps the most prepared of them all due to her extra storage capabilities.

Deus Ex Machina: Mandy herself is this to agents who are in danger.

Dreadful Musician: Zigzagged. While Mandy is a very good and talented singer, she puts a lot of spirit into her songs, which can annoy others around her.

Fast Tunnelling: Instead of being squished into a ball and being shot up the tubes like most agents, Mandy prefers to fly at the same speed the balls go, emerging at her desired destination at the same time agents emerge.

Flight: Can fly using her wings, and beginning with "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid," can fly using her tail as a propeller.

Gadgeteer Genius: Aside from being an agent, Mandy also assists Oona and the other scientists in repairing gadgets.

Hammerspace: As with all Odd Squad employees, Mandy has this skill, taking out whatever she needs from behind her back.

Hammerspace Hair: Mandy can store a seemingly infinite amount of stuff in her hair and tail.

Heavy Sleeper: She sleeps through many odd happenings in Headquarters, and no matter how deep of a sleep she's in, she can sense others approaching her and either levitate them out of the room, or fire a burst of magic at them to send them flying, a skill she shows in numerous episodes. "Under A Rest" reveals that this is due to a portion of her brain that is still active during sleep, allowing her to sense others.

Hyper-Awareness: Can often exhibit this at times.

Improvised Weapon: When not using gadgets or her magic, she equips things such as food, heavy items, and ponies.

Inexplicably Awesome: Odd Squad itself has been explicitly stated not to have any physics involved, and the show being a cartoon, Mandy uses it to her advantage. She can squeeze into tight spaces, use her tail and hair for numerous purposes, break the fourth wall, and even detect people in her sleep.

- The latter point is expanded on and analyzed in "Under A Rest".

Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Sometimes.

Offscreen Teleportation: Does this in the same vein as characters like Ms. O, Oona, and Dr. O, as explained above. It's implied that she gained this skill from watching Ms. O in particular do it to Olive and Otto when they were agents.

Photographic Memory: Has an eye for reading badge numbers and associating them with employees. This can go for villains within Odd Squad as well.

The Power of Rock: While rarely used, she can shred a guitar like nobody's business, and can do similar things with other instruments.

Prehensile Hair: She can hold small things with her Pinkie Pie-esque forelock, and can even open jars with it, as well as hang from ledges while supporting her weight.

Prehensile Tail: She can also hang by her tail, grab things with it, bounce on it, and like Peaches, she can use it to fly helicopter-style. However, unlike Peaches, Mandy can also spin her tail down below, enabling her to move while floating on her back, as well as clean up dust and other small things.

Reality Warper: Any time it aids the joke, she is shown with this ability. She gets a lot of mileage out of it too, as Odd Squad has no physics.

Renaissance Agent: She's in Investigation, solves cases, fixes gadgets, is Ms. O's second-in-command, is the Princess of Equality and is more than willing to fight odd crime 24/7.

Seers: Subverted. While she doesn't have Pinkie Sense like her partner, she often jokes about things that will happen in the future that actually seem probable...only for her to find that she's right.

Sleepwalking: A few episodes in the first season highlight Mandy's ability, which happens to be this. Presented in an Arc format.

--"Sandbox Adventures" shows Mandy sleepwalking, with everyone acting confused. However, Olive later handwaves it and Olympia suggests they clean Mandy's plane as a gesture of thanks. The episode ends with Mandy muttering "Orino, or Sugarbelle?" in her sleep.
--"Let Sleeping Directors Lie" expands on it. The episode features Ms. O as she falls asleep in the midst of a time-sensitive stack of paperwork, and Olympia, Otis, Oona and Twilight do what they can to keep her asleep. However, after Otto suggests bringing Mandy in to assist Ms. O, the hybrid begins to sleepwalk, and manages to get all of Ms. O's paperwork done in her sleep and deliver it to the Big O, albeit late. In the end, Pinkie Pie suggests the Squad do more research on Mandy's sleepwalking to find out how it benefits the Squad; Ms. O agrees.
--The final episode in the Arc is "The Great Slumber Mystery", where the Squad begins to look into Mandy's sleepwalking and what exactly is causing it.

Stealth Hi/Bye: She's so skilled with this she can keep up with Ms. O and Oona.

