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hi welcome to chilis — dump
« on: August 18, 2018, 04:16:47 PM »
i think i need this thread to dump stuff on it

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2018, 04:19:29 PM »
i hope you're happy in the end — info

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2018, 04:22:11 PM »

too wholeosme like

"hi welcome to camp apocalypse we have been expecting u we even made you some floral soap"

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2018, 04:32:44 PM »

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2018, 04:41:07 PM »

every other group: who are you why are you in my swamp
ca: hi (: we’re painting flower pots tonight (: I’m so glad you’re here (: do you want some beets
i hope you're happy in the end — info

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2018, 04:53:01 PM »
you don't get thick skin
without getting burntHUB

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2018, 05:00:52 PM »

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #7 on: August 26, 2018, 07:55:30 AM »
(A past excerpt from Ellis when I last roleplayed as him - need this to remember how I used to write as him.)

Ellis measured the distance from the faint rectangular silhouette stood ominously in the distance, awaiting for their arrival; it wouldn't be long now before they reached their destination. All four of them, trudging down the desolate row of dilapidated buildings. It was a now labyrinth of condemned tumbledowns which they stalked their way through and, if Eli was honest, he never thought that he'd see a city in as much ruin as this one was. The ground itself, for a start, was so destroyed, its gritty texture suggested that it'd been ground up to some extent in the past twenty years.

The impassive male scuffed his combat boots across the ruinous rubble that was once a road in its past, his hands shoved nonchalantly in his pockets. The group were silent for the majority of this trek, perhaps a couple of brief comments on scenery or a melee weapon here or there. Otherwise, nothing. They didn't need conversation to keep them strong, however; they'd been a team for long enough to comprehend each other on an entirely knew level. This terrified Ellis. He wanted nothing more than to keep very much to himself - he wasn't a team player, nor did he want anybody to get to close to him anyways. He had no sob story behind this, he knew nothing but this catastrophic mess which they now had to call the world; he was simply too much of a pessimist when it came to his view of the infected. It was a dog eat dog world here and if people were to get too close, the impact on potentially losing them one day would be massive. And so, for the protection of himself and others, Eli was just Eli; the grim and snide yet confident and outspoken boy he was. But he was, most of all, too withdrawn and distant for his own good.

In reality, Ellis was only just a terrified boy in a big, big world. He wasn't ever going to tell anybody of that, though; not even himself.

They approached the ramshackle building finally after weaving their way through the ruined skyscraper maze. And then they saw it. Well, they heard it before catching the slightest glimpse of it. A clicker. It looked very dead to him though its erratic movements could deceive any naive survivor. His eyes met the somewhat concerned looking Rae, his eyebrows mimicking the ones of his female friend's with a gentle furrow before he put his finger to his lips, nodding his head silently towards the pistol which she had in her grasp. No, no; they didn't need to sound of a bullet attracting any more clickers if there were any more in the area. Eli had it covered. He had his knife. He could finish off the clicker swiftly. And so he stalked off, taking one quick glance back at his three friends before he sneaked behind the vile creature, not hesitating for a single moment before pouncing up behind it, his knife piercing the crook of the clicker's neck. The now lifeless body collapsed to the ground, Ellis taking a moment and hunch over and try rip the knife back out the neck. It was a truly disgusting job but, if you wanted to survive, you'd do it with no questions asked. Ellis had quickly grown accustomed to this; he wasn't squeamish about it anymore. In fact, he wasn't a bad fighter at all; he knew how to use a melee weapon and, though he wasn't too strong, he was a brisk attacker with his trusty knife.

He stood within the door frame, swiping a drop of stale blood off his cheek from the previous attack as he peered into the building, noticing the light dimly lit from the rare rays on sunshine seeping through. He glanced back over his shoulder at his friends, commenting in a hushed but almost authoritative tone of voice, "The first floor here looks clear to me; we should check it out I think."

Ellis’ gaze bored into the ruins of the building, stern eyes examining the surrounding area suspiciously. The group knew Ellis to be the more meticulous and careful type of character in their youthful group, he wasn’t going to throw himself into any crossfire of danger even if it was the necessary call of action. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey, he would think probably; hastiness in a diseased world like this would only call for disaster, and Eli had no time for that sort of rubbish in his grim life. He was already surrounded by doom, it seemed – he wanted no more, especially if it could be mitigated by a more cautious eye. And so, instead, he appeared to the group as their anchor, holding them back if any one of them were to be slightly more reckless or rushed into making decisions and so he continued in this manner as he raised his head, releasing a gentle sigh and peering over, deadpan, back over to Zane and Max.

