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Spoiler: show
"Trust me, Mandy. I'm not just your partner. I'm your friend."

Debut: Pilot

Voiced by: Andrea Libman, Nyanners (singing voice)

The bearer of the Element of Kindness in Equestria, and one of Agent Mandy's partners. Agent Fluttershy is a Pegasus from Cloudsdale who serves as one of the two Creature Room Directors in Odd Squad Precinct 13579. Shy as her name suggests, but gentle and kind, she treats everyone with respect and is always willing to assist others whenever they need it. She has a knack for dealing with any and all creatures, from the common to the odd, and assists Ocean in caring for them. Despite not being sent out onto the field as much as her two partners, Agent Mandy and Agent Pinkie Pie, she is apt for battle whenever she is needed, especially if her friends are hurt.

Spoiler: Characterization and Background • show
100% Adoration Rating: The town of Toronto adores her, and she is the go-to pony when it comes to pet problems, much to her chagrin.

Acrophobic Bird: It's mentioned in "Cat Got Your Tail?" that Fluttershy was afraid of flying in the past. However, in the series, she flies just as well as any other pegasus.

Adorkable: Especially when around Ocean and caring for creatures.

All-Loving Hero: She's this to nearly everyone, even villains.

All of the Other Reindeer: It's established that Fluttershy was bullied as a filly in Cloudsdale. When she arrived in Odd Squad during the events of the pienado and helped Mandy adjust, she mainly stayed within Odd Squad, and Toronto in general, rather than going back to Cloudsdale. In Odd Squad, she found a connection with animals.

Apologizes a Lot: Tends to do this often with Ms. O, especially if she is on the cusp of getting mad.

Badass Adorable: THE ultimate cute pony. Second to none and the definition of the trope for this series. Don't let her timid demeanor fool you: If you upset her enough to spur her into action, she will kick your ass and she often won't have to resort to violence to do it.

Badass Pacifist: She almost never resorts to violence, unless it gets to extreme points, and instead tries to work situations out without fighting.

Beauty Equals Goodness: She's as beautiful as she is kind.

Berserk Button:

- When creatures really don't want to listen to her, it sends her off the deep end.
- People ignoring her when she needs something also ticks her off, which is explored in "Flutterbye".
- She does not tolerate bullying whatsoever.

Beware the Nice Ones: What, you don't think she can get rough? You'd be wrong...and sometimes, dead wrong.

- In "Glimmer of Hope", she goes off on Agent Olympia, threatening her with "a fate worse than ten nights in Tartarus" if she doesn't warm up to Starlight Glimmer.
- Taken to extremes in "Flutterbye", where, after she is ignored while requesting assistance, she quits Odd Squad...and comes back with her animal friends to destroy it, crowning herself as the "Queen of Toronto Wildlife".
- Numerous times in "Odd Squad Intergalactica", one can see that she gets close to snapping at Olive, Otto, Oscar and Mandy, as well as Ms. O.
- "Four Play" sees her becoming overloaded with Mandy's work, and later blowing up at her own partner for becoming second-in-command (a position which Mandy had no choice in the matter on being promoted to) and thus, giving her so much work to do.

Brutal Honesty: Employs this in "Flutterbye", where, in a moment of anger, she tells Mandy exactly how she feels about her. The results are less than pleasant.

Character Development:

- As the show is a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Fluttershy's character development from that show could count for this show. However, regarding this series, she improves on the ability to speak her mind to Ms. O, initially being afraid of her; the same goes for Olive and Otto, as they are in the same position as Ms. O. She also learns the truth about why she was in the midst of the pienado, and knows why Mandy was there at the time, but refuses to tell her, as she feels the truth would shatter Mandy's outlook.

- In Season 2, she ventures more onto the field, becoming more familiar with how agents solve cases. When not working in the Creature Room, she will sometimes tag along with other agents, though she helps with smaller cases.

- After "Flutterbye", she realizes just how much others look up to her, a lesson that carries in future episodes.

Chewing the Scenery: Oh so much in "Flutterbye".

Cowardly Lion: She is generally regarded as a pushover, terrified of the field, and is happy to be known as "weak and helpless" if it means keeping her job. But send her hurling over the edge and her willpower multiplies by a factor of a million.

Cruel to Be Kind: A lesson she learns in "Flutterbye", and which sticks. After she tells Mandy off with Brutal Honesty (see above), the hybrid runs off crying. Twilight and Ms. O tell her that while she doesn't have to be a doormat, there is a bar set for telling people how you feel about them, and it doesn't have to border to the point where you hurt their feelings. This is what prompts her to find Mandy and apologize, earning her spot back on the Squad.

Cute and Psycho: As seen in "Flutterbye":

Fluttershy: You're. Going. TO LOVE MEEE!

Cuteness Proximity: Growing up in Odd Squad during the time Olive was an agent, she would often gush over Fluttershy, but only in secret.

The Cutie: Need we say anything?

Dandere: Has more of a close bond with Mandy than anyone else, which is sensical since the two are partners albeit in different positions. She tends to open up more to Mandy, and vice versa.

Determinator: She will help you out, even if you insist you don't need it.

- She will also care for every last creature, even if it means risking her life to do so.

The Eeyore: When her self-esteem is at its worst.

Evil Laugh: Surprisingly, she can produce a cackle that gives villains a run for their money. However, she rarely uses it.

Extreme Doormat: Given her shy personality, she is very passive a lot of the time.

The Face: In a select few situations only. While she is apt at offering solutions to a problem, she isn't willing to take part and lead others on it, preferring to hang back unless she is direly needed.

Fragile Flower: Being around creatures has made her less prone to being easy to hurt, but it doesn't make her any less of a Shrinking Violet.

Friendless Background: Her life in Cloudsdale wasn't a happy one. However, when she makes friends with the other ponies, and later with Mandy, her self-esteem skyrockets, and she spends more time in Toronto than Equestria because of it.

Friend to All Living Things: Being one of the Directors of the Creature Room, this is a given. However, unlike Ocean, she takes this trope quite literally.

- She's even a Friend to Bugs, befriending Oona as a fly without breaking a sweat. She even knew it was Oona off the bat, as "I can tell by the voice."

Girly Girl With a Tomboy Streak: Fluttershy is a sweet, nurturing Fragile Flower, and doesn't get violent unless necessary or in extreme situations, but likes getting dirty with her creature friends.

The Heart: Her Element of Harmony, Kindness.

Heroic Self-Deprecation: While it does get toned down over the course of the series, she often does this by remarking that she would be a "useless weight" on missions, and agreeing with Ms. O when she yells at her.

Hidden Depths:

- Fluttershy has displayed a remarkable talent for drawing and is often seen drawing artwork at her desk when not working.
- Like Peaches and Mandy, she is very dedicated to her work, but it's more to make Ms. O happy than it is a genuine love for what she does.
- Growing up, she was a weak flier, and she was bullied for it in Cloudsdale. Because of it, she made the conscious decision to stay mainly in Toronto, staying at a house in the town along with the rest of the Mane 6 and Mandy, before Applejack sells the house and she begins sleeping in Odd Squad HQ while going back to her cottage to care for her animals.
- A few episodes suggest that Fluttershy enjoys reading, particularly books on animals as well as Obfusco's books.
- It has been implied that Mandy, an expert flier, gives Fluttershy flying lessons to improve her wing strength, but this isn't prominently featured in any episode. It is, however, mentioned and discussed in "Horse Race."

Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Lampshaded by Todd in one episode where Fluttershy goes to visit his Home for Villains in an attempt to assist a few villains in their reformations.

Todd: Wow, Fluttershy, you nice. You're very brave coming here and seeing how we run things.
Fluttershy: Oh yes! I've decided to come out of my comfort zone and make some new friends!
Todd: Heck, I probably couldn't even break you in the past as Odd Todd if I tried! Isn't that right?
*agreement from the other villains*

Innocently Insensitive: Similar to Mandy, Fluttershy never means outright harm, but some stuff she says comes out as this in a particular light due to her occasionally poor social skills. In "Third Mime's a Charm", she explains that had Mandy been awake, she probably would have done more damage to the Thrimes and the Sandman--a comment which Mandy does not take too lightly to, seeing as she had already beaten the group of villains in her sleep the previous night.

Ironic Fear: Since she's a Pegasus, her fear of large heights fits here.

Jerkass Ball: In "Flutterbye" and "Foul Play", she gets into a heated verbal argument with Mandy, telling her off. The former episode has Mandy run off crying her eyes out afterwards.

Karmic Protection: Like Mandy, Fluttershy's shyness tends to excuse her from her more Jerkass moments, although it doesn't always apply. Granted the fact she is a Butt-Monkey in every other area makes it excusable.

