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Flintlock was cool and all, but it was also freezing. And kind of boring. And also everyone was sick. Besides, Wren didn't like staying cooped up in one place for too long. So, he decided to branch out a little. He knew that Flintlock didn't like the Badlands for one reason or another, so he decided to visit Northstar District. He knew literally nothing about them, except they liked trading and lived far away.

It took a solid week and a half to get to their territory. Of course, he made a few pit stops and got lost numerous times, but he managed to make it to the town. He stayed a decent distance away so as not to come off as an intruder, and leaned against a tree, folding his arms over his chest. It was definitely warmer here, however he wasn't going to take his leather jacket off. It was cool, and he was cool. He plucked a hand-rolled cigarette from behind his ear and lit up, taking in a long drag.

// oof i can't write starters sowwi

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NAME ; wren tod almonte
   - NICKNAMES ; wrenny, 3735-4703073
GENDER ; agender
   - PRONOUNS ; he/they
SEXUALITY ; bisexual, male leanings
AGE ; 18 years
   - BIRTHDAY ; august 13th
ALLIANCE ; flintlock lodge
   - RANK ; member

HEIGHT ; 6'8"
WEIGHT ; 230 lbs
DESCRIPTION ; tall and heavily muscular. has dark skin with darker freckles. his hair is dyed silvery lilac and is styled in a side shave. he keeps himself clean-shaved and takes relatively good care of himself. he has pupula duplex, causing him to have two pupils in each eye, all of which are blue. his vision suffers from this. he has scars all over his body, and on his left wrist is the stick and poke tattoo '3735-4703073'. he has a large nose and sloped eyes, however overall is very attractive
   - CLOTHING ; usually wears leather jackets, ripped jeans, and combat boots. dresses like a stereotypical punk. often wears sunglasses to hide his strange eyes
   - INVENTORY ; has a strange assortment of items. picks up a lot of things he thinks are cool -- rocks, bottlecaps, etc. carries a war scythe with him to fight. keeps some knives and a scraped together first aid kit. keeps all of these things in a side bag.

POSITIVE ; charismatic, intelligent, leaderly, calculative, loyal
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NEGATIVE ; cold, callous, depressed, self-loathing, dependent, austere, censorious
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since she had left her old community, maika hadn't been to any of the other groups. she's heard of the badlands and flintlock, but she had never went to visit them. maybe she would, eventually. she always liked going to new places and meeting new people. she heard that flintlock was up in the mountains and that it was cold there, which she didn't quite like the sound of. the badlands also had the title of being ruthless and brutal, which she also didn't like the sound of. in all honesty she was probably just better off staying within the northstar territory. was that gonna stop her? nope. she wanted to adventure.

the small blonde was out walking like normal, curiosity always getting the best of her. maika found herself approaching a very tall newcomer who was leaning against a tree. she walked a bit closer but kept a bit of distance between them. "may i help you?" she asked him.

Spoiler: an angel | updated on 2/17 • show
General —
▪ maika ann lynn holloway | pronounced like mike-ah | maik (mike) and m
▪ cisgender female | female | she/her
▪ nineteen | february first | ages normally
▪ member | northstar district
▪ no titles
▪ wasn't in an official group prior to her current one.

Physical — appearance voice reference current outfit
— maika is a very petite girl, she is small and almost looks fragile when you first see her. since she stands at five feet exactly, most people tend to tower over her. she weighs about ninety eight pounds, which helps prove her small size even more, she is quite easy to lift up. maik has long and beautiful wavy hair, which is naturally blonde while her eyebrows are darker than her natural hair. maika's eyes are blue and a very beautiful feature on her, they are wide and open, showing a lot of her emotions.
— currently wearing black high waisted shorts, black and white tennis shoes, white spaghetti strap tank top, and a jean jacket.
— minor injuries: she has a few cuts and bruises around her body.
— major injuries: has a stab wound in her abdomen and a cut across her right cheek bone.

Important Info —
▪ has a really nice singing voice
▪ smells like vanilla and coconut
▪ she can speak english, french, spanish, and asl.
▪ she can actually both read and write, her old civilization wanted all of the kids to be educated.
▪ has an adorable st. bernard puppy named walter.

