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DEATH TO THE VILLAINS / open, discovery
« on: February 18, 2018, 10:32:22 PM »
/scroll to bottom for a quick review if you dont feel like reading all this :/
If there was anything Jin was still skeptical of, at this point, it was his ability to make friends and if hes had a past. One of those is irrelevant right now. However, if you've ever had a chance to read the boy's mind, you'd find that he, somehow, constantly makes both of those things very relevant. Honestly, they were the only things going for him.
Anyways, Jin discovered a niffy little things on his dog tags, something that he honestly should've found the second he woke up from his coma. On the non-A/0 tag, there was something engraved into the back of the tag. Or the front? Who knows. But the tags had been through war, or something close to it, -he doesn't exactly remember - and the info was scratched up, making it impossible to read. Or seemingly impossible because the scratches were not as deep as the engravings. Which only occured to Jin as he was taking a nap.
Snapping his eyes open and wide awake, the boy jumped up with a grin. For the first time in a long time, he'd hopefully be able to have a hint about his past. At Least a hint, anyways. Hopefully more but jinxing the little hope he had would be draining.
Running into the nearest hole, he whipped a pencil and paper out of his ass then placed the paper onto the tag. He took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling as sweat dripped down his forehead, and then he began stenciling the words onto the paper. Everything he was writing could change his life. The second he finished, he didn't hesitate to close his ojos as tight as possible and count down from three.
Three. He could feel the sweat pouring down his skin like a waterfall.
Two. His heartbeat was pounding through his bones, echoing throughout his entire body.
One. He was panting at this point, excitement and nervousness breaking his lungs.
Risingrevolution, his name. Well, guess that explains his sole memory of people calling him 'Rev.' Kinda glad he ditched that name after the coma, what kind of loser was he in the past? Yikes, anyways, next thing was his blood type and his breed. Boring AB positive and blue russian, domesticated feline. Wow, he could never tell with his blue-like silver fur and blue eyes. Damn those whiskers, cat-like tail, and small, four-legged body really fooled him. Next was emergency contacts, the first two names rung no memories, S0ldirrpxw and Namillaklf. Then there was Eunfu Wo7fqang, this name sent his head spinning. He didn't know why but more than ever, his pulse was racing and his sweat was dribbling off like he had ran a marathon in the mid-summer's afternoon. He ran to a nearby puddle and quickly dunk his head in to cool off, almost drowning himself as he forgot he cant breathe underwater. Choking as he swung his head out, he spluttered out gulps of water and held his throat. His head was still throbbing, probably more than ever, but at least he wasn't sweating. He dunked his head down, not into the water again, but under his paws. No more Eunwhoever for him, that's for sure. Going back to the paper, he was regretting his decision already. Everything in him told him not to read it anymore but fuck that shit. He was already in this deep so yolo. Emergency contact numero cuatro, Seltdestroofion. Oh wowie, it was happening again. But this time, he wasnt going to dunk his head in some random hole. Nope, he was going to faint.

Holy shit it was hot. "What are you doing here?" WHAT THE FUCk? Wh0 tHe fUCK? The feline looked up, noting the presence of an unnaturally tall and warm siamese who he was currently buried into. He didnt know why but her mere hug sent a smile to his face. This was some weird shit though because he was definitely not okay with this. Even though her heartbeat was soothing and her warmth was radiating, making him feel like a turtle who was happily laying in the sun. Whoever this tree-ass lookin bitch was, she smelled like flowers. It was entrancing,, sIkE haha,,t otal ly.
Pushing away, Jin noticed how close he was to the ground with a frown. Or not a frown? What the flying fuck?
He had no control over his body??? "Hello!" The earth went black before lighting up again to the same setting as before. "to Boss of the Mafia!" Okay this was some drug shit, what the hell was happening.
Literally no one was talking. Sticking his chest out with pride, he finally realized what was happening. This was like when he remembered his nickname, Rev. But he had gone into a coma,,,,, ohno. He already dealt with this shit once, dont make him pull some houdini shit to get out of here.
In return to his voice, with a question mark because hes mute, the siamese smiled widely, even though he could clearly see a tint of regret in her gaze. "Really? Risingkit, I'm so proud of you!" Risingwho? What happened to Risingrevolution? Damn, even in the past, he was fond of changing his name.

He didn't get a chance to see anything more. He could once again feel his sweat melting him down and his head pounding like a hammer smashing against it. Moaning in pain, he kept his eyes closed shut, tightly.

IN SHORT: Jin realized that the dogtags hes been wearing have his info graved into them so he decides to find a way to read it, since the tags are all scratched up. He gets paper and a pencil and stencils the engravings onto the paper. His name was Risingrevolution, hes blood type AB positive, and hes a blue russian.
 All things he doesnt really care about much. Then, his emergency contacts, who have slightly fucked up names because of the scratches. He reads Soldierpaw and Vanillapaw with no ounce of feelings. But then he reads Eunju Wolfgang and Selfdestruction's names and faints. While hes out, he was a dream of a past memory where he announced to his mom (some strange siamese woman to him, now) that he got promoted. Its wholesome n nice but gets cut off while Jin is questioning everything and then he, slightly, wakes up.
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Re: DEATH TO THE VILLAINS / open, discovery
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2018, 10:14:12 PM »
  Once upon a time, the idea of a past life had seemed a far-off possibility, if even that. Quite a few myths held that the dead could reincarnate into new lives, and in fact, many even suggested that existence was just an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Thus, even before she had found out the... unpleasant truth about herself, the thought had always occupied the back of her mind that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t her first time experiencing what the world had to offer.

  That said, however, she had never had another identity in this particular universe- she had always been Seija, as far as she knew, and she likely always would be. For those who had had past identities within this region, however, who had people and groups that they had met and grown close to... that was not something she was familiar with, and she couldn’t imagine how confusing and complicated that would get.

  The canine had been delivering a caught mouse to the fresh kill pile when she overheard an unfamiliar voice groaning in pain. Frowning, she set down the mouse, then approached the burrow, ears perked. ”Oy, you need a medic?” she asked, furrowing her brows. More likely than not, he would at least need something to dull whatever pain he was in, but considering that she didn’t know for sure what to use, it was best to check before doing anything.

  /sorry this is late
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