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I NEVER KNEW o, mini meeting
« on: March 23, 2018, 04:57:38 PM »
White furred covered legs began to walk him towards the meeting hall, his paws pressing gently against the ground before entering the small abandoned school and pushing open the door. He lowered his body to the floor and then took a leap onto the desk which in hindsight wasn't really that high and was just him over exaggerating it's height. It hadn't been too long since he had led the new group to their home, a vast grand canyon that seemed more like a maze than a canyon in all honesty. Remembering every twist and turn to get from the border and back was going to be hell, but once the group mastered this, it'd probably be their strongest defense. He hadn't formally called a meeting but he was more than sure that the last minute notice would suffice since they were, afterall, still getting used to the territory itself. It was huge and it would take probably a few months before getting used to it. Clearsun lowered his body to move into a sitting up position, tail curling to his paws as he looked over the room with his one good yellow eye. Despite the blindness in the other, he would prove to fair at the most fine; or at least he wasn't going to let on how much it bothered him. Deciding that he had waited long enough, he moved his mouth to the ceiling and parted it in a loud howl to alert the rest of the group to gather. He'd probably make that their official call for meetings instead of the same old "gather for a meeting." He waited for a few members of the group to arrive before he began his few announcements.

"First and foremost, welcome to your new home, Fortis Ignis and thank you to all that followed me here. I promise that I won't let you down." Though at those words, a tinge of nostalgia filled his mind and his gaze averted to the wooden boards on the floor. This had been his third time at this whole leader thing and yet he felt the same fear since his first time standing in front of a group that he was leading. For a moment his confidence faltered but he regained it quickly, narrowing his eyes as he looked to the crowd as a dare for anyone to challenge the short moment of his faltered confidence. Moving on, he cleared his throat and continued. "Now then, I'd like to bring attention to a few threads that have been put up since the group has been formed. First, the suggestions thread. If you have any suggestions, share them in that thread. I'll be looking at all suggestions and if you have any ideas, share them with me. I'll be taking all suggestions into consideration to make the group better." He paused to allow that to sink in before continuing. "Next, is the thread prompts. This thread can give you ideas on what to make open threads about. If you're not sure what type of thread to make, you can always check out that thread for ideas. Finally, is the chatting and plotting thread. Come introduce yourself and say hi. We're welcomed to have you here. Oh also, feel free to stop by to take a weekly task and help out the group." Well there went that round of announcements. Clearsun considered himself to be doing good so far but he wondered just about how long that would last.

"On April first is our first holiday-themed event and our first coal walk and torch run events as well. The torch run and coal walk may be moved to April fifth to make sure that it doesn't overwhelm everyone. Other than that, meeting's will not be on Friday's but on Saturday's, and an actual official meeting will be going up next week Saturday. I may also be hosting a high position tryouts soon so keep an eye out for that when it goes up." He replayed everything he had said in his mind and then gave himself a reassuring nod. Alright, that should be all he had to say.

"Unless Commodore Shalas has anything to say or add on, or there's any questions, then that's all."

welcome to fortis ignis! super excited to have you guys here
three events coming up soon
high position tryouts are up
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Re: I NEVER KNEW o, mini meeting
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2018, 08:21:10 PM »
shocking irises of viridian hue, like olive-painted glass flickered as they took in their surroundings.

she had been trailing behind clearsun as he stalked into the singular school building, tail whipping like a lash and stepping with all the grace of a sure-footed swan. even as she prowled, her stance was held high. lean muscles wrapped in golden fur rippled as she passed, her lovely spattering of ebony markings shifting with her movement.

the school floors were dusty beneath her sure, quiet feet. even as she stepped, shalas never made a sound. her lithe, stream-lined vessel came to join clearsun beside his desk. below him. his commodore. second-in-command.

the girl parted her lips back into an impartial, silent yawn, maw stretching as a momentary flash of pink was exposed, coral tongue swiping over lethal incisors.

she listened aptly as admiral clearsun spoke. she knew that there were a few who had belonged to clans in the past, their homes and refuges suddenly ripped asunder by the arrival of humans. fortis ignis, was by no means, a recently established group like some of the others, and the caldera-dwelling clan's long-standing run was what had drawn a few deviating animals from the unorganized shelter that was the result of the many broken clans.

pausing momentarily as clearsun brought her own being to attention, shalas turned a deadpan gaze to the small crowd.

"i have nothing to announce," she spoke. "thank you, admiral clearsun."
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