“One of you guys, do me a favour and block the door behind you with something when you get inside. We don’t need anything following us in.” He adjured in his naturally soft-spoken yet laconic tone of voice, the palm of his hand resting against the door frame before he turned back around and heedfully venturing into the building. “Of course you had it,” Eli snidely responded to his poised and assertive female friend, turning his gaze to glance over at her, his eyes hinting a mere playfulness to his words. “firing your gun would’ve done wonders for us, wouldn’t it have?”

He slowly returned the bloodied knife of his back into his holster, wandering around the room with careful steps as he viewed the few aged items of furniture in the vicinity of the room. “All right smart-ass.” He hissed in response to Rae's cockiness, the corner of his lip twitching very slightly as he slowly approached an old desk. Ellis scavenged through the drawers, picking up any little thing which he felt could help the group: a half a roll of brown tape, a couple of paperclips and a rusted letter opener. Often, the group would find nothing on their expeditions; however it seemed to be their lucky day today. It wasn’t often that they could find a place which had not yet been completely stripped of supplies. The boy closed the drawers, brushing his hands together before taking his backpack off and dropping it on the desk. He unzipped the bag and began to shove the majority of his findings into the bag, zipping it closed before examining the rusted letter opener in the single ray of light which showed through the window onto the desk. Looked good to Ellis; a new weapon for somebody in the group. “Who’s down a melee weapon again?” He called out, peering over to the group before revealing the weapon to them. A nice giveaway for his three friends; you'd think Eli would be the type to selfishly keep everything to himself. Well, for the most part, that'd probably actually be the case. But, he cared about these people a lot - whether he openly expressed this to them was a bit more unfounded in the boy, but he had his subtle ways of showing them his care. This here was one of those times; he could've had this letter opener to himself but he knew somebody needed it more than he did. He truly cared about these people but they didn't need to know that.

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #8 on: September 14, 2018, 05:56:10 AM »
hi welcome to chilis im going to be your depressed waiter for today what can i get for you

i feel like i've just been fired from a job and i gotta pack up all my possessions and take em home
and with that being said
i'm gonna start moving all my shit from discord and dump it all here today

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #9 on: September 14, 2018, 06:04:34 AM »
I feel fired too 😕 also tricky track helo
there's a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, but i'm too clever. i only let him out at night sometimes, when everybody's asleep. i say, "i know that you're there, so don't be sad." then i put him back, but he's singing a little in there; i haven't quite let him die. and we sleep together like that, with our secret pact, and it's nice enough to make a man weep. but i don't weep. do you? —————— bluebird or blue, she/her.

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
« Reply #10 on: September 14, 2018, 10:18:48 AM »
Spoiler:  history stuff • show
My new precious son, Charlie Chester. And, nope, he don't need a middle name.

I'll obviously get into a lot more detail when I can but basically Charlie, who's 26 now, was only 6 when electricity first began to cut. He was the only son to a single mother who grew quite ill when he was around 5 years old and was admitted into hospital only weeks before electricity began to cut out. They weren't a well off family at all and they were most definitely not going to manage to pay off the medical bills and so his mother decided to put their shambles of a house up for sale and, with that as well as the fact that Charlie had no one to take care of him, his mother had no choice but to put Charlie up for adoption. He stayed with his foster parents for around five years, going to a nearby school, until, at the age of 9, they gave him up as they were tired of his unruly ways and abandoned him at a park. For the next few years of his life, he spent his time surviving alone on the streets, homeless, and relying on a small minority of other homeless people who wanted to help Charlie out.  Reducing himself to a life of crime, Charlie began to rely on petty thefts and pickpocketing to keep himself alive on the streets and for the most part, he'd manage to get away with it. There'd been times where he'd not be too lucky, often getting caught up in brawls and attacks from being caught in the act of stealing.

