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fall away from the edge of the world
« on: March 20, 2018, 03:42:09 PM »
oop this is just a dump for me to put whatever in here. please try not to post here, it's really just to save things for later. thanks!
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 03:42:41 PM »
FULL NAME&& his name is youngguk min which is pronounced as yung-**** meen. young is korean for glory, guk is korean for nation, and min is a korean surname meaning urge on.
NICKNAME(S)&& back in south korea, youngguk was often called younggukkie or gukkie by his friends.
TITLE(S)/ALIAS(ES)&& he was jokingly given the title chuggu gong (which means soccer ball in korean) because of his love for soccer.
AGE&& youngguk is at the age of fifteen, though he looks to be more around the age of sixteen or seventeen and acts roughly around that same age.
D.O.B&& 29/07/02.
P.O.B&& seoul, south korea.
GENDER&& youngguk was born biologically male and has continued to identify as a male, making him a cisgender boy. he uses masculine pronouns (he / him / his).

GRADE&& youngguk is a freshman in high school (9th grade).
SPORTS&& even when he had lived back in korea, youngguk had played soccer. he has done track for the past year, though he isn't planning on doing it this year.
CLUBS&& youngguk isn't one to devote his time to clubs, instead choosing to focus on soccer.
DORMS RM&& he is in dorm room 250.
SCHOOL SECRETS&& youngguk has his fair share of secrets. such as the unknown fact that he once had a twin brother named youngsik, who died when they were young. he has also made out with another boy in the summer following his last year of middle school. on top of all of this, youngguk knows his father has been cheating on his mother since their move to the usa, but has chosen to stay silent.

HOUSE&& youngguk would likely be in gryffindor.
TEMPERAMENT&& he is almost always sanguine.
ZODIAC&& he is a leo sun, pisces moon, and cancer rising.
ALIGNMENT&& youngguk aligns best as a chaotic neutral.
STEREOTYPES&& he is an athlete and typically rule-breaker, sneaking out of the house at night to hang out with friends. however, he is also contradictory a studious sort who takes his education seriously.
COLOR(S)&& youngguk identifies with colors like the vivid shades during sunset and the softest of yellows.
ELEMENT&& he associates with water the most, though air is close behind.
ANIMAL&& he is most like a dolphin, given his traits and disposition.
AESTHETICS&& youngguk is a field full of sunflowers, sneaking out of the house, stadiums full of screaming fans, driving with the windows down, sledding down a huge hill, speeding on the highway, delicate architecture, a dog's muddy paws, the clicking of keyboard keys, a fan running at night, and the hum of bumblebees.

TRAITS&& youngguk is agreeable, charismatic, compassionate, daring, debonair, dramatic, enthusiastic, focused, honest, intuitive, liberal, playful, reliable, spontaneous, suave, witty, amusing, casual, competitive, preoccupied, stubborn, abrupt, confused, delicate, disruptive, escapist, impulsive, mistaken, passive-aggressive, and vague.
PASTIMES&& youngguk's hobbies include those of playing soccer, hiking, traveling, playing video games, reading, occasional journalism, eating, sleeping, and studying.
FREQUENTS&& youngguk is a frequent to the local park, usually taking along homework, food, or his soccer ball to spend several hours there. he has also taken a liking to the small bookstore several stores down from the starbucks everyone apparently goes to.
GOALS&& short-term goals of youngguk's would include getting onto the soccer team and getting good grades. the only thing in his mind currently for long-term goals would just be successfully graduating high school.

youngguk is a winner. he is a tough cookie who perseveres and puts his goals first. he hates to be left behind, and if anything is more the leader of the pack. he is a schemer with a mischievous flair, a child of hermes.

he is a passive-aggressive little spark, a spiteful nymph who pushes buttons just enough to annoy. a disruption and frequent jokester, it is hard to believe youngguk can take anything seriously.

an entertainer, an entrepreneur, he loves to travel and experience new things. he does things for fun and plans can turn at the drop of a hat. he has always been a free-wheeler who goes by ear, solid plans don't exist to youngguk.

enthusiastic and excitable, youngguk carries a vibrant energy with him like the flashing lights of a full club or the infectious team spirit of a college football game. it is hard not to take part in some of the excitement he carries, and people always find themselves having fun with youngguk.

