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so far east i'm westbound arriving one-shot
« on: March 23, 2018, 05:24:48 PM »
In all of his days, Quietus had never fancied the idea of being someone that lead people - even in their small, misshapen little group at the beginning had been a start for him, a start directly leading to something greater. That had been his stepping stone, and this was his final ascension; now, something inside of him tickled his ears to tell him that he was here. Somewhere he didn't really ever expect to be, or want to be. Quietus hadn't the appetite for ambition, but being there for everyone back in the old camp had come easily to him, and it only seemed to enhance with time. Now barking orders had become a second tongue, and he vaguely - childishly, even - wondered if this was what being apart of a "pack" was like. He'd been in one as a pup, but had never truly experienced it. It had been years since he'd even been apart of something similar.

Destiny. Once upon a time, if you told him what he'd grow up to be, he'd laugh in your face, the first laugh he'd ever had aloud. But the word sounded so sweet to his ears now, like the soft sound of his mother's voice when she howled a little lullaby to him. This is my destiny.

That had been the abrupt end to his delayed bout of accomplishment, however. There were other things to worry about, like shelter, food, and how they were going to actually make it. He might be able to make pretty speeches, but for all it did to nourish the spirit, it did little to fill tummies and warm the winter chill that had just begun weeping off of his bones in loads. With spring came new life, and since the radiation, he was unsure if that would bring happiness or more misery for the survivors. He would hope the former, but he was never so lucky, so he didn't bet on it. It also reminded him of his "home" again, and everyone that he'd left behind, and had wanted so badly to come with him. He wondered what Seija was up to - was she still going with her group? She had admirable goals, that one, and he'd had more confidence in her than he'd had in any of the others that had come to spiel their songs of a future full of love, happiness, and any other optimistic opportunities, as long as you gave them your loyalty. He could appreciate a happy-go-lucky view on the world, but it was not what was needed, in his opinion - stability was. Something that you could see, touch, and feel with your own eyes, paws, and heart.

The first mountain he'd come across after traveling for many days was enormous, and whatever was on the other side was most certainly promising - from the distance, he'd spied a tree leaning over the edges of the mountaintop, and it had spurred him in a burst of speed that ended with him beginning his stubborn attempts at tunneling through the mountains with his earth powers. He hated them, but as long as they were being put to actual use, good use, he could spare them from his self-loathing for a few hours. Soon enough, his efforts payed off: once the tunneling was done, he was spilling out onto the mountain, dusted lightly with snow. When he peaked over the edge too look over at the other side, he was not disappointed in what he saw.

Acres of land spread out from where the mountain hugged every border, where it was not already being held tight by the stretch of lake for as far as the naked eye could see. When he looked directly down, the lands were fogged with a light mist, but it looked perfectly normal. A forest full of pine trees, and he wanted to go down and make his home right now, but something held him back. They could wait for a few days. They weren't starving, and there were birds in the sky to eat, mice and other rodents skittering about the mountain if they got particularly desperate. A rational part of him reasoned that he wanted to stay because he needed a bigger size to truly survive, and he divulged in that idea head-first.
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