And so, when he was 16 years old and was caught by Rory pickpocketing, he was terrified of getting hurt and so ran away, this turning into a chase. When he got himself caught in a dead end, he assumed that Rory was more than likely going to beat him up or something for pickpocketing but, instead, the naive red-head was very sympathetic, having recognised Charlie from when they went to school together and, after assuring Charlie that he was not going to get hurt, Rory seemed to convince Charlie to stay at his house. Charlie was more than relieved to get to sneak into Rory's house and have shelter there as he was then well-fed and safe for the first time in many years. He only managed to keep hidden in Rory's house for a few weeks before being caught and Rory's family threatened to hurt him for trespassing and stealing from them. But, Rory defended Charlie and it ended with the both of them getting kicked out. Ever since they were left to fend for themselves, Charlie made sure he'd keep Rory safe as he knew his best friend had always lived in a little bubble and knew nothing about the dangers of the outside world. Besides, it was the least Charlie could do for Rory after all Rory had done for him. Over the years of fending for themselves, their friendship slowly turned into a romance and, after years of being each other's closest companions, Rory proposed to Charlie. They've basically been unstoppable ever since and, now that they've turned at at camp, they want to find two rings somewhere, somehow, so that they can get married.

wholesome times only

Spoiler:  penny lane • show

Spoiler: personality shit • show


He comes across as quite an outspoken and confident guy, often quite talkative and amiable towards people but in reality he does quite like to keep to himself because he's a little bit wary of people and his loud-mouthed front is just the way he acts around people. He looks to Rory for reassurance quite a lot because he's a bit of a mess honestly. Also another thing to add is that he's quite a secretive and sly sorta guy, he's been suspicious towards people for much of his life and would rather slink around than really face things, unless anyone it trying to mess his someone he loves because then he's fiercely protective of them and would rather put himself in the crossfire than have them hurt

Spoiler: just stuff ig • show
what happened to daddy wyatt, idk yet
but his babey gorl is here
and she's so much like her father
lily is hard to describe so i'll probably have to spend some time developing her, but essentially she is a very free spirited woman who is pretty optimistic about life in tnw and she dont need no negativity in her life. she doesnt see the virus as a necessarily shit thing as she'd always grown up loving the idea of having adventure in her life. she's quite independent, forthcoming and confident and very adventurous and, having grown up with bailey, she loves weapons and getting her hands dirty and having these adventures across the lands
does she have a soft and sensitive side? probably not. she's just a woman who wants to get shit done and she wont let people stand in her way
she's by no means a grouchy and hostile character though, it's actually quite the opposite
she's pretty exuberant and enthusiastic about things and she is quite nice to people in general
she may not necessarily be all over people and get clingy and wish for friendships
she kind of just lets friendships and relationships come her her because her main goal in life is to have an exciting and adventurous life, if she happens to fall in love or find a best friend along the way then awesome, otherwise it's no big deal
just dont get in her way when she wants to so something crazy and daredevil-ish cause she will very sweetly put it when she tells you to piss off

i dont want her to be too old cause i dont want bailey to be a super old dude
so im thinking like 18-19
he'd be like 26 when he had her
and say she's 19
he'd be 45
not bad ig

Bailey is a falconer which I think would be quite cool
Lily learning about all that jazz

Spoiler: GEORGE • show

Spoiler: stuff • show
I feel like Sebastian would know a lot about equestrianism with his history as a traveller

He needs to do more than just offer to build stuff for everyone all the time lmao

Does Sebastian like kids? Ofc yes
He’s super encouraging and gentle with them

Spoiler: moods • show
anyone breathes
Silas: do that again and I’ll stab you

someone: twenty feet in front of him
silas: you're in my way, ass

Dylan: sneezes
Silas: hail Satan
Dylan: what-
Silas: bless u

"fuck the up off" - silas, 2018

'omfg it's a silas fan club
what should we call the fans

what would silas call his fans
that's the question

stupid, probably

you know, he could have a fanbase
on the dark web

he probably would have a fan base on the dark web
it's his favourite place to be on the internet'

'silas needs a youtube channel


the next video is "HE SURVIVED? (NOT CLICKBAIT)"


like and subscribe and comment down below ur favorite part'

'What would people do if I killed Silas off

I promise I would only cry a little bit

i'd bawl
like a fricken baby

Dead Silas would be the only time he wouldn’t pass snotty remarks to everyone else at least

wyn: well, at least he's resting easy in Heaven
everyone else: .... um...
everyone: riiiight...

