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« on: July 13, 2018, 10:54:37 AM »
Hey everyone, and welcome to BB's meet and greet! Since these are usually affiliated with a group and their communities, we kind of wanted to do one that was just for our entire community. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate! Just remember to be respectful of other people and also to include everyone, if this thread turns to chatting.

Some things to talk about, if you're not sure where to start! (Just starting points, not required by any means! If a question makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to answer.) Name, age, where you live (state or something please no addresses), your characters, hobbies, and favorite things. How long you've been roleplaying, what your inspiration for writing is, etc etc. As much or as little as you want is perfectly fine!

Okay SO. My turn! I'm Rev, I'm 20 years old and I've been roleplaying since I was eleven. That's absolutely terrible I just realized that writing gay cats has been almost half my life and now I'm having a crisis. Um. Anyway. I'm currently somewhere in my second year of college, roundabout, maybe third IDK. I'm from Iowa and I want to move someday, but IA isn't actually as bad as people think it is. I don't currently play any characters, but soon I'll have Tabris and Cain in. Probably ND and FL respectively! My favorite things in the world are video games, particularly Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. I used to love DC (comics) but recently they've been pissing me off A LOT so I'm. Highkey ignoring them, as I've been ignoring Marvel for years. I love the color blue, and my favorite food is probably ravioli. But not even the good kind, I love Chef Boyardee because I make mistakes.

I think that's all for me lmfao I'm not the most social person but honestly if you want to talk about anything I've mentioned above or anthropology, or even if you just need homework help feel free to PM me! Or my other contacts are in my signature lmao.


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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2018, 11:24:14 AM »
*cracks virtual knuckles*

HEYO POTATOES!! My usernameís Hootowls bUT you can just call me Hoot or whatever else youíd like!! :^0c Iím a 16 y/o nobody living in the middle of nowhere aka Indiana aaaaaaaaaand yeah!! School starts for me on August 1st if thatís interesting?

Tbh thereís not really a whole lot of Fun Information about me? I was born in California but my family moved to Indiana in 2006 and Iíve been stuck here ever since. Uhhh Iím a BIG Pokťmon fan if you didnít know and like,, at least 50% of my characters are pokemon-based. My favorite region is Hoenn, I love my trumpet fam. (Honestly just mention Hoenn and Iíll go off about how much I love it but Iíll spare you guys the trouble.) UHHHH I take taekwondo? If thatís interesting?

As for what I wanna be when Iím older?? Basically an artist of some kind. I wanna be an animator more specifically but if that backfires Iím chill with being some art teacher ya know? Animation isnít the most stable career from what Iíve heard so I gotta have a backup ya feel?

Music!! I am a big big fan of Owl City and have been for a rlly long time now!! The newest album?? Great absolutely lovely. The songs are cheesy af but itís the kind of cheesiness that makes me happy and warm inside. But uhh I also listen to: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, some of P!ATD, some of FOB, aaand recently Iíve been getting into Rex Orange County?

TV!! Okay Iím gonna be honest I donít watch a lot of tv. I watched the first season of Stranger Things but never got around to finishing the second tbh? And Iíve only seen 1 (one) anime and thatís One Punch Man. OH I also rlly like Gravity Falls!!! It was a rlly good show but I didnít like Mabelís development at the end it made me a little mad

Favorite books!! Warriors (I stopped in the middle of the newest arc), The Selection, Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, aaand I think thatís it? I might come back later

Favorite movies!! HTTYD, Spider-Man: Homecoming, honestly any Spider-Man movie, The Great Gatsby (2013).......the old SpongeBob movie..

Uhh Iíve read a few comics in my life? I read a bit of the Warriors """manga""" when I was younger, read a lot of Peanuts/Charlie Brown, read the entirety of Ultimate Spider-Man in one sitting, aaand the pokemon manga but only the Hoenn chapters!!

UHHHHHH. You guys might know me from my FF characters?: Maia (tribe of the harvest moon, literally an articuno), Athena (shadowclan, literally a blaziken), Freshwater (blizzardclan, literally a swampert), aaand Punchy (shadowclan, a tiny kitten dude).

