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ANOTHER AMEN —☽ meeting
« on: July 20, 2018, 06:40:00 PM »
—☽ (( recap will be below the rp stuff!! ))

This week has been—uh—slow, to say the least. N-nightstar knows it’s his fault, really, a-and...well, he needs to change——for the better, that is. He—he already knows that there needs to be some work done. be fair, in the life of a clan cat there always needs to be work done, r-right...? Right.

"l-let all c-cats old enough to—ah, catch their own prey, c-come join me...beneath the clanrock, for a—hmm, clan meeting!"

Scrambling onto the clanrock, Nightstar stretches out his limbs for a moment, before gingerly settling onto the rock. His—his claws unsheathe themselves on instinct, but...but with some bit of force, the leader tries not to claw up the rock any more than he already has; there are...many, many habits he needs to work on, a-after all, and...well, that’s one of them.

Swallowing down a lump in his throat, the leader drags his hues across the shadowclan cats that gather, before shifting his shoulders around a bit. Breathing in, he closes his eyes, then...starts.

"a-activity has been...u-uhm, slow," he stammers, his ears burning. Oh, isn’t that obvious enough already? "it’s—it’s m-my fault, I know, b-but...we should all—uhm—work together."

Releasing a heavy exhale, Nightstar waits for a moment to let that sink in. N-now comes the part he’s——he’s dreading the most. He can’t help but think of...of waterstar, a-and what had happened to her on the thunderpath. He...he doesn’t want to be the leader plagued with bad—bad...bad happenings...

"I——w-well, d-duskcloud..." oh, starclan, how can he word this? "we—we don’t know where...where duskcloud is. S-so...he can’t——he can’t be a medicine cat, a-anymore..."

Instantly, a stone drops in Nightstar’s belly; he can—he can see the widening stares of his clanmates, a-and...oh, goodness, what’s he to do now?

"s-shadowclan doesn’t...have a medicine c-cat anymore, or a—uhm—medicine cat apprentice..." he gulps, licking his lips as he struggles to form words on his tongue. "I—I hope to...uhm, r-receive a sign from starclan about this, b-but——we’ll see..."

Straightening his posture, he breathes in, then out.

"m-meeting dismissed, I—I think..."

(( okie so recap!!
— activity hasn’t been the greatest, I know. I’m gonna try to work on that, and I have some plot ideas that’ll hopefully grab some attention!!
— due to inactivity, duskcloud is demoted. that means shadowclan doesn’t have a medicine cat, which I actually have a plot related to that in the works...
click here for a plot interest check!!
— if you guys have any plot ideas to boost interest, feel free to throw them at me via pms/discord/here, or wherever!! :^0 I’d love to know what you guys want ))
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Re: ANOTHER AMEN —☽ meeting
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2018, 01:04:52 AM »
Seapaw made her way over to where the rest of her clanmates had begun gathering. She listened intently to what Nightstar had to say, and eventually her eyes widened. "No medicine cat?" the young apprentice murmured softly, her blue eyes filled with fear. What would happen to the whole of ShadowClan if a war broke out? They would surely all perish. The small gray feline shook her head slowly, lost in thought.

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Re: ANOTHER AMEN —☽ meeting
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2018, 09:05:13 PM »
Martenpaw blinked. The young tom's lips stood parted slightly, as if his body wanted to utter something, but no words were forming on his tongue. His mouth, actually, was rather dry as Nightstar announced that the clan had no resident healer, fully-fledged or in training. Marten held no knowledge of the medicinal herbs that medicine cats used. Thank the stars, he never had to make too many visits to the medicine den, other than for a small cough or a thorn stuck in his paw. It was still green-leaf, but illness could crop up at any time. Hopefully a new healer will be chosen by Starclan soon.

The apprentice waited for any other news, something positive to end on, but Nightstar dismissed the meeting, looking grim. Martenpaw lashed his tail in annoyance. No good. This wasn't any good. He had hoped something exciting had happened, but he supposed not.
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Re: ANOTHER AMEN —☽ meeting
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2018, 10:17:54 PM »
INFO | Littlethorn had been nervy about the lack of Duskcloud, someone he was adjusted to healing his wounds, just... Disappearing. He was gone, just like that. The disappearances of his clanmates were worrisome, and admittedly, he felt the need to go on long quests searching for them. But he was the deputy now, he couldn't run about like his tail was on fire and without direction, and so, he swallowed his words, only fidgeting anxiously. Everyone could die without a medicine cat.
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Re: ANOTHER AMEN —☽ meeting
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2018, 05:07:00 PM »
To say Spottedmouse was worried would be an understatement. No medicine cats meant almost certain death for the clan; battle wounds normally easily solved could bleed out without an experienced paw, and sicknesses would be even more deadly without a specially catered bundle of herbs. Not to mention the increased rate of kit deaths if there wasn't a cat to aid birthing. The small tabby stood on nervously shifting paws as she stared out among the cats from where she stood in the back. Nightstar was already a cautious leader, and everyone's confidence had been put out of balance with Waterstar's sudden disappearance. Was the clan destined to fail? Would they all go missing or whither away? Something had to be done.

"Littlethorn!" The whispered name slipped out of her mouth before she could think, driven by fear and urgency. The tabby weaved through cats until she came to the small tom. "Littlethorn, I had an idea." Spottedmouse clawed the dirt nervously as her mind raced, but her tone was optimistic. "We may not have a medicine cat, but I collected things all the time when I was an apprentice. You could ask the apprentices to go out and collect cobwebs and poppy seeds, I know those are good for big wounds. It might not be much, but..." Spot looked down at her paws for a moment, thinking, and looked back up with a determined look in her pale green eye. "I thought since you're deputy now, you should tell Nightstar yourself and help direct it."

sorry to get sentimental tonight
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