Dylan would actually bawl and I’d be crYING an dbITTER

Why y'all crying when you could be removing the root of the problem by killing truce

well,,, if you insist,,,,

Silas will outlive me

silas is immortal
whoops did i say that out loud'

trust fall with silas except instead of hitting the ground you fall into a knife

“I am RILED UP. I’m gonna be firecracker by tarte because I don’t have the self confidence to chill the fuck out and let my talent speak for itself.”

“I’m using leader because that’s what I’m hoping to become even though no one can fucking stand me. Yeah I’m fit to lead; lead this party into the fucking ground.”

“I’m not a bitch, I’m just my honest Aries... your hair looks stupid”

"cunning! deception! homici— ... resourcefulness!"

“I would call you all friends but no one can be trusted... especially me”

“Why am I so good at lashes?... because I’m so good at lying”

“If you touch anyone I love, I will ensure that you grow eyebrows on your nipples for the rest of your life”

silas' dimples make me mlemlmemlemlem

Silas @ anyone: (ง’̀-‘́)ง

'Silas: pushes wyn too far. so relationsh-

just wyn cutting him off every time
"i just-"

It’s international left handers day wow another day that Silas believes is all about him. He’s only got another 364 days that he thinks are dedicated to him.
punch ryland

Toxic but he’s cute so

Dylan: hi
Silas: I’m depressed
Dylan: what??
Silas: fuck off wee cunt

Dylan: holy fuckles it’s knuckles
Dylan: I’m sad
Silas: wh-
Dylan: my parents are ded
Silas: dude-

evan: what do you think the meaning of life is?
riley: crayons taste yummy if you eat them with the paper

Evan: do you think. this is all it is. do you think that there’s something good afterwards. do you think ill go to heaven riley
Riley, picking his nose

Evan: riley answer me
Riley: eats his snot
Evan: deep

Spoiler: ghost and riley vibes • show

Spoiler: sy af • show

Spoiler: silas as a kid • show

Spoiler: mmm • show

Spoiler: random stoof • show
'Okay so like
Is the biggest fam
Of heavy music
Nirvana, the hives, rage against the machine
All that really good shit

it’s funny cuz in my head I pictured in his head constant screamo

In his head it is constant screaming
Like deep fried SCREEEEEs'

Silas has quite an issue with allowing new people into the camp’s territory. He’s more or less always convinced that they’ll be bad for the camp and use up their finite supplies. He also fears that they’ll be dangerous, especially from Silas’ experience of the past group he was with. So, expect wariness and shitty actions/comments from him (unless you’re an attractive girl or your name is wynter overton) in joining posts.
Ofc what were we expecting from him anyways

Anything that you see Kurt cobain wear is probably something that Silas has reflected in his style of clothing at some point. As an avid lover of the 90’s rock, punk and grunge scene, you wouldn’t expect anything different from him.  His long, disheveled hair is also inspired by the 90’s rock scene and he wishes to look as wild as his personality is. In his choice of clothing, it looks like he has piled on hand me downs that his father gave him, making him look a bit like a homeless man rather than somebody sophisticated. Sophisticated is the last adjective I think when I think of Sy, though, so I find that quite fitting.

firstly, he does like layering his clothing up. he wears a lot of crinkled up collared shirts which are unbuttoned and will usually wear warmer coats or a sweater over and a simple cotton shirt beneath. he will never be seen not wearing jeans which are usually quite worn in and ripped and either his converse shoes or biker boots. his outfits usually don't match but he doesn't really mind that much as he thinks it adds to his charm.

there isn't anything that silas loves more than his long sleeved shirts. he often will wear this when the weather is warmer as he his never seen without short sleeved shirts on as he is self conscious of his arms.

and then we have the middle grounds between the two main types of outfit choices - this is where he wears a cotton shirt with either a collared shirt over or a cardigan over

when he's at a point in a relationship where can trust someone, he finally lets his guard down and he's actually a decent person. like, in private with his brother, he makes wynnie know that silas would literally die for him. he couldn't bear to lose his brother again; he was emotionally traumatised when he lost wynter almost a decade ago. when he gets really committed with juliette, he wouldn't let anyone get even close to harming her. and, even though he is always still his typical idiot self in general, he also has this element of playfulness to him when someone he adores in an awkward attempt to show that he's trying his best to be kind, he just doesn't know how to be very kind. being close to him would never be boring. he cares too much about people who he really truly loves and mellows down a lot around them. whenever i think of him calming down, it kind of reminds me of those horse films where the girl manages to tame the wild stallion and she puts her hand out for him and he trusts her enough to nuzzle her hand lmaooo you just have to wade through a lot lot lot of shit to find his softer heart

