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« on: April 02, 2018, 04:12:25 PM »
It wasn't that he was upset about the idea of everyone splitting up. He'd spent enough moons on his own, scraping for food, spending nights huddling in dark caves trying not to die, to worry about being alone. In fact, now he preferred it aside from when he was desperate to hear someone else's thoughts beside his own.

But the small, make-shift group on the mountain had been the closest he had ever been to feeling settled somewhere. Pathetic, and maybe a little sad, but it was the truth. The sentimental part of him was reluctant to just pick up and leave.

He told himself it didn't matter. It was just a feeling. He'd leave when he had too. And yet when the time came, it was harder than he expected. Quietus had left, bringing a few along with him and Licorice - he was gone. He guessed the malamute had gone with the black shepard. Angel let himself feel regret over not getting the chance to say goodbye to the healer only for a while before forcing him to the back of his mind, too.

He only let himself remember the good things during the bad times, when he really needed them. Like Willow and caramel bites. He didn't miss it, or wish for it. Because dwelling didn't do anything, you know? The good things that he had is what would make him go insane missing them.

And now, a moon had passed and here he was in this situation - bleeding and struggling to even move. The small bombay takes a moment to lean on a nearby tree, hunching over as he gasps. What an idiot. He knew he shouldn't have tried to fight back against that dog. The piece of prey didn't even matter. He was a stubborn idiot, who was gonna bleed to death now. If only Willow was here - or Licorice.

Shaking his head, he curls down into the roots of the tree, letting the aching in his back leg fade to a dull throb in the back of his mind. Angel closed his eyes. He had to focus. He'd survived worse than this. All he needed was to find cobwebs, and then a cave to hide out in after he rested. Solid plan, Angel. Full-proof. What could go wrong?

//fjebfhfhebf i can do better than this but i really wanted to join as soon as possible. his left backleg has has some scratches while his front has a deep gash; y/c can stumble across him or help him idc

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yani was among those who'd never lived in the mass that had existed, prior to everyone splitting off. the fem had joined not long after, though, and even still, she lacked much of any personal connections. she knew she ought to make some, go out of her way to smile and greet those around her. play the good socialite, or any of that other bullshit. but, in truth, the panther wasn't a huge fan of connection. she didn't mind it, sure, but it wasn't something she actively sought out. no, she had better things to do with her time.

like patrolling, for example. quiet paws landed on the floor, one in front of the other, following a foreign scent. an enemy? unlikely. more likely, however, was some poor soul who wanted to move on in. whether they did or didn't, it made no difference to the fem, she simply desired to get answers, then pass the issue to quietus. these people, they were the warlords burden, not hers.

so, when she found the much smaller creature, yani slowed to a stop and quirked a brow, observing the male for a moment. "you look like shit." she observed, frank as ever, dark eyes roaming over the strangers form. "what business do you have here?" she didn't clarify as to where here was. if they had business, then they'd know where they were. if they didn't? well, not really her issue, was it?
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