PARTNER(S)&& youngguk had a large group of friends back in south korea, but since he moved he has known no one except the elderly couple next door.
BIOLOGICAL MATERNAL&& his mother's name is bora min, and she works as a local librarian.
BIOLOGICAL PATERNAL&& his father's name is jaebum min, and he works as a surgeon at a local hospital.
CARETAKER(S)&& when youngguk was younger he was cared-for by a nanny, but as he grew older he no longer needed one.
SIBLING(S)&& youngguk had a twin brother named youngsik until an accident killed him. youngguk has no other siblings.
PET(S)&& he owns a shiba inu named sunja.
MENTOR(S)&& he has none currently, possibly his soccer or track coach.

bora and jaebum met at college in seoul, south korea. jaebum was much like his son, an adventurer and entertainer, while bora was a reclusive and more intuitive sort. call it love at first sight, but it didn't take long for the pair to become a couple.

after graduating college, bora and jaebum didn't hesitate to get married. they were young, yes, but so in love. nobody could tell them "no" from the way stars glittered like galaxies in their eyes as they looked at one another.

three years after their marriage, life was still splendid for them. bora became with child, and later the couple discovered they were having twins. it was fantastic news, but the stress brought on complications with bora's pregnancy.

when youngguk and his brother youngsik were born, bora and jaebum were concerned for them. it was a tough labor, but both children came out healthy as can be. at least for the most part. it was clear that youngguk was stronger than youngsik, who was more prone to sickness and exhaustion than his older twin.

as the boys grew older, they were extremely close. they shared a bedroom at all times, and it was clear how much they depended on each other.

youngguk was seven when his brother passed away. it had been an accident. they had just been fooling around, as children often do, and hadn't been thinking of the consequences. moments before his death, the world had been full of color and vivid laughter. in seconds it was all come to a screeching halt as youngsik fell from the roof of their two-story home, abruptly ending his story.

with the absence of his brother, youngguk's world turned cold and gray. the guilt ate him alive for it was his idea to climb onto the roof and dance around, the uneven surface making it all the more dangerous.

but at that time in youngguk's life, he found soccer ― football ― to be his getaway. it eased the pain through the ache of muscles and the smell of sweat. it took at least three years, but youngguk was finally able to cope with the death of his twin.

through middle school youngguk was the center of attention. he was a dashing and debonair sort, one all of the girls would flock to. but he didn't go without his large group of friends, who were often not the best influence on him.

his last year of middle school (before moving to the united states), youngguk had been playing truth or dare. he was dared to make out with one of his friends. he did it. afterward, he was terrified his parents would somehow find out. even if they were still starstruck lovers, homosexuality was not welcome within their home.

even though the unannounced move to the united states was heartbreaking for youngguk, he couldn't help but feel a bit relieved that his secret would die back home.

FACECLAIM&& youngguk's faceclaim is yoon sanha.
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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2018, 03:43:21 PM »
i try to think of something else
NAME: parker zachariah newton.
AGE: 20 years old.
GENDER: he born biologically male and identifies as a cisgender boy.
SEXUALITY: homosexual homoromantic.
TITLE: none.
FACECLAIM: kim wonpil.

PERSONALITY: parker is a daydreamer. he is a gentle soul who would rather walk through a field of flowers than party in a club full of half-dressed people. he is peaceful and humble, it is hard to imagine parker being any level of aggressive.

however, this makes him into a pushover and an unsuspecting victim of manipulation, which parker is easily hurt by. he is graceful and gracious, someone who simply refuses to say a bad word about anyone, no matter the shit they do or the shit they are. parker always looks for the best, and being the optimist he is, always believes there's a little bit of good in everyone.

parker keeps things inside and doesn't express how he really feels. although he tries to be honest, he hates worrying people or taking up space, so he'll often lie about how he's actually feeling until the emotions overflow and parker turns in a sobbing mess.