Hereís the list of my BB peeps!: Gizmo (stea bastion, shiba inu), Brendan (flintlock and northstar, based off of the one in pkmn), aaand now Nightbreeze/star (shadowclan, basically a russian blue?).

Iím honestly giggling just looking at that list because sERIOUSLY I MOSTLY ONLY RP POKEMON ITíS A PROBLEM,,,,,,, especially since I wanna bring a pkmn character to another tnw group soon //sweats

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yeah thatís basically it!! :^0 Itís nice to meet/get to know more about you guys!!
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« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2018, 05:14:47 PM »
hey gamers its ya boi uhhhhh rosey
idc what u call me as long as its not mean bc then ill just have 2 die thanks

uhhhhhh im 17 n im boutta be 18 in like. 3 weeks so thats. Cool
im nb (they/them), but feminine aligned so i use lesbian aaa
i live on an island n im native n i like roleplaying my gay murder cats!! ive been roleplaying since early 2011, so when i was. 10 years old sdgfshf
i like cool things like marvel n dnd n videogames n uhhhhh i draw sometimes!
anyways!! i love u very very much,every single one of u, mwah
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« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2018, 11:51:33 AM »
hellooooo everyone!! im iomedae but you can also call me damien! im an 18 year old bi boy livin out my life in tennessee 0: im starting college in august and i donít know what im majoring in, lol. i might want to do something in child psychology or maybe nursing? idk those have both had big impacts on my life and i wanna help people when im older P,:

i love love love writing (even if i barely do it, haha). ive been writing a story for almost four years now, and itís my pride and joy. itís my goal in life to publish it and hopefully change people for the better ! ive been role playing since 2010, staring on websites me and my friend made (they were so bad, lmao). i also really enjoy art!!! itís super soothing to me, and even if im not where i want to be in my artistic skills, im getting better!!

my favorite books are invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk (tbh like all of his books), interview with a vampire by anne rice, one flew over the cuckooís best by ken kesey, primal fear by william diehl, and probably more im forgetting lmao. my favorite color is a tie between this, this, and this!! i have a loooot of favorite bands. some are rainbow kitten surprise, san fermin, jukebox the ghost, an atlas to follow, crywank, and mother mother ! my favorite movies are fight club, rocky horror picture show, primal fear, and interview with a vampire. im totally obsessed with vampires smh

i really like to sing! im not great but itís still fun <33 i watch entirely too much tv (usually watch the same shows over and over again lmao). i only drink soda which is awful buuuuut. also!!! i adore musicals please talk to me about musicals

my ff characters were frank furter, alois trancy, wren almonte, jasper hale, mary (alice) brandon, and billy bibbit ! i have a shit ton more but those were probably my most memorable

my bb babes are darling, wren, archibald gayman and anastasiya ! im currently rping mudgrub in windclan and armand in northstar. im also casually rping alyosha in human rp and im not sure if i wanna bring her to tnw :,0

ANYWAY!! thatís me! im so happy to get to know you all more!!!!!
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« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2018, 12:34:48 PM »
hey! iím probably not gonna make this super long, but.. iím salem! i spend 50% of my time on here, 40% playing overwatch and such, and the other 10% eating or sleeping. iím genderqueer, nearly 17 (turning december) and iím from south carolina!! i play mainly in the fandom boards and tnw, but i do have a character in windclan: waxstar! iím still trying to put a name to my sexuality, but i THINK im somewhere between asexual and pansexual?? im currently take by the amazing @legiana. , and we will have been dating for four years on the 22nd cx
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« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2018, 12:56:04 PM »
I'm not great at introductions but hello!! I'm Legiana, but I go by Newt and Peri too, and I'm 15, about to be 16 in a few months. I live in MA, and I honestly really love the northeast and city life and probably always will. I'm a trans guy and I go by he/him pronouns, and I'm also gay and just,, I love bois. Although most of all I love my genderqueer soulmate Salem^ who I've been dating for almost four years <3 I also really love the sciences, and I'm hoping to someday major in,, something science lmao. I haven't quite decided what exactly, but probably a field related to robotics.