he more of less never shows that side of him however
originally it was only ever reserved for his siblings
because he felt like he could open up to them, especially his older brother
so when wyn tells silas that colton had died
silas would be so broken over it
and then subtly begin to rely more and more on wyn
sort of like how he used to with colton
he comes across all tough and shit
instead of showing sadness, it straight away becomes anger hence why he's usually saying snarky, pissed off responses to things
but it eggs others on more to joke around and say more things about him that may hurt him
but as always his sadness comes across as annoyance

Probably not much of a surprise, but Silas is a bit of a thotty for anything gory and horror related. If he saw a dead animal he'd probably be like "ooh awesome" and if there was ever electricity, he would've loved to watch horror films. He talks about death a lot because it interests him in a weird way. Smh

I feel that silas is so serious about his taste of music. he's all like "nah nah i only listen to the good shit: radiohead, stone temple pilots, oasis yep haha...." but when he's in the shower he's belting tainted love at the top of his lungs whilst popping his hips side to side sassily
oh yes and, when he's in private, he does know every word to radio ga ga
silas alone =

he dances really quite badly, but he will bust out some SERIOUS MOVES if a song with a good beat comes on
he doesnt dance like no one's watching(edited)
he dances like EVERYONE'S watching
im trying to think of musical stuff now
of yes
you bet yo ass silas will try sing never tear us apart by INXS in the same way that paloma faith sang that song
full of HEART
also emphasis on TRY
he was always lowkey gay for george michael
if he couldve seen his music videos he probably wouldve become tearful
it may also be why he always says "careless whisper" as a joke in the IC chat if someone talks about naughty things

I realise I roleplay Silas as a really jealous person and it’s just literally what he’s like
If anyone says anything that makes him feel jealous, you bet yo ass Silas will try tear them apart

he is the worst brother and friend and son and lover
but one thing he will never do is be the worst father

But I’ve taken them from the ahs cast that have been parents to Evan Peters characters cause they cast them so well
And I’ve compared the parents too all the overton kids and i see the resemblance
Ofc their mother had to be the queen Jessica Lange
And their father had to be Michael Chiklis

Their dad is a thumb

Also Riley’s full name is Riley James Overton
James after Silas’ Dad, even though his dad wasn’t the nicest man

Riley’s fc is young Michael langdon

Now that Riley is gonna turn up, Silas is gonna try his best to be better for him
Ever expect him to baby talk at someone? Nope neither did I
But he baby talks at Riley
And it’s cute
“Hey buddy, wanna head to bed now? I can read you a story or something I guess”

Spoiler: sad boy hours • show
Okay, so here comes the real sad boi hours. When Silas still lived in a house, he lived at his grandparents house with his parents and siblings. The reason why he has so many siblings is because he had very irresponsible parents - when his parents got bored of a child, they'd become more or less absent and emotionally unavailable towards the child and it was obvious that the parents had favorites. They never physically hurt any of their kids, but they were very neglectful and emotionally tormented their kids. A lot of Silas' character and mannerisms come from the way he grew up, hence why he comes across as quite a troubled character.
1. Silas' emotions are scarily intense. If you upset him, he will want to do something very drastic and harmful. If you anger him, he will send his fist through a wall or throw things or yell and get aggressive. If you please him, he will be obsessively needy and cheerful around you. His overwhelming emotions dominate his life and he simply doesn't know how else to deal with his emotions. This is down to the fact that the only time he'd really get attention from his parents as a child was if he was wildly dramatic and throw a tantrum or something - it's hardwired in his brain that intense emotions mean that you get attention, even though the attention may not be positive.

2. He was always made to feel like he was in the wrong or that people will generally dislike him for who he is, making him an incredibly defensive, highly-strung man even over the most trivial things. He has an uncontrollable urge from his fight-or-flight to rebel and fight against anyone who may personally attack him. He's always sat on the edge of his seat, almost as if he is constantly actively waiting for a threat to arise so that he can fight back. It's simply a defense mechanism that he cannot will himself out of doing. For as long as he lives, there will always be a part of him looking for the next fight.