Kindhearted Cat Lover: Comes with the territory of being a Friend to All Living Things.

Let's Get Dangerous!: Several examples.

- In "Pilot", she helps Mandy stop Olive's plan to expose Peaches, taking the task of exploring Olive's office while Mandy checks the park.
- In "Cat Got Your Tail?" she takes up the helm in curing Peaches of her aggressiveness; however, she becomes unsuccessful and returns to her worried state of despair.
- In "Pinkie Party", while at first hesitant to help Pinkie Pie with her party-related casework, she takes up the helm anyway. It's implied that the amount Pinkie did with Rarity and Fluttershy made her exhausted even with the two mares' help, so this can double as an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.

Lovable Coward: She can jump into danger when the situation calls for it, but most of the time she is scared of the doors opening, and she is every bit adorable because of it.

Love Hungry: Ends up providing the page quote during "Flutterbye", where she takes others' ignorance of her and her needs very personally.

Mama Bear:

- Towards Mandy at times. While Olive obviously helms the position, Fluttershy is usually a foil to Mandy and keeps tabs on her in Olive's and Peaches's absences.
- She also has a fondness towards the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

The Matchmaker: Of a non-romantic type. In "Whoops, I Let the Leash Go", it's shown that one of the most thrilling parts of her day is finding your lost pet. When Ms. O announces that she is leaving work early to find Whoops, her pet Australian Shepherd (introduced in the Odd Squad episode "Puppet Show"), Fluttershy immediately steps up to the plate and vows to find him for her.

My God, What Have I Done?: Her reaction to finding Mandy huddled up in a corner of the alleyway crying after belittling her.

My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Is just about the only pegasus seen on the show that isn't boastful or arrogant.

Nice Girl: She bears the Element of Kindness for a reason, folks.

Not So Above It All: While one of the most nicest characters in the lot, she can't be perfect and often laughs at Mandy's mockery of other characters and takes part in talking about them behind their backs. In most cases, she is usually apologetic afterwards and/or tries to backtrack.

O.O.C. Is Serious Business:

- In "Flutterbye", she is shown to become more increasingly upset every time she is ignored or her requests are shot down. It takes her a while, but eventually she hits her limit and flips out on every employee, slamming her badge onto the floor, subsequently breaking it, and storming out.
- When Laura Lovebloom calls the ponies and admits to blasting Mandy with her love wand in "Fickle Love", Fluttershy gets upset, much to the surprise of the other ponies (as it's written clear on their faces), and demands to know where Mandy is. When Laura calls her "Flitterfloosh", she gets even more upset and corrects her.
- Inverted in the same episode, when Twilight and Fluttershy teleport to Olive's room to wake her up and inform her about the situation.

Twilight: (in a low voice) Okay, we're right outside her room. We'll have to be quiet.
Fluttershy: (in her natural quiet voice) You know I'm always quiet. You can count on me!

Performance Anxiety: She has horrible stage fright and hates being the center of attention, as revealed in "Shake, Rattle, And Run Away".

Personality Powers: She bears the Element of Kindness, and she has a kind, gentle personality, which is sometimes to her detriment and sometimes to her advantage.

Plucky Girl: A stubborn kindness, this one. While she may not be smiling she'll keep her spirits up.

The Quiet One: In scenes where she makes an appearance, she often doesn't have any dialogue and rarely speaks up.

Remembered I Could Fly: Now and then.

- When she remarks on Ms. O's "suit flaps" in "Sandbox Adventures", Ms. O tersely reminds her that she has wings and that she can fly too. Her response is a meek "Whoops, I forgot."
- In "Field Day" she leaps off of the hill of the meadow Mandy is located in, and at first it seems like she's flying...only she isn't, and she rolls down the hill towards the ground. Afterward she sheepishly remarks that while she had a soft landing, she could have flown off the hill.

Shrinking Violet: She definitely lives up to the "Shy" in her name. Over the course of the series though, she does get better.

Silk Hiding Steel: Definitely fits the character type; humble, loyal, wise, nurturing, etc. but with a clear touch of iron.

The So-Called Coward: She seems like a meek scaredy-pony up until someone genuinely threatens her friends, at which point she becomes absolutely terrifying.

Socially Awkward Hero: Is very shy, but is able to stand up to villains (and people in general) that are several times her size.

Submissive Badass: When asked to do something, she gets it done with little to no questions asked. She becomes more assertive as time goes on though.

Tender Tears: Being a nurturer and a caregiver, this is a given. If Mandy begins to cry, Fluttershy will start crying too.

This Means War!: When she's mad at someone, you know they've crossed the line somehow and are in trouble now.

Took a Level in Badass: More prominent in episodes where she is tasked to do something that aids a solution to a problem. Especially if it involves Mandy.

Trademark Favorite Food: Cucumber sandwiches, much to the surprise of Olly, who had never heard of such a thing.

Undying Loyalty:

- To Ms. O. Though Fluttershy fears her due to her Mean Boss/Benevolent Boss personality, she will carry out any order she wishes, and is always ready to help Ms. O when she needs it.
- Similarly, to Odd Squad as a whole. Fluttershy is happy with her job as a Creature Room Co-Director, but also shows great loyalty for the organization itself, admiring the many feats agents have performed since its founding way back in the day.

Unstoppable Rage:

- In "Four Play", she blows her top at Mandy, despite her offering to take her partner's work while she took a vacation. She chews out Mandy for her position, her lack of self-care, and even such habits as reading in bed "late" at night. Needless to say, Mandy doesn't take too kindly to this, and does the same thing to Fluttershy, chewing her out on her shyness, her lack of assertiveness, and the fact she isn't an agent.

- Taken Up to Eleven in "Flutterbye", where she quits the Squad and storms out after others refuse to acknowledge her when she needed assistance. She later teams up with her animal friends and attempts to destroy the place.

Spoiler: Appearance • show
Animal Motifs: Her cutie mark is a trio of pink butterflies.

Badass in a Nice Suit: While not usually a badass unless it's called for, she wears clothing similar to Agent Ocean--badge and all.

Color-Coded Characters: She is timid and gets scared very easily, so naturally, she is yellow.

Feather Fingers: Similar to Mandy, Fluttershy can use her wings as an extra pair of hands.

Innocent Blue Eyes: The most kindhearted, caring, and innocent of the cast.

Little Big Sister: Older than her brother Zephyr Breeze, and shorter than him to boot.

Long Hair is Feminine: Pretty, pink, and long enough to hide behind. From certain angles it even appears to frame her face in a heart.

Non-Standard Character Design:

- She is the only one of the Mane Six with a unique Tareme Eyes design. When startled they widen into standard eyes, however.

- In flashback episodes, we see Fluttershy as a filly and she's noticeably taller and ganglier than her peers with daintier hooves. While she is at least one year older than some such as Pinkie Pie, the height difference is still jarring for the small age gap, and we rarely see any young ponies of similar proportioning throughout the show.

- As an adult mare, Fluttershy is seen being left-hooved--the only pony character to do so.

- Eagle-eyed viewers can notice Fluttershy being shorter than the rest of the Mane Six. When compared in height to Mandy, the other ponies go up to her knees. However, Fluttershy is seen being a few inches shorter than Mandy when put side-by-side. This is especially noticeable when Mandy is in pony form, and is standing next to Fluttershy.

Obliviously Beautiful: In-universe, she's implied to be cute and beautiful enough to make Olive--normally brisk and serious--visibly lose her cool. However, she is vaguely aware of it, if at all.

Older Than They Look: It's remarked on in one episode that Fluttershy is a year older than Pinkie. When Mandy and Peaches find out about this however, neither one of them believe it, as her nature makes her appear a lot younger than other ponies.

Peek-a-Bangs: When she was a filly.

Pink Means Feminine: Her mane and tail.

Puppy-Dog Eyes: She's not above using these when she really wants something. For example, in "Cat Got Your Tail?" when asking Ms. O to take the rest of the day off.

Rapunzel Hair: Besides Peaches and maybe Ms. O, she has the longest hair out of the main characters and is the only character whose tail travels along the ground.

Rose-Haired Sweetie: Of a less saturated variety than Pinkie, representing a less intense and more gentle personality.

Tareme Eyes: Very noticeable when compared to the others and she is significantly sweeter and more gentle.

Tarot Motifs: Reforming villains brings to mind card 8 (or 11), Strength, representing inner courage, patience, and of course, kindness.

Twitchy Eye: Seen when becoming unhinged in "Flutterbye".

Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: She's a pegasus.

Spoiler: Abilities • show
The Beastmaster: She doesn't use it for combat, but when the Squad is being wrecked by a creature, or when an agent is being threatened by one, she is quick to tame it.

Beyond the Impossible: She has been known to deal with creatures in manners that leave even Ocean slack-jawed.

