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angie farren
Her vision was swimming and her thoughts were muddled, but she still was able to throw her arm up so that the bat didn't smash into her head. Pain reverberated down her arm and she cried out, but thankfully Marine was running away. Actually, as she fully realized that, she wasn't all that grateful. Alright, fine. The fight was over and Marine had gotten away, but she could still burn everything she held dear. Angie got to her feet and pulled the first of her own matches out, but before she could head deeper into the camp, one of the Northerners shot at her. She shot a glare at his retreating back but made no attempt to attack him; now it was on to phase two.

Spoiler: Info | Updated 7/8/18 • show
General biograhpy
▪ Angelica Farren | Angie
▪ Biologically female | Identifies as female | Primarily she/her, any are accepted
▪ Physically 18 | 7/31/20 | Ages realistically
▪ Leader of the Young Rogues

Physical reference
♦ HUMAN | Health: 100%
Physically, she is not all that impressive - she is skinny from lack of food and nutrition, and she's probably about 5'5"-5'7" (it's undecided) - but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in presence. Angie has short, incredibly messy brown hair, that she leaves alone pretty much all the time, letting it become tangled and wild. She has olive eyes and a button nose.
minor injuries: n/a
major injuries: n/a

Important Info roleplayer
▪ This whole thing is a massive frigging work in progress
▪ Opinions, motivations and thoughts are always completely ic and belong to Angie, they do not reflect her roleplayer's thoughts

Personality personality type
It is easy to say that Angie was born for leadership - she's driven and ambitious, determined to hold rank and power, and once she has it she doesn't fall apart and actually makes a pretty good leader; she's patient, orderly, resourceful and makes decisions based on what will most benefit the group, though she is not all good. She is desperate to hold on to power and is developing a belief that her people will overthrow her soon (due to her age and the length of her reign), and to combat that she's devised a scheme to act less mature than she truly is, clinging not only to her position but also her youth. There is a great deal she's denied herself in order to maintain her "innocence", and when others do not do the same she can become resentful. While over all Angie is very good to her group and her groupmates, that can change in an instant if they break a rule or are otherwise seen as treacherous, she will be very aggressive and strict with her punishment. Due to recent events, her pride is hurting and she has withdrawn a fair bit and is much less trusting than before. She's also been growing more and more paranoid.
Alert, capable, disciplined, firm, independent, orderly, patient, practical, resourceful, stable,
Ambitious, ascetic, brisk, cerebral, competitive, distant, proud, reserved, serious
Aggressive, calculating, cynical, distrusting, grim, insecure, paranoid, power-hungry

Relationships heartchart
▪ Hadrien Farren x Grace Farren | Has a little brother named Russ
▪ Hasn't seen any of her family since she was five
▪ Homosexual | Homoromantic | Monogamous
▪ Single | Crushing on no one | Maybe Crushing on no one
▪ Marngie
▪ Still getting over the betrayal of her ex-girlfriend, trusts people much less easily now
▪ Typically isn't overly kind to people, but she isn't cruel. She's somewhat bitter and guarded, but she does genuinely care about the people around her and often puts their needs above her own

Interaction plotting thread
Physically medium | Mentally hard
Self taught, largely from observing better fighters and through trial and error
In and out quickly for blows quickly, light on her feet, uses opponent's strength against them
No kill/capture/maim without permission
To attack, @A. FARREN & attack in bold underlined
thes code