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SHOW ME SOME SWEET — open, intro
« on: March 23, 2018, 08:38:21 PM »
the sun's rays beating down upon her. warmth flooded her bones.

rushing water pounded in her ears, the rolling, frothing blue waves tumbling down the red cliff's end and headfirst into a puddle below.

it was such an environment like this that made her lazy. she despised slothfulness, yet everyone needed their own break,
did they not?

with a lazy roll, the cheetah twisted onto her back, stretching stiff ligaments and muscles as the pounding, rushing and raging river pounded on. the tumultuous waves were a rhythm, a beat. soothing in a way. the steady thrum of the river pounded in tandem to her heartbeat, as she baked herself in the morning sun.

knowing the territory came with it's full advantages, as well as knowing where the best spots for sunbathing were. perhaps the best part about life was being able to unwind and relax. no distractions. no nothing. just the silence and the peace.
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Re: SHOW ME SOME SWEET - open, intro
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From the long trek to their new home, his paws still ached and he felt as those his legs would fall from underneath him at any second. He didn't enjoy the feeling and every step was a pure cry of agony, though he was determined not to spend his next few days of leadership sitting down lazy-like. He was planning to spend these few moments in the morning to sunbathe a bit and then check out more of the territory. His paws carried him as they urged him to explore on, claws clanking against the ground as the slowly aging wolf had decided to pick up the pace besides the screaming protest that his legs gave. He was now out in the open, away from the camp as he had slowed down to a normal pace, tail lashing with each step he took. He was fully white and stood out against the more sandy colored walls of the grand canyon. He pushed through the small cracks and delves between the spread out walls, soon coming to more flatter land that was yet, still surrounded by walls. It wasn't long until the roaring sound of the lake, Lake Toaban, had found itself to his ears. He was aware of the two lakes that lied in the territory and even about the volcano that was near one of them which he strongly discouraged ones to go there unless it was apart of the Trainee Trials he had set up, otherwise to see anyone there would have been a surprise to him.

Clearsun's paws skidded off a slightly steep slope and once arriving to the bottom, he had found his paws already slightly deep in the lake water. He could sense somewhat an amount of heat with the volcano so close by, but he shook it off and began to survey the area with his one eye, standing to his paws in the water. He found himself viewing Shalas, his commodore and friend, which made him worry about her safety upon being at this lake. He began to wade in the water, stepping in cautiously before he broke into a full out swim in the center and then back to pressing against sturdy ground. His figure moved out the water entirely as he made his way over to her side of the lake, shaking out his fur intentionally to get it out all over her to amuse himself. Maybe not her though. "Needed some fresh water? You'd do your best not to die here, yeah?" Of course he was referring to the close by volcano they had deemed Caldera. He sat down beside the cheetah, fur soaked to the brim even after shaking it out. "Other than that, hello Commodore Shalas." Formalities were kept as always, despite the Commodore being a dear friend.
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