HISTORY: trigger warning for implied suicide. parker was a single child all his life. his parents had high expectations for him, and he was expected to be only the best. but parker didn't want to be a surgeon or a scientist, he wanted to be a musician; an artist. his parents were heavily against his passion for the longest time, but parker found ways to evade their constrictive tendencies.

and that was when he met miller rutledge. in his sophomore year of high school, parker befriended a boy by the name of miller. they became fast friends and parker quickly found himself confessing his tough family life to miller, who supported and agreed with parker.

he aided parker as he smuggled a guitar he had bought up into his bedroom after his parents had gone to sleep and would help him write lyrics to songs which would never be sung. if it hadn't been for miller, parker likely would have been long dead.

before long, parker found himself falling in love with miller and that terrified him. homosexuality was absolutely not allowed in the newton household. it gave parker severe anxiety and he stressed over it constantly, finding that he didn't like girls period.

his confession to miller was anything but glamorous. he was petrified that miller would leave him or expose him to parker's parents, because he had yet to get the nerve to mention it to them yet. but parker happened to be in luck and miller returned the feelings.

after graduating high school a year after secretly dating, parker told his parents he was gay. they were beyond furious and kicked him out, but miller was there waiting for him. together they left for college, sharing an apartment together. that was when parker woke up two years later to an empty world and a missing miller.

RELATIONSHIPS: parker has cut off all communication with his family, miller and miller's supportive family his new adoptive family. he was of course dating miller rutledge when everyone disappeared.

OTHER: expect a lot of tears from parker because he misses his boyfriend ok.
thes code
hold onto me, my day that has filled up with you, is beautiful, oh you are my day, baby you're beautiful, every moment i'm awake, even the moments that i'm dreaming, oh you are my day, you are my day

what i want is only you, if you come to me, i'll feel like i have the whole world
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u rock !

i do not care who you are or the company you keep, overall lack of concern with who sleeps on your sheets, drink up to save mind of who you can be, tucked-in tank top so you look more like me
FULL NAME: aurelia zarah lighthouse.
   name origin: latin.
   meaning: golden.
   nickname(s): none.
AGE: sixteen.
   dob: the twentieth of november.
   year: six.
GENDER: cisgender girl.
   sex: female.
   pronouns: she / her.
SEXUALITY: aromantic pansexual.
   romantic preference: friends?
   relationship status: single.
HOUSE: slytherin.

PARENTS: wilson and odette lighthouse.
   other relations: she has a vast and intricate family tree, to say the least.
   blood status: halfblood.
ORIGIN: hamilton, new zealand.

TRAITS: rebellious, fiery, passionate, seductive, easily bored, jealous, determined, bossy, excited, compulsive, protective, clever, intelligent, sly, lewd, teasing, cunning, strategic, observant, flirty, disruptive, intimidating, ruthless, confident, unpredictable.
   personality type: entj.
   alignment: chaotic neutral.
   temperament: choleric.

↳ aurelia has very wide-bordered music tastes, ranging from foreign to classical.
↳ upper body strength of an american ninja warrior.
↳ vegetarian.
↳ particularly skilled at transfiguration.
↳ owns a barn owl named apollo.
↳ hard to impress.
↳ finds swimming soothing, so she usually takes an early morning swim in the black lake.
↳ secretly loves care of magical creatures.
↳ maybe a slight pyromaniac.
↳ severe fear of choking, leading her to have to cut her meals into tiny pieces before she eats them.
↳ always violating the dress code.
↳ might be a bit of a tattle tale.

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« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2018, 03:45:14 PM »

full name camaro lane grayjoy
nicknames cam
alliance he tends to be more of a freewheeler, his alliances changing often
d. o. b. 19/03/01
sex / gender male / cisgender boy
pronouns he / him
orientation panromantic / bisexual
zodiac pisces
mbti isfp

it feels like camaro is always trying to escape. whether it's escaping from his home life or the gang he'd just fucked with, he's always trying to wriggle free of troubling situations. even in his own head, he's always trying to escape. he feels easily trapped by things and can be weighted down by his own thoughts, which easily trouble him.

at first glance camaro doesn't seem like the sort to be soft and compassionate. he is a rather vague and distant sort who doesn't interact with others on a very intimate level. this gives him a veil of mystery about him that leaves people with unanswered questions about him.

nevertheless he is an easily hurt person (though he tries to hide this) and insanely caring for others. he's a selfless idiot who would do anything for the small majority of people he cares about, and if there was one thing camaro hats it would be not being able to help.

camaro stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and he weighs approximately 120 pounds. he has a wiry, slender build that hints at athleticism without making it blatantly obvious. he has a head of voluminous dark brown hair and a face full of freckles. his eyes are a dark shade of brown, much like his hair, with lighter flecks of brown and gold intermingled. he naturally has a more fair complexion, but days in the sun leave him tanned and even more freckled than before.