Fluffy Tamer: Is very good with Ms. O's dog, Whoops, in "Whoops, I Let the Leash Go"--so much so, that Ms. O names her Whoops's official petsitter.

Forgot About Her Powers: Fluttershy is rarely seen hovering like Rainbow Dash, and usually prefers to be on the ground.

- In "Field Day", she attempts to leap off the tall hill in the meadow Mandy is located in, only to roll in a one-pony ball down to the ground. When Pinkie and Peaches ask if she's okay, Fluttershy says yes and then sheepishly remarks that she could have flown to the bottom of the hill.

Guile Hero: In "The Boss's Assistant", she assists with rescuing Twilight, while ousting the Big O in the process.

Heart is an Awesome Power: Her love and connection to animals helped her find her cutie mark. This also gives her the desire to help and protect her friends no matter what. Her connection to animals applies to both odd creatures, and normal, everyday creatures.

Hypnotic Eyes: Combined with Death Glare to produce a power known as "The Stare" to those far and wide. It's able to tame creatures with ease. At one point she asks Ocean if he would like to learn, but he declines (as he is known as a "creature whisperer" throughout the precinct).

Kindly Vet: She is often shown healing injured animals.

Like a Duck Takes to Water: She is quite at home in the Creature Room, and thus, it's where she spends a lot of her time. In "The Kir-bees", while she doesn't know about the eponymous creature, after some research, she takes a liking to it. Mandy, however, is the opposite, as she had gotten into a fight with the creature before. She happily hands it off to Fluttershy, who thanks her partner for creature-sitting the Kir-bee.

Made of Iron: In many episodes, she gets injured or knocked out, but is seen being perfectly fine in following scenes.

Nature Hero: Being in tune with nature has saved the lives of her, her friends, and generally the entire Squad.

Not So Weak: Fluttershy is an adorable, cute little Pegasus who is literally afraid of doors opening. However, despite what most think, Fluttershy is a lot tougher than she looks, going the extra mile to protect her friends and those she loves. She displays an intense loyalty and admiration for Odd Squad and isn't afraid to fight if called upon, nor is she afraid to provide solutions to problems. She is also a pretty average flier, with Mandy being her personal tutor on the subject.

The Power of Friendship: When she's alone, she often has trouble defending herself, but when she's with her friends, almost nothing can stop her.

Prehensile Tail:

- In "Season's Sneezings", it's shown to be strong enough to wrap around a pole and support her weight while dangling from it.
- Her tail proves to be useful in battle on numerous occasions--like Mandy's tail, Fluttershy is able to scoop up things with her tail and fling it, creating a whip sound.

Speaks Fluent Animal: Her special talent is communicating with creatures (odd and normal) on a different level than most ponies. She can also understand them literally. She treats the ones that don't rely on charades as Intelligible Unintelligible.

Stealth Expert: Due to how naturally quiet she is, there have been a few times where she is chosen to carry out the stealth part of a plan, such as in "Fickle Love". She succeeds with flying colors, even going so far as to apologize to Olive and meekly explain the situation.

Super Speed: Rarely exhibited, but she has shown to be able to keep up with Mandy (who herself is a speedy flier).

Talking the Monster to Death: She's done this on multiple occasions, from Centigurps to Daves.

Un-Sorcerer: Unlike most Pegasi, she is a weak flier, and although she is getting better with Mandy's assistance, she prefers to keep her hooves on the ground. She compensates for this by showing an affinity for nature and animals, more like an Earth pony.

Spoiler: Relationships • show
All of the Other Reindeer: Due to her poor flying ability, none of the fillies in Cloudsdale treated her very well. Even as an adult, there have been times where the entire Squad, or even the entire town is against her (like "Flutterbye").

Childhood Friends: Mostly with Rainbow Dash, but also with Mandy. In the case of the former, most of their closeness as adults comes from being pegasi and Cloudsdale natives, but as children, they were already together around the age for flight camp. For the latter, Fluttershy was revealed to be very kind to Mandy as the two grew up, keeping her under wraps when Olive was out on cases (as Mandy would get emotional when Olive left). It's partially what spurred Ms. O to make the two partners along with Pinkie Pie, being the first Director to form a three-partner trio.

Defeat Means Friendship: Her mindset for defeating villains. She especially takes a liking to Kevin Noisemaker.

Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Responsible to her freeloading slacker brother Zephyr Breeze's Foolish.

Friend To All Children: Since she works with children and is very kind and respectful to them, this is a given. But she is especially close with some children, like Mandy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

The Friends Who Never Hang:

- She isn't seen hanging out with other ponies as much as Pinkie Pie and Mandy. At times there will be episodes where she and a select handful of characters go on an adventure together or encounter/cause an issue, but it rarely improves the friendship bond between them.

The Load: Ms. O has remarked that Fluttershy is this a few times whenever she's annoyed and think she's alone. When Fluttershy hears it, she politely agrees, much to Ms. O's chagrin.

Morality Pet: Is seen as this to the Squad as a whole. While she does hold a position just like other characters in the show (save Peaches) do, it's one of the lowest ranking positions due to the symbol that represents it (since rank is determined by how many sides a position's symbol has). Because of this, she looks down upon herself. However, she is not above giving advice to others and helping out when needed.

The Millstone: In "Four Play" she attempts to take over Mandy's work for her while the hybrid takes a well-deserved vacation. Needless to say, Fluttershy underestimated just how much work Mandy does on the daily.

Odd Friendship: Has one with many humans, almost as much as many ponies, like Rainbow Dash. She is especially close with Mandy, despite the pair being two separate species (and one by transformation) and despite their personalities being vastly different.

Red Oni, Blue Oni: Fluttershy's quiet, timid personality makes her pure Blue Oni to all of her friends.

Team Mom: Mainly towards creatures, whom she feeds and takes care of along with Ocean.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Rainbow Dash's Tomboy.

Vitrolic Best Buds: A rather unique example. As kind and patient as she attempts to be, nearly every last one of her friends manages to exasperate or terrify her by accident.

Spoiler: Other • show
Butt-Monkey: Usually gets one end of the stick of this; the other end belongs to Agent Mandy.

Children in Tow: In "A Tour of Duty" she is seen leading agents-in-training around Headquarters, using the same harness Ms. O once used.

Demoted to Extra: Gets to be this in some episodes, sometimes not even having a speaking line.

Evil Laugh: She has one in "Flutterbye" that could give villains a run for their money.

Go Ye Heroes, Go and Die: Tends to draw these as both sender and recipient.

Immune to Mind Control: Lampshaded by Todd in one episode when Fluttershy visits his Home for Villains.

Meaningful Name: She is a weak flier and she is very shy. Similarly, she has a special place in her heart for butterflies and they are her cutie mark.

Out of Focus: The series focuses on the exploits of, well, Peaches and Mandy, but it also focuses on Pinkie, Fluttershy, and a few other human characters. Despite this, Fluttershy is sometimes this in episodes, often not getting many speaking lines.

Squee!: Does this adorably in "Glimmer of Hope".

Vocal Dissonance: Like Mandy, her voice gets a lot deeper when she cries.

Vocal Evolution: Andrea Libman's voice for Fluttershy was quiet almos to the point of a whisper. Later on, the character has a lot more volume and enthusiasm, and even sounds a tad goofy.

The Voiceless: In many episodes, she is seen, but not given any speaking lines.
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and obvs, one for peaches, why don't i do all the characters at this point lmao whatever

Spoiler: show
"They say in Vallea, a catperson is born free, but yet is still caged. Caged by a poisonous force that will corrupt us and take over our lives sooner or later, one way or another. But what do you do when that poisonous force has reared its ugly head time and time again, but yet always slips out of your grasp? You go and find them yourself before any damage can be done."

Debut: "Pilot"

Voiced by: Grey Delisle

Agent Mandy's cousin, and the Deuteragonist of the series. Peaches is a catgirl hailing from the native land of Vallea, a dark and mysterious land populated with catboys and catgirls alike. She does not serve in Odd Squad as an agent or by any other means of holding a position, but rather, she is treated as a welcome guest, and Odd Squad Headquarters serves as her home. She originally went to Toronto in an attempt to find Agent Mandy and make her pay for supposedly hurting her and the rest of Vallea, but is quickly corrected when she finds out that Mandy has no clue what Vallea is, nor where it is, and thus, she was wrongly suspected. The two then reconcile and become allies.

While not working for Odd Squad, Peaches proves herself to be very useful in other ways, helping others with carrying out plans and keeping her cool under intense situations, something that has earned her an unofficial leader status within the Squad for. She serves as a sort of foil to Mandy and keeps her under control when Olive is not present.

