Author Topic: Barley's Farm A NEW DAWN; intro, open  (Read 117 times)

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A NEW DAWN; intro, open
« on: August 09, 2018, 07:29:43 PM »
bittersweet sleep
A sleek, black form trotted across the grass, drawing startled squeaks from the mice that rested in the field. It was early morning, and the sun had hardly started to rise, but that didn't stop Nox from exploring. The tom's white paws were getting wet from the mist that had settled on the grass overnight, but it was worth the breath of fresh air he so craved. Every morning he would wander out of the barn to find his favorite spot. It was a wonderful place, peaceful and quiet and a great place to spend the sunrise. It was why he traveled to the barn so often. Well, that and the abundance of food. The cats around here were friendly the majority of the time, and if they didn't want to share the prey, he could always just go back to his old twolegs.
His pace slowed as he came to the spot he recognized; a small pile of flat rocks, with one perfectly cat-sized one laying on top. Surely it wasn't just coincidence that this was here, Nox had always though, but fate itself! With a grunt, the well-groomed tom hoisted himself up to the top of the pile and stretched out on the rock with a yawn. What a wonderful morning. Nox began lazily grooming himself as the sun rose, gently waking the birds and mice and other creatures of the world.


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Re: A NEW DAWN; intro, open
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 09:30:22 PM »
Ah morning mist! A plump, energetic shadow darted from here to there, cries of mice causing the molly to meow 'Oh sorry's and the occasional 'It's ok! It's just me!'. The self-procliamed vegan stoppped a few times - most notably after she stepped on a tail - and bent down to examine the mouse. Unfortantly for her, the mouse didn't seem to like getting stepped on. It rounded bit her paw before scurring away.
Well, i did step on him. Frog mused, licking at her paw. She glanced at it, and from the limited medical knowlage she had, she could tell that she would be fine so she proptly put her paw down and began to look around.
The landscape was familiar to her. The nice warm barn, the open air. Frog couldn't help but sigh, completely content with her life. Sure, it was lazy, but she had Nox and she had her mice friends. And no fighting like those silly cats she heard rumors about. No sire! At the barn, everything was fine, and if it wasn't, well, Nox always knew where to go.
Speaking of, Frog hadn't seen Nox since she got up. Which was odd, but even odder, the sun was just getting up. This left the fields empty - save for the mice and other friends of course - and, well, Frog had never been more at peace.
You see, she wasn't just a playful, plump molly, she was also a tad shy. Frog just didn't like speaking with the other cats - mainly because the few times she did they made fun of her name and ate mice. Her lips curled at the thought. Disgusting.
Suddenly, a shadow crossed the edge of her vision. What? The shape darted over the grass, and when Frog pounced on it, it didn't stop. Urged on by her curiosity, Frog began to chase the shape, wondering what in the world it was. Was it a new type of mouse? A new friend? Possibly. It p-Smack!
Frog groaned, flipping onto her back, her muzzle throbbing. She'd hit a pile of rocks, and as fate would have it, ontop of that pile of rocks was a friendly figure.
"Hey Nox." She mumbled, attempting to climb to her paws, but decided against it. The world seemed farther away than it did a second ago- Best to lay down.
"How's ya?"
//sorry it took me so long!

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