born into the projects, camaro had never known a life of luxury. he lived with the minimum any human could live with, and he tried being fine with it. however, his parents obviously weren't. they fought all the time over money, food, and time, and camaro would often have sleepless nights as he listened through the paper-thin walls about how much his parents despised him.

when cam was seven years old, his parents filed for divorce. it was a quick trial and camaro found himself living with his father after his mother completely left from his life. at this point he doesn't even remember her name.

as camaro grew older, the stress of raising a child on his own grew apparent on cam's father. he started drinking excessively, and it was no surprise to anyone when he turned into an alcoholic. by the age of thirteen, camaro was having to find creative ways to earn money as a minor to support the family his father no longer did.

in the nights of severely drunk mindsets, camaro's father would both physically and verbally abuse him. cam would show up places with a cut here, a bruise there. he often hid from his father, afraid of the man. but he never stopped working, nor did he ever tell anyone what really happened.

by the age of sixteen years old, camaro was fed-up with his father's habits. the abuse hadn't lessened through the past three years and he was tired of it. so cam left. he left his father and never looked back, moving out of their shitty apartment to find someplace else (hopefully far, far away from his father).

☼ despite his terrible home life, camaro looks on the bright side of things.
☼ he is able to play the guitar, though he hasn't done so in quite a while.
☼ master at the card game "spoons".
☼ he can be mouthy, which leads him to getting into unwanted trouble with gangs and other violent groups.
☼ he tries to care about his education, but he's always using the excuse that the ditch is a shit school (which is true).
☼ it is insanely hard to disgust camaro.
☼ mouth of a sailor.
☼ typically pretty docile, though he can become aggressive if a loved one is endangered.
☼ 100% foodie.
☼ always throwing up gang signs (which gets him in trouble).
☼ ridiculously soft for dogs.
☼ the captain of eyerolling.
☼ secretly artsy, though he'd never admit it.
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you're amazing!
u rock !
we're just children
in a world of diversion
full name: galatea is her first name while she lacks a middle or last name.
nicknames / pet names: none.
age: fourteen.
pronouns: she / her or they / them.
year: four.
parents: her parents are hercules and megara, and she is a part of an intricate family tree.
powers: she is just the slightest bit physically stronger than others and retains a high metabolism and excellent endurance, agility, and speed.
traits: honest, jovial, humorous, freedom-loving, overprotective, stubborn, aggressive, boastful, optimistic, careless, impatient, wandering, curious, talkative, rebellious, disruptive, teasing.
sexuality: asexual.
romantic preference: biromantic (prefers more masculinity).
relationship status: single.
other: her faceclaim is raffey cassidy.

you're amazing!
u rock !
i won't forget you
but i may forget your name
full name: yuka is his first name while he lacks a middle and last name.
nicknames / pet names: none and there's a reason for that.
age: nineteen.
pronouns: he / him.
year: nine.
parents: kenai and nita.
powers: he has the ability to shapeshift into a bear at will.
traits: unfazed, sarcastic, humorous, intelligent, irritated, gentle, protective, regretful, sleepy, snappy, annoyed, passionate, adventurous, daredevil, competitive, sassy, determined.
sexuality: demi-pansexual.
romantic preference: panromantic.
relationship status: single.
other: his faceclaim is kiowa gordon.

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— half moon
hey to the daytime

human name. rourke windsor.
god name. apollo, the greek (and roman) god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light, and knowledge.
powers. he has the ability to both curse and heal, prophesy, and photokinesis.
nickname(s). he was called "chicken little" due to his resemblance to the animated character.
age. twenty one | the twenty sixth of january.
gender identity. cisgender boy | he / him.

face claim. jaehyung park.
height [&] weight. five feet eleven inches & one hundred forty pounds.
body type. ectomorph.
hair. his hair is a mess of honey gold locks of hair that tend to frizz and take on a violent wave when wet or in contact with humidity.
eyes. his eyes are a vibrant hazel hidden behind a pair of round glasses which he has to wear (or else he's blind).
skin tone. naturally quite fair, it burns easily and isn't easy to tan, giving him a frustrating cycle of sunburned skin before it fades back to pale.
distinguishing features. likely his uncanny resemblance of the animated character chicken little, from the movie chicken little. almost everyone he meets points it out, and he has come to accept the fact.
body modifications. he has this tattooed on the underside of his left forearm and this on his right wrist. he is planning on getting more.
clothing style. rourke has a very laid-back and alternative way of dressing. he often wears doc martens and ripped skinny jeans, along with a plain, loose-fitting t-shirt and jacket of some sort. (most commonly a jean jacket.) however, he does like a lot of sweaters and layering is his signature style. when he's lazing about around the house, he'll typically wear joggers and some old t-shirt.