Spoiler: Characterization and Background • show
100% Adoration Rating: While the Squad showed a great dislike for her in the beginning, they quickly change their minds when Peaches makes amends with Mandy and decides to get to know her better, and as the series progresses, the Squad puts a lot of trust into her.

Absurd Phobia: She is deathly afraid of large boulders.

The Ace: She is very skilled and educated in the history of her species as well as Vallea overall. However, this is never expanded on.

All Your Powers Combined: Like Mandy and the original Main 4, she has the power to take the departments' power (represented by their colorful symbols) and go into Super Mode.

Adorkable: You can't deny that when she gets overly excited about something, she really gets excited.

Agent Scully: Falls into this quite often with pretty much everyone.

All-Loving Hero: While lacking more of the humor facet that Agents Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Mandy have, she still treats everyone with respect and kindness, and in turn, she receives it right back. This can also go for a few of the townsfolk, like Mayor Mackelmore and Delivery Debbie.

Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite being a catgirl living in a town populated by humans connected to a land populated by ponies by a portal, that doesn't stop her from remarking about how odd things are.

The B Grade: If she lets Ms. O down, she basically lets the whole Squad down.

Badass Adorable: Oh she's adorable all right...and certainly packs a punch! This goes for both her normal humanoid form, and her tabby cat form.

Benevolent Mage Ruler: Is heavily implied to have been one, if the movie In Odd We Trust is any indication.

Berserk Button:

- Don't hurt Agent Mandy.
- Don't diss Odd Squad in general.
- Pull her by the tail, and you die.
- Just...just don't make her mad. At all.

Beware the Nice Ones: Peaches is just as much of an All-Loving Hero as Fluttershy, Pinkie and Mandy, and is one of the kindest characters on the show, but man oh man do you not want to make her mad.

- "Cat Got Your Tail?" has Peaches turning aggressive thanks to Cherry Moriarty, a local villain and hypnosis expert who puts the catgirl into a state of pure aggressiveness with a ring wrapped tightly around her waist, which also makes her lose her memories. She loses all control of herself, and destroys anything--and anyone--in sight, including Mandy, Ocean, and Fluttershy, all of whom attempt to change her back and fail. Mandy, however, driven by the bond she shares with Peaches, vows to turn Peaches back to normal and eventually succeeds when she uses the Remembrance spell Twilight taught her--the ring is torn off Peaches's waist and she falls into a deep sleep.
- "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid" has her snapping at Mandy for disobeying her instructions on how to fly with her tail, leaving her to figure it out on her own.

Big Eater: Like Mandy, she shows off an incredible appetite at times, but eats more daintily than her cousin.

Blue Blood: In In Odd We Trust, she is implied to be part of royalty in Vallea somehow, but it is never expanded on.

Born Winner: Peaches was born a catgirl like everyone else in Vallea, but it's implied that she was more powerful than the other catboys and catgirls in one way or another.

Break the Cutie: She does not like to bring up her past (involving Vallea anyway), delving into Odd Squad's history instead.

- In "Cat Got Your Tail?", a flashback occurs where Mandy tells Peaches about the pienado incident, causing her to react in shock and sadness. While she doesn't cry, her expression says it all.
- In Odd We Trust hits her hard. After finding out the damage she's done, she begins to break down crying, to the point where she becomes an absolute unintelligible blubbering mess. Then Mandy starts crying while trying to comfort her.

Break the Haughty: In "Pilot", she breaks into Odd Squad Headquarters and demands to see Mandy, not breaking a sweat even when Ms. O becomes verbally aggressive towards her. However, her aggressiveness is quickly shot down by Mandy, who seems unaffected by Peaches's rage and later suggests they make amends.

Broken Ace: She started out as a catgirl seeking full-blown revenge on Mandy, one who seems to think very highly of herself. However, after the events of "Pilot", she becomes more friendlier while still retaining leadership qualities. Anytime she has to follow a leader, she stumbles.

Butt-Monkey: Not as much as Mandy, but she has her moments.

The Cameo: When she's not making a physical appearance in an episode, her name will often be mentioned once or twice.

Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them: Has this relationship with Mandy. While she sometimes can't stand the hybrid and her over-the-top enthusiasm, she also keeps Peaches in check, and teaches her how to have fun even in situations that don't appear fun, as shown in "An Odd Squad Gala".

The Chains of Commanding: Implied that she felt this in In Odd We Trust.

Character Development: She starts out as a vengeful catgirl searching for her cousin, whom she mistakenly believes has hurt her and Vallea. When she does find her, she begins to fight Mandy, until the hybrid offers her a chance to become allies and not enemies. While at first hesitant, Peaches accepts, and throughout the course of the episode, the two begin to develop a bond with each other that gets strengthened when Mandy stands up to Olive (who had planned to frame Peaches as revenge for hurting Mandy). In future episodes, Peaches is seen as kind and respectful, but stern, and is looked up to as a leader.

Character Tics:

- Like with Mandy, Peaches's ears tend to flap when overly excited.
- Her tail wags back and forth like a dog often when she's speaking, and other times it bobs up and down.

The Chew Toy: She is on the receiving end of a lot of accidents...mainly caused by Mandy or Oona.

Child Prodigy: As with the above examples, she is implied to be this in the movie In Odd We Trust, flying sooner and developing skills faster than most catgirls.

City Mouse: "Pilot" shows her getting acquainted with Toronto, a bustling city compared to her more rural, gloomy town of Vallea.

The City vs. The Country: Her initial appearance is a downplayed version of this. Peaches has been searching far and wide for Mandy for a few days and eventually winds up in Toronto--presumably one of the places she hasn't looked for her. Her instincts are correct, as Mandy makes her first appearance after waking up, and after a lengthy battle Mandy proposes that the two become allies. Peaches accepts and is taken on a tour around Odd Squad HQ and Toronto, and by the end, asks Ms. O if she can stay at Headquarters, as flying from Vallea to Toronto is too far of a distance.

The Comically Serious: Whenever she tries to keep it together and stay dignified, expect it to be ruined by another human or pony.

Condescending Compassion: In "Cat Got Your Tail?", she begrudgingly helps Mandy with flying using her tail, despite initially protesting that Mandy has too big of a tail to fly, among other issues such a skill would present.

Control Freak: Becomes this during In Odd We Trust.

Crazy-Prepared: Peaches always has an idea or a plan on hand for an issue or a problem that needs fixing. Always.

Cry Cute: Even in her initial Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Peaches's vulnerable side can break hearts.

Cute and Psycho: Peaches is usually calm and rational, but send her off the rails...and she's neither.

Deadpan Snarker: Very often due to her role as the Straight Man.

Peaches: Mandy, your tail is vastly different from mine. If you haven't noticed.
Mandy: I know! That's what'll make it so cool!
Peaches: But you may not be able to fly due to the poofiness of such a...big tail.
Mandy: Pinkie Pie has the exact same tail I do! And she can fly! Just like you!
Peaches: (flatly) Can she now?

Defrosting Ice Queen: A non-romantic example. In "Pilot", she was The Snark Knight, and came after Mandy for revenge. However, she found out that she was mistaken right quick, and makes amends. Her snark sometimes can overlap with this trope in future episodes.

Depending on the Writer: Like the other characters, Peaches has a consistent characterization, but can sometimes be written different ways by different writers. In some episodes, she is nice and tolerant of others, while other episodes have her be blunt and insensitive.

Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Zigzagged. Peaches originally came to Toronto seeking revenge on Mandy, but by the end of the episode, she becomes a part of Odd Squad. She is perfectly content with where she is, but some episodes imply that her heart lies with Vallea and wants to go back there, but is unable to, due to the reactions from others, particularly Mandy.

- She confesses that she wants to return to Vallea in "Fake Charmer".

Determinator: When she wants to do something, she will do it no matter what. For better or worse.

Ditzy Genius: She is very intelligent and knows quite a bit, but when it comes to "modern" things like cars or even odd creatures, she has no idea how to handle them.

Don't Wake the Sleeper: Subverted in "Under A Rest", when
Otto suggests he, Olive, and Oscar see Peaches for expertise on waking Mandy up. Ironically, Otto later remarks that entering Peaches's room with the door unlocked and waking her up is wrong, but Peaches doesn't seem upset when she is woken up.

Dude, Where's My Respect?: Due to being looked down upon by Odd Squad employees (who subsequently accuse her of being a freeloader), this is what kickstarts her chain of actions in In Odd We Trust. Aside from going to the Odd Side, of course.

Expy: Is considered to be one to Mew Ichigo, to an extent.

Fangirl: Like Otto and (at on-and-off times) Olive, she is a big fan of the band Soundcheck.

The Finicky One: Has a serious attitude and a lack of a sense of humor, in contrast to her cousin, Agent Mandy.

