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throw me your headcanons
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:20:17 AM »
OKAY DUDES y'all asked for it. It's character headcanon time. Basically, these are sort of like facts you make up in your head about characters but they're not actually confirmed in canon. Feel free to make headcanons about other characters as well, because that's really what it's about >:3

— He was nicknamed "Lucky" by his street gang as a teenager for his strokes of luck at card games and gambling. Either that or the nickname had been coined for him after outrunning attacks on several different occasions.
— He gets Ultra Triggered uncomfortable when people address him by his birth name, Salvatore
— Say that he won't eat pasta every day for a month. He will.
— Charlie is a Wannabe Dom but ohmygod if you get the upper hand on flirting with him then he just gets so embarrassed and red and is the subbiest sub ever. Tbh he can be either/or, it just depends on the situation
— Sometimes speaks in Italian when flirting w/ people ( ͡Β° ͜ʖ ͡Β°)
— Verrrry lowkey questioning his sexuality but his friends and his father have drilled like,,, homophobia into his head sort of?? So if he ever liked a dude/was attracted to one then he would prob never ever admit it.
— Charlie has used recreational drugs. He's done cocaine and heroin once or twice before but, thankfully, he's never been /addicted/.
— Charlie reallyyyy likes physical affection. Like he liVES for hugs/cuddling and that stuff (you'd just never know it because people can hardly romance him)
— On his bad days? Whiskey and bourbon. When he's feeling classy/celebratory? Red wine.
— Charlie would be a total dog person if he ever had the opportunity to own a pet.
— Prefers weapons over fists. He can hold his own and pack a punch but he's definitely no martial artist and can get his ass Whooped by someone who's trained
― After his dad died, charlie took all of his old suits and outfits, hence the reason why he has so many

Bonus: Modern day AU headcanons
— He admires al capone and bugsy siegel and meyer lansky and pretty much any famous mobster that came to be
— Charlie would probably listen to a lot of eighties punk rock and possibly grunge but he'd probably f/w contemporary r&b on the down-low lol
— Makes some Bomb Ass Lasagna
— Owns around seven dogs
— Lives in New York City, probably an aspiring businessman
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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2018, 03:25:45 AM »
- is actually a big softie when it comes to fluffy people.
- has a generous side when cats are involved.
- would rather die than see another woman undermined by a man.
- can't stop thinking about her last fights.
- instead of walking in her sleep, she fights in her sleep.
- doesn't remember the last time she said two nice words together and meant them.
- enjoys whittling.
- has a secret stuffed animal no one knows about.

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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2018, 03:45:25 AM »
okay so i hit up the google and i think i've figured out what a headcanon is? but? idk?

・゚✧ for a 5'2", fairly miniature human, kit has a ridiculous alcohol tolerance. she'll drink you under the table.
・゚✧ she used to write a lot of fanfic growing up about book characters, since she was never exposed to, like, actual guys. mr. darcy was her imaginary hubby.
・゚✧ she really wants a tattoo, but current technology (ahem, stick 'n pokes) terrify her.
・゚✧ she has two dance modes: john travolta in saturday night fever, or the waltz. no in between.
・゚✧ she can play the piano, but can't read sheet music. she knows a shit ton of songs by heart though.
・゚✧ she knows every word of romeo and juliet. every. fucking. word.
・゚✧ preferred method of killing is using knives on throats. sometimes feels bad afterwards.
・゚✧ she can speak italian, but cannot read or write it. she can read and write latin, but cannot speak it. self taught french.
・゚✧ bomb asf cook. literally her best skill.
・゚✧ she likes to fight imaginary enemies while alone. she usually loses, though, because she's shit at fighting.
・゚✧ she talks to plants when she's alone. she specifically likes to talk shit about people to plants.
・゚✧ cannot stand mushrooms. they just unnerve her so much.
・゚✧ she moves a lot in her sleep, and usually wakes up on the floor, having rolled off the bed.
・゚✧ she has really weird relationships with significantly older women, as she never knew her mother, or any woman that age, and doesn't really know how to function normally around them.
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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2018, 10:11:35 AM »
β€’ a jarring 5 ft and 2 inches of "i'm here and i exist whether you like it or not so there you go"
β€’ eleanor was her full name, but the nickname, ellie, was given to her by her father and adam and she's stuck with it ever since. it's basically become her name now.
β€’ though she loves the ocean and looking out at it, ellie is terrified of going out in it. never has she been taught how to swim, and the fear of drowning is overwhelming.
β€’ follows by a simple phase when all burns down to it "WWCD (What would Cap Do?)" It'd been something her and her best friend, Adam, had followed as children and it's helpful with decisions.
β€’ although she's birthed in a cult and the child of the post apocalyptic world, she doesn't let it stop her from what she is first: a child. she isn't heartless, she feels things. she's human.
β€’ talks to herself quite often, something that she does unconsciously as a form of comfort when she doesn't have anyone else.
β€’ when she cares for someone, she does fiercely, to the point that she's almost willing to risk her life for them. you can tell when this is so, as she wants to be around them all the time
β€’ seems strong, but suffers from a strong fear of monophobia
β€’ loves animals. the first time she saw a dog, she literally melted in her shoes. how could an animal so fucking cute?? so much better than humans?? i would swear to you that she probably said something related to that because it's the truth. 
β€’ does have a sailor mouth, and no you can't stop her
β€’ a little badass through it all. even with her childish ways, she's able to put that aside when she's needed most, and put survival instinct first. she knows her basic way around the gun so she's useful when it comes down to it.
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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2018, 11:19:00 AM »
✦ β€” Out of the 11 tattoos she has, she's done 4 of them; those being the half-finished tooth on her hand (it hurt so bad, she didn't want to finish it), the triangle on her thumb, the tree on her ankle, and the pisces symbol on her wrist.