personality traits. distracted, caring, humble, creative, humorous, reckless, persistent, curious, talkative, selfless, weak for children, easily impressed, open, unashamed, impulsive, the king of procrastination, empathetic, flirty.
moral alignment. the rebel, chaotic good.
temperament. sanguine.
mbti type. the entertainer, esfp.
mental disorder(s). none diagnosed.
fears [&] phobias. tight or enclosed spaces, failing, death, being abandoned.

history. [mentions of addiction and physical abuse.]
rourke was born to a hoot of a mother. addicted to cocaine and recuperating from an abusive relationship, she definitely wasn't the best figure in rourke's early childhood. adding on the fact that rourke lacked a father, it made for a pretty shitty system of parental support for him.

however, his mother tried to provide for the two of them. she was still a crackhead but she tried her best, and rourke admired her for her tireless spirit, even if she was gone or high in her bedroom.

when rourke began going to school, that was when evidence of his mother's neglect began to show. he would be late for school and lacking necessary items for class, which gave away the fact that his mother didn't really care. she had been a dropout as well, so schooling was never a priority for her.

so the officials came. they took rourke away from his mother, the only family he ever knew, and there was no chance of her getting him back. there was too much evidence of a bad upbringing that the authorities threw a fit over, so rourke was put into foster care.

as he got older, rourke realized that a way to cope with the loss of his family and the constant moving while in the system was through music. he unintentionally found the hobby which quickly became an almost constant thing, seeming to almost draw toward the music and become attracted to it.

so he sang. in the car, in the shower, doing school, taking walks, he always sang. it became rourke's life force and he grew to be quite good at it. although it became a bother to family and the occasional friend, he didn't care. he sang because he wanted to, not because they did.

when rourke was thirteen, a foster family decided to adopt him. they were a rich family in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, living the life rourke never did. so he became a windsor, and life changed.

almost instantly rourke tried to start his own band. it didn't blow up until high school, when playing in a band became cool. they dubbed themselves midnight flight and played through all of high school until graduating, when the band dispersed as they each took on different lives.

it was in his final year of high school that rourke began thinking of his future. he definitely didn't want to be like his mother (or what he remembered of her in his early, fleeting memories), so failure was not an option. he grew interested in medical studies, either being a doctor or nurse, and began pursuing a career in medical services.

then rourke met the warden. it had been an average day for rourke when he'd met him, and as soon as words were exchanged between the pair, it was no longer rourke windsor standing before the warden, but apollo, the ancient greek god.
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— why do you change?
c. of woodsy
name + francesca jane monaghan-holland.
name meaning + free one.
nicknames + she introduces herself as frannie and despises being called francesca.
age + seventeen.
d.o.b. + the twenty eighth of october.
gender + questioning.
sex + female.
rank + student.

schedule + schedule b.
power + physical mimicry, meaning she can alter any physical aspect of herself to mimic that of others. it takes a certain amount of concentration to mimic, and the bigger the job the harder she must concentrate.
she can only mimic if she is familiar with the targeted person's voice and appearance.

history + frannie was an accident. born to two unmarried college students, she was often detached from her parents, cared for by her maternal grandparents through her young childhood. it came as no surprise to anyone when frannie's parents' relationship didn't last, and they split.

living with her mother, frannie knew there was something missing. she was too young when her parents split to remember her father, but she knew her family looked different than others.

when her mother married a man her last year of college, frannie quickly latched onto him as her father figure that she had lacked in her life. although she didn't think of her step-father as a very friendly figure, he was the closest to a father she could get.

when frannie was six, her mother became pregnant with her younger brother, kaius. even though they were only half siblings, frannie loved her brother more than anyone else.

growing older, frannie developed the skill of mimicking people. she was remarkably good at changing her voice to sound like that of close to anyone. as she continued to grow, frannie discovered that she could also alter her appearance to match that of anyone she'd seen.