Flat-Earth Atheist: Often reacts in shock and utter bewilderment when it comes to odd things, despite her coming from a town solely populated with catpeople.

Forgot About His Powers: Peaches wields a weapon that is shaped into a hexagon and has a bell attached to it. It presumably holds many powers, but isn't used as much, as she prefers to fight with her claws. However, there are many problems that could have been solved had she used her weapon.

Four-Temperament Ensemble: Choleric: task-oriented, a good planner, and a leader.

Friendless Background: It's implied that Peaches didn't really have many friends growing up, instead working alone--even when a threat came down upon Vallea.

Go-Getter Girl: Peaches is a natural-born leader and very intelligent and talented, with a knack for making plans or attempting to solve problems and acting on it.

Good is Not Nice: In her first appearance, she is shown to be aggressive towards Mandy for supposedly hurting her and the people of Vallea. She does get better, though.

Good is Not Soft: She's normally calm, friendly, respectful and helpful, but when you push her Berserk Button, all hell breaks loose.

Good With Numbers: Like most agents within Odd Squad, Peaches is incredibly skilled at math, often offering solutions to help agents figure math-related problems out on their own.

The Hero: Shared with Mandy. Aside from Ms. O, who is a leader by position, Peaches is an unofficial but effective leader to many of the characters, and she is the Deuteragonist of the series.

Hidden Depths: A few minor appearances in episodes show that Peaches doesn't like to talk about her past, instead learning about Odd Squad's history to distance herself from it. This is most prominently seen in "The War of Oddness".

Honorary Princess: In Odd We Trust implies that she was a princess of some sort (or at least a member of royalty) back in Vallea, but doesn't reveal anything more than that. Mandy's "Daughter of Evil" song, in where she tells a story to the OG Main 4 about a greedy heartless princess (portrayed by Peaches) in a faraway land (portrayed by Vallea), further pushes the theory.

Humble Hero: Peaches is very approving of Mandy's status and actions as the Princess of Equality, as well as the concept of equality within Odd Squad itself. Because of this, she often wishes to be seen as equal to everyone else, not wanting special recognition for solving issues.

Hypocrite: In "A Catty Sibling Rivalry", she complains about how pushy and competitive her sister, Mirabelle, is. Mandy calls her out on it and says that Peaches is just as competitive as "that rainbow-maned pony you call Rainbow Dash", recalling the events of "Horse Race".

I Choose To Stay: At the end of the first episode, she chooses to stay in Odd Squad HQ, rather than return to Vallea.

I Did What I Had To Do: Her reasoning for dragging Mandy (literally) into her feud with Mirabelle in "A Catty Sibling Rivalry".

Incredibly Lame Fun: As she is a feline, she tends to sleep a lot, and a few episodes prominently feature her asleep. The ending of "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid" has Peaches and Mandy making up (after the former blew up at the latter) and the two heading off to have a nap together. During this exchange, Olive and Otto exchange "we knew that would happen" looks.

Innocently Insensitive: She has a tendency to hurt others with her claws at times, even if she doesn't mean to do it, due to the fact that she always wears gloves with cat claws on the fingertips that don't retract.

- Taken to hilarious levels in "Season's Sneezings"--as she is tucking Mandy into bed, her claws accidentally dig into the hybrid's skin, which causes her to cry out in pain...and then sneeze on her, which causes Peaches to freak out. By the end of the episode, Mandy feels better, but Peaches is now the one who is sick.

Insufferable Genius: While not super-smart, she is one of the most intelligent of the main cast and shows a lot more common sense. However, her frequent Deadpan Snarker ways aren't a hit with the others.

Iron Butt Monkey: As shown in "Peaches and Cream", she can take a lot of damage and keep on going.

I Work Alone: Her attitude before coming to Odd Squad to find Mandy during the pilot. After the episode, she warmed up to the others, though she sometimes does prefer to work alone still.

Jerk With a Heart of Gold: In the same vein as Olive. Despite treating Mandy like dirt, constantly critiquing her, and crushing her dreams before she has a chance to make an attempt a lot of the time, she still loves her with all her heart. This can happen with other agents too, namely the ponies.

Kirk Summation: Is on the receiving end of this in "Pilot", where Mandy ceases all fighting and urges her to make amends and become allies. Surprisingly, it works.

Large Ham: She can do this at times, and it can overlap with Chewing the Scenery.

Lawful Stupid: "Corked" has her physically pick up The Shapeshifter and spin her around without breaking a sweat. All because she began to call Mandy names once she was free of the spell they had put on her. However, she doesn't realize that the Shapeshifter can...well, shapeshift into anything at will.

Shapeshifter: Y-you can't do this to me! I've been a villain for years! I-
Peaches: Ap. Nope. You had your chance and you blew it. And now...uh...
*a zap as the Shapeshifter transforms into a bird*
Shapeshifter: Later, kittycat! *maniacal laughter as she flies off*
Peaches: W- what the heck was that?!

Mama Bear: To Mandy when Olive is not present, and to the ponies as well to an extent.

Minored in Ass-Kicking: This isn't Peaches's day job, but she is more than willing to fight whenever the situation calls for it.

Mr. Vice Guy: While even-tempered, Peaches often has issues with getting upset over minor things and jumping into situations claws-first if battle is involved. She also carries a lot of snark.

Modest Royalty: Subverted. Peaches is implied to be a princess of Vallea or at least some member of royalty there, but doesn't wear anything other than a yellow dress with white silk, a bow on her tail, a bracelet on her forearm, cat claw gloves, and hiking shoes. She doesn't even wear a crown, which is extremely telling. Similarly, Mandy wears her crown more for comedic or dramatic effects, and wears the same clothing that Investigation agents wear.

My God, What Have I Done?:

- In "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid", when she sees just what her frustration with Mandy has cost the hybrid.
- "Under A Rest" has her comforting a sleeping Mandy (who is having a nightmare involving a volcano) with "feline therapy", with an added bonus of catching a few Z's. However, Mandy's loud snoring causes her to quickly reconsider.

My Instincts Are Showing: In human form, Peaches tends to show a lot of feline instincts, such as playing with the red dot from a laser toy at one point.

Mysterious Past: Not much is revealed about Peaches's past in Vallea. A few mentions are made here and there, but the rest are mere implications.

Nice Girl: While still retaining some snark, she's sweet-natured, kind, and respectful a lot of the time.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:

- Her actions in "Pretty Fly For a Hybrid" says a lot, especially when she passes by Dr. O's office and sees Mandy with her leg wrapped in gauze and Dr. O informing her that she can't fly for a while. Eventually she reconciles with Mandy.
- "Under A Rest" as well. Even though Mandy has fluctuated from soft snoring to loud snoring, Peaches's "feline therapy" sends Mandy into the latter, which hurts Peaches's ears.

Only Sane Man: Generally the voice of reason compared to a majority of the main cast.

Pay Evil Unto Evil: Heavily downplayed. Peaches isn't one for villain reformation (not that it's a thing in Odd Squad, anyway), and would rather see villains get justice for their crimes rather than train them to be functioning members of society. However, she has her limits and refrains from injuring them too much.

Plucky Girl: She is very enthusiastic and full of energy in even the most dire of situations.

Pragmatic Hero: Peaches usually jumps into battles claw-first; when a situation can be resolved with gadgets she declines in favor of using her claws.

Pride: Has a lot of pride in protecting Mandy and helping others out, but isn't one to show off by any means.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Subverted. Peaches doesn't hold a position within Odd Squad like the other characters on the show, and instead serves to assist others in solving cases without actually going out to the field to do so. Despite this, she is shown to be a valuable asset, especially when it comes to fighting.

Rage-Breaking Point: While she does get angry quite often, it takes her a lot to get her to a point where she really blows her top.

- In "Dripping in Fitness", she snaps at Mandy (who had kept on getting injured by various equipment) after she drops her membership at the fitness center and vows to never exercise again, calling her "highly overweight" and even getting into a physical fist fight with her. It takes Ms. O and Twilight to break the two up.

Royals Who Actually Do Something: Subverted. As mentioned before, it's implied that Peaches was some member of royalty in Vallea. However, this is never expanded on nor is it revealed to the rest of the cast.

Sanity Slippage: Has her shades from time to time, most notably when she loses her grip with Mandy.

Serious Business: Tends to take pretty much everything seriously, even fun events like parties. Subverted in "An Odd Squad Gala" where, after Mandy apologizes to her for not showing her that Odd Squad has fun too, she says that the gala was fun anyway and such events were "never this crazy back in Vallea."

Shut Up, Hannibal!: Done to the Shapeshifter and Father Time in "Corked" along with the OG Main 4 (excluding Oscar).

Slasher Smile: Sports one in "A Catty Sibling Rivalry" when she falsely believes that she has won the race against Mirabelle.

