Author Topic: I SEND THE SWARM UPON THE WIND [open, locust event]  (Read 225 times)

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I SEND THE SWARM UPON THE WIND [open, locust event]
« on: July 08, 2018, 12:11:27 PM »
It came from WindClan. Tigerstar had been dragging a large trout into the clearing when he first heard it, the beating of a thousand powerful wings. Then he got hit, a projectile slamming into his skull like a bullet. Dazed for a moment, he struggled to grasp the sensation of something clinging to the fur of his scarred features. Raising a paw, he clawed at the entity, tugging it free and flinging it to the earth beneath his large form. What he found was an insect, large in size, with beady eyes and strong, hooked legs. The leader had never seen a locust before, and found himself puzzled. But after one came another, and then another, until there were hundreds, a cloud of black descending upon the camp. RiverClan was under siege. The locusts seemed focused less on the startled cats and more interested in the long grass and reeds, but that didn't stop the clumsy insects from landing and crashing into the local feline residents. A frightening sight to be sure.

(this is a locust swarm event shared with windclan! the locusts will eat most of the long grass and reeds, essentially ruining the camp dens and barriers and driving ground prey into their burrows.)
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Re: I SEND THE SWARM UPON THE WIND [open, locust event]
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INFO | Dappleberry had been sorting through the medicine, having freshly gathered some. Paw prodding at things, mumbling aloud the names and uses both to keep her mind sharp and as a method of remaining focused, she could hear panicked meows, and her eyes snapped out the den to see something, gloomy, hanging over the sky. It was like a storm cloud, billowing, crackling with noise as the creatures hissed, and they were headed in the direction of the tangle of reeds, and the bugs were finding their way in. Oh Starclan, she stared wide-eyed as they began to mow down the reeds protecting the medicine, some buzzing past her and a few hitting her shoulders. Her herbs - fangs bared, she did the only thing she knew she could, which was trying to pull all the herbs into a pile and to stand protectively over them, claws batting at the locusts before settling down. Like a mother to her herbs, she was curled on top, sometimes briefly moving herself away to claw locusts off of them. The hardest to gain were the ones she kept safely tucked beneath her, and her claws kept swatting out at the locusts diving for her belly and chest.
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Re: I SEND THE SWARM UPON THE WIND [open, locust event]
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Leafkit had been playing mossball with a few of her denmates when she heard a strange buzzing sound. Her ears perked up and her eyes widened as she saw thousands upon thousands of strange, loud bugs swarming the camp. The little kitten cried out in surprise. "we're under attack!" the small kitten shrieked, unsheathing her tiny claws and pouncing into action. She tried to catch the locusts with her tiny paws, but that didn't work out in her favor. More and more arrived, and eventually the small child was overwhelmed. She gave up and curled up into a little ball in the middle of camp, sobbing.