Author Topic: HP INACTIVITY RULES FOR TNW  (Read 521 times)


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keep in mind that this applies only to tnw (the new world). (unofficial groups—such as wnr or something in fandom rp—do not follow these rules, and if a leader falls inactive, it is up to the members to step up.)

— all leaders in tnw have an inactivity period of four days without notice. after the four days, they should receive a pm telling them to pick up their activity by the following week.
— if they haven’t icly posted by the next week, they will be demoted.
— if they know they are to be inactive for four days or more, they should appoint a temporary leader and notify the group.
— meetings, private threads, and ooc posts do not count towards activity.

if there are two leaders and one is inactive, it is up to the co-leader to demote them, not staff. staff will only step in if the other leader needs help with guiding the group.

if there is no second-in-command or second leader, characters in the group should hold a vote and promote a new leader (staff will monitor this so it’s fair). however, if there happens to be little to no characters in the group, a staff member will step up as temporary leader and either hold tryouts for the position or appoint a promising member.

— this guide is a touch up of this one with new rules.
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