The Snark Knight: Very, very much so.

Squee!: Is absolutely ecstatic over cat treats. She will eat them in both human and cat form, and gobble them up the same way Otto eats everything. Is referenced by Mandy in "The Boss's Assistant".

Mandy: Uh...okay, sure, I'll escort him to Twilight. Right after I give my treats.
*throws the cat treats on the floor where Peaches is sitting*
Peaches: *meows in thanks before gobbling up the treats*
Mandy: This feels awkward the more I do it…
Ms. O: *nods* Understandable.

Temporarily a Villain: In the movie In Odd We Trust.

Tomboy Princess: Subverted. As previously mentioned on this page, she is implied to be a princess or some member of royalty within Vallea, but it is never revealed.

Took a Level in Badass: Peaches is already badass enough, but it really reaches its height in "A Catty Sibling Rivalry", where she gives it her all and beats Mirabelle in nearly every single competition.

Took a Level in Cheerfulness: Mandy's endless optimism rubs off on Peaches from time to time in various episodes, and damn does it show.

Took a Level in Kindness: In the pilot, where she attacks Mandy on false claims that she had hurt her and the people in Vallea. After Mandy explains that she has no idea what Vallea is nor had she been there, and after she offers a deal to Peaches in order to cease their fighting, she accepts and becomes kinder to Mandy from then on out, as well as the rest of the cast.

Undying Loyalty: To Ms. O, though more out of respect than anything else. While the two often don't see eye to eye at times, she still respects her as a Director.

Unwanted Assistance: Inverted in "A Catty Sibling Rivalry"; she practically begs Mandy to help her beat her older sister, Mirabelle, at something. When Mandy declines, saying she wants no part in the sibling duel, Peaches ends up forcefully dragging Mandy out of the bullpen while the hybrid cries out that her own cousin is kidnapping her and begs someone to help her. No one does.

Wise Beyond Their Years: Sort of. While she's only 14, she is shown to be an effective planner and leader, oftentimes moreso than Ms. O herself.

Spoiler: Abilities • show
Awesomeness by Analysis: Peaches is a very effective planner, and will take the time to point out flaws in a plan, or a solution to a problem that could hinder action. Many times, her plans are successful.

Animal-Themed Superbeing: Type 1. Peaches fits the criteria for this trope due to her having a hexagonal weapon with a bell attached, which she mainly uses to fire beams and other magic, as well as for general flinging at enemies.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: A Running Gag for Peaches is facing the audience and holding up two signs, one that reads "Do I destroy the girl?" and one that reads "Or do I destroy myself?", a Shout-Out to one of the captions of Scenes of Savage Stingy.

Beam Spam: Can use this with her hexagon-shaped weapon.

Flight: Can fly by spinning her tail like a propeller. Unlike Mandy, however, she cannot perform the move downwards.

The Leader: Is shown to have many leadership qualities and is always up-and-front similar to Ms. O.

Magical Girl: She fits a lot of the criteria.

Magical Girl Warrior: When fighting, though she doesn't use her weapon that often.

Not Quite Flight: Peaches can fly on Mandy's back.

Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Peaches is only 14, but can kick but like nobody's business.

The Strategist: Peaches usually adds on to plans, but other times she makes her own plans or comes up with problems to solutions--and she has no issue leading the charge.

Spoiler: Appearance • show
Cat Girl: Fits the criteria to a tee, even having cat claw gloves (however, the claws cannot retract).

Coon Crown: Subverted, as it's only implied that Peaches was a princess of Vallea, but it is never expanded on.

Cute Little Fangs: Sports these in both human and cat form.

Innocent Blue Eyes: Has big round ones, though they can turn into Icy Blue Eyes right quick.

Motifs: Being a catgirl, she is portrayed as being more feline than the rest of the cast.

Non-Standard Character Design: Most, if not all characters in the show are drawn by Salison and come from her original character concept ideas. However, Peaches is animated and drawn differently; her original concept art was drawn by Hannah Holmes as a request for Amanda, and she hired her on the show to draw Peaches exclusively, as well as other catpeople, like Mirabelle and Orion.

Slasher Smile: Gets one in "A Catty Sibling Rivalry" when she thinks she has beaten Mirabelle at the competitions.

Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: She's a catgirl.

Spoiler: Relationships • show
Annoying Younger Sibling: Seen as this to Mirabelle.

Big Sister Mentor: Is this to Mandy.

Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: When Olive isn't present, she takes this role to foil Mandy.

Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Subverted. While not siblings (the pair are cousins), Peaches and Mandy become more like siblings over the course of the series. Mandy tends to go with her gut and is more of a jokester, playing the role of the foolish sibling. Peaches is more down-to-earth, wise, and tends to look after Mandy to make sure she doesn't get into trouble, playing the role of the responsible sibling.

The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: "A Catty Sibling Rivalry" is centered around Mirabelle, Peaches's older sister, and her obsessive need to be competitive, with Peaches attempting to battle it out with her (and take Mandy with it, too).

The Kirk: She's levelheaded and logical, which is why she's viewed as an unofficial leader of the cast.

Loner-Turned-Friend: To Odd Squad employees as a whole.

Loony Friends Improve Your Personality: She's definitely a lot more cheerful when she gets familiar with Odd Squad and its employees (who are odd themselves).

Not So Different: From Olive. Both girls are brisk and serious about their work, and usually think before rushing into action.

- From Twilight too, to an extent.

Odd Friendship: She has pony friends and human friends--but perhaps her most bizarre friendship is that with Mandy, who is a pony-human hybrid and is also blood cousins with her.

Red Oni, Blue Oni:

- Blue Oni to Mandy.
- Flip-flops with red and blue for the rest of the cast.

Sibling Yin-Yang: Subverted--she is not Mandy's sister, but her cousin. Mandy is loud, humorous, hyperactive, and tends to rush headfirst into situations at times and overreact to small things. Peaches is more calm, cool, and collected, sorting problems out when they involve her and assisting other agents in solving cases and similar matters, and rarely freaking out when a situation gets too extreme.

Straight Man: She serves as this to Mandy.

Spoiler: Other • show
Absentee Actor: Played with. In some episodes she plays a minor part, like in "The Boss's Assistant"; other episodes she has a bigger role in.

Meaningful Name: She is seen eating peaches quite a fair bit. Similarly, her favorite color is peach.

Token Minority: She is the only catgirl among the main cast.
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olive now too, why not haha

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Spoiler: show
"Okay, honey, that's well and all, but maybe don't throw yourself into mortal danger?"

Debut: Pilot

Voiced by: Dalila Bela

The adoptive mother of Agent Mandy and co-leader of Precinct 13577. Olive is a headstrong, stoic and serious leader who jumps into action to protect Mandy, oftentimes being seen as overprotective or being scolded by Mandy herself. The byproduct of bullying due to her old partner, Odd Todd, Olive is usually the first to attack oddness and won't hesitate at a battle call. She is also close friends with Ms. O, who served as her mentor at Precinct 13579 prior to being promoted to Director. Olive will oftentimes visit her, Mandy, and others in 13579. She tends to despise girly things and is an athlete, training under Coach Roberts, the town's coach, in her spare time.

Being a Director, she has the ability to fly using her 'suit flaps'. Her partner is Otto, who serves as co-leader of the precinct alongside her.

Spoiler: Characterization and Background • show
The Ace: She was one of the lead agents in 13579, and gets a lot of screen time.

Anti-Smother Love Talk: Olive often doesn't like to see Mandy leap into the fray of battle, and will often shield her r bar her from doing so. It takes reasoning with her to make her change her mind.

Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Sometimes to Otto, but mostly to Agent Mandy.

Determinator: Borders between this and Plucky Girl.

Fangirl: She can be this at times, especially around Coach Roberts.

Good Parents: Though brash and overprotective, Olive is a good adoptive mother to Mandy and the two love each other quite a lot.

Jerk With a Heart of Gold: Especially when dealing with Mandy.

Little Miss Badass: Can kick some serious butt.

Little Miss Snarker: Aside from being the Only Sane Man, she's also a Deadpan Snarker.

Passionate Sports Girl: In most sports.

Platonic Boy/Girl Heroes: With Otto.

True Companions: With the rest of the Main 4 - Oscar, Otto, Mandy, and Ms. O.

Spoiler: Appearance • show

Spoiler: Abilities • show

Spoiler: Relationships • show

Spoiler: Other • show
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this is one for orino, i'm thinking of making him a long-term villain? i dunno

Spoiler: show
"Tough talk from such a pint-sized brat! I’m more powerful than you might think!"