✦ β€” Is surprisingly musically inclined as she can both sing, make beats off of make-shift drums, play guitar, and play piano. She just doesn't do much of it anymore due to her lack of interest.

✦ β€” She's way smarter than she actually comes off as, she's just too damn impulsive for her own good. Plus, thinking requires 'too much time' that she doesn't have and it's best to solve problems directly. However, she's still gonna get mad if you insult her intelligence.

✦ β€” Parks has not once celebrated her birthday and often finds herself forgetting how old she is.

✦ β€” Poor girl has gotten used to being ragged on for so long, she doesn't know how to function when people are genuinely nice to her. It lowkey makes her uncomfortable and she'll probably ask you to stop.

✦ β€” Has a weird fascination with the concept of life and death. She loves reading stories about reincarnation, past lives, and the afterlife. She likes to believe those exist despite her lack of belief in a supreme Deity.

✦ β€” Has a lot of emotional issuesβ„’. She's angry all the time and she just doesn't really know how to deal with it other than taking it out on everyone else. Even so, she seeks validation from just about everyone. All she wants, is to be acknowledged some kind of way and she'll do anything for it.

✦ β€” Her favorite food is yakisoba noodles since that's all her mentor fed her as a kid. That and regular chicken-flavored ramen cups.

✦ β€” Parks has some amount of integrity. She hates cheap victories, and I mean really fucking hates them, feeling as if they aren't worth anything even if others recognize it; it's trash and she doesn't want it. If you don't have the intention of winning, then don't bother standing in front of her.

✦ β€” If she liked animals enough to adopt one, she'd definitely be a cat person. She'd probably name it something stupid like Beef-tip Jones or Tartar Sauce.

✦ β€” Loves it when her s/o runs their hands through her hair. She'd probably bite you if you try to at first, but something about that shit gets her melting.


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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #5 on: January 07, 2018, 03:26:50 PM »
i will add more later, probably, but

- it's highly plausible that his real name isn't julian, but ask him about that and he won't give you any information that suggests that that's the case.
- he... never actually got a medical license as a doctor. where he got all of his medical knowledge is unknown, but he hasn't messed up too badly yet, so it's safe to assume that he does definitely know what he's doing.
- speaking of things not being known about him, nobody knows why he wears the eyepatch. does he have an eye under there? is it for the aesthetic? is there a real reason behind its existence? nobody actually knows. he won't tell you.
- the raven that follows him isn't actually his, nor is it a pet. julian just can't get rid of it. he used to have an old dog, but otherwise, he has no pets.
- because he only has one working eye, his depth perception isn't the best. he's fairly clumsy when he's walking, though it doesn't seem to affect his abilities as a doctor.
- sorry charlie but julian is the President of the Submissive League. or he would be, except being in a position of power kind of contradicts the fact that he likes the opposite.
- he's also a masochist. there's really nothing more to say about this one.
- the human embodiment of the "sure, I don't get a β€œhealthy” amount of sleep like SOME PEOPLE do but can they do THIS *stands up, blacks out for a second*" tumblr post
- may or may not be able to straight up down a bottle of jack daniel's in under three minutes. would probably be the reigning winner of the day drinker championships if they existed.

⋆ Julian Devorak | Doctor Jules, Ilya, Ilyushka | Cisgender male | Masculine pronouns [He/him]
⋆ ~Mid-late 20s | DOB: 12th March [Pisces] | NPC x NPC | One younger sister [Portia β€” NPC]
⋆ Pansexual | Male pref | Single; not not looking | No crushes | No predetermined love interest
⋆ Living in the Badlands; Doctor | Loyalties are strange; developing an attachment to his group

6'3 tall; weight n/a | [Fullbody] appearance reference | Various expressions reference
⋆ Tall and imposing, though not overly muscular. Broad chest + shoulders. Long arms + legs.
⋆ Left eye is a steel grey; right is covered by a black eyepatch. Dynamic, expressive features.
⋆ Has mussed, reddish hair. Wears the outfit seen in his ref; boots at ~2 inches to his height.
INJURIES | Almost-healed stab wound on the right of his abdomen.

⋆ Carries a black leather messenger bag containing medical supplies.
  ↳ Gauze, needles, thread, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic cream, water bottles, various pills, glucose tablets, various medicinal herbs, leeches. Other various + unspecified items (tba later).

ESFJ (The Consul; Sentinel class) | Ravenclaw | Pt 1 + Pt 2 + Pt 3 | 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6
⋆ Charismatic and caring; wants to help whenever he can. Witty, dry, and often melodramatic.
⋆ Values himself very little; doesn't really care about his own health. Relatively self-destructive.
⋆ Tends to flit between an open, familiar warmth and a closed-off, sharp, suspicious coldness.
⋆ Seems to wallow in self-pity from time to time; has a tendency to revel in his own suffering.
⋆ Masochistic and subservient beneath it all. A healer at heart. Eccentric, charming and polite.

⋆ Accompanied by an adult male common raven named Malak. Age n/a. Is currently healthy.

Medium difficulty | Decently skilled, though no trained fighter. | Attack in bold underlined.
⋆ Carries four knives; one on the inside of each coat sleeve + one on the inside of each boot.
Nonviolent actions can be powerplayed | Expects violence, not kindness. Touch-starved.
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Re: throw me your headcanons
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2018, 03:42:08 PM »
dang i wish i had the ability to "like" posts because i'm lovinnn these so far