sharing this skill secretly with her brother, they had a lot of fun in frannie's locked bedroom while he brother made requests. this secret went on for years before it grew rather out of control, with frannie coming under stress at school, which caused her to shift uncontrollably between different people she had mimicked in the past. almost immediately, her parents sent her to mons fortis.
traits + optimistic, talkative, adventurous, bossy, impatient, easily bored, goofy, curious, mouthy, disruptive, distracted, easily impressed, fidgety, involved, willing, daredevil, cheery, straight-up sunshine, enthusiastic, tireless, passionate, oblivious, rushed, smartass, smug, spiteful, mocking, playful, testing, empathetic, careless, teasing, humorous, sarcastic, defensive, holds grudges, sensitive, reserved.

sexuality + demi-pansexual aromantic.
relationship status + single.
open to plotting? + absolutely.
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— i'm blind and afraid, the colors of this sound like shape, the feast of words you never could say, and i'm torn apart, in the sun, there is red, the epitaph of an old record player, the sweetness in the salt of her hair, and there's no decision

FULL NAME: zion lee chronicle.
   name origin hebrew.
   meaning monument; raised up.
   nicknames none.
AGE: seventeen.
    dob the fifteenth of march.
    spiritual age nineteen.
GENDER: cisgender boy.
    sex male.
    pronouns masculine (he / him).
SEXUALITY: asexual.
    romantic homoromantic.
    status single.
ALLIANCE: camp half-blood, though he is neutral.
    previous alliances none.
RACE: korean-german demigod.
ABILITIES: he has the ability to communicate with plants, as well as modify the inner workings of beings' bodies.

PARENTS: his mother is demeter while his father is caspian chronicle.
    other relations he is half-siblings with the other demigods occupying the demeter cabin, but it was always just he and his father.
ORIGIN: sioux city, iowa.
EARLY YOUTH: he was born to his single father who worked in the agricultural field in iowa, being raised surrounded by the countryside.
ADOLESCENCE: later on he and his father moved out of iowa and into california, where he remained in the countryside.
LATE ADOLESCENCE: he began attending public school after living a life of being home-schooled his freshman year of high school and met the saytr who would later take him across the united states to camp half-blood.

TRAITS: introverted, dedicated, curious, gentle, humble, hardworking, passive, gullible, clumsy, oblivious, dreamy, caring, content, pessimistic, cautious, shy, hopeless romantic, easily embarrassed.
    summary of persona zion is very much the gentle giant sort. he towers at a tall six foot three and retains quite a hard face, but he is found often silent and drifting, almost always lost in his own world.

zion is the most unobservant human being on the face of the earth. he is oblivious to a great many things, which can make him both an embarrassment and joy to be around because of his complete cluelessness.

however, zion still keeps to himself and will never be found initiating conversation between anybody at any time. he seems to enjoy being by himself more than with others, which can be relatable if you've lived in the literal middle of nowhere a good chunk of your life.
    personality type isfp.
    tropes to be decided.
    alignment neutral.

  • he was always taller than everyone else his age.
  • immediately joined band when he transitioned into public school, playing tenor drums.
  • he is fluent in english and english sign language.
  • he has really nice handwriting and is often asked to write things for projects etc.
  • he wears a lot of earthy tones and it can range from shorts and a t-shirt to skinny jeans and a chunky turtleneck.
  • roadtrips are his life.
  • owns a journal which he uses to write his thoughts and other miscellaneous things in.
  • literally owned, like, seventy chickens once.

  • epitaph, hippo campus.
  • silence of siberia, lowercase noises.
  • automatic, the mowgli's.
  • the weight of living part two, bastille.
  • paradise, coldplay.
  • smile, galantis.

  • none.