I've been roleplaying for,,, I think like 7 or 8 years now?? On FF my two most known characters were Mari, the brief leader of Arcadianclan, and Musicbox, a former Exiles general who bounced around a lot. Currently I roleplay Stonestar on here, the leader of traditional Thunderclan, and a TNW character who I've only got a name for so far, Baldr.

As for my interests, I love cartoons and comedy shows, preferably with stories that actually progress. I really love reading books, and honestly I have so many favorites that my bookcase is too small to hold all of them. As for music, I like p much everything except for country!! Although a few of my favorites are Mother Mother, Hollywood Undead, and OK Go.

That's,,, p much it for me!! Like I said, I'm not too interesting <3
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« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2018, 03:59:56 PM »
not gonna bore y'all with my life story, so i'll make this short and sweet. i have more info on my profile though if you're interested!

hi, my name's beatles! i've been on bearbones since,, around this time last year, actually? my biggest character on this site is probably charlie, who is the leader of the badlands. i also roleplay my other character, jerseyboy, on other sites!

i'm 17 and going to be a senior in high school,, no idea what i wanna do for a living btw oops. i'm basically half asian and half white, and to get more technical, i'm british, irish, japanese, and chinese.

i'm really into drawing and music, though! i even play the drums and have been performing with several bands over the years
i like anything but screamo and country and k-pop, p much. i've always loved classic rock, doo-wop, alternative, and grunge though. i even have an (unfinished) list of my favorite songs sorted by decade and genre because i'm a nerd

i'm like
also super into mob history
like the godfather, boardwalk empire, and anything mafia-related is my sh i t
i wanna watch the sopranos and goodfellas next!
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« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2018, 08:39:24 PM »
hey!!! i'm rein and i just joined bb but im rlly excited to get into the site!!!  im 18 and live in tn, and i would like to go to school and major in biology/pre-vet.  then off to vet school if everything checks out.  i really love animals (CATS AND REPTILES!!!!) and have BOTH!  they r super special to me and i would always LOVE to talk about them if anyone wants to see pics/chat...

i like art and do like to draw, so if any1 ever wants to trade HMU!!!  recently i went to a summer art school program which was super neato, even if i dont want to make art for a living! i have celiac and they didn't have many gf options so that was WACK.  printmaking is probably my favorite area.

some of my fave bands woudl probably be madaila, rks, ajj, glass animals, two door cinema club, and houndmouth!  elise by the greeting committee is probably my fave song tho its so pretty

i also like to watch movies but im sooo so picky abt what i watch its a fuckin nightmare ;_;  idk if i have any faves tho... i'm currently watching the good place and i LOVE it...  i also like bnha a lot esp. kirishima

mmmmm i'm really not picky w/ pronouns at all!  any are okay, but they/them are usually what i go by.  i'm also bi. 

but anyways!!!  i would really like to chat w/ any of you!  feel free to hmu anywhere but my tumblr url is  i'm most active there : 0 . i definitely DONT bite and love makin friends!
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« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2018, 12:42:11 PM »
Hey! I'm Jaws, I'm 17 (my birthday's the 4th of July, so it was pretty recent), and I've only properly been roleplaying since 2016. I joined BB originally on the 18th of January 2017, but I've hopped accounts a couple of times since then. Currently, I play Lupin, the Director of FL, and I'm making a few other characters too - Sujan, Fenris, Robespierre and then another guy whose name is undecided.

I'm from the north of England and have lived in the same place my entire life, though I'd like to move out when I can; I'm going to university next year (hopefully), so that should give me that chance. I have a cat (Edward Scissorhands) and two guinea pigs (Harley & Quinn), and I want to go into zoology when I'm older because animals are fascinating and I want to help them as best as I possibly can.

UH. My biggest interests are probably Pokťmon, Eurovision, ancient history, zoology and Dragon Age in no particular order, but my tastes are pretty eclectic and I tend to like talking about anything and everything, lmao. Mmmy favourite colour is a sort of soft lavender-blue (more blue than lavender), my favourite animal is the elephant, and I don't have a favourite food, but my favourite drink is probably Pepsi or maybe orange juice. I'm pretty boring, yikes. My Hogwarts house changes daily, but I've never actually read / watched Harry Potter. I was really into the Dragonsdale series as a kid.

