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SAY SOMETHING / open joining
« on: April 18, 2018, 03:42:27 PM »
trigger: violence, implied death, pls tell me if there's more!!

the feeling of claws scraping his underbelly had become a normal thing to lancelot, the feeling of blood running from his wounds, the feeling of teeth and claws tearing at his flesh. it was something he welcomed, even invited. it made his blood rush, his heart pound against his chest. he lived for the adrenaline. what he wasn't used to, however, was the ground shaking violently, and little pieces of the ceiling falling to the ground. the humans that had been cheering his opponent and him on all stopped at once- and so did he fighters.

one of the head humans had run into the basement to open the door and let all of the dogs out, but they had refused to go. they knew the rule. two dogs at a time. he could hear him yelling, and all the others started to bark. if was nearly deafening, but then the ground shook again, and he watched as the other humans began to panic. his opponent looked to him, and nodded. "what the hell is going on?" his opponent would yell over the panicked shouts, and Lancelot shook his head. "i have a feeling it's somethin' pretty damn bad, Milo!" lancelot responded and looked to the gates that kept him and the so called 'milo' in the pit.

"if i get you out, tell the others to go!" lancelot called, and milo only nodded, silently rushing to the fence gate and stepping back, knowing fully well what to mutt behind him would do. lancelot had moved across the pit, and after a moment of deep breaths, he began to charge. only moments later, he collided with the chain fence, hearing it creak against his wait and wiggle only slightly. "come on, lance!" milo yelled, bouncing from paw to paw and watching as lancelot moved back to the other side of the pit.

charging at full speed, he let his ears pin back slightly, and he collided with the chains, and heard the the rusted holds of them creak and then break. the heavy chains fell over the cane corso, and it was only moments later that milo had helped him out from under the weight of them. "and people wonder why you're the champion!" milo joked lightly, only to receive an icy glare from the fighter.

"just go! kids and elders first!" he ordered, and milo nodded, rushing down the slope that lead into the basement, barking orders and rushing everyone outside.

for a third time, the ground shook, this time knocking the champion down, and before he could even register what happened, the ceiling began to crumble. pieces began to fall, and as he watched them fall, all he could let out was an "oh fu-" before the ceiling buried him and many of the humans in the rubble. he had felt bones crack, air rushing from his lungs and world going dark.

it had been months since that day, since the bombs fell and the humans had destroyed themselves. it had been months since he had seen milo and the rest of his family, since he had seen the dogmaster, since he had clawed his way through the rubble to see a destroyed and irradiated wasteland that the humans had created. months since he had made his way to a port and found a wooden fishing boat and went out to sea.

it was the only way he wanted to go- at sea. however, he had run into a little problem. during the night, his little row boat had washed up on the shore of an island, and now he had no idea where he was, or what would become of him. the cane corso had stepped from his little fishing boat hat had drifted along the waves of the ocean, and now. as he sat in the sand, he briefly wondered if he actually was dead and if this place was heaven.

"anyone here?" he called, looking around.