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SHOW SOME CLASS > finny's hub
« on: March 28, 2017, 02:06:20 AM »
Yes hello friends
I decided just so my signature isn't cluttered with a bunch of links, I would make a hub for all of my important links, easy to access for anyone who wants to see them! It will also be easier to change them whenever I make a new thread for each of them.
Also, if you want you can track. Not much is gonna be going to be helping on this thread really, so I don't see why you would want to, but go crazy.

i. PROVE ME WRONG > gallery
iii. A CAR, A TORCH, A DEATH > character stuff
iv. MARCH TO THE SEA > gallery 2.0
v. TRUCE > writing dump
vi. DROWN > gallery 3.0
vii. THE PANTALOON > gallery 4.0
viii. TRAPDOOR > gallery
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i just wanna
give you the creepsHUB
Hoot was given the creeps but she loves you anyways