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ACE OF SPADES — o, clean up
« on: March 24, 2018, 11:47:50 AM »
He had just been finishing up a few things around the camp, cleaning up the inside of the caves and even going over to clean up the high positions houses. He was still a bit exhausted but whatever he could do to help the group flourish for now, he would do it despite the massive aching of his paws. The dire wolf had just been in his own house, trying to cover up holes in the floor the best he could, but it proved more difficult than he could manage. He turned to move through his house, pushing open the door to walk outside and look at the oasis with the houses surrounding it. It was a definite beauty but the oasis wasn't too big compared to the lake's themselves. He turned his body to begin walking to the exit, squeezing through the small passage way to the main camp before he set his eyes on something truly horrible. The main camp was a mess all on it's own, how could he have missed the mess while he was cleaning out the entire camp. Maybe it had just slipped his mind. He looked around as he viewed fallen dead branches, leaves everywhere, and even large rocks lying in the way of caves and houses. Inside the houses was a huge mess and then inside the caves it was dusty and stones were everywhere, of course which would not make it a fun time for sleeping in them.

Clearsun forced back a frustrated sigh, looking around the camp with a narrowed eye. "Come help me clean up." He called out to the group, beginning to set to work by going into one of the caves and digging into the ground, sending stones flying out of the cave and backwards behind him. Chucking each stone with his paws had actually pinched his pawpads a bit but he ignored the pain in his pawpads.
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