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regrets collect like old friends | OPEN - JOINING
« on: April 09, 2017, 01:51:47 AM »
Captain Drew Alister, that was his name, he now hung onto it more than ever, his eyes were downcast as a the drenched figure trudged through the area, he was on a mission somewhere, and while soaking, and wet to the bone, he wasn't going to give up on that. He'd faced worse odds in Afghanistan. As he was faced by a veritable wall of trash he paused and looked around, there was no one to be found nearby, which meant that either he had to break through the door, or climb. And he wouldn't get enough traction or force to break through that door. Therefore he decided to scale the monotonous barrier, slipping off his damp shoes, and wet socks, he flexed his toes, yeah, he could make this climb. Unbuttoning his army shirt, which he still wore, and still fit him, though a bit more loosely than before, he tied it around his waist, and tied his shoes to his medical bag, placing it in front of him so that if he fell he could protect the precious stuff inside.

He then took hold of a solid object, and tugged it, yes, it would hold his weight, with that in mind he pulled himself upwards, and began the strenuous climb up. His muscles flexed, and water poured off him, soaking his hair even more, and rolling off his skin. It was a bit refreshing though, as working out this much was taxing and made him sweat. He squeezed his eyes shut momentarily and shook his head, almost losing his grasp, he had water in his eyes, and it was harder to see now. Squinting upwards to see how far he was from the top he took another hand hold and began to work his way up once again.

A couple of times his feet slipped, and he was forced to bear his entire weight on his arms, but every time he managed to make it up there. His lips were chapped and despite the fact he had water pouring down his face and trickling into his mouth, his throat was dry, probably because he was pretty far up now. As the clouds began to give way, and the pouring rain became more a light mist, he let out a deep breath, blinking profusely he looked up, not much farther to go, but instead of looking up, he kept his mind on the task at hand, and so as he reached the top and his hands and arms pulled him up, he was completely unprepared for the greeting that awaited him.

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Re: regrets collect like old friends | PRIVATE FOR NOW
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 02:16:40 AM »

Do you really think Salem Roseman wanted be up on the top of a god forsaken wall, fuck no.  But it was her time to do it, so fuck she had to do it now didn't she.  Her hair was wet, her makeup slightly rubbed onto her under eye.  She was over this, every day she comes up here nothing exciting happens.  How is she suppose to be amused if all she gets is boredom? But no she stood up there, gun in hand.

Was she expecting anyone to come climbing over fuck no.  But suddenly when two hands latched onto the top of the wall she had no choice to accept such matters.  Looking down over to then see it was a guy, she didn't want to shoot to waste a bullet.  So instead this lovely idea popped in her head.  "Humpty Dumpty, sat on a wall..."  She spoke out to herself, suddenly taking the gun by the barrel she slammed the grip against his knuckles in order to force them to slip, and then the other hand swiftly to finish the job.  Did she care who he was, uh, fuck no.

"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.."

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Re: regrets collect like old friends | PRIVATE FOR NOW
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2017, 02:28:15 AM »
To tell the honest truth, Drew had not been expecting this, and so as some muffled words were spoken, and a blunt object hit his hands he let go involuntarily. His first reaction was not to grab onto something and risk his medical supplies being compromised, no his first reflex was to protect them, which caused his quite rapid descent. With a muted groan he flailed for a hand hold, and found one as he plummited down to his possible death, his hands scraped on the object, cutting into the flesh, but it slowed his fall enough, and as he was forced to let go and fall his face hit something and he felt his nose break, it wasn't a pleasant feeling, but soon his feet were on the ground, well feet, legs, bottom, back, and head. But he wasn't dead, you didn't feel so crappy when you were dead. Covered in mud, and dripping he shook his head, and wiped the bag down quickly opening it up to make sure that none of the supplies had been broken or compromised. Thankfully they were fine, he on the other hand was not. He'd torn through his thin undershirt, and had a nasty gash on his side, along with his raw hand and broken nose, he wasn't fixing up to do so good, but he now more than ever needed shelter, it wasn't easy to apply medicine to oneself in the mud and rain without getting an infection.

He tore a piece from the bottom of his shirt and crumbled it up, wringing it out best he could before applying it to the gash in his side. He winced as the harsh fabric came in contact with the sensitive wound, the edges throbbing and warm. Drew wasn't a fan of preforming medical anything on himself, but he occasionally needed it, and today was shaping up to be one of those days. Keeping the cloth in place with his elbow, he blew on his burning hand and splashed some puddle water over it, it wasn't the most sanitary, but he had to do what he had to do. He had a tiny bit of soap left, and slathering it on the hand he bit back a yell of pain before holding it up palm out to the sprinkling showers to let it be rinsed away.

He then pulled out a bandanna and wrapped it tightly around his hand, making a knot and tightening it with his free hand and teeth. That done, he put his good hand back on his right side to keep the pressure even, he'd deal with that later, he still had to figure out a way to get back up there.
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