3. Silas has awful self-esteem issues. After spending the majority of his childhood wondering why he wasn't good enough for his parents to really love him, he began to internalize that message and assume the worst out of everybody. When meeting somebody new, he will 100% assume that they will be just another person who sees him as being worthless and that he must put up his defenses to avoid getting hurt (and this is where his bullying and hostility comes in).
4. Following on from the previous point, it is why Silas is so self-deprecating and quick to put himself down. He beats himself up over the most trivial things, using humor as a coping mechanism. He comes across as is he enjoys making fun of himself and enjoys people teasing him but, underneath, he only sees it as verification that everyone will end up treating him in the way his parents treated him (even though that's of course not true, he just believes it).

5. Since he was never really given any compliments or praise as a child, he finds it really hard to believe someone when they compliment him. It's quite often that Silas will straight away dismiss any positive comment about himself completely and sometimes may actually get quite defensive and annoyed because he doesn't know how to receive nice things.

6. Silas never really had much guidance as he grew up and, since he craved attention from his parents, he'd often go out of his way to be rebellious and overall a troublesome child. This is why, when this failed for him, he became extremely bitter about the idea of authoritative figures. He's never had an authoritative figure in his life - he's always had to fend for himself - and so when it comes to a hierarchy, he is obsessed with the idea of being number one. This is why he got into deep shit with Kai when he was part of the cult, and this is why he has a sort of vendetta against Evan.
7. He has problems with maintaining relationships with others and somehow always finds a way to mess things up for himself. Because he had placed his trust in his parents and felt completely betrayed, he is insanely scared of getting close to people or letting people into his life. He's got a facade that he puts on to hide his vulnerabilities and it is difficult to really get passed that and see his sensitive side. His major trust issues are a result of him trying to protect himself from being hurt again.

8. But, God forbid anyone try to creep passed his bullish semblance because, once Silas does begin to trust somebody, he will become almost scarily needy and obsessed. He has terrible abandonment issues, always fearing that people will leave him or get sick and tired of him. He will do anything he can to keep somebody in his life, even blackmail if it ever got to that stage, and all because he fears abandonment. He becomes eerily possessive and jealous which is very toxic, but would also die to protect his loved ones (this goes back to his intense emotions and the fact that he doesn't love himself at all - he values his loved one's lives over his own).
9. He is very quick to doubt himself and his relationships which can lead to an insatiable need for validation. He is often constantly questioning whether a loved one hates him or if they're going to leave him, and these questions tend to get him worked up and upset quite quickly. He is very paranoid about the idea of people actually genuinely enjoying his company and it seems that he will constantly feel suspicious about people's intentions. If anything good happens to him, he can't trust it and will often question how long it'll last before it all crumbles around him. He's very pessimistic and assumes the worst out of all things.

10. Lastly, Silas displays a lot of self-destructive behavior due to his self-esteem issues plus his inability to control his very intense emotions. He often manages to get himself hurt, whether it's from hitting something, pulling his hair or cutting himself. All of this plus his hatred for his appearance and body is why he's always seen layering clothing up or never wearing short-sleeved shirts or going shirtless. Though he's a lot better with self-mutilation than he was as a child, he still struggles to control his outbursts of anger.
Ooof and also he really doesn't have any social skills whatsoever, so don't expect him to be too great at talking

Spoiler: finally • show

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
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uwu i’ve implanted myself bicth
" i myself am strange and unusual. "
aka bee / sixteen / dm me for my discord.

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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
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that went over my head why are u screaming I’ve made my home here
Implanted myself into this thread *squint*
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Re: hi welcome to chilis — dump
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Spoiler: show
As a child you would wait And watch from far away But you always knew that you'd be the one That work while they all play. In youth you'd lay Awake at night and scheme Of all the things that you would change But it was just a dream. the time will come When you'll have to rise Above the best and prove yourself Your spirit never dies. farewell, I've gone to take my throne above But don't weep for me 'Cause this will be The labor of my love. Here we are, don't turn away now. We are the warriors that built this town. Here we are, don't turn away now, We are the warriors that built this town from dust ~
On a relentless, bitterly cold night, a small party of former campers escaped from their deepest, darkest worries. Stealing canoes to travel to the mainland, they were soon on their way to become nomads once again. Camp Apocalypse had been a fantastic security blanket for the group for many months, but the threat of impending death from the ominous cult was too much for some to manage. And so, in the midst of the night, they escaped into the darkness.