Debut: Fake Charmer

Voiced by: Ryan Fox

A catboy from Vallea who is one of Peaches's close friends. Orino is manipulative, possessive, and isn't afraid to fight if it means getting what he wants. He originally appeared as a mention in "Peaches and Cream", but made his physical debut in "Fake Charmer", where he attempts to get rid of Mandy, whom he views as an annoyance after meeting her, believing she wants Peaches all for herself. After the events of his debut episode, he went on to spread lies about Mandy to other people of both Toronto, and different worlds such as the Odd Side, before making another debut in the movie In Odd We Trust, as The Dragon of Peaches.

Next to Adrienne, Orino is Mandy's biggest nemesis, and she harbors a large amount of hatred for him.

Spoiler: show
All According to Plan: In "Fake Charmer", after some persuasion from Peaches, Mandy hesitantly agrees to let Orino go and not fight him further. This allows him to spread his lies which culminate in the climax of In Odd We Trust.

Animal-Themed Superbeing: Type 1. Like Peaches, he has all the basic abilities of a catperson, and is able to shapeshift into a black-and-white tuxedo cat and back.

Anti-Role Model: Word of God states that Orino was written to show the audience that being clingy to a person isn't the best way to make friends with them--or get on their allies' good sides. It also served as a Take That to one of Amanda's past ex-boyfriends.

Arc Villain: Doesn't make his physical debut until "Fake Charmer", and continues to work behind-the-scenes before his big reveal in In Odd We Trust.

Big Bad Friend: Is this to Peaches; she reveals in "Fake Charmer" that Orino's issues predate the series itself, when the two were still living in Vallea as children.

Bitch in Sheep's Clothing/Faux Affably Evil: The main plot of "Fake Charmer". Orino starts out as a nice guy who is close friends with Peaches and comes to visit from Vallea to make up the events of "Peaches and Cream". Upon meeting Mandy, who is caring for the Cake twins, he strikes up curiosity about her, but when she leaves he begins to remark that she's annoying. That night, after everyone is asleep, Orino slips out of Peaches's room and enters the Bedroom, and whispers hateful thoughts into Mandy's ear, imitating Peaches's voice to make her think it's Peaches telling her lies. This causes Mandy to go into a state of shock the next morning, unblinking and easily startled, which sets the Main 4 up to try and turn her back to normal. It isn't until later in the episode that Mandy realizes Orino is a threat, and rushes to warn Peaches and destroy him.

Cute and Psycho: Orino is cute in his cat form, and him getting up seems innocent enough...until he reveals his plan and begins wreaking havoc.

The Dragon: Serves as one to Peaches in In Odd We Trust.

Evil Doppelganger: While wearing different clothing than Peaches, Orino is of the same species as her, and thus, the two look similar apart from gender.

Evil Laugh: Delivers one both after messing with Mandy's mind, and when he comes close to outing himself to Peaches.

Evil Plan: To keep Peaches all for himself, and to rid of anyone who gets in his way, including her family. In the movie In Odd We Trust, his plan is changed to just getting rid of Mandy and Odd Squad in general, as well as enticing Peaches to leave the organization and come home to Vallea.
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episode tropes for the show in general

Spoiler: show
A Day in the Limelight: The series is full of these episodes.

- "An Odd Squad Gala" and "Rarimena" for Rarity.
- "Agents' Crusade" and "Sandbox Adventures" for the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
- "Fickle Love" for Bradley Beli, as well as Laura Lovebloom.
- "Third Mime's a Charm" for the Thrimes, the Sandman, and the Shapeshifter.

Origins Episode: "Baby on Board", where Olive reveals the full story of how she found Mandy.

Welcome Episode: "Pilot" for Peaches.

Fever Dream Episode: "Season's Sneezings".

Sick Episode: "Season's Sneezings", which doubles as a Christmas Episode.

Mini-Golf Episode: "Par on the Course" has Mandy and another agent get in a dispute about who's the better golfer. Mandy chooses to settle differences through a golf game.

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a growing list of ponies in the show

Spoiler: show
pones are as follows:

Strawberry Dream - An Earth pony from an unknown place that made her appearance in "Whodiddundoit?" She is Mandy's friend and a kind pony who is easygoing and loves to bake.

Amber Swirl - A unicorn pony who appears in the episode "Tickled Pinkie", attending a birthday party. She helps Pinkie get back on her hooves.
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funy stuff from the jontron parody i guess

note that this is a parody; none of this stuff happened or will happen


Spoiler: show
Spoiler: Olive and Otto in Batman: Part 1 • show
- The entire intro. It starts out with Mandy looking at her computer, rewatching "Olive and Otto in Shmumberland". We can only see the back of her head though, and as the episode ends, she turns around, showing her messy appearance, including bloodshot eyes and knotted hair.

Mandy: I think I can finally see why this is an absolute shitshow.

- As the episode begins, Mandy recites LittleshyFiM's April Fools' video of Everything Right With Newborn Cuties, saying that the same animation companies that made that video made the Shmumberland episode.

- Mandy's violent coughing as Tim McKeon's credit shows up on the screen.
*black screen shows with the text "i actually threw my lungs out folks"*
Mandy: Tim McKeon made this shit?! I mean okay, I can buy it, he made that Out of Jimmy's Head thing, but sweet holy Jesus, you're tellin' me he hasn't improved since then? Dear God.

- Even more violent coughing when J.J. Johnson's credit shows up as a director.

"Not even a minute in and I'm losing my shit."

- Mandy's reaction to the basketball. She starts ranting about how a basketball wouldn't just pop in like that, then moves right into how the basketball alters reality due to Olive and Otto resetting their positions.

Man: I wish I had a basketball!
*basketball appears*
Mandy: Now, see, first of all, if that basketball is gonna come flyin' in like that, it's gonna asplode. Guarantee. That's an over-flated ball and y'all know it! And second of all...

*slow motion clip plays as basketball appears*
Mandy: Wow, it even alters reality by moving Olly and Otto back a few inches. I mean, in this show, it should surprise no one. But for me? Daaaaaaamn.

- "Well, all right, I mean, if this show wants to pay tribute to their dead creator by paying tribute to a better figure, I'm not gonna stop 'em."

- When Olive and Otto tell the man about the magic lamp and its three wishes, Mandy asks a question of if Disney is canon and to what extent.

Mandy: Yeah, PBS lawyers are tough, but NOBODY fucks with Disney lawyers, okay, they fuck your shit right up!

- As Olive counts the basketball and then the man's sneakers (his second wish), Mandy sits in confused awe before holding up a sign reading, "It's 9PM. Olive's mom, do you know where your daughter is?"

- And then when the man uses his last wish to wish that the duo told him he had one wish this morning:

Mandy: We could have gotten a real, honest-to-God "6:00 to 6:05" sequel here, and instead, we get animation's garbage dump. Writers, I am disappoint.

- Mandy then explains about Olive missing work and going entirely OOC by reading a comic book, only to take a closer look at the pages she's reading, where it doesn't look like Olive is reading anything funny.

Mandy: This feels like- like no, if someone came up to me, handed me Cat Fancy and said, "Here, read this and laugh at something, I don't care, whatever." (beat) That's...that's what Johnson told Bela to do, man. No backsies!


- When Otto takes the comic from Olive and holds it high in the air so she can't reach it, this prompts Mandy to go into a lecture about bullying.

Mandy: Now look, see, bullying is bad. It's an epidemic. It's- it's horrible is what it is. I don't like it. You don't like it. In this fine country of America, we are working to combat bullying in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS FINE-ASS BULLSHIT IN MY FRED ROGERS OFFICE COMEDY, OKAY, THAT'S IT! I WILL-
*Otto hands the comic back to Olive as she explains the issue*
Mandy: *deep breaths* I should have expected this. I should have expected better. But I had my hopes set. And they flopped more than that PETA fish. I don't even know anymore.

- The Running Gag of Mandy imitating a siren to indicate every time the comic is spoiled for Otto, complete with her previous Alpha's reactions video for comparison.
Mandy: (in reaction video) Insert spoiler alert text here!
*text overlay reading "spoiler alert" appears*

- Mandy getting scared when Ms. O appears on the scene, drinking a juice box and sitting at the table in the Breakroom.
Ms. O: I'll tell you why.
Mandy: OH JESUS! OH! OOOOOHHH! Oh...oh God. Jesus, she just appeared right behind Olive, she didn't- wasn't even in any background appearances! She was just there! Whooooooo, that's...for how shitty this episode is, this is some great camera work, not gonna lie.

- When Ms. O explains that when a new comic comes out, everyone stops working, we cut to Mandy, and then...

Mandy: Everyone, huh?
*cut to Mandy reading a magazine in the animal shelter break room as she snickers*
Lady: Hey, you can't be in here, you're supposed to be working.
Mandy: 'Ey, 'EY! Can it, all right? I don't see you workin', I see you waltzin' around here, no name tag, nothin'. Get the fuck outta here, man, my feet are tired from walkin' here, I can rest whenever the fuck I want to, fuck you.

