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In all of the crowds that had been pushed steadily upwards, away from the radiation and destruction of the world they had left behind them, none of them were home. Some came in groups, clinging to the remnants of their lives before the disaster. It leaves a certain bitter taste in the mouths of others, the ones that had nothing left to cling to. He supposes that he would fit into that list better than the other, but that still wasn't the entire truth. They lost their homes and their families. That wasn't the case with him. It felt as if everyone else was here to salvage some of what they had — Benevolentpaw was just here because he has to be. That's the easy answer to why his expression is so sour. The lanky leopard had been ignoring everyone and everything he could since he got here, aside from those that pertained directly to his survival. Otherwise, the awkward young feline had been on his own.

The thing that changes that today is nothing less than pure personal agony. His head feels as if it's going to split in two, one long fissure from the middle of his forehead to the back of his skull. The ache radiates from there like cracks of lighting underneath his skin, and with every additional spark, Benevolentpaw seems to try and sink farther into the ground where he's laying. It's almost comical, really, just how flat the leopard can get when under some sort of stress. Head on the ground between his paws and stomach pressed fully against the dirt, black fur shining gently in the light. His tail flicks behind him, slapping down hard enough to send up clouds of light mountain dust. The babbling of the nearby stream does nothing but worsen the mood, and breaking his long silence is a vicious growl that rumbles in his throat before breaking past his teeth.

It subsides one long moment after that. When moderate brown eyes open again, the clear irritation remains, but Ben still lifts his head. They've been happening more and more frequently since he got here. Maybe it's the atmosphere, or the stress, or — whatever else. But the pain was accompanied by something new, and the start of that was what had pushed him here in the first place. His attention falls to a rock. Smaller than his paw and neatly shaped, and even though it's so far away, he can feel it. Stable and firm and there, even when he closes his eyes. Perhaps especially then, but he keeps them open. As he stares, and reaches, it lifts. Time feels slow in that moment, watching it tip back and forth before settling. It's effortless and then too much, gray-red-brown haloed by the late afternoon sky, then settled back in a cloud of dust. The leopard sighs, clearly disappointed, but he simply rolls his eyes and stays where he had been. "Practice makes perfect, Benevolentpaw." I'll try again.
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Before the whole coming together thing with all of the groups, fresh didn’t have a home—he had been all alone, which sucked. He only joined this place on a mere accident, and even then, he isn’t technically a member yet; he doesn’t want to bother with introductions or asking for permission to stroll around here. That, and he doesn’t realize that those are—in some shape or form—mandatory. Or at the very least highly recommended. Oh well, no one has chastised him yet, so it’s most likely all good.

Headaches are something the mutated axolotl doesn’t experience too often, but whenever he remembers the gruesome ones he can’t help but squirm just a little. They hurt, and he doesn’t like that—who would? Usually when he has some form of an injury, or just any ache in general, he mopes around. Which, in all honesty, is a bit rare for him; he’s usually a bouncing ball of pure energy and ecstatic excitement. So, seeing him moping around isn’t exactly a common sight. But then again, hardly anybody knows him, so all in all he isn’t a common sight at all.

The stream seems a little calm at this time, so as expected, fresh is frolicking around in it, releasing bubbly giggles from is mouth as he splashes water around with his paws and wagging tail fin alike. As he moves onward, a big shape comes into view, and he can’t help but grow curious. Soon enough, curiosity gives way for even more excitement, and soon enough he’s bouncing through the water as fast as he can—he looks like some mad animal as water sprays around him in the process.

”hi!” he squeaks, throwing himself onto land, splashing a bit of water around as he does so.

His finicky attention falls to the moving rock, and he can’t help but bounce up and down once it falls. Powers are something he finds hard to master; anyone showing some form of knowledge in their powers is automatically cool to him. Swiftly, his hues dart back towards the leopard.

”can you can move rocks?” a rhetorical question. ”do it again!”

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he’s never really gotten to see any types of culture except the contrasts between a little town they wanted to be a kingdom and a group of survivors pulling together to overcome mankind’s mistakes. what he has witnessed, however, in his mere month of living, was waking up to the former location in complete rubble, having fallout from a particularly strong blast which had only hit a few miles away. in that case, he had lost everything before he started to truly gain it.

he arrives a little later than fresh, perhaps at the last seconds of the leopard’s painful, mind-splitting headache. if benevolentpaw had been vocal about the agony, or if the pup had seen it, he would’ve offered feverfew and peppermint oil, but what might’ve happened in those moments was a change. bub didn’t know if it had happened then, or if the ability to move rocks had always been a power of the feline, but nevertheless it had made his head turn.

wow,” he breathes, his blue eyes that were slowly losing color alight. amongst the dashes of grey in his optics were fireworks of childish wonder. benevolentpaw’s statement was true, and a giddy nod shook his skull, his mind still tangled in the forces behind the abnormal ability. practice made perfect. he knew it, he lived it, his paws stained green in the moonlight. bright eyes flared with encouragement. was he going to do it again? as if he was in front of a magician, he awaited to see if another stone was moved.
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