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Name Ideas
Hyperion, Dallas ( Dally ), Banner, Sheppard, Suicidesheep, Keith, Netherworld, Clyde, Franklin ( Frank ), Sinon, Donovan, Stark, Eldric, Gatsby.

— Gender Non-conforming, doesn't really care. He/him or they/them or whatever.
— Pansexual Panromantic ( showing early signs of Hypersexuality )

— Feline ( skinny, orange or black )
— Canine (skinny, maybe furry? medium sized )
— I don't really picture him as any kind of hybrid or supernatural creature, just something fairly mundane. He probably wears a hat or a blue hoodie or something of the like.

> Teenager, probably around 16-17 when in their human form; however, in an animal universe they would be around 20-21 months. Obviously they act very childish so even if I wanted to raise their human age their behavior wouldn't change very much.

> ( Pulling the idea from South Park and Danny ) He dies... he dies a lot. He doesn't understand why exactly it happens to him or why no one seems to remember / care when it does, but they have died more times than most immortals have in 1,000+ years and it is really starting to piss him off. He thinks it's a curse of some kind, he also thinks he might just have a fucked up soul but, again, he has nothing to go off because—as far as he knows—known of his siblings nor other family members have the same problem. He knows other supernatural creatures exist and so do immortals so he's always just assumed he might be some kind of hybrid, even though most of the things that happen to him don't usually occur for other species.

> When he does die and is subsequently brought back ( I'm unsure if I want him to be brought back in a child's body and then just have EXTREME rapid aging to get him back to the point where he previously was or if he's just shot back into his newly healed body ) he always carries the scar from his last death somewhere on his body before it quickly fades. There is a possibility because of the scar that maybe he just has a very potent healing factor, however, he's not healing from some small injury but from actual death. He is going to the afterlife, he is meeting spirits, he's dead, but is pulled back from that and shoved back into the world of the living.

> He comes across as a little bit of a jerk, although he just has a very loud personality and can often be a little much for some people to handle. He doesn't allow his "curse" to damper his personality and is still fairly outgoing, happy-go-lucky, and just an outright fuckboy if you really want to word it that way. It's sort of difficult to explain him because I know what I want it to be but... I don't have the words to explain it right now. He's a good person, but he just has some traits that make him seem kind of like a dick ( i.e. the excessive flirty, overly teasing others, loud and kind of obnoxious ) but, in all honesty, he lowkey kind of reminds me of just a big brother that sort of became a fuckboy. / WORK ON PERSONALITY MORE
— Impulsive, goes along with bad decisions but usually doesn't make the bad decisions on his own. He tries to do the right thing but is pretty easily swayed.
— Carefree and almost always smiling, although he is struggling with some serious depression and / or derealization issues due to the constant dying and being unable to figure out why.
— Overly flirtatious and doesn't really care much about boundaries and is fairly touchy and affectionate even with those he doesn't know.

> He has a few siblings ( I'm unsure of how many yet ) but he cares deeply about them and would do anything to protect / care for them. He basically raised them on his own after his father disappeared and his mother was incapable of doing anything that wasn't about her. He worked himself to the bone to provide for them and after getting into a fight with his youngest / eldest sibling he decided to leave because he just... he was dealing with a lot and depression and the constant stress of dying can make you do some pretty stupid things. When it comes to family, he is fairly sensitive and either won't talk about it and try to change the subject or just completely shut down and try to escape the situation.

— I really like the name Clyde for him.

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[ Aesthetics ]

Tropes ( all )
They Killed Kenny Again / Cosmic Plaything / Promotion to Parent / Stoic Woobie / Casanova Wannabe / Sad Clown / Stepford Smiler / Extreme Omnisexual / Ambiguous Gender /

Similar Characters ( inspirations )
— Kenny McCormick
— Lance McClain
— Jack Harkness
— Draco Malfoy

Musical Inspiration ( short )

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[ Personality / Psychology Notes ]

> Quick Parts
— ( Temperament ) Sanguine.
— ( Alignment ) Chaotic Neutral.
— ( Enneagram ) The Enthusiast.
— ( MBTI Type ) t-ESFP, The Entertainer.
— ( House ) Hufflepuff.