- "We are NOTHING alike!" - character who wants to get to the B-Plot right damn quick"

- The Running Gag of Mandy using Ms. O's face in response to Olive's remark to react to "what" moments.

- This:

Otto: Hey, this is just like the time we fell into the board game.
Olive: Yeah!
Mandy: (to the tune of LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out") Don't call it a call-back, I've been here for years, I'm rockin' my peers, puttin' haters in fear, makin' the tears rain down like a monSOON, listen to the crowd go-

- The Reveal of Olive and Otto animated brings about a lot of reactions from Mandy, including a bit where she goes and asks for drugs at the local pharmacy:

Mandy: *deep breaths* Mmmmmm. Mmm-mmm-MMM. (beat) I don't know if I can let that slide. And I don't know if I can stomach this without...
(cut to the grocery store)
Mandy: Hey, um, I have a prescription for...oxycontin? I need to pick it up.
Pharmacist: Sure thing! What's your name?
Mandy: Should just be under Mandy.
Pharmacist: It...says you never ordered oxycontin, ma'am. Do you have a-
Mandy: Ma'am. Ma'am. I'm dealing with a dire emergency. S- see, I just saw something. Something horrifying. I-I don't know if I can watch it without drugs, I-I need it, please.
Pharmacist: Ma'am, we can't sell you oxycontin if you don't have a doctor's note or a form of ID.
Mandy: *long sigh* Fine. I'll compromise. (beat) Do you have any medical marijuana?
(cut back to the apartment)
Mandy: Okay, so, long story short, life is telling me there is no drug in existence that will erase my brain of this abomination. Yeah. Also the, uh, pharmacist got the manager and I was banned from the store. Yeah. That, uh, that happened.
(cut to Otto riding a shark animatronic as a bull)
*Mandy screams in agony*

     - "why does everyone have brown eyes mom i'm scared"

- Orzack wanting to take over Ms. O's office prompts a burst of laughter from Mandy, followed by:

Mandy: *deep breath* I know this show is meta as fuck, but this is about the most on-the-nose example of its meta-ness since the theme song ringtones. They knew this was coming, they set this up outta the gates! We knew it, your mom knew it, probably, we all knew it!
Mandy: He's gonna be the ruler by the end of this shit for one gag, isn't he?

    - As well as Shmumberman's line:
Shmumberman: ...perhaps find true love.
(cut to Mandy looking nauseous before we cut to her vomiting in the toilet)
Jessica: (knocking on bathroom door) Hey Mandy? You, uh, you okay in the-
*loud muffled vomit sound*
Jessica: (backing out of apartment) Okay, yeah, she's not okay! Not okay! Uh, I-I'll leave you alone! I-I'm sure you're fine! (nervous laughter before door closes)
(cut to Mandy with changed clothes looking at the TV in disgust)
Mandy: You're a sick little man, Tim. So sick you made me sick and I NEVER get sick! (cut to a close-up of her face) How fuckin' dare you.


- Despite Mandy being openly asexual, this exchange occurs:
Ms. O: What?! That's not what I'm- just grab his legs.
Mandy: (snort-laughing) We're goin' right for that TV-14 rating, aren't we there, Millie? Grab his legs? Yeah, yeah, right ahead of ya, sister.

- Mandy's reaction to Shmumberman having straws for bones:

Ms. O: Hmm!
("hmm" is played with reverb)
Ms. O: He's way lighter than I thought.
Orzack: It's because his bones are made out of bendy straws.
Ms. O: Ugh, that's just gross.
Mandy: I can't even say anything about that. That- Ms. O said what we were all thinking, except for the science nerds, who are pondering how someone can operate with bendy straws for bones. "Hey, so, uh, how does this work" It fuckin' doesn't, YA CHEESY NERDS! It doesn't! (whispering) No physicsssss!

- The Shmumbermobile scene.
(cut to Olive and Otto putting on helmets)
Mandy: Yeah, uh, hey, Olly? You, uh, seem to be having too much fun with this!
(Olive sits in the driver's seat)
Mandy: See, in Toronto, they let 12-year-olds drive. No, it's- it's a true fact, y-you can ask Drake, he'll tell ya, he rode his first car at the ripe age of 11, never fuckin' looked back, proud of him.
(cut to Olive and Otto crashing into the comic book)
Olive and Otto: Ow! (dizzy sound effect plays)
Mandy: This episode will eat my brain cells. It's already taken 10, why the fuck's it stoppin' now?

- The camera zooming into Olive's fingernails as the beginning of "Circle of Life" from The Lion King plays.

- This bit about number lines:
Shmumbley: We call it a Shmumberline.
Mandy: (flat despair) Oh no.
Shmumbley: But yes, same dealio.
Mandy: (bigger despair) Ohhhh nooooooo...

- As Olive and Otto use the Change-a-Number-inator, Shmumbley makes a face of surprise, but as Mandy points out:
Mandy: He isn't even looking at them! (wheezing laughter) He's all "the fuck did I just see, I saw two kids in suits use a gadget to teleport themselves THIS BREAKS ALL THE COMIC BOOK RULES WHO AM I WHAT HAVE I DONE- (nonsensical gibberish)

- "Yeah, somebody's got secrets...and it ain't me, yo."

- Otto holding up his hands as Professor Straw threatens to turn them both into juice, with Spongebob's line "I surrender" playing over it.

- One of the first things Professor Straw says is that Olive and Otto made her "so angry you made me laugh!" Mandy then comments on how Inside Out taught her nothing about emotions.

- "Julian Buckley, huh? Is he married to m' grade school principal?"

- As Professor Straw is revealing bits about Shmumberman, Mandy feels rather philosophical.
Mandy: See, I-I have to wonder if this episode is just- just like they took a branding iron, Sinking Ship, took...a branding iron and they just ran it into my butt like fuckin'- like fuckin' Tom in that one Tom and Jerry short. What is it? Texas Tom? Mm, yeah. Yeah. They took a branding iron to my ass, uhh, I got a race lift, that's...that's, uh, I dunno how to feel about that, I'd be wondering about my fucking eczema, and...sun burns. And, oh! Yeah, we can't forget, that THIS WOMAN HAS NO REGARD FOR SPOILERS, THEY ARE HURTING ME, I-I'LL SUE! I'LL SUE!!

     - Mandy creating an off-tune addition to Otto's tune sung when he covers his ears.

- When Otto draws a number line inside the comic, we get this:
Otto: We need another number line.
Olive: Hey! Don't draw on it! This is a collector's edition!
*"this is a collector's edition" plays slower, then it plays again even slower*
Mandy: (stifled laughter) What's next, is- is Olly gonna show up to work with- with like Pokemon cards? Just "hey, Otto, look, I got the SHINY CHARIZARD! Lookit me, I'm FAAAAAAMOUS!"
(cut to Olive making a noise of excitement with clipped audio)
Mandy:It's- it's pure genius. This girl's in a life-or-death situation and- and- she's got priorities! Whoo!
(cut back to the episode)
Otto: Seriously?
Olive: (sighs) If you must.
Mandy: You could tell me Olive was voiced by Jenna Warren. Y-you know, the girl behind the other Olive? From Justin Time? Yeah, you could tell me they got her for that one line, and my sly little fat ass would believe you. This- Dalila must have done her own fucking TONSIL REMOVAL SURGERY for this to be possible. I- there's no other explanation. Try me, son. You'll- you'll get everywhere and nowhere.

- Mandy's reaction to Professor Straw having a real first name of Mandy doesn't sit well with her.
Mandy: *deep breaths*
(cut to Jessica in the kitchen)
(cut to Mandy in the driveway standing in front of Jessica's car as she drives closer to Mandy)
Mandy: FASTER, GODDAMNIT! I want you to send me fucking flying to the hospital, so they can take me to the name change place so I can FUCKIN' SUE!
Jessica: *long sigh* The things I do for friendship.
*cut to black as screeching tires are heard*
(cut back to Mandy, sitting on the couch covered in gauze and with crutches)
Mandy: Tim...we do know who you are. We will find you.
Mandy: And I will kill you.
*text overlay fades in and reads "NOTE: ONLY MURDERS BUGS"*

- Olive saying "I cannot get used to that!"
Mandy: How'd the fuck you read my mind?
Mandy: ...Oh yeah.

- When the Shmumbertonium factory worker comes behind Otto and explains there's none left, the camera zooms in onto Otto's startled face as the beginning to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" plays.

- "This man is the Buddha of this entire review, he echoes all our thoughts and spouts nothin' but wisdom!"

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