Suddenly Fluent in Gibberish: Subverted. In "The Kir-bees", after fighting with and beating the titular creature, it speaks in its own language to Mandy. While she hears gibberish and is unable to understand it initially, she can deduce by the creature's tone that it's sorry for hurting her and causing her trouble, which starts a budding friendship between them.

Super Speed: More notably in flight with her wings than on land. She can go so fast that it creates a sonic boom.

Super Strength: While not able to lift and move some heavy things, she does show an incredible amount of strength at times.

Supreme Chef: She can cook most foods with ease, but is far more skilled in baking, and enjoys doing that rather than cooking overly complex meals.

Toon Physics: Being that the world of the series has no physics (Odd Squad, specifically), Mandy gets a lot of mileage out of this trope as well. In "The Boss's Assistant", she is shown to carry Twilight on her back without breaking a sweat or complaining how heavy the alicorn is. At the end of that same episode, she is able to carry both Twilight and Pinkie as well with ease, and it's implied she can do the same with humans.

Spoiler: Relationships • show
Cool Big Sis:

- To the Cake twins. She and Pinkie Pie often take turns babysitting them, though it usually falls upon Pinkie for some interference or another in Mandy's life.
- She also serves as this to the Mane 6 at times.

Country Cousin: Zig-zagged. Peaches doesn't really have a set home, as she traveled around the world before coming to Toronto. However, she was raised in Vallea, which isn't so rural more than it's a dark land. Despite this, she is still Mandy's cousin.

Et Tu, Brute?: In "Agents' Crusade", Mandy feels that Ms. O is regarding the Cutie Mark Crusaders to higher standards due to them being considerably younger than other agents. She goes to extreme lengths to prove it, including teleporting into Ms. O's house and reading her diary, in which Mandy is proven right. This causes her to break down to the point where Olive puts her into a near-hypnotic sleep to calm her down.

Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Subverted. While not siblings (the pair are cousins), Peaches and Mandy become more like siblings over the course of the series. Mandy tends to go with her gut and is more of a jokester, playing the role of the foolish sibling. Peaches is more down-to-earth, wise, and tends to look after Mandy to make sure she doesn't get into trouble, playing the role of the responsible sibling.

Friend to All Children: As shown in "Mandy's Class Act", she is a hit with the agents-in-training at the Odd Squad Academy, going to visit them and spend time with them on her breaks. In that same episode, it's implied that Mandy considers them to be like her siblings.

Happily Adopted: Mandy was taken in by Olive (who was an agent at the time) and raised after Odd Todd, Olive's old partner at the time, released a pienado into Headquarters as revenge. It's not revealed how Mandy got into the midst of the disaster in the first place; not even she remembers how she got there. However, Mandy has no problem with calling Olive "Mom" and similar endearing terms, and Olive is very motherly with her.

Intergenerational Friendship: She's friendly to anyone and everyone, of every age, no matter how dumb they are.

Magnetic Hero: Pretty much most of the town of Toronto is her friend no matter what. She can even befriend some of the villains, despite most of them despising her.

Muggle Foster Parents: Subverted. Mandy was a normal human when Olive adopted her and raised her, but some time before the series, she fought a Hydraclops and gained wings, a tail, a horn, magic, and a new hairstyle to boot, the hair and tail being similar to Agent Pinkie Pie's. After this, others began referring to her as a "pony-human hybrid", which isn't a species of its own, but is rather implied to be exclusive to Mandy. Despite this, Olive still treats her as her daughter throughout the course of the series and doesn't treat Mandy any different.

Only Child Syndrome: Mandy has no known brothers or sisters, but it's implied in "Mandy's Class Act" that she sees the agents-in-training at the Odd Squad Academy as siblings.

Only Known By Their Nickname: According to Word of God, her full name is Amanda, but she is only known as Mandy throughout the series.

Parental Substitute: Olive is this to Mandy, having raised her since she was a baby. Otto can also be this, though he wasn't as active with raising Mandy as Olive was, and the two share more of a friendship than a father-daughter relationship.

Phrase-Catcher: "She's a crazy/wild/nutty one, that Mandy" and similar phrases get thrown her way a fair bit.

Polar Opposite Twins: In terms of appearances, Mandy looks vastly different to her cousin, Peaches. It doesn't help that the two are different species.

Promotion to Parent: She is tasked with raising the Cake twins in a few episodes.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: Mandy can dip into Blue Oni at times, but most of the time she is Red Oni. Peaches is more of a Blue Oni.

