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EXPRESSIONLESS AND COLD - [ open , joining ]
« on: April 28, 2018, 04:33:35 PM »
Akushima had been travelling for a long time now. He was unsure of specifics but that was not uncommon for him. Specifics and intricacies of situations had neither intrigued him before nor had they ever really mattered to him. As someone who lived for the present and cared very little about the future while attempting to forget the bitter past, he found that it was much easier to simply not care as much. Miraculously, it had gotten him through solitary life and he was certain that nothing would change once he found himself again surrounded by faces that would melt and contort into a familiar group in which he would eventually be able to pick individuals out.

Sliding from a leaf, a single water droplet descended directly onto Akushima's head, abruptly drawing the youth from his own mind as he came to a sudden halt. Sidestepping the danger zone where he noticed that another droplet was forming again, the male glanced around with a neutral gaze in search of any kind of familiarity which he found that he could not pinpoint. The air was thick with earthy scents, the perichor wafting on the breeze causing the ghost of a smile to flutter across his lips. It had been somewhat of a long time since he had experienced weather other than gloomy skies or brilliant sunshine so, surprisingly, the prospect of rain even in the moderately warm area that he found himself in was a rather exciting one for him.

"It is awfully humid here but, that is to be expected in such exotic lands, I suppose" the male mused aloud to himself, pensive expression consuming his features as he surveyed the territory that he came come to stand on the border of. Ears twitching in an attempt to pick up any foreign, suspicious sounds nearby, the silver marbled feline took the brief respite to compile his thoughts into a more understandable order.

The radiation had not actually been capable of reaching this far with its destructive claws. Pure and unadulterated beauty lay stretched out as far as he could see in the landscape before him; he could have called the land untouched if it were not for the faint scent of collective presences around. A group lingered here and, from the set up of the borders stretching around the land, he could tell that they seemed to have been there for quite some time and were not about to move any time soon.

He had no issue with that, especially considering the fact that he had actually set out with the intention of settling somewhere. Anywhere. And, he guessed, that that anywhere would have to be here, wherever 'here' was. That was something that he would have to find out. As soon as possible.

// note: i haven't actually rped or written anything proper for quite some time now and i'm aware that things are quite inactive here but i wanted to try to get back into the flow of things a little, hence why i decided to bring aku/holy here
this is probably a little messy because boy am i super rusty at writing for roleplaying purposes so i apologise in advance for any incoherent posts/mistakes c:
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Re: EXPRESSIONLESS AND COLD - [ open , joining ]
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2018, 08:18:40 PM »
(( ayy welcome to occultatum!! I hope you enjoy it here :^0 && tbh you and me are the same boat, but your writing is mcfricken gorgeous so donít you worry ))

In all honesty, Amaya is very keen on believing that the past will never be as important as the present. Sure, that may sound off to sayóespecially when at one point the past was the presentóbut thatís her overall view on the subject matter. To provide reasoning, itís mostly due to the fact that the present is what affects her now, not the past; the past simply gets in the way of things, and alters her view on most. Sheís not a dweller, she never will be, and thatís final.

Anyways, as to the subject of radiation, she appears to be indifferent. It hasnít affected her in any shape or form, as she has never been properly exposed to itówould she be different if she had, though? Thatí interesting thought, but once again she firmly pushes it to the back of her mind. Instead, she finds herself padding through the thick overgrowth of the territory, ebony ears perking forward when she catches on to someone musing to themselvesónot a surprise.

As of late, Occultatum has been quiet and desolate, with not much interaction between the members. And while it doesnít seem to be changing just yet, thereís always hope, but Amaya isnít too keen on latching on to such an idea too tightly; she canít help but relax whenever the world is quiet, and tune in to her own thoughts and her own "problems" of sorts. It gives her some ease, contrary to the personalities of others.

With purple hues landing dead-on onto the marbled feline, Amaya pads straight out of the bushes that once concealed her, lifting her chin up high just a little. Her steps are slow and carefully thought out, landing with little noise being produced and, as she halts, he finds herself rolling her shoulders.

"YOUíre trespassing," she flatly states, straight to the point with a hint of a demanding tone, "state your name and reasons."
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