Personality —
— sweet, caring, responsible, humorous, fun, intelligent, bold, extrovert, friendly, easy to get along with, honest, impulsive, rebellious, occasionally lazy, stubborn, competitive, a tiny bit controlling, sometimes too honest, defiant, resilient for the most part, caring, determined, adaptive, adventurous, bright, charming, creative, fearless for the most part, stubborn, sarcastic, broken, self destructive in a way, doesn't have a lot of hope, a smart ass, careless, cunning, a good liar, secretive.

Relationships —
▪ unknown x unknown | she never knew exactly who her biological parents were.
▪ bisexual | biromantic | monogamous
▪ single | crushing on n/a | [ 0 ] potential crushes
▪ Β½ ⅓ ΒΌ ⅕ ⅙ ⅐ ⅛ ⅑ ⅒ Ship/Group/Squad
▪ maika always gives everyone a fair shot unless they show that she shouldn't.

Interaction —
— physically average for her size | mentally strong
— generally will not initiate fights
— will fight back if provoked
— peaceful, nonviolent actions may be powerplayed
— ask to maim/kill/capture
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( oof retro to her latest injury )

jane didn't know much about the other groups, in all truth - she just knew the general morality. flintlock was good, which jane knew she was not. good people ran head first into danger and saved people, good people had faith in humanity. the badlands was bad, which jane also knew she was not. because, despite her faults, she never hurt people, be in directly, or indirectly, like snitching to guards. no, jane existed in the gray area of a girl emotionally crippled, mentally wounded, absolutely broken. her body could tell you that - though the scars were hidden, it was clear that as she stood, nearly six feet tall, she was rail thin from so many years of undernourishment. she was all harsh angles and sharp points, like a broken mirror, taking something pretty and distorting it.

hands clasped in front of her in an almost sweet fashion, she eyed the stranger curiously as she approached, boots silent on the ground as she edged closer. "bad for you." she said finally, motioning to the cigarette. beth would always mutter than, every time a guard lit up. of the few english phrases that he knew, bad for you was one of them. he'd always joke that that was why he'd lived to nearly a hundred, not partaking in devilish delights, and that made her smile, imagining him as just a boy and criticizing his peers.

stopping beside the much shorter woman, there was a sort of interest in her eyes as she regarded the man, who was vastly taller than her, waiting for his answer.
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For all of his questions and intentions, Grim has yet to visit Flintlock like he had been planning since he first got here. It was something he was curious about, and one day he would satisfy that. For now, he was satisfied with where he was. Despite his (admittedly decreasing) hatred for this territory, the people here were alright. He had settled in several months ago, and that wild part of his heart that told him to keep walking had finally settled down. (He won't admit that it has something to do with mismatched eyes.) It has his eyes softening ever so slightly and his shoulders falling relaxed. His hands no longer linger at his weapons as he joins the others crowding in on the stranger that disrupts their relative peace and quiet. The rain forest is never quiet, nor are the animals — people included — that live there. It's another thing that the Prodigy has learned to deal with. Noises and intrusions and the constant limbo that his life is held in. Shattering lows but wonderful highs, the way his stomach flutters but also the way that cuts sting. He's learned too much here to just let it go. Perhaps even just to wander.

That's alright, though. This is hardly the time for reflection, in any case. Mossy eyes rake over the stranger as he shifts through the foliage and messy ground, half a step closer than both of the women. He's sure they can take care of himself, but he's never been a coward. And being where he is in life demands taking care of others. This is his way of making himself a bigger threat, if things go there. Something tells him that Wren won't be much of a problem, though. Maybe it's the fact that he's still wearing the jacket. (It reminds him of his own stubbornness, when he first got here. And Marine's. Grim now wears just a short sleeved shirt and a light flannel over top. A gift from Pip he keeps religiously clean despite his dirty hands.) The smell of nicotine keeps his attention there, blinks slow. He'd grown up around cigarette smoke and coffee grounds. They're comforting, even now. "I don't think we're guaranteed a long enough lifespan to regret smoking," he says, almost bitterly, though with a smile at the corners of his mouth.