I think that's pretty much it? If anyone wants to chat, plot or. Have any questions answered, or if you have any weird homework maths and physics, or history, or biology, or... English, or anything, feel free to PM me / contact me on Skype or Discord my info is in my signature! I don't bite.

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« Reply #9 on: July 17, 2018, 02:43:20 PM »
Heyo! I'm Alpha Kratt, but you're welcome to just call me Alpha! I'm 20 and have been a part of Bearbones for over a year but took a short hiatus due to lack of muse, and will be taking another one due to me moving to a new place and having no access to Wi-Fi. I'm a Mainer through and through and love Odd Squad way too much, as evidenced by my avvie :P

My more well-known characters (during my time on FeralFront) were Agent Olive/Ms. O, Agent Oprah/Ms. O, Mara, and Peach (yea it's been a while aha). I really love animals, and I love to swim, write, and read! I'm getting really into Pokemon and the original Powerpuff Girls right now. I'm also autistic n' proud of it!

I'm not really all that active on here anymore, but feel free to shoot me a PM for anything!
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« Reply #10 on: July 17, 2018, 03:36:58 PM »
im felix, im 20, i used to be in tnw w johannes but now im just lurking and lookin for stuff to do, whats up

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« Reply #11 on: July 23, 2018, 11:03:03 AM »

hi, im sorrel, i used to play a bunch of characters, but then my muse died. i joined the site on may 29 of 2017, which is my 4 year anniversary from ff, which i left a long time ago lmao. my most known character was probably ephemeralaurora from colouredclan~ i'm a kpop loving mess and i'm a major fan of bangtan, i also hate hot weather and far prefer colder weather, which is why i live in an icicle. i'm pretty inactive nowadays rip, but if you want to talk about anything or if you happen to have any questions, feel free to message me! <333
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« Reply #12 on: July 23, 2018, 08:43:48 PM »
(omg Beatles! I used to see you around trad. Shadowclan on FF often! It's nice to see you!! And I remember you too Alpha Kratt! It's nice to see you all.)

Hi everyone, I'm Fleur. I'm almost 18, and I just joined Bearbones today. I love the site already and I'm excited to be able to start rping!

My favorite books are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and just about any book on philosophy.
My favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies (I'm obsessed)
My favorite tv shows are definitely Band of Brothers (I'm obsessed with this too!) and The 100.
I'm really looking forward to this site!!

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« Reply #13 on: July 23, 2018, 11:04:29 PM »
Hi hi! I'm Keeekeeey ( or just Keys sine my user is LOOOONg lol)
And it looks like Fleur and I are on the same page! Today is my firist day on the site and it's so nice to meet all of you and know I'm not the only one!
I've been on FF for a while now, but I'm excited to jump on over here and try it for a change! ^^ I'm more of an artist/aspiring animator than a writer, so I may not be around the boards to terribly often, but I do hope I get to see you guys!
I'm here if anyone needs an ear or a virtual hug! <3

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« Reply #14 on: July 26, 2018, 12:49:08 PM »
hello children my name is tvntrum cvstle (tantrum castle, the trs album)

i've been on here for a year and i was on ff for 2 or 3 before that, though i haven't been active in months mostly because there just hasn't been anything going on that i'm ~into~ at the moment. its rather bold of me to post here given that i check bb like twice a month.

you might also know me as punk_waffles or little king depending on how far back you go.

by far my most well known character is cooper anderson, but i'm also known for having lots of characters (27 official characters in my gallery atm).

i have no hobbies or interests and lack in plans for the future. i don't read anymore but my favorite books are the perks of being a wallflower and the hp series. i spend all my freetime crying over music or attending concerts, and all the love in my little heart belongs to jordan witzigreuter and christofer drew.

i'm a virgo star, libra rising, scorpio moon infp chaotic neutral ravenclaw with mood swings like you've never seen before and a cute and quirky nihilistic view of life as we know it. i'm originally from pluto but currently reside in the northeast.