Sibling Yin-Yang: Subverted with Peaches, who is not Mandy's sister, but her cousin. Mandy is loud, humorous, hyperactive, and tends to rush headfirst into situations at times and overreact to small things. Peaches is more calm, cool, and collected, sorting problems out when they involve her and assisting other agents in solving cases and similar matters, and rarely freaking out when a situation gets too extreme.

Spoiler: Other • show
Added Alliterative Appeal: Has done this once or twice.

Aerith and Bob: In an agency where every employee's name begins with O, her name begins with an M.

Alliterative Name: Her alter ego, Mandy Mane.

Aside Glance: She does this a lot with her tendency to break the fourth wall.

The Cameo: She shows up during an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, but doesn't have speaking lines.

Catch-Phrase: "Geezaloo", as a Shout-Out to Brain Dump.

- She also sports such surprising phrases as "breadsticks and marinara" and "cheezum crow".

Cool Car: Being second-in-command to Ms. O, Mandy has her own toy car that she drives for comedic effect, as most toy cars within Odd Squad are driven for. However, what makes her car different from other cars is that it has sequins on it and is decked out with various decorations, making it her own.

Cool Plane: Named Serendipity, Mandy often uses it in combat or, when not in high-pressure situations, for fun. It has the ability to sense villains and other threats from far away and comes equipped with weapons. Word of God states that the plane's design is based on the plane seen in Odd Squad's "Oscar and the Oscarbots", but is modified to be less "bulky."

Death Glare: Poor Ms. O is usually subject to these, and they can range from simple to over-the-top.

Facial Dialogue: Usually quite a bit. Similarly, her voice actress employs this often as well.

GASP: Is prone to do this when she mocks others.

Karmic Protection: Shares this with both her partners. She can be brash at times, jumps into situations headfirst, and sometimes gives little regard to others' safety. However, sometimes this protection is stripped off, resulting in a battered babysitter, or a worn-out and injured agent.

Kubrick Stare: Does this often, particularly when focused on the task at hand, or extremely upset and in serious mode.

Meaningful Name: Mandy's name is Latin for "worthy of love", or "loved very much by everyone". Mandy is indeed loved very much by both people close to her, and the townsfolk in Toronto.

Non Sequitur: This exchange in "Dripping in Fitness":

Peaches: Cuz, c'mon. You've been binging on nothing but chocolate these past few days. Let me take you to the fitness center. I hear it's not busy this time of day!
Rarity: Darling, I don't think she's listening...
Mandy: Ooh! Look at Ottertague Coast! Aaaaaaand boop, it's my wallpaper! Now every time I log on I can see and hear the beautiful crashing waves as they go along the shore...much better than some silly shell!

Odd Name Out: Aside from the ponies and Peaches, she is the only agent of Odd Squad whose name does not start with an O.

Only One Name: As with all Odd Squad employees, Mandy does not bear a last name.

Perky Goth: She attempts to dress up as one in order to cheer up Rainbow Dash in one episode.

Poor Communication Kills: When she finds something morally wrong, she attempts to protest and explain to others how it's morally wrong. However, many tend to brush off her concerns, which upsets her to the point where she will rub it in others' faces if she is proven to be right. This trope is proven to be an issue in episodes such as "The Boss's Assistant" and "Pinkie Party".

Rhymes On a Dime: When singing.

Rule of Funny: She can do nearly anything to improve the humor of a situation; it borders on Reality Warper.

Speech-Impaired Animal: When she ties her tongue to one of the poles in "Four Play".

Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Despite the show being called The Adventures of Peaches and Mandy, Mandy tends to get more screentime than Peaches does at times.

Terrible Artist: Not terrible unless for comedic effect; she's pretty mediocre.

Third-Person Person: Slips into this as part of her humor.

Vocal Dissonance: Though still feminine, her voice gets a lot deeper when she cries.

Voice for the Voiceless: In "A Class of Her Own", she does most of the talking for Orianna, a young scientist-in-training who is very shy and doesn't talk much.

Voice of the Legion: Taken to hilarious extremes in "Journey of a Thousand Threats" when Mandy is stuck in a cave.

Weirdness Coupon: Shares this with practically every member of Odd Squad. She does weird things, and no one gives her a second glance, because they're ostensibly odd themselves.
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