Author Topic: pull my strings just for a thrill [P]  (Read 92 times)

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pull my strings just for a thrill [P]
« on: August 19, 2018, 08:02:10 PM »
kamili didn't really remember the last time he had seen another living thing. other than a few tiny creatures here and there, it had been pretty lonely recently. it put him on edge. it felt like something was gonna happen soon. though he brushed it off and scoffed as if it was nothing.

really, he should have known better. it was his first mistake.

his second mistake was laying down, taking a nap in a wide open space. its like he was taunting fate. saying 'hey, come get me. I'm not scared.'

so when he felt a jab in his side and a loud, aggressive growl, oh so rudely waking him from his nap, he shouldn't have been so surprised.

but he was.

staring up at the two felines that had woken him, eyes wide for a moment before moving back into his neutral expression.


A large, aggressive looking cougar bared her teeth. She didn't seem to be too happy about his blatant disrespect. Who even was this? Why was she so angry?

"Don't 'hah' me! I asked you a question, you heard me."

Kamili stood, stretching his muscles taut and flicking his wiry tail back and forth, "I didn't, actually. I was sleeping," He stated, looking back and forth between the two... "Could you repeat yourself?" He smiled a toothy grin that showed his fangs.

The other cat seemed to seethe at this. Though it didn't really phase the jaguar. He kind of just stared down at the caracal, blinking. He looked like what Kamili had been eating for dinner recently. He was about the size.

"I asked you what you were doing on our territory." The cougar grumbled, exasperated. It filled Kamili with a sense of accomplishment.

"I'm just taking a nap, obviously. Just passing through." He trailed off, looking away. It wasn't like he was planning on staying.

"That's no excuse!" The little caracal yipped out, bristling, "You should have noticed our borders." He stated, and Kamili stared down at the little entree with a sceptical look.

"I wasn't paying attention, I was tired," Kamili grumbled, now feeling annoyed. Why wouldn't they just drop this? He really wanted to leave, "Can you let me go, now?"

A look of surprise passed the two's features. As if he had said something that had blown their minds so much that they didn't even know what to say. He stared back at them with a blank expression, "brows" raising in an expectant look.

" Of course, you can't. How do we know that you didn't eat any of our prey?" The cougar breathed, looking at him as if he was really the stupidest cat she'd ever met.

"He doesn't really look like he's eaten much though, does he?" The caracal muttered, tilting his head and staring at Kamilis slim belly.

"Yeah, that's because my dinners have consisted of animals around your size, little cat," Kamili smirked at the males squeak, the cougar stepping in front of him and flattening her round ears.

"I think we better take you to our leader..." She muttered uneasily, eyeing Kamili before averting her eyes, making the jaguar laugh, "aw, did I scare you?"

"Just follow me."

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Re: pull my strings just for a thrill [P]
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2018, 12:43:13 AM »
first up, lemme post some "friendly" competition LOL

adeyemi - coming from far, far away adeyemi is a male who used to be fought by humans against other animals. he has won fights against tigers, bears, and buffalo alike but maintains his gentle and kind nature. his fights never ended in death because he's quite the smooth talker. he hates needless death after all. he's currently the queen's adviser but lol, no one knows he's harboring a crush.

taqi - play fair? nope! taqi is aggressive, loud, and opinionated. he's a bit arrogant and determined to constantly show off his skill. he's not afraid to try and discredit his competition to boost himself up and this boi is just plainly extra af. like, what is his problem? might threaten competition if he feels he can get away with it.

Lucio - this dude is small af but he's crafty. he's clever and sly, able to make any situation work in his favor. out of the three, he mostly wants the crown for the power. even taqi would hate him - oh wait, he does oops - because he's only really in the race for the power whilst the other two are genuine. be careful, he might make a cat disappear.

peace is not meant to last, masika understood that. life was a constant barrage of challenges that one would inevitably have to face at some point. of course, she didn't expect for things to be easy. masika was always ready for some type of problem to befall her now her sizeable pride. considering the uniqueness of how she ruled her pride, she always assumed that someone would have issues with it. someone would come and try to destroy her life's work.