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« Reply #10 on: March 20, 2018, 03:50:05 PM »
u rock !
curious △ dumb courage
alias: riven
human age: 21 years old
spiritual age: 67 years old
birthday: 01/26/1996
gender + pronouns: cisgender boy + he / him
sexuality: asexual demi-biromantic
main power: gravity manipulation
zodiac: aquarius
appearance: his faceclaim is park jaehyung
━ literally blind without his glasses, so he must wear them
━ hair the color of honey
━ pretty straight so its always static-y
━ really lean and athletic build
━ has an average height of 5 feet 10 inches
━ long fingers
━ sharp, defined jawline
━ holds a resemblance to chicken little
━ eyes the color of coffee beans
━ asks a lot of questions all the time, which often labels him as a nosy and annoying person
━ really cares about others. like, a lot
━ super easy to talk to, he can always make others laugh
━ laid-back and open, he's the least judgmental person on the face of the planet
━ so recklessly impulsive it's been labeled "dumb courage"
━ incredibly easily impressed
━ won't ever talk shit, though he isn't brutally honest
so weak for children
━ actually really sassy
━ can be the most unmotivated person ever
━ king of procrastination
━ lewd and flirty, he isn't shy at all
━ really empathetic (he'll start crying if someone else starts crying)
━ distracted by literally everything
━ the person who laughs really hard at the bad jokes and puns
━ comes from a really bland and lifeless planet called quifalm (kwee-follm)
━ he wasn't allowed to express very many of his emotions, his planet generally taking on a very monotonous and apathetic concept
━ began to rebel as he drew closer from graduating, which gave him trouble with the law
━ was really a bother to both his houseparents, who didn't take very well to raising rourke
━ at one point he fled his planet to annora yin's, where he sought refuge and got to know her for a period of time

power details:
━ gravity manipulation, also called gyrokinesis, is the ability that can bend gravity to make the environment very "heavy" or "light", cause objects to "fall" toward another object instead of the earth, flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. they can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis
━ he cannot bend gravity around himself, but he can manipulate the gravity around others to enhance their blows or lift them places
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« Reply #11 on: March 20, 2018, 03:50:23 PM »
thes made the code
full name: indiana noëlle roux.
   nicknames indie.
   aliases blackbird.
age: nineteen.
gender: demigirl.
    sex female.
    pronouns feminine (she / her) or neutral (they / them).
sexuality: bisexual.
    romantic demi-homoromantic.
    status single and currently not looking, though she could go for a night of fun every now-and-then.
rank: member.
    species human.

    — indie has the ability to not only communicate with the common blackbird, but with any other bird.
    — she has the talent of taking control over birds, call them her "minions".
    — indie has insanely good eyesight and abnormal reflexes, able to react much quicker than the average human.

    — indie has always looked as if there was a storm gathering in the dark depths of her eyes. both her hair and eyes have been a dark, burgundy that is rich in color.
    — rather tall, indie stands at a height of five feet seven inches. she has a more muscular frame, though it clings to its femininity with the softly hourglass shape she retains.
    — she tends to wear more neutral tones, though this doesn't consist of blacks, grays, and whites. she wears every color possible, though never bright and happy. they are dull and muted, such as an olive green or rich maroon. her superhero uniform consists of a close-fitting black jumpsuit.
direct family: adalene roux, mother, alive.
darren roux, father, alive.
    other relations nana lefevre, maternal grandmother, deceased.
louis lefevre, maternal grandfather, deceased.
birthplace: bourges, france.
history: as a child, indie didn't experience very much. she was typically kept near home, and she'd never traveled past the several other cities surrounding her birthplace. but as a young girl who didn't know any better, indie was happy with where her family was. as long as she had her parents she was content.

the first time indie moved, she was thirteen. she had developed a large base of friends which she had grown close to, all having lived together for a long period of time. so naturally they were all affected by the move. it sort of tilted indie's world to an awkward axis, displacing her in an unknown place with unknown people.

to recuperate, indie spent a lot of time with her maternal grandmother, nana. her family had moved to be closer to her, since she had begun to show signs of incoming major health issues. she found herself growing very close to her grandmother, and being with the elderly woman changed indie in small ways.

when her grandmother died, indie's world was yet again turned upside-down. this second move was a big one for fifteen-year-old indie. to a whole new country — a whole new continent — and she struggled with getting back on her feet. for the three years following the move, indie floundered. she discovered things about herself and others that she would rather have not found, and over all she just wished she were back in france.

a year after graduating, indie found her feet again. she had become accustomed to the differences between her hometown of france and this country, the united states of america. although she still struggled and grew confused, she had started fresh and put the past behind her.
traits: sly, observant, curious, humorous, creative, resourceful, irresponsible, protective, passionate, confused, flirtatious, debonair, courageous, overconfident, restless, daredevil, carefree, kind, distrusting.
    summary of persona although indie is kind and protective, she is generally more harsh and reluctant to care. years of strife have given her a fresh layer of traits. she is no longer the innocent child from france, but instead the flirty, overconfident thrill-seeker from the u.s. she loves the thrill of adventure and although she seems nosy, it is simply her incredible amount of curiosity showing through.

