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THE SUN AND MOON — weekly tasks
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To help get the group moving and going, he had decided that he would hosts a weekly tasks to help out. It would be their first and while they didn't really have many members yet, he was going to try and do his best to change that so they could finally show these other groups who was on top. Clearsun made his way to the center of the supposed camp, enclosed by tall sturdy walls that had the holes of caves inside them. He watched as a few members moved about the camp. Hopefully soon it'd be more than this. He wasn't sure how far along the other groups were, or where they were, but he wanted the group to build up a bit first before one of the other groups had launched an attack on them. It was either them first to attack or them first to be hit. He wasn't bound to let the group be the first to be hit. "If you'd like a weekly task, come see me." His voice echoed off the canyon walls in which he settled down and watched a few gathered. The tasks would range from minor to major as they needed to not only get used to the new territory they were in, but fix it up as well. Not that others weren't already able to fit inside the currently broken down houses or dusty cave holes, but rather it could be better for their living conditions. He didn't want his group living in some pile of shit after all. They deserved the best that they could provide.
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