The barren trees did nothing but channel the cold air and hide the moon as they trekked as far as they could away from the threat. The chill wind tugged at their clothing and whipped loose hair about their faces, bringing with it the first of the rain that had been promised since they left. Their newly wet skin offered their body heat to the frigid air and the cold began to steal every little bit of water from the biting air in its frenzy to frost over in the chilly fall night; this would now be their life. Once again, without a home. And yet, once again, feeling safer than they had been at that camp. They ventured together across the land as a dysfunctional mix-matched ‘family’.
The New World Order, in general, do not believe in the idea of firm ranks within the groups and mainly view each other as equals. However, the group appears to have naturally chosen unofficial roles within the group after spending a long time as a team. They are as followed:

LEADER - Silas Overton played by Truce.
Having gotten the group into this mess in the first place, Silas took up the role as the one in the group to help get everyone through these dark times and generally have the final say in situations, unless others intensely disagree and put him back in his place, of course.

RIGHT HAND MAN - Wynter Overton played by inny
As the younger brother of the group's 'leader', Wynter is relied upon for advice from his brother Silas and it is often the case where Wynter would assist his brother in making decisions for the group. For this reason, he is seen as the right hand man of the group, Silas' trusted confidante.

DELEGATE - Ryland Hunt played by bluebird.
Ever since the group escaped from the camp, Ryland took the responsibility as a sort of spokesperson for the group, assisting the other two with choosing the correct path for the group. He is seen as a sort of 'third-in-command' after the two inseparable brothers.

MEDIC - Lucerne Nouvel played by Truce.
Being a man who was at medical school training to become a doctor as the apocalypse began to severely affect the entire world, Lucerne can be trusted to always assure that a sick or injured members of the group will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism one can muster in an apocalypse.

  • Adelbert (Addy) Douglas played by inny
  • Charlie Chester played by Truce.
  • Frankie Monroe played by parkerr
  • Jackson Pryce played by bluebird.
  • Luka Fox played by inny
  • Rory davenport played by inny
  • Thomas Hunt played by bluebird.
  • Violet Porter played by inny

- If you wish to create a role for your character within the group, feel free to PM truce.
Those who approach will be treated with the greatest level of caution. After all, the group learned the hard way that nobody was to be trusted. The New World Order are not seen as aggressive, neither are they seen as welcoming. Instead, it’s an uncomfortable balance between caution and hesitance to open up their walls to welcome allies, the same as it is to welcome strangers into their comfort zone.

Allies - The group can’t say that they necessarily have any allies to date.

Neutral - Until they can prove to be allies, most groups that the NWO stumble across would be deemed as neutrals. In their minds, upon meeting another group, it is a simple matter of “if you leave us be, we will leave you be”.

Enemies - The fearsome Children Of Abbadon are their greatest enemies, the very cult that tempted them to leave the warmth and comfort of a campsite to attempt to escape the wrath of the cult’s sinister leader.

Individuals - Though they are wary of strangers, they will not immediately dismiss them unless they give the group reason to. A new individual must expect to be treated on the side of caution until they can prove their loyalty to the nomadic group.

All relations are OPEN FOR PLOTTING.
  • In general, the unofficial “leader” has the final say on what the group do with themselves. However, Silas will never strictly boss everyone around with success ( though he will surely attempt to ) as everyone in the group have a say in what the group do, too.
  • Newer members will still have original members keeping a close eye on them and, though they will be treated less nicely than members who have earned the group’s trust, the NWO will not exile a new member without good reason.
  • Anybody who is still incredibly new to the group and still untrusted by the other members will not have the privilege of being kept safe by the group. If they give the group any reason to doubt them, they are likely to be exiled or majorly looked down on. This group is not a trusting group.
  • The group’s core belief if that, to survive in this apocalypse, you need safety in numbers. They believe that it is important to work as a team and protect each other at all costs.
  • You must notify others in the group if you see any strangers approaching.
  • Any sort of treason will not be tolerated.
  • Do not attack any group or outsiders unless they act in a violent manner.

  • BB rules apply
  • If you need to ask any questions, feel free to message @truce.

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