indie would never go back on her word, and she is eager and more than welcome to express this idea. she is loyal to the bone and even if she may seem like she could switch sides at the drop of a hat. she is picky with her friends and finds herself distrusting, having experienced the outcome of picking the wrong crowd to hang out with in the past.

fiercely protective, indie would risk her life for others. call it dumb courage, idiotic selflessness, or dangerous impulsiveness, she wouldn't hesitate to step in front of a flying bullet. though she is only found to do this for the people she cares for, if indie believed there was enough good in anyone she would do the same for them.
face claim astrid berges-frisbey.
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Re: fall away from the edge of the world
« Reply #12 on: August 31, 2019, 10:50:37 PM »
name here.
full name.
> pronunciation:
> nicknames:

> birthdate:
> zodiac:

> gender:
> pronouns:

> residence:
> occupations:

> height:
> weight:
> hair:
> eye:
> other:

personality traits.
> mbti type:
> alignment:
> temperament:
> other:

> that stuff goes here
> include some backstory
> languages spoken, quirks or habits, maybe fears
line 01 of lyrics
line 02 of lyrics
line 03 of lyrics
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Re: fall away from the edge of the world
« Reply #13 on: August 31, 2019, 11:29:21 PM »
rourke windsor.
full name. rourke aloysius windsor
> pronunciation: roh-erk al-oh-ish-us wihn-zer
> nicknames: n/a

age. early 20s
> birthdate: 27/01
> zodiac: aquarius

sex. male
> gender: cisgender boy
> pronouns: masculine

birthplace. edmonton, canada
> residence: thread-specific
> occupations: musician, student

faceclaim. jaehyung park
> height: 05 ft 10 in
> weight: 135 lbs
> reference: link 01, link 02
> other: n/a

personality traits. distracted, caring, humble, creative, humorous, reckless, persistent, curious, talkative, selfless, soft, easily impressed, open, unashamed, impulsive, stubborn, sympathetic, flirty
> mbti type: esfj
> alignment: neutral good
> temperament: sanguine
> other: n/a

sexuality. pansexual demi-biromantic
> romantic preference: boys
> relationship status: single
> past relationships: n/a
> love interest: n/a

> spent time in foster care before being adopted
> has never met his birth parents
> copes with his problems through music
> speaks korean and english
> sneezes a lot
> plays guitar, piano, banjo, cajon (box drum), and ukulele
> not a morning person
> will ride everything at the amusement park
> loves takeout with his soul
> the mii menu song is his internal soundtrack
> musically gifted
> coffeeshop voice
> used to have a band
> bad study habits
> long talks and walks are his language
> canadian accent
white noise,
what an
awful sound
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Re: fall away from the edge of the world
« Reply #14 on: September 01, 2019, 04:19:31 PM »
zion chronicle.
full name. zion lee chronicle
> pronunciation: zai-on li kron-ih-kul
> nicknames: n/a

age. late teens
> birthdate: 15/03
> zodiac: pisces

sex. male
> gender: cisgender boy
> pronouns: masculine

birthplace. sioux city, iowa
> residence: thread-specific
> occupations: student, florist, journalist

faceclaim. sehun oh
> height: 06 ft 02 in
> weight: 140 lbs
> reference: link 01, link 02, link 03
> other: n/a

personality traits. introverted, dedicated, curious, gentle, humble, hardworking, passive, gullible, clumsy, oblivious, dreamy, caring, content, pessimistic, cautious, shy, hopeless romantic, easily embarrassed
> mbti type: infj
> alignment: lawful neutral
> temperament: melancholic
> other: n/a

sexuality. asexual homoromantic
> romantic preference: boys
> relationship status: single
> past relationships: n/a
> love interest: n/a

> has a single dad
> worked on an agricultural farm as a kid
> furiously gardens when upset
> shy tol
> a sucker for love but don't tell anyone
> absolutely petrified of deep or open water
> ony watches documentaries
> names all his plants
> once took a hot air balloon ride, he cried the whole time
> pretty fingers
> looks a lot scarier without his glasses
> vegetarian
> doesn't know how to act around people
> homeschooled
> thinks babies are gross
> fluent in english and english sign language
if you're
feeling lonely,
tell me
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