their home was in a cave in the middle of the territory on top of the flat head of a small mountain in a clearing filled with the ancient stone ruins of some old human civilization. it was virtually impossible to sneak up on the camp unnoticed, but the borders were checked daily. rarely did anyone come to the rainforest by choice. most felines avoided it like the plague. the lack of open spaces, the closeness of the trees, its many secrets: the forest was an unknown entity that many feared. masika, however, made a home out of it after staking it as hers.

masika expected war, not her fucking ex-boyfriend being escorted into her camp with a snarling yanire and an equally peeved jahi on her heels. unlike many, who might feel some sort of hope seeing their past lovers, the leopardess could only feel annoyed. after all, even tales of his considerable reputation had reached her ears. the exact details she didn't know, but what she did know what that she caused trouble wherever he went.

rising from her resting place on the worn stone throne, she began approaching the duo who looked ready to claw kamili's pelt from his body. truthfully, she felt the same, but she dared not show how much she recognized him to her clan. no one needed to know her past relationship with him. after all, it was in the past.

"what piece of rotten wood fell on our border this time?" taqi's loud voice echoed against the walls as he emerged from one of the many rooms. without even waiting for her order, the tiger marched straight into kamili's face, curling his lips over his canines as he snarled threateningly at the jaguar. masika noted how easily he could look down at kamili. "an invading male trying to take over?"

masika felt her eyes rolled in her minds but settled to sigh as she paused behind the tiger. "i'll deal with it taqi. aside please." he turned and looked back at her, ready to argue, but the tired look on her face convinced him to hold back. it still didn't stop him from hovering close just in case. for that, she silently thanked the usually aggressive male. even before she and kamili had parted ways, she knew how formidable he was. now, she didn't know him anymore.

yanire snarled as she passed kamili to stand before masika. "when we found this loaf snoozing on our territory he didn't even care that he was trespassing. furthermore-" she turned to glare at kamili "- he threatened jahi." masika gave the cougar a small nod of understanding before she turned to jahi. "are you okay?" she questioned to which the young male nodded his head quickly. satiated, she finally graced kamili with her full attention.

"who are you, and what are you doing here? this territory belongs to the pride of broken dreams." she asked firmly, allowing herself to sound a little hostile and annoyed. "trespassing is intolerable here. and if you want to pass through you wait at the border. you're lucky we do not kill strangers on sight." no, she wasn't going to welcome back her ex, not after he was such an asshole. she didn't want his type in her pride, the type who wanted to be a dictator amongst subjects who were forcefully enslaved to him for their own ruling. his presence was a stain on everything she had worked to create.
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Re: pull my strings just for a thrill [P]
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2018, 11:29:14 PM »
k a m i l i
Kamili followed the two back to their leader, eyes trained on his paws the two shoved him on his way. The urge to snap and growl at them was strong - though he stayed silent.

He had a feeling he was gonna get in enough trouble as it is, without lashing out on one of these two. Honestly, it was a bit of a nuisance. He just wanted to take a nap. Not be fucking interrogated.

He was hungry and tired and aggravated and he just wanted to go on his way. Though this place looked oddly familiar and sent him on edge more than it usually would, making his movements tense and slow as he took everything in.

The jaguar's eyes narrowed as they drew near, head lowering as he took in the scents of many different types of cats. He was snapped out of this quickly though, as he was once again shoved along.

His jaw twitched as the urge to snap became bigger, though he stayed quiet, still, and just let out a little huff.

When they arrived he wasn't even able to do anything before someone was in his face and snarling at him.

The jaguar felt his lips start to curl backwards as he took a step back, laughing bitterly. "Yeah, you wish you-!" He snapped, though was cut off as a calm voice ripped through the air. obviously annoyed, and so familiar that it should have made Kamili leap with joy.

It just made him more pissed off because of course it would have to be masika. it couldnt be anybody else.

He was silent as they talked, sitting down and glaring at all of the cats that were staring at them.

He barely acknowledged that Masika said something, at first. so we're playing that way?

"If your pride members would tell the whole story, I didn't know that this place belonged to someone. I was tired. So I laid down, and I fell asleep." He stated simply, "That's all."

He blatantly ignored her as she said he was lucky they don't kill strangers. Only glanced at her, looked her up and down, and looked away again. Then, he sneered with an aggravated sigh,

"Your Highness, may I leave?"
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