> General IQ / Intelligence
— ( IQ 89, Average-ish ) Putting it lightly, Clyde has always struggled when it comes to anything related to academics. He is not stupid, however, he isn't the strongest reader or writer

Clyde has always struggled when it comes to anything academic, having fallen far behind when he was young he has never quite been able to catch up with his fellow peers when it comes to writing / reading. His IQ is just under the average for an adult, which isn't too bad

⸺ Excels with common sense or "street smarts".
⸺ Likely has a combination of dyslexia and dyscalculia.

> Traits
— ( Positive ) Humorous, empathetic, charming, protective, genuine,
— ( Neutral ) Dramatic, flirtatious, emotional,
— ( Negative ) Disorganized, obnoxious, immature, irresponsible(?), sensitive, arrogant, insecure
⸺ I would not classify Clyde as a bad person, however, he is not an outstanding member of society and does often make bad decisions and mistakes that can cause people to see him in a bad light.

> Favorites
— ( Likes )
— ( Dislikes )

> Sexual Characteristics
— Turn-on
⸺ ( Feminine )
⸺ ( Masculine )
⸺ ( Other )

— Turn-off
⸺ ( Feminine )
⸺ ( Masculine )
⸺ ( Other )

> Struggles
— ( Vices )

— ( Psychological Disorders )

> Philosophical Beliefs
— ( Religion ) Clyde was born and raised as a Christian, however, he nor his family were devout and religion has never played a major part of his life. Well, at least, in a theological perspective. Outside of what he actually believes in, Clyde could be considered agnostic because he knows there is something out there but he has seen and experienced too much to actually be able to say what religion he believes in or what is actually true.

• Abilities (covers language, skills and talents):
• Psychological Disabilities (if any):
• Obsessions/Compulsions (do they smoke? Are they addicted to something?):
• Ambivert, introvert or extrovert?:
• Disposition/Temperament (easygoing, optimistic, pessimistic or rebellious):
• Virtues (good personality traits):
• Vices (undesirable personality traits):
• Any other qualities (awareness, imagination, judgement, poise, sensitivity, sophistication, taste):
• Values (morals, ethics, habitual response to life):
• Dominant Character Traits:

• Ambition (what does this character ultimately want to achieve by the end of the story?):
• Motive (why do they want this and how to they plan to get it?):
• How long have they wanted this?:
• Other desires (lifelong dreams, greed, addiction, etc):
• How do they react to success and failure?:
• Does the character feel as if they're "chosen" or "destined" to do something?:

• What does the character like most about themselves?:
• What do they like least/hate about themselves?:
• How does the character feel about themselves?:
• What aspects of their personality do they not accept?:
• Does the character hide or block any of their emotions in conversation?:
• What are the character's most common emotions?:
• Is the character a winner or loser in life?:
• Does this character have any personal secrets about themselves?:

• Liked People/Characters:
• Disliked People/Characters:
• Favourite Things:
• Fears/Phobias:
• Interests/Hobbies/Pastimes:
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testing with the borderlands siren girl
nixie, nyx, something like that

dual swords

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testing mer-jellyfish lady

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Danny boy

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note: don't forget bodkin

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testing with dali

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Testing Howard

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nihility: it's always raining in my mind, have a nice day
nihility: *distant sobbing*

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I need the project that Howard was part of to be both a little cheesy and to take themselves incredibly serious. It's likely Howard is not his real name, but I'm not sure what his real name would actually be... if he has one at all. He could be part of a group called A.N.N.I.H.I.L.A.T.I.O.N. where each child is a part of the word / named to connect to a letter and is thus given a number to be referred to as. Meaning Howard would be classified as Agent Number Five... iconic, but fuck it.

That or I could go full biblical and have there be exactly twenty-one children that correspond with the bible, or thirteen depending on how devoted I am to the idea. Twenty-one is basically the fall-out evil number, after thirteen it is considered to be a sinful number. Twenty-one is associated with rebellion against god, the Egyptian Pharaoh fell on the 21st of Nisan after God's seven day spring festival. Essentially it means the fall out number, twenty-one is the number where punishment and sin follows after.