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DISAPPEAR | open, visitor
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:47:58 PM »
It wasn't his home, this wasn't Occultatum village but he knew that he would have to leave his comfort zone to introduce himself to the clans and form any type of alliance. Fortis Ignis. From what he could see was that the clan seemed to take residence within a canyon and even if it wasn't as pleasing as the plentiful rain forest, Kunta had no room to speak. He stopped at the border with both curved ears angled forward only to wait patiently at the border, he figured that it was better this way since then if these private manners were to be taken to the territory well, he would have preferred for his clan to stay hidden from unwanted attention especially if the inquiry of a possible alliance was declined and simply thrown out the window. The jaguar slowly took a seat twitching both of his whiskers and turning to an NPC that had approached him "Inform your high ranks that I wish to see them," He stated without much emotion in his voice giving a polite nod as the NPC ran off to get Shalas and Clearsun.

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Re: DISAPPEAR | open, visitor
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2018, 02:20:38 PM »
the suddenness of a visitor was unexpected, to say the least.

she had been flung amongst the carpet of her cabin, relaxing when the NPC came knocking on door of her home. "what is it?" she called, so disturbed to have someone calling for her presence. she hardly appreciated it when others called upon her name for whatever reason. as long as it was reason, well. she could hardly ever argue with that. a puff of air flew past her lips as the NPC responded.

"we have a visitor at the border."

within moments, shalas had pushed open her door and pulled herself out into the fresh air and open sunlight. a visitor? the commodore vaguely wondered what type of visitor they had on their border. for whatever reason, visitors had to be responded to. dealing with such affairs meant that one had to be responsible and mature. shalas had vaguely noticed that the member had scurried off, before she bounded in the direction of the edges of the territories, where the member had last tipped off where the guest was waiting.

paws covering distance, the cheetah's footsteps graced the apricot-hued sands of the caldera. in the distance, she spotted a dark shape. the wild cat raised her head slightly, the array of bones adorning her neck rustling as she did so. the commodore came to a stop before the black jaguar. she parted her maw, scrutinized him with emerald eyes.

"welcome to fortis ignis." her voice rumbled. "what may we do for you?"
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Re: DISAPPEAR | open, visitor
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There he had been, a king in his palace. Or technically a king in his more somewhat spacey hut. He had been in the high positions area of the houses, lying in his house and getting ready for a nap when. "Admiral Clearsun, sir, we need you. Someone is on the border and wishes to see you." His tired eyes opened and a growl left his mouth. How lovely. Whoever it was better of had a good excuse for disturbing his sleep. He got off the broken down bed and to his paws, a yawn leaving his mouth before he turned his head towards the member and nodded his head for him to lead the way. He trailed close behind, taking up the lead when it came to getting through the canyons of the territory that at this point where no longer a maze that fazed him. He was slowly beginning to grow accustomed to them and remember where everything lied. He had finally come at the overhang where both Shalas and the arrival had been standing. Why did he have to make up there the border? His head turned to the natural set of stairs and he had began to climb up them, looking back over his shoulder to dismiss the NPC to attend normal duties as possible.

Clearsun padded forth and looked at the two, nodding his head. His eye trailed over to the arrival and he looked up and down the jaguar subtly. He had little memories of him, but remembered that he was one of the few to lead away the breaking groups. "Hello, what might you need?" His voice hid no curiosity, he was dying to know what could of brought him to their borders.
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